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Movie in Bollywood

Movie in Bollywood – Baloo

The Bombay film industry, popularly known as Bollywood, is one of the biggest film industries in the world. Our story is about 2 brothers, Aman and Arif and, of course, Bollywood.

Aman was an actor, an action hero of a dozen-odd potboilers. Since he had a couple of hits under his belt, he was considered to be a bankable star. Arif, on the other hand, was a movie director. He had directed 4 movies, one of which was a box office success, while the others had not done too badly. Moreover, since his handling of the films was slick and the story telling gripping, his films got good reviews. Apart from being Bollywood professionals, both the brothers had one more thing in common – and that was an extreme hair fetish.

Both of them had a dream of making a movie together with a nice haircutting scene. Their dream came true when they were approached by a film producer to make a film. The producer was ready to get the necessary finance for the film provided they made something sensational.

Arif came up with a story that had not one but two haircutting scenes. The story was about a small town in India, where the mayor is a corrupt politician, who has wrecked havoc in the town by resorting to terror tactics. The hero is a college student from a poor family who works as a muscle man for the mayor. A young lady, who comes to the town and takes up the job as the college principal, decides to fight against the terrorism of the mayor. She starts by reforming the college students who have taken up arms and builds up a mass movement against the mayor. The mayor retaliates by ordering the hero to give her a haircut in public. However, the principal continues her crusade. She succeeds in reforming the hero who realizes his mistake and helps the principal in her fight against the mayor and finally the 2 successfully put the mayor behind bars.

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Nothing great in the story except the haircuts. The first one given to the principal – a punishment cut. Then the local barber gives the principal a cut to repair the damage.

The brothers decided that Aman will play the hero and hence will get the best haircut scene. Arif will direct the film and also play the barber and will get the other haircut scene. The brothers succeed in selling the story to the producer and the financiers by proposing that the actress in the film will be given actual haircuts and this will make the film sensational. Also, the hair fetishists will love the film.

Their next step was to get the actress for the principal’s role. The brothers were looking for a lady in her early thirties. They were jubilant when a superstar of the yesteryears, Juhi Chawla, agreed to do the role. Juhi, a former Miss India, was a superstar in her early twenties. A year ago she stopped taking new films, since she was pregnant. After her pregnancy, she had decided to act in movies that would fetch her awards, which had so far eluded her. She thought that the role had a potential for great acting. Also, the publicity would mean that her re-entry in the films after the pregnancy would be with a big bang.

Juhi had great hair. Nearly waist long in her earlier films, her wavy, thick, black hair was one of her prime assets. Over the years she had cut her hair, highlighted and bleached it. In her last films, her hair was barely below her shoulders and had a brownish tinge. However, during her maternity leave, she worked a lot on her hair. Now it touched her waist and looked as great as it did in her early days.

The movie shooting started fine. Since Arif preferred shooting the film in the same sequence that it would be seen, the first haircut scene was going to be Juhi’s punishment cut. Arif had filmed a lot of songs and dances highlighting Juhi’s and Tara’s hair and now it was time for the haircut.

To make the scene interesting, Arif decided that Juhi would have her hair in a nicely oiled (or gelled) tight plait. This will also give her a stern look. When the mayor orders the haircut, Aman will drag her out of her house by her hair, then slowly open up her plait. Then he will play around with her hair and finally cut it off.

On the day when the shot was to be pictured, Arif decided to shoot the shampooing of Juhi’s hair. He decided to use it for advertisements of the movie – ‘the last day of Juhi’s long tresses’. As Juhi’s long tresses were being shampooed, dried and combed, Arif shot it all. Then the hairdresser applied styling gel generously, combed her hair and fixed it in a nice fat plait.

The shooting began. The first shot was where Aman tries to pull Juhi out of her house. She falls down. The next shot starts with a focus on Juhi’s long plait as she is down on the ground at Aman’s feet. Aman moves his hand slowly over Juhi’s head, as if caressing her and then grabs her hair, just where the plait begins. As Juhi winces in pain, he makes her stand. Aman loved the touch of Juhi’s gelled hair. He purposely botched up his lines and so got the chance of grabbing Juhi’s plait number of times. During each retake, he made sure he got a nice grip on her hair and lifted her head up by the hair. Arif was not to be left behind. He twice intervened and under the pretense of showing Aman how to do the shot, grabbed Juhi’s hair and did not leave it until it was really necessary to.

After that shot was the shot where Aman drags Juhi out of her house by her hair. Aman enjoyed the shot. After getting a nice grip on her hair, he dragged her by her hair. During one of the retakes, she tripped and he lost his grip. But Arif signalled to continue. Aman grabbed the opportunity with both hands, literally. With his right hand, he caught the end of Juhi’s plait and curled her plait around his palm and with his left hand, he grabbed her hair where the plait started. Thus with both his hands nicely clutching her hair, he lifted her up. Now, she was in real pain, but endured it so that the scene came out realistic. Then, savagely, he dragged her out in the open. Arif was pleased and in fact they repeated the scene once again for a better camera angle.

That was it for the morning session and as they took the lunch break, Arif advised Juhi to get her hair redone since a lot of hair pulling had left her hair dishevelled. After the lunch break, when Juhi’s hair was again styled in a nice plait, Arif took up the job of the hairdresser. He looked at the last few shots and to maintain continuity, he decided to get Juhi’s hair to look just like it did in the previous shots. He had her sit in a chair and started pulling out hair from the nicely made plait. After spending enough time playing with her hair, he was finally satisfied.

Then came the next shot where Juhi’s hair is untied by Aman for the haircut. Two extras caught Juhi’s arms as she was on her knees. Aman stood behind her and slowly started opening up the plait. He loved doing it and after he was finished, he moved his fingers through her hair. Her dark, black, long hair covered her back. In the next shot, Aman grabbed her hair with both his hands and said his dialogues (that she should not mess up with the mayor). Because of the hair pulling and Juhi’s struggle to set free, her hair was now all over her face. And then Aman brought the pair of scissors in the next shot. He stood in front of Juhi, with the scissors in his right hand. He then grabbed the hair on her crown and slowly moved the scissors towards her. But Juhi just managed to escape. However, she did not manage to go too far and was immediately caught by Aman, who once again dragged her by her hair. Once again, he grabbed a large mop of hair on her crown. He curled it around his left hand and lifted her head up by her hair. Now she was almost hanging by her hair. Aman then took the scissors to her hair and – SCRRRRUNCH – hacked off her hair and she fell down. “Cut!” shouted Arif, pleased at the shot. In the next shot, Aman grabs hair above Juhi’s left ear. Again, he lifts her up by the hair and then chops it off. After a couple of close-up shots of Juhi angry, hurt and protesting, there are the remaining shots of the haircut. In a few shots, Aman goes behind her and grabs the hair above her nape and hacks it off. After several shots in which Juhi’s hair is mercilessly hacked, she is shown to be lying in pool of hair.

Arif was very happy with the shots and praised Juhi and Aman a lot. In the evening, the next part of the film was shot, where Arif, playing the barber, trims Juhi’s hair. Arif had taken classes in hair cutting for playing the role. Of course he loved taking the classes and was in fact thinking of switching his career, but not while he could do such great films.

In the first shot, Juhi is made to sit in the barber’s chair and Arif covers her with the cape. He then tries to cheer up the devastated Juhi and builds her courage for the fight ahead. In the next shot, he sprinkles water generously in Juhi’s hair. Then he combs back all her unevenly cut hair. Because of the water sprinkled and combing, all her hair is plastered to her skull. He then starts snipping off the hair above her nape. After each shot, he played with Juhi’s hair under the pretext of seeing how it was cut by Aman and how it can be repaired. Before each shot, he again would sprinkle it with a lot of water and comb it nicely to the position it was in the previous shot. And then, snip-snip, he would trim it. He worked on Juhi’s hair like a pro. Finally, when Juhi complained that her head was burning because of the hours of hair pulling, he gave her a cool hour-long massage. Finally, he combed it into the nice, hip short haircut that he had given her. She liked it and so did everybody else. It was done so well that her hairstylist didn’t have to do anything.

The film is today in its final stages. Aman and Arif are going to have a great time editing the film since they would get to see the shots all over again. Hope you all like the film when it is released.


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