My Sister

My Sister

My Sister by Buzz

My sister has always been a bit weird. Today she came home from a girlfriend’s and really freaked out my father. She and her friend were bored and started to give each other makeovers.

My sister’s once long, middle-of-the-back. light blond hair was now a weird color of pink and orange. It was sticking up into spikes with the tips a black color. She must have shaved off her trademark eyebrows, because there were no brows left, except for a pencil line of purple eyeliner that she used to draw them in with. Her sideburns area was shaved to the nubs… leaving a very high bald area were once her lovely hair used to be.

After my father came down off of the ceiling, he started screaming for Mom to come and see what my crazed sister had done to her lovely hair.

Mother came flying down the stairs and all she could do was scream, “What have you done to your beautiful hair, whatever is your Grandmother going to say?” I stood back near the doorway and watched… you see, It was all my idea for my sister to go punk. I had seen a good looking goth girl down town and told my sister’s friend that my sister secretly wanted to be a punk, but that Dad and Mom would never allow it. She told me that later today she would talk my sister into a change.

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They went to the mall early this morning and Sandi told my sis to look at all the cool girls with the neat hair. My sister was a little taken aback, but the more Sandi talked to her, the more my sister saw that the real cool guys were always checking out the punks…

After a bit, Sandi told my sis that they could go to one of these punk shops and maybe just check out the guys. My sister, who has a hardon for the leather guys, decided to give it a try. That was the easy part. After working on my sister for about a half hour, Sandi said she always wanted to try a punk look. She dared my sister to try it also. That was all my sister needed to hear… a dare.

With that, they both headed into the piercing shop. The girl who was answering the phone said she would be happy to help them punk out. First my sister’s friend Sandi, got her nose pierced and then two more studs put into the top of her ear. Next the girl brought out a pair of hand-held clippers and shaved up the side of Sandi’s head, revealing her new piercing – the sides of her short bob were buzzed right off. Next the clippers shaved the back of her head, revealing a very short buzzed neck. The girl then passed a can of spray-in color to Sandi and she sprayed her hair a bright orange. With Sandi’s leather coat, the new piercing, Sandi thought she looked real neat. Next she had a tattoo put on her cheek. A cute little star, with a red outline.

My sister the whole time was in awe that Sandi would go so crazy for a new punk look. Sandi brought over the clippers and said to my sis to hold still. My sister started to protest, but it was too late. Her long hair was being reduced to a short cropped buzz right there in the tattoo shop. The girl who worked there started to hack my sister’s long hair off at strange angles, and the whole time all three of them just giggled. My sister then had her hair sprayed all orange and pink by the girl working in the shop and putting gel into her hair. Sandi helped scrunch my sister’s remaining hair into spikes….

After a couple of peircings and a chain tattoo around her upper arm, my sister’s new look was almost finished. Next the eyebrows were shaved off, and the girl who worked there drew on pencil-thin lines with a purple marker. A little bit of glitter and some heavy makeup around the eyes and my sister was now a punk.

Dad was screaming and Mom went to get my Dad’s hand clippers. They said that her hair was such a mess that the only thing to do was to shave her hair all off. Dad held her down while mom shaved her hair all off. The clippers kept getting all gummed up, but soon my sister looked like a bald marine. Next the new studs in her ears were removed and mom took a jar of cold cream to remove all the gunk on my sister’s face. I almost didn’t recognized the girl whose head was almost shaved, but I could tell from the look on my sister’s face that with the newly shaved head, and lack of brows, that she finally had the punk look she had wanted. She could hardly wait now to go out and show off her new look. I looked over at her and winked, and she winked back. Our plan had worked.


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