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My Day

My Day – K Locks

It took me many years to get to this day. I have had this urge for the past 10 years, I have been a frustrated female. Now things have changed, my daughter just went off to college, my divorce is now two years in the past, and I just decided to move to Iowa. Why Iowa, because it is quite, slower pace, and someplace I think I would fit into better.

Today is May 3, it is my birthday. I’m 40 today, most people tell me I look in my early 30’s, I have always been good-looking (hate to say that) but it is true, I have been referred to in many ways as just a drop-dead knockout, that has been part of my frustration though. I have always gone with the “in thing” in fashion, my daughter was a big influence on me, she always kept me young. I remember one time I got a short haircut, with a body wave just to try something different. She told me I looked 10 years older, and said it did not flatter me at all. My husband at the time also did not support the style so I grew it out to shoulder length, and kept it in a 90’s look ever since. Today my hair is the “99’s” layered look tucked behind the ears, over the collar length, I can wear it also in a neat bob look that is very layered, I get tons compliments on my style. My hair has always been thick and dark brown, every time I go to the salon, my stylist always mentions how lucky I am to have this thick beautiful hair.

It is 8am now, just got out of the shower, today I decided to wear my hair tucked and a flip in the back, but today was the day I had waited and thought about for 6 months now.

I got in the car at 9am and headed down Highway 43. This highway went through many small towns, which was part of my plan. I came into the first town, which was Parrieville. My plan was to go to the local beauty shop in a small town to get a new look. I have always dreamed about going to a old-fashioned shop instead of the trendy salons, this was part of my frustration, I was an old-fashioned girl in a trendy life.

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I stopped at a place called “The Hair Company”. It was a traditional shop, hair dryers lined up, and very pink. I walked in because part of my plan was being a walk-in client and noticed right away that this place was busy. Both chairs were occupied by clients. The lady in the first chair asked if she could help me. I just said, “How long till there is an opening?” The response was two hours, so I said I would be back, and got back into my car.

I got into my car and headed to the next town. My heart was beating very fast because I was now in the middle of my dream. I felt I was in this zone, this day had now become an obsession. My body was tingling in excitement. I don’t know what triggers these feelings, if it’s the old-fashioned look of a beauty shop, or the smell of the perm solution, or what, but I was in another zone, and could not get to the next town quicker.

It was now 11am and I got into a town called Carnsville, nice little town. I went down main street and saw a shop right on the corner. As I drove my car up to the front to park, I saw hair dryers lined up in the front of the window, and pictures everywhere on the window. I knew this was at least a beauty shop. I walked in, and there was a lady about 40ish with a huge bun in her hair. The place was empty, so my heart stopped, because this was it. The lady asked how she could help me. I said I did not have an appointment, but I was hoping to get in now for a haircut. She said that she had an appointment coming in a few minutes and my heart sank with disappointment. I turned to walk out the door and the lady said, “If you want to wait a few moments, Debbie should be back.” I stopped and said great.

I sat in the chair up front. I looked around and saw all these different styles from the past. I started playing with my hair in anticipation. 5 minutes went by, it seemed like 2 hours. The lady stylist noticed me playing with my hair, and just smiled.

12pm Debbie walks in through the back, comes up to me and asks me to come back to her station. THE TIME HAS COME

I sit in the chair, my heart is beating a million miles an hour. Debbie comments how thick and beautiful my hair is, and she mentions she really likes the flip thing. Now it was time, I was waiting for the question. Debbie went behind me, I was looking into the mirror, she was looking into the mirror. “So what can we do for you today?”

My heart was still pounding. “I want something very short, and very curly.”

Debbie’s reaction was what I wanted, and the reason I went to a old-fashioned place instead of a trendy one. She just put her hands through my hair and said, “Great, curly hair will look great on you.” Debbie then went on to say, “Short as in over the ears, and short in the back?” I just nodded yes. Debbie then asked about the perm. “As in very curly I assume the smaller the curl the better.” I again nodded yes. “Great,” said Debbie, “let’s wash this hair.”

12:30pm – My hair is now up in clips and Debbie is cutting the back. I feel the scissors on my neck, I can tell she cut it right at the hairline. I continue to hear hair falling onto my plastic cape. Sections continue to come down in the back, I feel my hair is lighter in the back. Debbie walks away for a second. I run my hands through my nape, felt like about 2 inches of hair.

12:45, The right side was first, Debbie tilted my head and just started cutting, forming the cut up and around the ear, section and section was cut. Next was the left side, again cut until the ear was exposed.

12:55. The bangs were next. Debbie asked if I want the bangs permed back or forward or not at all. I asked her what she thought. She said, “If you want real curly perming back is the best.” From the way she was approaching this whole style I knew she was an expert, so I said, “Back it is.” Next thing I know my bangs are now at eyebrow length.

1:05pm – The top is cut to 3 inches in length, and I have just wet my pants, because this is the first real look I have had at my short hair.

1:10. The perm rod tray is pulled up. Debbie opens up the box that says ‘small rods’, and starts the process of putting them on. I’m now in a trance. It kind of hurt when she permed my bangs back, she is curling my hair tight. I never thought I would feel this.

1:30. Perm rods are in place. Debbie then goes into a drawer and pulls out her electric clippers. Number two guard should look great. I say nothing, because this is what I wanted. I wanted the person who gave me this look to take it to a level of short and curly. Debbie puts my head down and clippers my nape, I can feel the hair coming off, it is an unreal feeling. I also sense the shortness. She works with the clippers, then uses a comb then uses the clippers again, wow.

1:40. The solution is put on, Debbie says, “We will clean the sides after the rods come out.” Debbie then says she will be back.

I just sat in the chair, wow, what am I doing, but this is what I have wanted for ever. I always felt like the guy who wanted a flat-top but never got it, my life is now changed.

2:15. I’m back in the chair, rods coming out, tight little curls appearing. I’m now in shock. Debbie takes out the last rod, then runs a pick through my hair. My hair is maybe 2-3 inches in height and short, she then takes the clippers and runs then over my ears on both sides, cleans up the back. She then takes this huge comb, and with the clippers runs over the top of the permed part of my style. Now my hair is perfectly uniformed.

2:30. I’m shown the back, my response is “Can we go shorter?” I don’t know why I said it, but shorter we went, off the hairline, skin showing at the base of my hairline, Debbie referred to it as peeling the back. The sides were now 1/2 inch off the ears and defined.

It was done, it was what I wanted. It was so short and curly it scared me. I then got up off the chair, walked over to the front desk, ran my fingers through my hair and said thank you to Debbie. She just smiled, I paid her and then booked an appointment for June 1. Can’t let my new look get out of shape


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