“Come on, Kelli, we’ll be late!” Ashley exclaimed as she waited for her friend.

“Coming,” Kelli called out as she finished brushing her long blonde hair and gave her make up a final inspection, then twirled left and right in front of the full-length mirror, making sure her black sequinned dress hung just right on her taut young body. She had to admit it; she looked good tonight. She stepped into her black high heels and strolled from the bedroom to join Ashley.

“Wow,” Ashley gasped. “you look scrumptious.”

“Stop fishing for compliments,” Kelli admonished with a pleased smile. “You know you look great too.”

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“Yeah, we’re both marvelous. AND we’ll be marvelously late if we don’t move our asses. This is the last night Melissa will be in town, you know.”

In the car on the way to the show, Kelli wondered how she had been talked into this—some lame hypnotist forcing people to make fools of themselves, what fun was that? But Ashley’s enthusiasm to see Melissa had been infectious; Kelli found herself not dreading the evening.

They found parking right in front of the night club (a very nice place called The Magic Spot) and made their way inside. Ashley had apparently arranged for them to have a table right up in front; Kelli was glad she’d taken the time to doll herself up, since she’d be in plain sight of everyone in the place. The girls ordered their drinks just as the house lights dimmed and the show began.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, The Magic Spot is proud to present Melissa the Mesmerizer, hypnotist extraordinaire and mistress of the mind!” Applause erupted as the curtain opened and Melissa strode onto the stage.

She was resplendant, larger than life. About five feet ten inches tall, she wore a body-hugging deep blue gown ornamented with large golden stars. Her hair was huge, a teased auburn mass that hung to the middle of her back. She smiled at the audience as she introduced herself. “Good evening, one and all. I am Melissa the Mesmerizer, and you are all under my power!” She paused. “At least, you will be shortly.” She was looking right at Kelli when she said this last. Kelli shifted uncomfortably in her chair. “Let’s begin, shall we?”

Melissa began to pull members from the audience and made them do foolish things. She made one man forget the number seven, she made an obese woman act like Madonna on stage, gyrating sexily to non-existent music—Kelli found these antics amusing and found herself enjoying the show immensely. Until the finale.

“We have time for one more victim,” Melissa announced. Her eyes lasered in on Kelli. “How about this gorgeous young lady here?”

Kelli was stunned and embarrassed; turning beet red, she smiled uneasily and shook her head, No.

“Oh, come on!” Melissa begged. “Let’s give her a little encouragement, shall we, folks?”

The audience applauded and whistled, and Kelli decided to relax to the inevitable. She rose to her feet and joined the hypnotist on the stage.

“What’s your name, dear?” Melissa asked.

“Kelli,” she answered nervously.

“Well, just relax, Kelli, it’ll all be over soon.”

What an odd thing to say, Kelli thought, as Melissa led her to center stage and the chair she’d used on her other subjects. She took out the same shiny pen she’d used on the others and after Kelli had seated herself began the process. “Aren’t you sleepy, dear? I know I can hardly keep my eyes open. Isn’t my pen shiny? See how it reflects the light…” Kelli began to miss words as her eyelids drooped. Within one minute she was entranced.

“Now, Kelli, when I count to three you will awaken feeling great and energized; but when you speak all you’ll be able to say is, “Peep”. You’ll think you’re talking in rational sentences, but all you’ll be able to say is “Peep”. Do you understand?” Kelli nodded. “Good. One, Two, Three!”

Kelli woke up, squinting into the bright stage lights, feeling remarkably at peace and light-hearted. “How do you feel, my dear?” Melissa enquired.

“Peep peep peep peep peep-peep peep,” Kelli chirped as the audience, Ashley included, burst into laughter.

Melissa continued the banter a while longer as Kelli grew increasingly puzzled by the audience’s amused response. Finally Melissa said, “Well, let’s take her off the hook, folks.” She put her hand on Kelli’s forehead and intoned, “Sleep”; and Kelli instantly returned to her trance state.

“Well, maybe one more thing,” Melissa said to the audience with a large wink. She turned her back to the crowd. This was the moment of truth. Melissa whispered in Kelli’s ear. “Kelli, I have two more commands for you. First, when I say the words, ‘Kelli, now!’ you are to turn towards me and moon the audience. Second and most important, you are to return to this theater at two a.m. and get into the silver Volvo you’ll find parked in front and await further instructions. Nod if you understand, you husband-stealing bitch.” Kelli nodded her assent. “Good. Now, One Two Three!” Kelli once again came to.

“Thank you, my dear. Give her a big hand, folks!”

The audience clapped as Kelli began to descend from the stage. Melissa shouted, “Kelli, NOW!” and Kelli was shocked to find herself wheeling back around and pulling up her dress, showing the audience her pink panties! The audience went nuts as Kelli mooned them, then shamefacedly she returned to her seat. Melissa ended her show, and the theater slowly emptied.

“Well, aside from the strip show, Kelli, how did you enjoy yourself tonight?” Ashley asked. Kelli agreed that she’d had a generally good time. Ashley drove them home.

Kelli had a hard time sleeping that night. She’d left something undone, but she’d forgotten what. She turned on the late late show and waited for sleep to overtake her. At two o’clock exactly she rose, dressed as she had to go to the show, slipped out of her apartment and into her car and drove to the theater. The silver Volvo was, as promised, parked in front. She got in the passenger side and waited.

She didn’t have to wait long.

The driver’s side door opened and Melissa got in behind the wheel. Kelli sat looking straight ahead, helpless, unable to move or speak, yet fully aware of her surroundings.

“Good morning, my dear,” Melissa purred. “I won’t ask you if you’re ready, because I know you can’t possibly be ready for what’s about to happen to you.” She laughed evilly. “Step out of the car.”

Kelli opened her door and did so. Melissa joined her on the deserted street. “Now, strip,” Melissa commanded.

This time Kelli hesitated. “Ah, I see we’ve finally found your point of resistance. As you may know, it’s not possible to command a hypnotized subject to do something against her strongly-held principles, and apparently public nudity is one of your taboos. We’ll fix that.” Melissa ducked into the car and returned with a syringe. “Push up your sleeve.” As Kelli did so, Melissa injected her. “A word of explanation is perhaps in order. I’ve just injected you with a new psychotropic drug developed by my sister, a medical researcher. This drug will effectively erase your will, rendering you completely defenseless against hypnotic suggestion. Now, strip!”

Kelli removed all her clothing and stood naked in the street. Melissa gathered up Kelli’s beautiful clothes and stuffed them in a sewer. She stood over Kelli imperiously. “And now I shall rename you. Kelli is far too pretty a name for a husband-stealing whore like you; from now on, your name is ‘Slut’. You’ll only answer to that name from now on. Do you understand?” Kelli nodded vacantly. “Who are you?” Melissa barked.

“I am Slut,” Kelli answered woodenly.

“Good, now get your bare ass in the car, we’ve got places to go.”

Melissa drove for about twenty minutes until they pulled up in front of this nice house in the suburbs. A sign out front proclaimed it the residence and office of Doctor JoAnne Harding, M.D.

“Get out,” Melissa commanded sternly. Kelli let herself be led up the walk and into the house.

“Sis? We’re here!” Melissa announced A very handsome woman entered the living room from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a dish towel. Her hair was the same hue as Melissa’s, and the facial resemblance was easy to note; but her beauty was classical and sophisticated, whereas Melissa’s was more flamboyant. “Is this the victim?” JoAnne asked. “Yep. What do you think?”

“I’ll know more after the examination,” JoAnne said, “but from here it looks like we have our work cut out for us.”

What’s her name?” the Doctor asked.

Melissa smiled. “Ask her yourself.”

JoAnne turned to Kelli. “What’s your name?”

“I am Slut”, Kelli replied. JoAnne cast a wry look at her sister. “Someone’s been playing in my medicine cabinet again, I see. Well, let’s get her downstairs and get to work on her.”

“Downstairs” turned out to be a fully-equipped lab. Kelli’s heart leapt in fear inside her mesmerized body. Every ounce of her being wanted to turn and flee, but she was forced to stand helpless, feeling her nipples harden in the cool basement air. The other two women began preparations. Suddenly the door burst open and a madwoman rushed in. At least she looked like a madwoman to Kelli. She had a flaming red crew cut, pierced ears, nose, and belly, and was dressed basically in leather, spandex, and chains.

“Am I too late? Have you started yet?” she asked JoAnne and Melissa.

“No, as usual, Drew, you’re right on time,” the Doctor replied archly.

Preparations finished, Melissa, JoAnne and their sister Drew faced Kelli. Melissa began. “You know me already, Slut. I’m Melissa….Peter’s wife. You remember Peter? The man you STOLE from me?” Kelli’s mind screamed; she didn’t know any Peter. The trio had the wrong girl! But she could say nothing. “Allow me to introduce my sisters. This is Dr. JoAnne Harding, a plastic surgeon.” JoAnne bowed, mockingly. And this is my baby sister Drew. She’s…Well, let’s just say she has a Ph.D in Bizarre.

“HI!” Drew chirped.

“We’re here to take care of a little problem. We’re here to ensure that you don’t steal anyone else’s man, ever again.” Melissa leered at Kelli. “Call it a make-over. Soon the only thing you’ll be able to attract is pity. Stand straight!”

Kelli snapped to attention as Drew approached her with the measuring tape. “Height, five feet seven inches,” Drew sang out. “Weight approximately 120 pounds. Hair color blonde…naturally blonde, I might add,” Drew said with a sneer as she ran her fingers through Kelli’s abundant bush. “Oooooohhh, so soft! Come here and check this out!”

Dr. Harding stepped forward. “You’ll have to excuse our Drew; she’s a lesbian,” the doctor intoned. Nevertheless, she too began to stroke Kelli’s pussy fur; her eyes glazed over temporarily. Then she was in command again. “Finish up, Drew, we don’t have all night.”

“Arms straight out!” Melissa commanded; as Kelli complied, Drew took chest and waist and hip measurements and JoAnne dutifully recorded each one.

“Let’s get her on the table,” the doctor said.

“Come, Slut,” Melissa said taking Kelli by the arm and leading her to a medical table in the center of the room. “Lie down.”

Kelli spread out face up on the medical table, her legs together and her arms at her side. Her long soft blonde hair hung over the end of the table. Drew took the opportunity to stroke Kelli’s pussy some more; the others conferred.

“Let’s get busy,” Melissa said, “but first…” She leaned over Kelli so that her face was almost nose-to-nose with the unfortunate girl. “Slut, we’re going to fix you up now. When we’re done you’ll no longer be beautiful. I’m not sure yet just what you’ll look like, we still have some decisions to make; but one thing’s for sure: you’ll never steal another husband. Now, as we work on you you’ll feel everything we do, and feel it intensely; but you won’t move unless I command you to, and you won’t speak at all. But I want to see how you’re liking our efforts, so I give you back your face. I want to see the expression on your face, the look in your eyes, as we change you. Now!”

Immediately the vacant look on Kelli’s face disappeared, and the sheer horror of her situation filled her blue eyes. She strove mightily to speak, but to no avail. Soft laughter bubbled from Melissa’s lips. “Poor little tramp. Poor little abused whore. Well, no sense delaying any longer. Let’s start from the top.” She strode to the head of the medical table and pulled over a tray of instruments. “I told you we still had some decisions to make, but one was a no-brainer: you HAVE to lose this long soft enticing blonde hair.”

She picked up a brush from the tray and began, with long even strokes, to brush Kelli’s golden mane. She looked on the tray. “Now where are those scissors?”

“Forget ’em, sis,” Drew said. “I got something better.” Drew pulled out a switchblade and snapped it open. Melissa smiled. “You’re a regular girl scout.”

Melissa then brushed Kelli’s hair into a pony tail and fastened it as tightly as possible atop her head. Taking the knife from Drew, she wrapped her fist around the golden ponytail and pulled hard, enjoying the look of pain in Kelli’s eyes. She sawed the ponytail off, leaving Kelli’s hair looking chopped and ragged. “Awwww,” Melissa cooed as she stroked Kelli’s face with the hair. “Poor thing. Don’t worry, I only cut off…” She estimated the length. “About two years’ growth. Besides, it’s Drew you should be worrying about.”

Drew was approaching Kelli with a set of electric clippers. She snapped them on and showed them to Kelli. “See? They’re set at 0000. That’s as short as they go. Say good-bye, Blondie.” Drew began to shear Kelli in long even strokes. Golden hair rained to the floor until Kelli was completely bald. Then they shaved off her eyebrows.

“Well, Drew, since you were so fascinated with this slut’s pussy you can be shaving it while JoAnne and I continue with her face,” Melissa instructed.

“Yummy,” Drew purred. She snatched up the clippers, and a straight razor and shaving cream can and headed for Kelli’s snatch.

“Well, JoAnne, what’s next?”

“Her lips. Hand me the needle over there.” Melissa returned with a huge syringe. JoAnne addressed Kelli. “This is collagen. It’s used to give vain people like yourself full, lush lips. Your lips are already full and lush, so this treatment will make your lips ridiculous. They’ll be so big, as a matter of fact, that you should have trouble speaking properly.”

She leaned over Kelli and jabbed her in the upper lip. Kelli felt intense pain, but was unable to move. A single tear descended from her left eye, to be soaked up by the mattress. Kelli could feel her upper lip being pumped full. Glancing down as much as possible, she could see it expanding. Then a prick on her lower lip told her that her mouth was being made even.

“Pump extra into her lower lip,” Melissa said. “Let’s give her a pretty little pout.”

JoAnne shrugged, but complied.

Finally it was over. Kelli’s mouth burned; she wished she could see what they’d done to her.

As a final touch Melissa, holding Kelli’s newly bulbous lips open with her thumb and forefinger, coated her teeth with a staining solution using a small paintbrush. Kelli’s teeth lost their gleaming whiteness and were now a dull light-brown color.

“We decided to discolor your teeth rather than remove them or file them all into points,” Melissa explained, “because we’re not really set up for dentistry here. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us,” she said with an evil grin. Then she and JoAnne turned to watch Drew finish up with Kelli’s pussy.

Drew had used the clippers to shave Kelli’s pubic area to a fine down and was now lathering up Kelli’s sex lips. The straight razor made short work of Kelli’s cunt hair; Kelli’s pussy was now as bald as her head. Her pussy lips looked obscenely exposed.

“I must look like a little girl down there,” Kelli thought sadly.

Drew, too, was saddened by the change. She stroked Kelli’s shaved mons and said, “It was so soft and now it’s gone. Aw, well.”

Taking up a thick needle she pierced Kelli’s pussy lips one at a time, giving her no warning. If it were possible to break the hypnosis Kelli was under, the pain of that piercing would have done it. Drew finished by fastening large golden hoop earrings through each of the new holes.

“Now. Decision time,” JoAnne stated. “Her body. As I see it, we have two options: forced engorgement, or forced emaciation.”

“In English, please, JoAnne,” Melissa pleaded.

“We can either make her body hugely fat, or terribly slim. If we choose to engorge her I would inject her with a new chemical I invented which diverts all food intake to fat; and force-feed her for approximately one week until she weighed in the neighborhood of three hundred pounds.”

“WOW! Melissa exclaimed. “In one week!?!”

JoAnne smiled. “It’s a very intense force-feeding. She will do nothing for one week but digest food, which with the aid of my new chemical will be turned to fat.”

“And forced emaci…what you said?” Melissa asked.

“That’s the opposite. I would surgically remove both her breasts, making her as flat as a twelve-year-old boy; I would remove two of her ribs on each side to reduce her waist to about fourteen inches; and I would perform liposuction on thighs, ass, calves, cheeks…anywhere she’s rounder than she needs to be. So what’s it to be?”

“I don’t know. Let’s ask the victim herself.” She turned to Kelli, grinning wickedly.

“Slut? Do you want to be a fatty or a beanpole?”

Kelli, finally freed to speak, attempted to do so. “MaaaammmBBBB Lmmmmmmmm VVVVVVFFFFFUUUU!,” she wailed with her distorted mouth. The three sisters exploded into laughter.

“Be silent again, Slut,” Melissa commanded. “If you have nothing to contribute to the process, then just shut up.”

“I’ve got it,” Drew said. ” Let’s flip a coin. Heads, she’s a porker, and tails she’s a stick figure.”

“Great idea!” Melissa said, drawing a quarter from her pocket. “Here we go!” She flipped the coin; it landed, appropriately enough, on Kelli’s stomach….heads up. “Fat it is. Let’s get busy.”

Without further ado Kelli was taken off the table and tied spread eagle on a rack, her head held back by a leather strap across her forehead; a ring gag was fastened securely into her mouth; a thick tube with a sensor at the end was eased down her gulping throat, the ring gag preventing her from biting down on the tube; and she was once again injected, this time with Dr. Harding’s fat-producing formula. Melissa wheeled a large machine into Kelli’s view.

“This is it, Bitch. The coup de grace. No one will want you after this.”

Staring unwavering into Kelli’s eyes, Melissa reached over and flipped a switch on the large machine, which sprang to life and began pumping highly-caloric gruel into the tube and, ultimately, into Kelli’s stomach.

“The machine will cut off automatically when her stomach is full,” JoAnne explained.”Then, when the sensor at the end of the tube dries out, the machine will start up again and she’ll be pumped full. There’s enough high-fat goo in the machine to last at least a week. What say we head upstairs for a nightcap and check on her in a couple of days?”

“Suits me,” Drew said with a yawn.

They headed out the door. Melissa, still standing in front of the writhing Kelli, looked upon her with eyes that held more than a spark of insanity. “You deserve this. You deserve this, you whore.” And, smiling, she too turned and left the lab, dousing the light as she did so.

Kelli, all hope now gone, stood stretched out in the dark, her stomach rapidly filling to the bulging point as the machine pumped, and pumped, and pumped….

The End


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