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Jane was feeling an itch. For years, she had been dreaming about a change to her look, but she had never dared do what she really wanted. She was a beautiful young woman, in her upper twenties. She had a great figure, and liked to wear clothes that helped accentuate her assets. But she never did do much with her hair. It was always past her shoulders, often to mid-back. It was pretty much all one length, and very well cared for. The thick, dark brown shiny locks drew a lot of looks, but she was getting very dissatisfied. She had talked with her stylist about a change, and almost taken the plunge many times before. She figured she would chicken out this time, as well.

She was a little early for her appointment. She had planned it that way. In fact she was an hour early, and planned to look over yet more haircut books, and hoped to see some new ideas in the styles of other customers in this bustling salon. She was not disappointed. There were a lot of attractive young women getting their hair cut that day. She saw the layered looks, the bobs, the pixie cuts, and was mesmerized by one girl who was getting a very short cut. This girl had walked in with no more than two inches of length on the top, at most, and buzzed much shorter than that on the sides. The stylist touched up her dye job (a very succulent blonde color), and proceeded to buzz the sides even shorter and shortened the top as well. Jane just stared.

Sandy, Jane’s regular stylist appeared at her side. “She comes in every three weeks, it’s really a boring look if you don’t change it.” Jane flushed bright red. First for having been caught staring at the haircut, and secondly for what that statement said about her own cut, which was not edgy and had not been changed in years. That was the deciding factor.

“I am going through with it, this time,” she told Sandy. “You are going to change my look today. I am going to trust you to change my hair, and I will be back every few weeks for you to change the style, until we find something I like!” Her eyes blazing, Sandy knew this time she would follow through.

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After washing and towel-drying Jane’s hair, Sandy was trying to figure out what to do. She wanted to make a change, one that would be noticed. But not so much as to completely alienate Jane. Jane emphasized that Sandy had carte blanche. Sandy started brushing Jane’s hair and thought of her options.

After asking if she was absolutely sure, and getting an approving nod, Sandy closed the scissors on Jane’s hair. Jane’s eyes widened as she saw where Sandy had put her scissors. More than ten inches of hair slid out of sight as Sandy’s hand moved. The scrunching sound gave Jane the chills. Sandy was cutting her hair just above her shoulders. She shuddered. Sandy gave Jane a worried look, but moved ahead nevertheless. When she had cut everything to one length she added a few light, long layers, and blew dry the hair. Jane watched, mesmerized, as her new look appeared. When she moved her head, now all her hair flowed and turned and bounced. She was elated with the results.

When Jane returned three weeks later, around the same time, the girl with the really short blonde cut was getting her do touched up. Jane was again unable to tear her gaze away. The girl noticed, and smiled. Jane smiled back and wondered what Sandy had in store for her. When she was seated, Sandy asked her what she did or did not like. Jane had spent some time thinking about this, and told her that she did not like how she constantly had hair falling in her face, and maybe it was time to start thinking about doing something with the color. Sandy went to work.

This time, she started in front of Jane. She realized that the next move would either keep Jane as a loyal customer, or alienate her forever. She brushed the front of Jane’s hair out, and moved in with the scissors. With a few quick snips, she cut long bangs, which now hung just above her eyes. Jane was amazed. The shape of her face changed in front of her eyes. Sandy left most of the rest alone, just touching up the layers, and creating a transition between the bangs and the rest. Then she moved on to the color.

For the color, she decided on some simple highlights. Just a few shades lighter, and not too many. Jane was loving the result.

Another three weeks passed, and Jane was back at the salon. The girl with the short blonde hair was waiting for her appointment, and Jane chatted with her. Her name was Alex. When Jane said what she was doing, Alex was excited. Jane expressed her admiration of Alex’s haircut, and also expressed Sandy’s comment. Alex looked pensive, and then agreed. She admitted that it had taken a lot of courage for her to get to this cut, and the color, and now she was too scared to change anything. By then, they had both been called up.

Sandy played with Jane’s hair and thought of new ideas. After asking Jane a few questions, she decided on the next cut. First, she shortened the bangs by an inch. They were now down to Jane’s eyebrows. Then she went to work on the rest. She shortened everything by a few inches, and decided to taper the back up somewhat. Now the length in the front was just below her chin, and at the back most of her neck was exposed. She went back to the highlighting equipment, and applied some more. Jane was thrilled with the result. She could feel cool air breathing past her exposed neck. The inverted bob was really looking good on her. She did not really like the color, but decided to keep that for next time.

When Jane showed up for her next appointment, Alex was just being called up. She was flushed and excited and told Jane to watch today’s work. Having gotten formal permission, Jane took up a seat close to where Alex was sitting. Alex gave her instructions to the stylist. Jane could not hear what was said. The stylist went to mix the color and applied the mixture to Alex’s hair. Just then, Sandy came to get Jane.

Jane was torn between giving up her appointment to see the result, and going with Sandy. Alex saw the dilemma, and motioned for her to go ahead. Jane was distracted during the session with Sandy today, trying to think what Alex was doing. She told Sandy to basically leave the cut the same, and try something with the color.

Sandy cleaned up the bob cut and started working on the color. This time, she went for an all-over lightening. She asked Jane how light she would like to go, and they decided on real blonde. It should turn out really well with the highlights already put in during the previous weeks. As Jane’s hair was processing, Alex came up to her. She had not gotten her hair cut much this time, but the new color was astounding. Alex now had a bright red shock of hair. They both grinned with excitement about their new hobbies.

The blonde bob was a stunning change for Jane. She finally understood how blondes have more fun.

And again three weeks flew by. Alex was waiting when Jane walked in, and they shared their experiences. Alex was going for another change, and Jane actually had a specific request for Sandy this time. Sandy was delighted with the request and quickly went to work. Jane had stumbled across this look in a magazine ad. She had Sandy leave the cut alone, and just apply some color. The color she got done was a few streaks of bright blue in the front of her hair. Jane could not believe how daring this felt. She would never have imagined herself doing this.

As she was leaving, Alex was walking out as well. She had again not had her hair cut, and just changed the color. The two-inch long spiky hair was now black. It looked great. Jane and Alex went to get a bite to eat together, and talked about different things that they could do with their looks.

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