Neighbors by Night

Neighbors by Night

Neighbors By Night – DAREUC

10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03 ,02, 01, done. After forty minutes on the Stairmaster, 30 minutes of callisthenics and 30 minutes of step aerobics Debra was finished with her workout. She wiped the perspiration from her brow and the back of her neck and walked towards the locker room. As she walked past the full length mirror in the locker room Debra stopped to check herself out. “Not half bad.” she muttered as she checked herself out from the front and side. Debra was twenty-seven and in her opinion in the best shape of her life. She found her locker and started to peel off her spandex work-out outfit. She could still feel sweat dripping down between her breasts as she wrapped herself in a towel and headed towards the steam room.

Debra entered the steam room sat down on a bench and started to remove the various clips and ties that kept her waist length hair out of her face. Waves of damp brown hair fell down her back and she started to comb it out with her fingers. She then squeezed a small amount of conditioner into her hand and started to slowly work it through until her thick hair felt slick to the touch. When she was finished she wrapped her hair in a towel and laid down stretching her entire body, letting the heat of the steam relax her whole body. Debra closed her eyes and began to listen to the conversation of the two women sitting across from her.

“We were lucky that Ronnie could fit you in for a cut today. He is usually booked but since I am only getting a touch up today he was able to pencil you in.” Debra opened her eyes to peer at the two women. The first woman was about 5′ 4″ with reddish hair that was cropped close to her head. The other woman was about 5″ 9″ with straight blond hair that looked like it had been cut with scissors and a bowl. “She could definitely use a new cut,” Debra thought to herself.

“Are you sure you want to cut it all off? It will be a extreme change for you,” the first women continued. “Yes, I am sure,” the second woman replied. “Interesting,” Debra thought as she shut her eyes again and relaxed for a few minutes. She then left the steam room and headed towards the showers. She removed the towel from her head and body then stepped into the shower and began to rinse the conditioner from her hair. She roughly ran her hands through her hair feeling the mixture of conditioner and water run out of her hair and down her back. When her hair no longer felt slick, she bathed the sweat from the rest of her body, combed her hair out with her large tooth comb and stepped out of the shower.

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She walked back to her locker sat down on a bench and started to briskly towel dry her hair. Debra’s dark, damp wavy hair began to curl and lighten with blond highlights as it began to dry. She brushed it off her face and pulled it into a ponytail. Today she had no time to style her hair because she was going to Carl’s House of Style to have her hair trimmed by no other than Carl himself. She quickly dressed. Women waited months to get an appointment with Carl and Debra was not about to be late for her one o’clock appointment.

Carl finished off his Diet Coke and checked his watch. “Time to get ready for my one o’clock. She better be on time.” He tossed the empty soda can in the trash and began to straighten up his work station when Debra walked into the shop. “Go in the back and put on a smock. Jill will shampoo your hair.” Even though she had already washed her hair Debra had it washed again because it was the only thing that could relax her. Debra sat down, leaned back and let the shampoo girl wash her hair. When her hair was washed she got up and went to Carl’s chair. “Girl you look tired. What happened to you?” exclaimed Carl as he began to comb out Debra’s hair.

“Oh.. I almost forgot… Its my new neighbor. Him and his wreck of a motorcycle wake me every night at 2:00am. He makes me so mad that I could spit. Let’s change the subject I am trying to relax.” Carl could feel Debra stiffen. He began to trim the ends of her hair. “OK. Forget I said anything. Aren’t you going on vacation soon?”

“Yes. Tomorrow I am going down island and I can’t wait. I rented a house on the bay for a week. I plan to catch up on my beauty rest,” replied Debra. The salon door then opened and Debra turned her head towards the receptionist area. The two women she overheard at the health club were waiting for their appointments. “Oh I won’t be needing a shampoo. I talked to Ronnie yesterday and he knows what I want,” stated the blonde as she put on a smock and sat in the chair next to Debra’s.

“Hi there. I just saw you at the club. Small world isn’t it. My name is Jasmine.” Debra smiled at Jasmine and replied, “Yes it is isn’t it?” Carl began to blow dry Debra’s hair as Ronnie came out from the back to take care of Jasmine. “Hi Jasmine, darling! So, you are really going through with it? I thought you might back out. It’s great that you came. Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be” Jasmine replied. Ronnie turned on the electric shears and began to run it through Jasmine’s hair.

Debra turned her head to watch. She could hear Jasmine moan as the shears ran through her hair. “Pardon me for saying this, Ronnie. This feels so erotic. When Michelle described it to me I would not believe it would feel so arousing. Especially when the shears touch the nape of my neck.” Ronnie laughed and continued to shear her hair. “Don’t be sorry Jasmine. My girlfriend sports a crew and she loves it when I do her weekly trim.”

Debra could not understand how getting a crew-cut would be so arousing to anyone. She could never picture herself getting a crew-cut. Jasmine did look cute with her new do, but Debra was too tired to contemplate changing her hair. Carl finished styling Debra’s hair, coating it with a generous amount of hair spray to keep it in place. Debra tipped him five dollars, made her next appointment with the receptionist and went home.

That night Debra had trouble sleeping. She could not stop thinking about Jasmine and how much she seemed to enjoy getting her hair sheared. She contemplated cutting her hair in stages. “A bob would be cute. No. No. NO. Maybe I’ll cut it shoulder length. It would look fuller. Ah no, I don’t think so. O.K. two or three inches off the ends…..” Debra finally drifted off to sleep when she was woken by the roar of a motorcycle pulling into the driveway next door.

Debra shot out of bed, ran to the window, opened it and yelled “CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP IT QUIET OUT THERE. O.K? Some people are trying to sleep here.” Suddenly it was so quiet she could hear a pin drop. “All right, all right.. Keep your shirt on lady,” she heard her neighbor reply. Debra peered down into the driveway. There she saw a man between 28 or 29 years old dressed in a white T-shirt and a old pair of Levi’s. He had a helmet on so she could not make out his face. “I should call the police… Ugh I mean it this time. In and out at all hours of the night with no consideration for those who have to go to work in the morning,” Debra called out. He answered her by slamming his garage door shut. “Arghhhhh…. I hate that man,” Debra fumed and went back to bed.

“Frigid Bitch.” David said under his breath as he took off his helmet and sat down on his couch. He could still picture her staring down her nose at him. One of these hoity-toity chicks who cared more about her nails and high hair then any human being. What was he supposed to do? He did not have the money to fix his bike and he chose to work late hours so that he could dedicate his days to his art. Instead of yelling at him every night couldn’t she take the time to come down from that ivory tower of hers and to talk to him so he could explain his situation to her?

David got off the couch and went upstairs. A friend at work had invited David to use his summer house for the weekend, so he had to pack and get ready to leave in the morning. David looked into the mirror. “Its time to buzz this off,” he thought as he ran his hand through his mid length wavy brown hair. He went to the bathroom grabbed his cordless clippers put on a 1/4″ guard and proceeded to cut his hair to a short crew. He drove them fast and hard through his hair, pretending he was cutting her hair. “Ah you’ll call the police on me, well take this.” He then took the 1/4″ inch guard off and buzzed his hair even shorter.

When David was finished he threw the cordless clippers into his suitcase and shut the bag. He was still angry at his neighbor and even a little angrier at himself because in a small way he found himself attracted to the chick. Imagining shearing her beautiful long hair had aroused him rather than appease his anger. He hoped this small trip would help him forget about her and his money problems.

“Good Morning Long Island!!!! Its seven o’clock here at WLIN…”, the alarm clock radio blared. Debra tried to pry open her eyes, but she could only roll over, pull the pillow over her head and curse, “Damn motorcycle. I better get up so I won’t hit traffic.”

Debra dragged herself out of bed, showered, dressed and loaded her 1967 mustang convertible with her luggage and various beach paraphernalia. By eight o’clock she was on the Long Island Expressway with her car hood down letting the early morning sun and cool breeze caress her face. She took a sip of coffee and began to relax and enjoy her drive. “Why obsess about some low life on a beautiful day like this.” she thought to herself.

She began to smell the sea air as she drew closer to her destination. This was the favorite part of her drive. She could almost hear the shriek of seagulls and the pounding of the surf on the sand. But instead of gulls and surf she heard, “Braaaaa Chaaaaa Brrrrrrrrrrummmmmmmmmmm. Put Put BRRRRRRum.” “It can’t be. ” Debra swore and turned her head to look into the left lane. There to her surprise she saw her neighbor flipping her the bird as he passed her by. Debra was not going to let that baboon get the best of her, so she accelerated and passed him. From her rear view mirror she could see that the moron was trying to pass her again, but every time he switched lanes to pass her Debra cut him off and with a wave of her manicured hand flipped him the bird in return. Pretty soon after that she left him in the dust.

Debra reached her beach house around ten o’clock, unpacked her car and headed towards the beach. She found a isolated piece of beach set up her beach chair then sat down and started to read a book. She eventually went to sleep to the lull of the surf. When she awoke she found that she was not alone on the beach. On the beach there was a man painting with an easel and canvas. He was dressed in a loose pair of cream canvas boating pants and a oversized white button down shirt, which blew in the wind exposing a well developed chest. His dark hair was cut close to his head emphasizing his obvious good bone structure. He looked like a modern day Heathcliff and Debra was compelled to get a closer look at him.

David finally had gotten his easel set up and was ready to get to work when he gazed down the beach and saw a woman walking towards him. As she got closer to him he realized that the woman was that ditzy neighbor of his. She obviously did not recognize him because she had a huge smile on her face. He had never seen her in full view before and to his disgust David found her appealing. She was wearing a floral bikini with a silk sarong tied around her waist. Her legs were long lean and tan and her beautiful face was framed by heaps of wavy brown hair with golden highlights. He wished he had brought his cordless shears with him, so that he could run them through her beautiful hair, but that was only wishful thinking on his part.

When Debra finally reached David she still did not recognize him and David was not about to fill her in. Debra introduced herself, “Hi. I just noticed you here. My name is Debra. It’s beautiful out here. I’ve always wished I had the talent to paint a picture of this beach. I love it here so much. I wish I could live here all year round, but once Sunday night comes along I have to go back to the real world.”

“She seems real nice,” David thought. He covered his canvas and turned towards Debra. “Oh, I usually don’t do landscapes, but it was so beautiful outside I could not resist capturing it on canvas. I usually paint portraits.” David replied. Debra looked at him and smiled. “Fascinating. Is this a hobby or are you a professional?”

“I have some paintings hanging in a gallery in town here. Why don’t you check them out? My name is David R.” David returned Debra’s smile and laughed to himself. “I can’t wait until she sees my paintings. Miss Goldilocks won’t be so impressed then.” As an artist David loved the female form, but without clothes or hair. He wanted to portrait the female body in its purest and simplest form. Sometimes he would paint the same model over and over again and other times he would use groups of models. Living near New York City made it easy for David to find models who fit he specifications. But it was his ultimate goal to find the perfect hairless female form. He looked Debra over again and thought she had definite possibilities, only if he could convince her to shave her head. And by the looks of her that would never happen in a thousand years.

“Maybe someday you could do my portrait?” Debra asked. She was beginning to hover around him and David was beginning to feel uncomfortable. “Well, check out my exhibit and then see if you still want me to paint your portrait. O.K.?” ,she replied.

“O.K. I’ll visit the gallery this afternoon. I don’t mean to be forward, but why don’t we meet for dinner and drinks at the Carriage House at seven. Wait don’t answer. I don’t want to put you on the spot. If I like your work I’ll be at the Carriage House at seven. If you are interested in doing my portrait meet me. If you are not interested forget you ever met me.” Debra turned around and walked back down the dune.

Debra drove to town around 4:30 and parked in front of the Sloan Gallery. She walked in and was instantaneously drawn to three large portraits in the back. They were erotic pictures of bald women. She should have been shocked, but the portraits were so beautiful Debra was mesmerized. They were obviously David’s work. The gallery owner approached Debra,” Striking aren’t they? I was lucky he let me display them. David is very sensitive about his obsession with bald women, but I think this obsession breathes passion into his art.” The gallery owner suddenly sensed that Debra was getting uncomfortable. “Oh, I hope I am not mistaken. Aren’t you a friend of David’s? He did call to tell me that someone was coming down this afternoon.”

Debra composed herself and replied, “I am. I was just thinking. Would you happen to know where I could find a hairdresser that could cut my hair on short notice?” The gallery owner went to his desk, pulled out a business card and gave it to Debra. “If you call right now I think you can catch her. Shelley is terrific and I know that she is free right now.” Debra took the card smiled, gave her thanks and then left the gallery.

David was about fifteen minutes late for their appointment at the Carriage house. As always his bike acted up when he most needed it. He rushed into the restaurant without even removing his helmet. He scanned the room to see if Debra had the guts to show up. David had to look twice at the woman sitting at the bar. “No it can’t be her. But it is.” Debra had cut her waist long hair to shoulder length. It was not quite what David went for, but he was impressed that she would make such a drastic change on his account. And she had only just met him this afternoon. David looked Debra over again. She was not smiling, but staring at him with that grimace that made him want to slap her silly face. “Oh no she has finally recognized me. Well it looks like this game’s up and I am in for a very bumpy ride.”

Debra was just about to give up on David when a man in beat up Levi’s, black leather jacket and helmet entered the restaurant. “Oh no it can’t be. Its that stupid neighbor of mine. I hope he does not see me.” But the man appeared to be walking directly towards her. When he reached her he removed his helmet. Debra’s face turned three shades of red. “Its…Ugh…YOU… David? It can’t be.”

“Yes. I am the asshole with the broken bike. I guess you did not recognize me without my helmet.” David put the helmet on the floor and sat next to Debra. “I work nights so that I can paint during the day and I have not gotten the money together to fix my motorcycle. I’ve wanted to explain my situation to you, but you never gave me the chance. Well your problem is solved anyway. I just sold a painting this afternoon, so now I can fix my bike. So don’t you start nagging me . O.K.? I just want to celebrate the sale of my painting. So let’s bury the hatchet and join me for a drink?”

Debra until now was looking into her drink. She slowly lifted her head, “I was the one that bought your painting. I am glad it will help you fix your motorcycle. It would be nice if we could start over. Lets order? How about some champagne?” Debra had so much to ask David that it really did not matter who he was. She had her hair cut because she wanted to understand what was so erotic about the experience. It was nice to feel her hair swing and the cool caress of a summer’s breeze on her neck and behind her ears as she walked. But it was not what Jasmine felt when she got her buzz cut.

David motioned to the bartender that he wanted to order then turned to Debra and asked. “Do you still want to model for me? After finding out who I really am and after seeing the types of portraits I do? Most women get bent out of shape when they find out. ”

“Yes, I am interested in modeling for you. Its obvious I would have to have my head shaved to qualify. I know you wouldn’t believe me if I asked you to shave my head. It was not until this week that I ever considered doing it. The first time I considered getting a crew was Friday when I was in Carl’s salon getting my hair trimmed. There I saw a woman having her entire head buzzed and she looked to be having the time of her life. That made me curious, but I did not actually want to do it until I saw your work in the gallery. The women were so striking and the pictures so erotic. I wanted to look and feel as beautiful and sensual as your paintings.”

David did not know if she was putting him on, but he liked seeing this side of Debra. It inspired him to act out a fantasy he had given up on a long time ago. To him she sounded sincere. Why would she go to shoulder length hair if she were playing a joke on him? “Well you only live once. I’ll give it a try.” David thought to himself as he reached out and took Debra’s hand, “I would love to use you as a model. I have a special place I would like to bring you to do some initial sketches. After dinner we could do some work then I can show the erotic pleasure you can get from having your hair sheared. I hope you wouldn’t mind riding on the back of my bike?”

“No I won’t mind. I am honored that you would want to paint my picture. Is what I am wearing now O.K. or do you want me to go home and change?” Debra was wearing a loose fitting sleeveless sundress with sandals, but for David’s purpose it did not matter what she wore. “No, you don’t have to change. You are perfect as is, except for an excessive amount of hair, but I’ll take care of that tonight. Lets order dinner then we will discuss my plans for tonight.”

They quickly finished dinner then left the restaurant. Debra had never ridden on the back of a motorcycle and she found that she loved the vibration of the running motor between her legs and the chill of the wind blowing through her hair. She wrapped her arms around David’s back and let his body warm her. She could feel the steady beat of his heart. She sighed then took a deep breath and enjoyed the ride.

David headed towards the north side of town and stopped at a secluded wooded area along Short Pine Road. He parked his bike on the side of the road and motioned Debra to get off. “Lets go for a walk. I have a surprise for you.” Debra hesitated at first. This guy could be a serial killer for all she knew and it was getting dark. “Trust me Debra. If I were going to harm you I would have done it a long time ago. It’s not a long walk and it will be worth it.” David snapped. Then he grabbed a few bags from the back of his bike and walked into the woods. Debra decided to follow him.

“David….. You know that sign says no trespassing. David wait. Slow down, please..,” whined Debra as she ran to keep up with David’s brisk pace. David was beginning to regret bringing her to his special spot. If she did not buck up and get with the program he was going to turn around and bring her home. David stopped and let Debra catch up. “Hang in there Debra. Its not far. Ignore the sign. I go here all the time.”

Debra was about to turn around and walk back to the road when they reached a clearing in the woods. There she saw a small lake. She could see the lights of a few houses that surrounded the lake, but otherwise it looked like they had the lake to themselves. “Wow. I never knew about this spot. Its so quiet and serene. I love it.” They stood on a small area of sand that stretched to the waters edge. To the left and right they were surrounded by forest. Debra was surprised that no one had developed this area.

David dropped his bags onto the sandy area walked to the forests edge and pulled out a row boat that was hidden under some bushes. “Can you help me with this.” David asked. Debra helped him pull the boat to the water. As Debra stepped in the boat David threw his bags into the boat, pushed it into the water then jumped in at the last minute. He rowed the boat until they were in the middle of the lake and then stopped and pulled out his pencils and sketch pads. “Isn’t it a bit dark for sketching?”, Debra asked.

“No. I can see all right. I want to capture the essence of the lake at night.”, David replied as he grabbed two pillows that were in the boat and threw them at Debra. “Could you please take the pillows and lay back into the boat. Stretch out taking your right hand and dipping it into the water . Just relax I want to do a few sketches and then we will take a break.” Debra did what she was told and let David do his sketches. For about a hour all she could hear was the water hitting the sides of the boat and the scratching of David’s pencil against paper. Pretty soon Debra was asleep.

“Wake up sleepy head.” David whispered into Debra’s ear. He then took his hand reached into Debra’s dress and stroked her breast. He could feel her nipples harden to his touch. “Now its time to have some fun.” Debra looked up into David’s smiling face and purred, “Anything you want….Just don’t stop.” She reached up to David, brought her face up to his and gave him a long passionate kiss. She then stroked the fuzz on David’s head, “Its so soft. Do you have to cut it often?” she asked.

“Oh, every other day I like to run the clippers through my hair. Would you like to buzz my hair for me? It could be very erotic.” David then pulled out his cordless shears from one of his bags.

“Boy you come prepared for everything. I bet you used to be a boy scout.” Debra laughed and pushed David back onto the cushions. She took the shears from David and started to buzz his head. She could see that he was getting excited, so she took it slow and steady, caressing his head with the shears. David moaned with delight.

When Debra was finished she laid back down on the cushions with David. “This is one of the most romantic nights of my life. The stars, the boat, the lake and you. Its all perfect. Now I would like to make it a perfect night for you.” She then turned on the clippers and handed them to David.

David was amazed that this women, who at first seemed so narrow minded and uptight understood and was aroused by his hair fetish. He motioned her to lay back onto the cushions keeping her head propped on the edge of the boat so that the ends of her hair just hit the water. He picked up the oars and set the boat in motion. After setting the oars down David took the shears and began to run them through Debra’s thick hair. Pieces of hair hit the water as the boat moved leaving a trail of hair. David would then nibble her ears. Debra would moan in delight. Soon Debra had a 1/4″ crew and was hot for him.

“This feels so erotic. The vibration of the clippers against the nape of my neck makes me so aroused. And now that I am without hair I feel so free and uninhibited” Debra then stood up in the boat and began to slowly remove her clothes. Soon she was standing naked in the moonlight. David thought she looked like a goddess. She then raised her arms as if to stretch then dived into the lake. David saw her head emerge from the water. “I was feeling itchy from the shearing. Come join me. It feels great.”

David took off his clothes and dived into the water. The water was cold, but it did not take the edge off his passion for her. He swam to meet her then held her in the water. He ran his hand through her slick wet head and held his body against hers and kissed her passionately. “Take me now,” was all she manage to utter. He helped her back onto the boat and there they made hot passionate love then falling asleep in each other’s arms.

THE END (Part One)


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