My Barber Marv

My Barber Marv

My Barber Marv – Picaso

It was a sunny Monday morning as I was busy running errands in my car. I drove past my favorite barbershop and saw that it was open, so I quickly pulled into the shop parking lot. I got out of my car and walked to the front door, opened it and walked inside.

Inside I was greeted by Marv. Marv is a Master Barber, owner of the shop and also a very attractive woman. We exchanged hellos quickly as I noticed she had somebody in her chair. It was unusual for me to seeing a lady in a men’s barbershop getting ready to get her hair cut. Marv said I would be next, with a wink in her eye, and asked me to please sit on the couch and wait my turn. I did as I was told.

I sat watching Marv stroke and comb her customer’s hair. She asked what kind of style she had in mind, and the customer responded something short. “You mean like shaved?” Marv joked. Well the long dark haired lady sitting in the chair underneath the cape, thought for a minute, looked into the mirror at Marv, glanced over at counter and saw the clippers and said, “What the heck?” Well Marv thought she was joking back with her, but no, this woman was serious. So Marv and the customer had a consultation and it was agreed upon that it would be short.

After shampooing her hair and towel drying, Marv reached for the scissors and brought them to her long hair and said, “Are you sure?”

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“Yes I am,” the customer said, she was definitely ready for a change. I sat on the couch and just stared in the mirror watching as the scissors sheared through her locks. Marv then got the whisk broom and brushed off her shoulders and quickly grabbed the broom in the corner and swept the loose hair on the floor into the corner. Then Marv went to the counter, and picked up her clippers.

Marv reached for the tallest attachment she had and asked the woman if this was short enough. The woman asked to see the rest and chose a 1/4″ guard. “Are you really sure you wanna go this short?” Marv asked again.

“Yes,” the customer said.

Marv clicked on the clippers and proceeded to run them off center, front to back. Working on the left side, running them over and around the ear and towards the back neckline. Marv then got to work on the right side in similar fashion leaving the customer a ragged mohawk. I couldn’t help but snicker a bit, and Marv heard me. She requested me to behave or else I would end up with the same cut. The woman in the chair looked at me in the mirror and smiled.

Marv made quick work of the middle strands left and soon the customer was buzzed. The lady in the chair rubbed her hands over it and just loved it! Marv then got some hot lather from the counter and began smearing it around the ears and neckline.

“Wait,” the lady said. “Are you gonna shave me bald?”

Marv said, “Relax. I’m gonna just clean up your neck and around your ears with my straight razor. Besides, I’m only gonna charge you a regular man’s haircut.”

The woman sat there and waited and watched her lady barber glide that razor with her gentle touch. A hot towel was next and a little bit of lotion and the lady was done. Marv pulled the cape away with a fling sending all the hair onto the floor. The lady just sat there looking in the mirror at her new cut and just rubbed her hands all over it. She really liked it!

The lady paid Marv the $7 dollars and got her pocketbook and Marv gave her a business card and asked her to come back again when it was time she felt like in need of a trim. The lady left and Marv went and lit up a cigarette. Took a long drag and exhaled, looked at me and said, “Next!” as she grinned.


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