Military Mike

Military Mike

Military Mike – Mr. D

It was time for Jenny to get her hair cut again. Jenny enjoyed going to the salon to get her hair cut. She would go every 2 months or so for a trim. Jenny was thinking of trying something a little shorter this time, so she picked up the phone and made an appointment with Val. Val had been cutting Jenny’s hair for many years. She trusted Val with her hair. In fact, Jenny could not recall any other stylist having ever cut her hair. Val had room to squeeze Jenny in as her very last appointment the next day. Jenny agreed to the time and told Val that she wanted to try something a little bit shorter but not too short. Val said that she had some ideas and would go over them with Jenny when she arrived at the salon the next day.

The next day, Jenny entered the salon and checked in at the front desk. “I’m sorry,” said the receptionist, “I guess I forgot to call you. Val couldn’t make it to work today. We tried to reschedule her appointments to other days or with other stylists.” Jenny was disappointed to hear this. She had been looking forward to her upcoming new style. “If you don’t mind, I might be able to schedule you in with another stylist right now?” said the receptionist. Jenny was all pumped up into getting her hair cut, so without hesitation, she agreed to the offer.

Jenny sat down in the waiting room. She wondered which stylist she was going to end up with. There were three other ladies working in the shop that day. Jenny recognized all three. She kind of knew them all from brief conversations with them over the years as Val was cutting her hair. Jenny didn’t mind letting one of them cut her hair today. In fact, it was kind of exciting thinking about letting someone new cut her hair. She didn’t have to get her hair cut short this time. Just a regular trim from her new stylist would suffice.

Jenny had her head down reading a magazine in the waiting area. “Come with me Jenny!” The voice came from a man. Jenny looked up. He stood about six feet tall and was very physically fit. He was wearing black dress shoes, black dress pants, and a fashionable white short-sleeved shirt. His clothes clung tightly to his muscular body. His hair was very short. It was shaved to the skin up the back and around the ears. There was about an eighth of an inch of dark hair standing straight up on the top of his head. Jenny was in awe. “My name is Mike, and I’ll be cutting your hair today.”

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At first, Jenny was reluctant. She had never thought of letting a man cut her hair before. After thinking about it for a second though, Jenny became somewhat aroused. It might be somewhat exciting to have a man cut her hair. Jenny got up and followed Mike. Mike led her through a side door in the salon. It led through the staff and storage room of the salon. Jenny was unsure where Mike was leading her but she followed anyway. After walking down a short hallway, Mike opened a door which led into another room – in fact it was another shop on the other side of the building. It was a barbershop!

Jenny stopped in her tracks. She had fantasized about having her hair cut in a barbershop, but never thought she would actually do it in reality. Jenny wasn’t sure what to do. “Don’t worry Jenny, I’ve cut women’s hair before. Being that Val is a friend of mine, I thought it was my duty to help her out since she is away today.” The thought of having her hair cut in a barbershop did intrigue Jenny. Mike seemed like a nice guy, and if he was a friend of Val’s then Jenny felt she could trust him. Maybe he would use the electric clippers to trim the hair on her neck line? The thought of that alone excited Jenny. She had never experienced the clippers before but always wondered what they would feel like pressed against her neck. “Just hop in the big chair, and I’ll take real good care of you,” said Mike. Jenny bravely walked up to the somewhat intimidating old fashion barber chair and took her seat.

The chair was very comfortable, so comfortable in fact that Jenny felt herself sink into the soft leather as if the chair was wrapping itself around her. The anxiety that Jenny had briefly built up was slowly dissipating. Mike put a barber tissue around Jenny’s neck. He then snapped out the silky pearl white nylon barber cape and wrapped it around Jenny. Mike fastened the cape with the tissue. The cape felt very tight around Jenny’s neck, but not so tight as to choke her. Jenny caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. She looked very vulnerable with her shoulder-length blonde hair contrasting against the purity of the white cape which covered most of her body.

Mike walked over to the door and locked it. “You will be my last customer today,” said Mike. He then walked back behind the chair and started to comb out Jenny’s hair. His strokes were very firm, yet he never pulled or tugged the hair from Jenny’s scalp. Jenny became more relaxed. She had time to look around the shop. Mike and she were the only ones in the shop. It was a traditional old-fashioned barbershop with its own entrance to a side street. Jenny noticed many pictures and photos around the shop. Some of the pictures were of models while others were of customers of the shop. Something caught Jenny’s attention though – all of the pictures had guys with the same haircut – shaved on the back and sides with a little hair left on top!

Mike had stopped combing Jenny’s hair. A shot of adrenaline rushed through Jenny’s body as a thought flashed through her mind. She remembered guys at work talk about a barber who only gave one type of haircut. An unsuspecting guy would leave work one afternoon as an innocent boyish looking fellow with a full head of hair only to return the next morning looking like a new recruit for boot camp. Was she about to fall prey to – MILITARY MIKE? Jenny heard a “POP!” from behind her. The hypnotic hum of electric clippers broke the serene silence in the shop! Jenny quickly tried to read the barbershop name on the entrance door. It said “MILITARY MIKE’S BARBERSHOP”.

Every muscle in Jenny’s body froze. She tried to speak, but could not utter a word. She thought of running, but her body was locked in a state of shock. What seemed like an eternity was only a split second. Mike placed his left hand on top of Jenny’s head. He forcefully pushed her chin to her chest. Jenny then felt the cool steel blade of the clippers press against the back of her neck. The vibration sent a nerve numbing chill up her spine. She could only hope that Mike would spare her from being one of his new recruits. Jenny closed her eyes. The clippers were firmly pushed straight up the back of her neck, through her hairline, and proceeded to the crown of her head. A swath of hair fell to the floor. Jenny still couldn’t move – she was in a trance!

Jenny feared the worse. The first strip of hair that Mike removed from Jenny’s head left her with a No.1 (1/8th inch) length. It was too late now. All Jenny could do was let Mike proceed. Jenny was unsure of what she was feeling inside. On one hand she was terrified of what was happening, while on the other hand she was becoming more and more excited with every pass of the clippers. This was the biggest “turn-on” that she had ever experienced!

Mike finished removing the hair from the back of Jenny’s head. Jenny’s head felt very light. She also felt a cool breeze blow across her exposed scalp. Jenny could see the first stage of the cut in a mirror. The back of her head almost looked like stubble. She could see her white skin shine through what hair she had left. A shock wave rumbled through Jenny’s body – was it fear or was it ecstasy? Mike then ran the clippers from the nape of Jenny’s neck and around her ear. A large clump of hair fell to her shoulder, then down the front of the cape. He then pressed the clippers firmly against her cheek and ran the clippers slowly up her temple… higher… and higher… Jenny thought the clippers would never pull away. Mike then did the same thing to the other side of Jenny’s head.

Mike didn’t waste any time tackling the hair that remained on top of Jenny’s head. He stood directly behind Jenny. He put his left hand under Jenny’s chin and tilted her head back. Without changing the length of the clipper blade, Mike firmly pressed the clippers against the middle of Jenny’s forehead and slowly drove the clippers straight over top of her head until the clippers reached the shaved part of the back of her head. Jenny almost fainted. Mike continued to mow the once beautiful blonde tresses of Jenny until her entire head was reduced to 1/8 inch stubble. Jenny could not believe that it was actually her that she saw in the mirror. She was hoping it was a dream, but it wasn’t.

Mike then made an adjustment to the clippers. Jenny once again felt Mike forcefully push her head to her chest. Now what was he doing? How much shorter could he go? Jenny felt the clippers press against her neck again. Another shock wave rippled through Jenny’s body. As the clippers moved up her neck, Jenny could hear and feel hair stubble being removed. Mike was taking her to the bare skin! The clippers slowly kept moving up and up. Was he going to stop? Part of Jenny wanted to beg Mike to stop while another part of her wanted him to keep going. Mike pulled away when he reached the crown of Jenny’s head. He then made the next pass… and another after that, and another until Jenny was left with a small patch of hair 1/8th inch in length right on the crown of her head. She looked like GI Jane and every other customer that had been engulfed by Military Mike’s spell.

Mike undid the cape and tissue around Jenny’s neck. Jenny thought the cut was done, but Mike caught her by surprise. He snapped the cape out to clear away the pile of hair that had accumulated on Jenny’s lap, then refastened the cape around Jenny’s neck. Jenny heard a blender like sound from behind her. Mike generously applied some warm cream to her freshly buzzed skin. The warmth of the cream felt soothing to Jenny. She thought it was some sort of moisturizer. Without warning, Mike placed a straight razor above Jenny’s ear and with care but firmness, stroked the razor around the ear down to the nape of her neck. He then worked his way up the neck and around to the other ear. Jenny felt the blade expose her skin upon every stroke. She felt more naked with every swipe of the blade. Mike then used a towel to remove any excess cream after the shave. Jenny’s ultimate fantasy had come true, but she now knew the cut was complete. Jenny did not want to leave. She wished Mike would keep cutting and shaving her hair. She wanted nothing more than to submit to his forceful hands. She wanted to be completely shaved bald – or did she?

Just then there was a knock at the hallway door. Mike walked over and opened the door. It was Val! Even though Jenny had already been sheared, she felt somewhat relieved to see a friendly face. “So I see you did the usual cut,” Val said to Mike. Jenny couldn’t believe that Val wasn’t at all surprised. “Well I would have tried something different, but I didn’t have a whole lot of time today. I’m late for a get-together with a friend. Do you mind closing up for me Val?” Val didn’t even have time to reply before Mike was out the door.

Val walked over behind Jenny and started massaging her temples. The warmth and feminine touch of Val’s fingers helped ease Jenny’s anxiety. Jenny closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensual rubdown of her scalp. “You poor thing,” said Val, “that Mike never properly finishes a good buzz cut the way it should be done!” Val grabbed for something off the counter. Jenny heard a “CLICK”, followed by a high pitched buzzing noise. Jenny’s body once again froze. She opened her eyes to see Val reach for her remaining patch of hair with a set of mini-clippers. “If you have gone this far, then you might as well go all the way!” exclaimed Val. Val pressed the clippers against Jenny’s forehead and slowly but ever so surely ran them through the remaining stubble on Jenny’s head. The vibrations from the mini-clippers shook Jenny’s body from head to toe. She had never felt so excited before in her life. Jenny looked in the mirror and watched in amazement as a bald strip appeared straight down the middle of her head. She couldn’t believe that Val, the stylist she trusted, could actually do this to her. Jenny felt like crying, but from deep down, her true feelings were surfacing – being bald was what she REALLY REALLY wanted!

It only took a couple of more passes and Val had buzzed Jenny’s stubble down to the skin. All Jenny could do was stare at herself in the mirror. She was definitely a new woman. Jenny once again heard the now familiar sound of the shaving cream dispenser. Val applied the cream to the crown of Jenny’s head. Instead of a straight razor, Val used a Mach 3 to remove the final micro-growths of hair left on Jenny’s scalp. With each stroke that Val made with the razor, Jenny felt closer to ecstasy! Just as Jenny was enjoying being shaved, she sensed that Val was enjoying doing the shaving. When Val made the final stroke, Jenny felt a shock wave rumble through her body like she never had felt before! Jenny was in heaven!

Val removed the cape and tissue from Jenny. She was now free to go. Jenny slowly got up from the grasp of the barber chair. Her knees were weak. She was slowly coming to the realization of what had happened. It was the “Ultimate of Haircut Fantasies” and Jenny had lived it! She felt more alive than ever before!


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