Mindy’s Haircut

Mindy's Haircut

Mindy’s Haircut – Shaveman

“Hah!” Mindy yelled in sadistic pleasure as Kimberly tripped and fell face down in the mud. Mindy always looked forward to the moments when that ‘sweet little girl’ that everyone liked so much would be humiliated. Kimberly was seventeen and a bit retarded, but a very likeable child that the whole town of Mapleville loved. Mindy, an eighteen year-old beauty, was a cruel bitch that nonetheless was very popular with the kids of the town. Through her life, she had relied on her looks and cute face to get out of trouble, so she never really felt what it was like to be punished or mocked. Unlike Kimberly, who all her life had been the centre of ridicule from all the kids at school. But Mindy was the worst. At every occasion, she made a fool of poor Kimberly, making the whole schoolground laugh at the disadvantaged girl.

“You dumb, dumb, stupid girl!” Mindy called out. Kimberly got up with her face and clothes covered in mud.

“What kind of idiot trips like that? You are soooo stupid, you inane retard!” Mindy laughed. So did some other kids. Kimberly ran away crying.

That day, Mindy was on her way to the hairdressers for her special appointment. The town’s big annual parade through Main Street was tomorrow and since she was Miss Mapleville of 2000, she would be on top of the throne on the first float, where everyone could marvel at her beauty. She had well-shaped round breasts and a nice lean figure. But her most prized asset was her full, long blonde hair. Ever since kindergarten it hadn’t been cut, only slightly trimmed. So it was very long, almost reaching her fine, round butt. Today she would get treated to a nice conditioner and some curls at the ends.

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It wasn’t very late, but it was just the beginning of spring, so the sun was almost down. Mindy hadn’t been very happy with the hairdresser’s, because she was the last to get an appointment in that day. But then the girl with whom she had made the appointment, said that for the ‘special’ treatment she was going to get, they would need some time and privacy…

She walked into the hair salon with a very arrogant air about herself. “This isn’t going to take too long, is it?” she snorted.

“No, no… as long as it takes. No longer,” said the smiling girl with the shoulder-long curled red hair. There was something about her that seemed familiar to Mindy, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it. “But who cares anyway?” she thought, “this is just some dumb insignificant country-hick working in a hairdressers.”

“Take a seat,” said the girl. Mindy sat down in the barber’s chair and the girl put the cloak around her. Then she walked toward the window and let the shades down. As she was combing Mindy’s shiny hair, she tried making some friendly small talk.

“Oh, shut up and just get on with it!” Mindy said.

The girl kept quiet. Then she stepped out to the next room. “Just going to get some more uh… things.” She had a mysterious glimmer in her eyes.

“Okay… whatever!” Mindy sighed.

She came back in with a leather belt. “What’s that for?” Mindy asked suspiciously.

“For this!” the girl said and roughly strapped the belt around Mindy’s neck, keeping her head tied to the back of the chair.

“Hey! What the hell?” Mindy cried out. “What do you think you’re doing? Who are you?”

“Don’t you know me? Oh, let me introduce myself: I’m Sara. Kimberly’s sister…” she said with an evil grin. Mindy panicked. “And as for what I’m doing? I’m giving you something to think about: a very special haircut! It’s coming all off, girly…”

“WHAT?” Mindy screamed. As if she had expected that, Sara took a piece of tape and forcedly closed that loud mouth. Mindy saw in the mirror in front of her how Sara took a pair of big scissors and started clipping off long strands of her beautiful, long blonde hair. She tried to scream, but all that came out was some muffled air out of her nose. She was totally freaking out, but couldn’t go anywhere. She couldn’t even move her head, as she was strapped tightly to the chair. Despairingly, she saw thick bunches of her hair falling in her lap and on the floor. After a lot of random cutting, Mindy’s hair was reduced to an awful looking bob.

Sara stopped there. She got some rope, seeing that Mindy was kicking her feet furiously. “Now you’ll sit still!” she said, tying the girl’s legs down. Being on her knees, she got an idea. She unzipped Mindy’s pants and tore them down, together with her panties. Then she took the clippers and in one zoom shaved Mindy’s pubic bush off. She returned to a now sobbing Mindy and smiled in her face. Then she went back to Mindy’s head and started with a long run down the middle of Mindy’s head to shave the rest of her hair off.

After all of Mindy’s once beautiful locks had become floor-cover, all that was left on the crying girl’s head was a short grey stubble. Sara touched the scalp, let her hands run over it. “Not quite the whole deal, huh?” she said. “Let’s finish this…”

She lathered Mindy’s shorn dome and opened a drawer for a disposable razor. Mindy shrieked unheard through the piece of tape. With a few strokes from Sara’s razor all the soapy lather was gone and so was the little rest of Mindy’s hair.

“My… look at that!” Sara said, holding Mindy’s face up to the mirror. “Aren’t you a pretty little baldie?” She rubbed some oil over Mindy’s completely bald scalp and then untied the still sobbing girl.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson, my bald little eggy…” Sara laughed. “Well, at least I expect that your ‘friends’ will give you a piece of your own wicked medicine. And don’t ever mess with Kimberly again!”

Mindy said nothing and left the place, ashamed and humiliated. She touched her cold bald head several times and started crying again. What she didn’t know yet was that Sara had used a special oil to treat her head, one that worked as a hair-remover as well. It would be quite some time, months even, until the arrogant girl’s hair would start growing again.

The next day, the day of the parade, Mindy didn’t show up. It was unanimously decided that Kimberly, being so well loved, would lead the parade in the Miss Mapleville throne. She was happy as could be and waved at everyone from her high-up, admirable position. Among the cheering crowd, Sara stood smiling happily…

The End.


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