Nathalie’s Punishment

Nathalie's Punishment

Nathalie’s Punishment

It was a hot summer day in our small little town, the type of day where the heat begins to build up one’s frustrations. Nathalie and I have been married for eight years and our love life had seen its ups and downs.

I had known for a long time Nathalie’s secret sexual desires but was unable to completely satisfy them, you see she always felt somewhat embarrassed about filling this certain need. The need she so desperately tried to control had to do with the cropping of her hair.

It wasn’t until we met Al and Heather that the real fun began. The whole adventure was a conspiracy concocted by myself to fill Nathalie’s needs and wants. It would have to seem completely innocent and unplanned for it to succeed. For their help with the plan I promised they would be fulfilled sexually in any matter that interested them.

The day began as I introduced them as friends I had met at work and suggested we meet for a drink. Nathalie hit it off well with Al and although she had never shown interest in other men I knew that if all our cards were played out she would indeed let herself go to her desires.

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After our drinks we returned home with our new friends where the drinks continued and the talk turned to sex, and what our fantasies were. But when Al and Heather began their fantasy about giving a female a haircut, Nathalie’s eyes lit up and she looked at me with a worried grin. The conspiracy was working. Finally I suggested with some help from Al and Heather that we use Nathalie in our little experiment. She never really responded and I whispered to her that she should just go along with everything and that I loved her.

Nathalie was led into the bathroom by Heather and reluctantly disrobed: she never really felt comfortable nude, but was reassured by Heather, who told her how beautiful she was and how horny she was getting. Nathalie was filled with excitement; Heather placed a blindfold on Nathalie and led her to the living room where a pillow awaited her. There she lay nude on the floor, the three of us staring with desire with what we were about to do. Only Heather spoke, Al and I remained silent, and she lay there wet with excitement as Heather announced that from now on she would do only as instructed, and that she must understand that she was completely at her mercy, to follow her instructions to avoid any further punishment. Nathalie nodded, as her breath grew deeper.

Nathalie led out a gasp as the sound of clippers filled the room, and frantically reached for her swollen pussy, but was stopped by Heather who instructed her that all her needs would be fulfilled in time. Heather massaged her thighs as the clippers slowly cut through the thick hair on her pussy, then when the clippers stopped, we saw her body loosen and relax a moment. The shaving cream was next and she moaned as every wisp of hair was removed from her pussy and asshole. Once cleaned up, Heather now told Nathalie to spread her legs as she had instructed one of her men to lick her. As I began eating her, Heather walked around to her head and announced that something had to be done about her hair.

Then Nathalie felt a male hand slowly pulling through her hair and an erect penis dangerously close to her mouth. She knew just what to do and began to lick and suck the stranger, knowing the better she was the less drastic we would be. The sound of the scissors cutting her long locks and feeling her wet hair fall to her breasts increased her mouth hold on his cock until he came with a grunt all over her heaving breasts. Heather now instructed her to kneel, as she did, she felt both the sting of a hard cock in her soaked pussy and the warm clippers buzzing the nape of her neck. Nathalie moaned, not knowing how far this would go. It wasn’t until she felt a stiff finger inserted in her ass that she knew she was in for her the time of her life.

“Now Nathalie, I want you to understand that you must sexually satisfy all of us in any manner we desire, is that understood?” Only a whispered “yes”, was heard and with that her haircut began, slowly climbing up the back of her neck. Again she instructed us to stop. “Nathalie you will be given one choice only, either to satisfy us individually or as a group, which do you prefer?”

“I don’t know,” was the response.

“Then it will be decided for you.”

Heather then turned to us and said, “One of you will shave her hair and the other one may have his way only with her ass.” Al then moved to her behind and began to lick her ass. Nathalie moaned as the cutters buzzed past her ears. Al gently inserted his cock and began slow thrusts until her ass was completely filled. I, now with the scissors, began to cut her bangs when she finally hit her orgasm and she cried out, “I’ll do whatever you want, just leave me some hair.” With that she kept her short hair and fulfilled all our desires including her first bi encounter with Heather. Our nights have never been the same.


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