Missing Time

Missing Time

Missing Time

Dana was asleep in her bed, as the south western sun just started to break the horizon, on its way to another hot scorching summer day. She was in the midst of a troubling dream, as she tossed and turned her body as if trying to escape form some unknown terror. The tumult became too much, and she started to regain consciousness. As she awoke, the thoughts of whatever was troubling her vanished into the world of the unconscious. She thought, “What a nightmare! Whatever it was, it sure scared the heck out of me.” She slowly started to regain body consciousness, and put her hands to her face and ran her finger tips up her forehead and back. Suddenly she became alarmed, as her fingers moved up to her hairline they did not meet with the expected two foot long strawberry blond hair. All she could feel was the smooth soft feeling of skin, as her fingers moved over her scalp. They continued to the back of the head, and finally to the nape of the neck. No hair, just a sensation of naked smoothness. Gripped with panic, Dana jumped out bed and ran into the bathroom. She fumbled for the light switch. Switching the light on, she saw her refection in the mirror, she could hardly believe her eyes. She was totally bald! She moved her head from side to side, and to the back, nothing. No trace of hair could be found. She could see the smooth lines of her well shaped head, and even the little indentation below the base of the skull. She touched the scalp again, searching for even a trace of stubble. No, there was none, just an endless vista of smooth hairless scalp.

“How could this happen?” She thought in utter disbelief. She desperately started to search her apartment for any trace of her once beautiful strawberry blonde locks. Nothing in the bedroom, if had all just fell out during the night, the remnants should still be on the bed. If she had for some insane reason cut it off, the evidence would be somewhere in the apartment. She checked the doors and the windows, there was no sign of forced entry anywhere. No one could have broke in during the night, and made off with her precious mane. She sat down in the kitchen and tried to put things in perspective. She thought, “Maybe a cup of coffee might clear my brain.” She boiled some water in the microwave, and grabbed the jar of instant. She sat down again and tried to make sense of the whole puzzling situation.

The last memory that she had of the previous evening, was stopping for coffee at a diner in Roswell, NM. She then got on to Interstate 70 west, and headed out, on her way back to El Paso, TX, which was home. Her last memory was heading west on 70, and noticing that the highway was, except for her car, quite deserted. She tried to push her memory further, but it was a total blank. One instant, a strawberry blonde driving down route 70, the next waking up bald in her apartment. Somewhere between home and Roswell she lost an evening and two feet of hair. She took a few sips of coffee, and started to try to put her life back in order.

The first thing was to deal with work. She would call in and take a personal day. Her boss wouldn’t mind since there was nothing pressing happening today anyway. The next thought was “How do I leave this apartment? I’m not going to walk around with a bald head!” She pulled out the yellow pages and looked under wigs. A few minutes later she found a store close by that opened at 8:30 AM. “Good as soon as I call into work, I’ll go get something to hide this naked head of mine.” she mused. “After that I can call Dr. Phillips, and find out if this is permanent or what.” She called the Doctor’s office, and left a message for him to call back.

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She walked back to the bathroom and took a shower. The sensation of the droplets hitting her naked scalp was a pleasant surprise to her, she smiled to her self, and imbibed the feeling. Stepping out of the shower she dried herself off and mused, “Well hair care is about down to zero, that will give me at least an extra hour a day”. She studied her reflection in the mirror, catching the look of her smooth head at different angles. She had a niece shaped head, and without the hair it really brought out her steel blue eyes. She thought “I was going to get my hair cut shorter this summer anyway, but I’m afraid that this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Although in a weird sort of way it does look good on me.” She got dressed, had some breakfast, and called her boss. She explained that she had a personal emergency to tend to. Her boss said fine, and she said she would be in the next day. She was about to tackle the problem of how to leave the house when the phone rang. It was Dr. Phillips. Dr. Phillips had been her family physician, and had known Dana ever since she was a baby, he was like another member of the family. “So Dana what seems to be the problem?” asked Dr. Phillips. “Well Doc, I woke up this morning and discovered I was bald” Dana replied. “You’re kidding me, aren’t you Dana.” said the Doctor. “No I’m not, I don’t have a single hair on my head, and It didn’t fall out, I can’t tell you how it happened.” “I have no recall of the events of last night between about 10 o’clock, and waking this morning” Dana explained. “OK Dana this is what I’ll do.” “I’m going to call Dr. Baker, who is one of the best dermatologists around these parts, and make an appointment for you to see him. As far as the memory lapse, I’ll look into it, and recommend someone to you.”

Dana continued to search for something to hide her naked head. Her eyes came to light on a piece of material in the drawer with which she could fashion a turban. She picked up the material and started wrapping it around her head. When she was done she fastened it in the front with a jewelry clasp. “Now there, that doesn’t look so bad.” she said looking at herself in the mirror, “No one would really be able to tell I’m hairless.” She got her things together and left the house. The day promised to be another warm one, and the impending heat made her almost wish that she could go out with nothing on her head. She got into her car, and headed to the address of the store she had found in the phone book.

Dana entered the store and walked up to the sales girl and asked, ” I’m looking for something in a strawberry blonde color please.” She was hoping to match her color if possible, although to match her length would be expensive. The girl came back with three choices short, medium, and long. Dana looked at the price tag on the long, and decided to become a medium, which was about an inch off the shoulders. She thought, “People that know me will just think that I had it cut, that’s all.” The sales girl then asked Dana “Would you be interested in any falls in that color.” Dana giggled and said, “I don’t think that that will work for me, thank you.” The girl replied, “Sorry, I didn’t realize that.” “It’s OK.” reassured Dana, “Do you have a place where I can try it on.” “Certainly, follow me.” answered the sales girl, and lead Dana to a private room in the back. “If you like it, you can wear right away, and if you need any assistance, just see me” quipped the girl trying to be helpful. Dana unwrapped the turban, and tried on the wig. It fit fine, and except for being shorter, made her look like the old familiar Dana, she was used to. Dana paid for the wig, thanked the sales girl, and left the store. She felt normal now, comfortable and blending in. She got into her car, and drove home.

When she reached her apartment she found a message from Dr. Phillips on her machine. He had been able to get an appointment for her with Dr. Baker, the Dermatologist, for 11:00 AM. She did some things around the house and then left for her appointment. She arrived at the doctor’s office a little early, and registered with the receptionist, and sat down. In the waiting area there were several women. Dana thought to herself, “Hmm, I wonder if anyone else in this room is bald also?” To Dana’s surprise the receptionist called her name, she thought, “They must take the emergency cases first.” The Doctor’s assistant lead her into the examining room. The assistant closed the door and said, “The Doctor will be in to see you in a few minutes, could you remove your wig for me please.” Dana took off the wig, baring her naked scalp. The assistant examined Dana’s scalp, and made notes on the paper on her clipboard. She then asked Dana a whole series of questions about her health, family traits, and possible conditions. She then asked Dana when and how this came about. Dana related her puzzling story of the events of last evening, to the assistant who wrote everything down. The assistant left and a few minutes later Dr. Baker walked in. He was in his early 50’s, medium height, thinning hair and wearing Ben Franklin reading glasses. He introduced himself, and then carefully studied the chart he was carrying. He walked over to Dana, and with an instrument started to examine her scalp. After a few minutes, and a couple of shakes of his own head he said, “Well Ms. Baxter, in all my twenty five years of practising medicine, I have never seen a case like yours!” The expression on Dana’s face turned to one of worry as she said, “Doc, will I be bald forever?” The Doctor laughed, and said, “No, don’t worry, your hair will grow out just fine, it may take a couple of days before you see some stubble though.” Dr. Baker continued, “As I was saying, I have never seen anything like it before. When hair is shaved, the shaft is cut off close to the skin, even depilatory just dissolves hair at the skin line. But your hair was burned back, below the stratum corneum. However there is no apparent damage to the sebaceous gland, hair sheaths, hair root, or bulb. Frankly, I don’t know how it was done. My only guess could be some sort of laser device, but to my knowledge no such technology is in existence.” To which Dana replied, “Great, my head was shaved bald by some sort of laser razor, this is really weird. Why couldn’t they use their ‘LAZOR’ to do something useful like my bikini line, or legs, instead of turning me into Sinead O’Conner’s evil twin!” Dana got up to leave, and was putting on her wig, when Dr. Baker said, “I will fax this report over to Dr. Phillips. Like I said before, your hair will grow back fine, I am just going to give you some moisturizing oil to rub into your scalp so that it doesn’t dry out.” Dana thanked the doctor and left, got into her car and drove home. On the way home Dana kept thinking that this was getting stranger and stranger by the minute.

Dana was just walking into her apartment, when she heard the phone ringing. She hurried quickly and answered it. “Dana Baxter here.” she announced. The voice on the other end replied, “Hi Dana, this Dr. Phillips.” “I have been examining the report from Dr. Baker, and I agree this is highly unusual.” “You’re telling me doc!” quipped Dana. The doctor continued, “I’ve contacted a Dr. Fox over at University of Texas, he is noted for his work in the use of hypnotic regression in cases of memory loss. I have arranged for you to see him tomorrow evening, if that is OK.” “That will be fine, the sooner this thing gets resolved the better!” said Dana. She hung up the phone, and went into the kitchen to make some lunch. After lunch, she went out and did some shopping, and ran some errands. All the time she was out she was becoming increasingly aware of how uncomfortable the wig was becoming in the heat of the summer sun. A couple of times she had the strongest urge to just rip it off her head, and bare all to the world, just for a little relief from the sticky feeling. She thought to herself, “This wig has to go. If I only had a little more self confidence, I’d walk around with a bare scalp, at least it would be cooler!”

She walked into her apartment, closed the door and immediately pulled the wig off her head. She sat down on the couch and sighed, “What a relief, that thing is brutal. I have to come up with another plan.” She happen to notice the clock it was almost 5:00 PM, and she realized that in all the preoccupation with her hairlessness, she had forgotten that her boyfriend Mike was supposed to come over at 6 o’clock. Her mind raced into a tizzy, thinking, “Oh no, what will Mike think about having a bald girl friend?” She remembered that he was very supportive when she mentioned that she was going to get her hair cut, and had said that he thought she would look good with short hair. “This might be a little too much.” she thought anxiously. She took a shower and started to get ready. She thought, “The wig is out, I guess I’ll just have to work with what I’ve got.” She did her makeup and found a nice pair of large gold loop earrings. She picked out a nice outfit and put it on. At the bottom of a drawer there was a choker, which upon trying on looked good, with her new look. She was almost done when she heard her apartment door bell ring.

Dana nervously approached the door. A certain sense of apprehension seized her being, as she thought about Mike’s pending reaction to her new look. She reached the door and looked through the peep hole, it was Mike. Her heart started to race as she slowly turned the door knob and swung open the door. “Hi Dan!!!!!!!!!” Mike started to say and then fell silent, totally unprepared to see the former strawberry blonde, his girl friend, standing in front of him with a bald head. “You, hate it, I know!” sobbed Dana, as she took Mike silence to mean disapproval of her new look. Tears started to form in those beautiful doe like steel blue eye’s, as she bowed her head in shame. Mike by now had recovered from the shock, and reached out and wrapped his arms around her giving her a long and loving embrace. He took his left hand and gently lifted her chin, so that he could look into her lovely eyes. As little drops of sadness ran down her lovely cheeks, he looked deeply into those steel blue’s and said, “Dana, you know me better than that. Any guy would be blessed to have you as a his girl. Long hair or none, it doesn’t change the way I feel about you.” Dana’s lips started to break into a gentile smile as she hugged her man, laying her delicate head on his comforting chest. He wrapped one arm around her and with the other hand softly and lovingly caressed her smooth and bare scalp. After a few moments they separated, but continued to hold hands. Mike finally broke the silence and asked, “Well what brought about this little change?” Dana then related the story about her trip home through New Mexico, the missing memories and missing hair. All the while Mike was listening, but she couldn’t help notice that his attention was fixed on her smooth and shapely head. “Why are you staring at me Mike?” Dana questioned. “I’m sorry, but there is something about your new look that is totally captivating. I can’t seem to get it out of my mind, but the more I look at you Dana, the more I realize that you are far more beautiful without any hair. I don’t know if it’s crazy, but your look is totally exotic, and way sexy.” Mike bought his lips close to the top of her head and planted a delicate soft kiss right on her scalp. As he moved down the back of her head, Dana could feel the soft warmth of his breath caressing her naked pate. Upon reaching the indentation below the back of the skull, his tongue, started to erotically explore the new and virgin territory. Dana could feel the quickened pulse in his hands as they grasped her arms. Dana’s own libido started to kick in, as her own pulse quickened with each of Mike’s amorous advances. “Stop it Mike, we’re supposed to go out to dinner soon” Dana pleaded in a half hearted manner. Mike replied, “I have everything I need right here darling.” Dana knew there was no turning back for either of them, as she could feel the throbbing heat between her loins, and the sweet swell of desire welling up in her breasts. The loving couple quickly made their way to Dana’s bedroom. A couple of hours later, Dana found herself lying in bed, cuddled up next to her lover, savoring the fruits of their rapturous love making. This experience had been some of the best sex they had ever shared between them. Dana spoke softly to her lover, “Well, I guess this little bald head of mine really turns you on.” Mike answered, “I don’t know what came over me, every time I look at you, I get incredibly aroused. In fact, I could go for ….” Dana cut him off abruptly, “Listen Cowboy, I think you had enough rodeo riding for now, I’m getting hungry, lets go get some food.” They both got out of bed and got into the shower and cleaned up, dried off, and started to get dressed. Dana put on her makeup and went over and got her wig, and was about to put it on. “Oh no you don’t.” Interrupted Mike, grabbing the wig from her hand, “That thing is not for you. You�re not going to hide one of your best features with that hair ball. You�re going to have to get used to baring your new look in public.” Dana pleaded, “but Mike, I’d be way too embarrassed, to walk around with a bald head in public.” Mike made her face her reflection in the mirror, and said, “What people see in you is what you project. If you believe in yourself, and have confidence, that is the vibe that people will pick up. The stronger you emanate that vibe, the more people will notice who you really are, an incredibly beautiful woman. I think this new change, although not intentional, might bring you to a whole new level, Dana.” Dana looked at herself long and hard. buoyed by Mike’s words she studied her image. She started repeating to herself silently, “I am beautiful”. A new sense of her own inner being started to leap up in her heart. She felt confident to go out and face the world, like she had never done before. It was like Mike said, this change had pushed her to the edge. Having been stripped of her social crutch, she was standing alone, and naked. There was nothing to hide behind, her self-confidence had to either sink or swim. Dana got up, turned to Mike, and in a direct and positive manner said, “OK Cowboy, let’s go.” They got into Mike’s car, drove over to the restaurant and parked the car. Mike got out and opened the car door for Dana, who grabbed his hand and got out. The two then walked into the restaurant hand and hand.

As they entered the restaurant Dana experienced a slight bit of nervousness mingled with excitement. It was almost like a game. She continued to project her self-confidence, even though people were looking at her, it didn’t bother her state. If she caught someone staring she simply turned and gave them a slight but confident smile. They either smiled back, or turned away with an embarrassed look. There was going to be a twenty minute wait to be seated, so Dana and Mike went into the lounge to wait. They sat down at a table, and Mike went up to the bar to bring them back something to drink. While she was alone, Dana thought it would be fun to scan the room, and see how people were experiencing her smooth look. First she noticed two gentlemen in a corner table looking her way, she subtly moved her head giving them a chance to catch the artistic angles of her lovely head. A slight hint of a smile there way, brought an instant response. A women with her husband was shooting daggers her way, it’s funny how many women are totally un-nerved by a self- confident woman. A man sitting alone three tables away seemed to have been sent into dream land by the sight of the lovely smooth headed Dana. Mike returned to the table with about three extra drinks, and said jokingly, “I see you’ve been flirting with the patrons again, can’t take you anywhere, can I.” The drinks were from men that had been in the lounge, and most had left little notes with the bartender, to the effect, “If your boyfriend doesn’t treat you right, I will.” and leaving a phone number. Mike remarked, “I guess, I created a Frankenstein, insisting that you go out in public.” Dana replied, “Don’t worry dear, the monster still loves you.” They were seated for dinner and enjoyed a lovely meal. Near the end Dana went to the ladies room to freshen up. While there another women came and started talking to her. “Well dear, you look gorgeous without hair, I wish I had your poise and self-confidence. I’d shave off this mane in a minute.” Dana replied, “Do it, afterwards you’ll develop it by shear necessity!” They both laughed. On the way home in the car Dana snuggled up to Mike and said, “Thanks for getting me out tonight, it was an incredible experience.” “Dana, you are an incredible experience!” Mike replied softly. Mike dropped Dana off at her apartment and left. Dana went upstairs, and went to sleep.

The alarm clock’s irreverent sound woke Dana from the midst of another nightmare. It was obvious that her subconscious was trying to communicate to her about her lost time. She awoke and rubbed her head, no surprise waking up bald this morning, it was expected. She entered the bathroom and switched on the light. “Good Morning, you sexy bald headed woman, you.” She joked as she looked in the mirror. She showered and started dressing for work. She looked at the clock and thought, “Without having to do the hair thing, I can even eat breakfast at home.” Finally she left the apartment and drove to work sans anything covering her scalp. She worked at a small office, and she did not deal with the public directly, and thus figured her boss wouldn’t mind her hairless style.

Dana walked into the office and greeted Betty the receptionist. “Good Morning Betty.” she chimed. Betty’s mouth dropped a foot and she said, “Dana, you’ve lost all your hair!” “I know dear, It’s a long story and I tell everyone at break time, see you later.” Dana quickly replied. She went to her cubicle and sat down, and turned on her computer. A few minutes later her best friend Eve came over to visit. “Wow Dana, drastic hair change. Looks way cool on you though.” Eve remarked. Dana replied, “How it happened I can’t tell you, it’s a mystery, but I ‘m starting to really get into it.”. Eve asked, “What does Mike think about it.” Dana then went into girl talk mode, and she went over the previous evenings love making and dinner date with Mike. Eve quipped, “If I could have that experience I’d be cutting my hair off as we speak!” Dana’s boss Ed, was the next to visit her cubicle. “Hi Dana, now I understand why you had to take a personal day off.” Dana explained the whole bizarre experience to him. He shook his head and said, “I hope you get to the bottom of this, keep me informed. By the way there is no problem with you coming to work, with your bald head either.” At break time Dana filled in the story, as she knew it to her friends, it was sort of a mini-press conference. By the end of the day Dana’s new look was totally accepted by the others in the office.

Dana left work and went home for dinner. She had to be at Dr. Fox’s office at 7:00PM. After dinner she drove over to the University to keep her appointment. She entered Dr. Fox’s office and found the Doctor working on some papers at his desk. “Oh hello, you must be Dana Baxter.” Dr. Fox exclaimed. “I guess not too many other bald headed girls are scheduled for this evening, are there?” quipped Dana. “I see that you are adjusting well to your new look.” Dr. Fox noticed. “Yes that’s true. I’ve found out a lot about myself since yesterday morning, in all I can say it’s been a positive experience.” “Good to hear .” replied the Doctor. “I think we should start on the session right away, please step into the other room.” Dana entered the small cozy room which contained two chairs. A large soft recliner and a comfortable office chair. The Doctor invited Dana to get comfortable in the large chair, and he sat down with a pad in the other. On a small table, next to Dr. Fox, was a tape recorder. Dr. Fox then explained the details of the session, and reassured her that there was nothing to worry about, that he could bring her back at anytime if needed. Dr. Fox asked, “Any Questions Dana?” “No, I’m ready when you are Doc.” Dana replied.

Dr. Fox began, “Now Dana, I want you to relax your whole body in the chair. I want you visualize removing all tension from each part of the body. Starting with your toes and going up to your head relax everything slowly and carefully. Now Dana, your body should be very relaxed. I want you now to imagine a golden sphere totally surrounding your body on all sides and on the top and bottom. This is a protective field that will keep you safe. Now Dana, we are going to relax even more. You feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the chair. Your body is getting heavier and heavier. You’re starting to feel sleepy. Dana, I want you to start to count backwards form one hundred, and all the time you will be falling deeper and deeper” Dana starts “100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95” at ninety she stops. Dr. Fox turns on the tape recorder and said, “Dana can you hear me.” “Yes.” replied Dana’s sub-conscious. Dr. Fox continued, “Good. Now Dana you are going to go back to the night before your memory block. I want you to describe to me all the events that took place, no matter how strange or frightening. Remember that you are completely safe, nothing can harm you.” Dana begins to unfold her tale, “I’m driving down route 70 west. I have just left Roswell and there is not another car on the road. I see a light in my rearview mirror, and I think good another car. This light starts to get closer, and I realize that it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s a huge saucer shaped object, with lights surrounding, bright lights. I step on the accelerator, but it’s no use this thing is approaching me at an incredible rate of speed. It’s on top of me! No, No, No, it’s lifting the car off the ground! What’s happening!” Dr. Fox interrupts, “You’re fine Dana, just relax, nothing can harm you.” Dana calms down and continues, “I’m inside the ship now and surrounded by little creatures about three foot high. They have pale gray skin and large eyes and no hair at all on their bodies. They lead me out of my car and into a white room with all sorts of strange equipment. They sit me down in a chair, kind of a futuristic barber chair. I can’t seem to resist doing what they making me do. I am in no pain, but my body feels paralyzed. They tilt the chair back so they can reach me. The front wall, all of a sudden, becomes a giant TV screen, and it is showing multiple views of my head from all angles. One of the aliens has a strange device in his hand. It’s about the size of an electric shaver, the end is pulsating with an alternating red and green light. The being takes the device and brings it close to my head on the right side by the temple. As it approaches I can feel a slight warming sensation on my scalp. I can see on the TV screen exactly what is going on. He removes the device and the lock of my hair where he held the device falls to the floor. All that is left is a smooth white patch of skin. Oh no! They are going to shave my head, I’m going to be bald!” Dana is reliving her initial panic. Dr. Fox works to calm her down and work though the trauma. Finally Dr. Fox is able to calm down her down, and she continues, “The alien brings back the device again to a spot a little farther back, only this time the alien slowly moves it toward my right ear, following a path with my hair line. As the strange device continues to move my hair continues to drop in its wake, finally the alien stops at the back of my neck. I can see a naked strip running down the right side of my head. The alien then goes back to the front and picks up where he left off. In a short period of time, more white scalp is showing. As I look at the skin there is no stubble or anything just smooth shiny scalp. In a short time, I’m looking at myself and seeing half my head naked and bald. I can see the shape of my head from all sides, thanks to their TV screen. More and more of my hair is now on the floor and their is only a patch of hair remaining on my left side. The alien then methodically removes it, as was done with the rest. Finally they are finished. I can see my head from back, sides, and top. I am totally hairless. Bald as a cue ball. The alien is now vacuuming up my fallen hair, that is being sucked into a specimen bottle and that is later taken away. The chair is raised up, and I’m released. they lead me back to my car. The car is levitated down and I’m back on a deserted section of route 70, and I continue to drive home. I arrive home in the middle of the night, there is no one in the parking lot. I park the car, go inside, get undressed, and go to bed.”

Dr. Fox switches off the tape recorder and rewinds the tape. Slowly he brings Dana back to consciousness. When she awakes she says, “OK, Doc I’m ready lets get started.” Dr. Fox replies,” It’s done and I think we’ve solved the mystery. Dana, have you heard of UFO abductions? I have treated a number of such cases so far, but yours is pretty strange.” “Are you trying to tell me that my head was shaved by aliens, Doc.” Dana questioned in doubt. “Well hear for yourself Dana.” Dr. Fox said, as her turned on the tape recorder. Dana listened to her own voice spin out her incredible tale. She found it hard to believe that she was actually telling it herself. When it was finally done she said in an awe struck tone, “Well Doc, if I hadn’t heard it myself I would not have believed it! I thought that stuff like that only happened on those crazy TV shows.” Dr. Fox then instructed her, “You seem to have worked out most of the trauma in this session, but it will be good to come back for a few follow-up sessions to make sure you�re all right.” Dana thanked the Doctor and drove home.

She arrived in the parking lot to find Mike waiting for her. “Well Dana, what did you find out? Let’s see now, you were abducted by aliens and they shaved your head, right.” Mike asked in a joking manner. “Yes, how did you know?” replied Dana. “You’re kidding right?” Mike asked. “I’m dead serious, Mike. I heard myself describe the whole thing on tape, it was weird.” Dana replied. Mike then getting serious said, “Well you’ve heard it before, but you never think that it would happen to someone you know.” The couple then went silently upstairs to Dana’s apartment.

Upstairs the two of them forgot about the strange affair, and things quickly started to wax romantic. They ended up taking a shower together. After they got out Mike was drying off Dana’s head when he exclaimed, “Guess what Dana, you’re growing hair up here again.” Dana brought her fingers up to her scalp, and sure enough she could feel the roughness of stubble. “Well girl, I guess you have a decision to make. Let it grow or shave it off.” Mike asked. Dana thought for a moment and opened the medicine chest. She pulled out a can of shaving gel and a disposable razor, and holding them up said, in a low sexy voice, “OK Cowboy, shave me.”



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