Masquerade by Thoth

Freeman, J 20213, number is invalid.

Enter number again… the sooner you finish… the sooner you are relieved of further duties….

the computer scrolled, almost if it had compassion for Joe Freeman, head of the International Credit Surveillance Bureau.

Malden, K, 42811… correct, applicant cannot receive credit at this time… no other potential applicants… so long Joe, don’t forget to visit HoloPleasure… records show you now have installed a HPVC (Hologram Perpetuation Video Chip) into your home console… happy hunting.

Watch Hot & Sexy Female Head Shave Videos At

“Yeah, thank-you so much Mistress Credit Base Console,” Joe mumbled before logging off for the day.

Joe’s day at work couldn’t have been any slower. It wasn’t that he disliked his job but on his lunch break, he purchased a VCT (Visual Cone Transfer) that he couldn’t wait to try out. HoloPleasure had everything one could think of, sexual desires galore were the main reason for Joe’s frequenting the site. He especially liked EROTICUTS, a virtual-hair salon that offered more than cuts, perms and a shampoo. Stylists cut, fucked and sucked their clients in the chair, each sensation was conveniently felt by the user thanks to the Mask. This was a helmet that measured the level of brain activity occurring during any encounter within HoloPleasure. The scrape of a temptress’ red fingernails in for example, The Red Light Palace, another site on Holo, could be felt giving the user a sensation of actually being present which sometimes resulted in fun seekers teetering on the brink of what was real and fantasy. After dealing with heavy air traffic he landed his scarab-shaped vehicle and went into his unit. The console was beckoning him, he couldn’t wait for it to initialise. Finally he clicked to his site.

Welcome to EROTICUTS

The sign flashed before him in scintillations that changed from blue to red, to purple, yellow and a myriad of other colors. He reconnoitred the choices he had: conventional cuts, fantasy cuts and two curious newcomers to the site called Voyeur and Unmask. He scanned the site for a few minutes before a message popped up bearing some good news.

Welcome DuDeLuvs2Bcut, you have accumulated 95 credits, good for several cuts in one of many categories.

This meant he could go for many clipper rides in one evening, he decided to go slow and pick a conventional cut to start off the night. The computer prompted him to place the Mask on and choose the cut he desired. He chose to start off with a conventional cut.

Each conventional cut is worth 30 credits. This site promotes the sensation of a haircut or other salon activity where there is no sexual intimacy with any of the stylists on this site. Should sex be your specific desire you may wish to visit the fantasy section where cuts are 50 credits. NOTE: our new Voyeur and Unmask site is 15 credits per viewing in Voyeur and 150 credits for Unmask. In order to fully enjoy these features you will need a VCT.

“Yup, yup, just got one, let’s get on with it,” he said to himself, clicking onto ConventionCuts.

The site displayed several barberettes. By clicking on any of them Joe knew from past experience that the barberette materialized and spoke, describing how she likes to cut her client’s hair. Once the Mask was on Joe would cross the threshold from reality and into the fantasy world of Eroticuts. As far as Joe Freeman was concerned the computer age was awash in erotic fantasy amidst the great year of 2035. Four barberetttes were “on duty” in the ConventionCut Salon: there was Denise, Cathy, Janet and Arlene. Denise was very conservatively dressed in a pair of double-knit blue slacks and a white blouse that had a blue embroidery along her collar. Her blond hair was cut quite short and her shirt was buttoned up to her neck. He clicked on “Denise” to see what she had to say. Her picture came to life in seconds and spoke to Joe.

“Hi, my name is Denise and I have a flair for giving precision cuts that can make any man look quite professional,” she announced, snapping her stainless steel shears in her right hand. “Once you sit in my chair you will walk out with a professional businesslike style and my floor will be strewn with your hair,” she said smiling. The computer then asked if he wished to utilize Denise’s services or decide later. He chose to decide later and see what the other stylists had in mind.

Cathy was more carefree with black hair flowing down to the middle of her back. She was wearing a purple tank top with stonewashed denim cut offs. She announced her intentions and assured her customers that they would leave her chair with a flattop or a burr. The announcement was made while she held her red Osters in her hand and was grinning at Joe.

“Looks can sure be deceiving can’t they Cathy? OK… next.”

Janet appeared to be older but not unattractive, though she was wearing a black dress with white cuffs and a point collar. She calmly reassured her customers that they would get the haircut they asked for. Her choices were a trim, haircut and perm or a frosting. Arlene, though again not unattractive appeared to be a little too young for Joe’s liking. She wore a skimpy cropped T-shirt and leather pants, and waist-length red hair that was streaked with black. Arlene was a Goth hairstylist.

“Nope, sorry Arlene, too young. Janet, maybe next time. Cathy, sorry sweetie but I have no desire to join the service. Well Denise, looks like you’re the lucky one.” He then clicked on the “Choose” button and Denise came to life.

Within the confines of the Mask, Joe was whisked into the salon, a black and white tiled floor lined with four stations. Each station was equipped with the hairstylist’s tools of the trade: curlers, clippers, hair clips and conditioners. White capes hung on the backs of the chairs, waiting for potential laps to be filled with hair. Cathy, Arlene and Janet were busy with their “customers”, a perfect illusion given by Eroticuts with the help of the Mask. Joe heard the roar of Cathy’s clippers as they started, she then proceeded to shear a rather surprised customer unmercifully, cutting a stubbly swath down the middle.

“Looks like there’s no turning back for you dude,” Joe laughed as the client looked wide-eyed with astonishment. Janet was finishing up a “regular” as it seemed, she kept addressing her as Maryanne and was asking about her recent trip to Europe. “There she is, sweet too-young-for-me Arlene. You sure are cute but sorry you’re probably all of 18, a little too young. Being 22, I like ’em at least 21 so we can go out for an after-cut-drink,” he said to himself apologetically. Sweet young Arlene was in the finishing stages of a Goth dye job in who also appeared to be either a friend or regular. Though a little overweight, her client was still pretty but like Arlene, she looked to be only 19, her waist-length black hair was now streaked with fiery red streaks. Emerging from the chair, it was as if Medea, Jason’s temptress and eventual betrayer, had descended from her hellish chariot and stopped in for a quick makeover.

Denise was at the far-end of the salon, undraping her “client.” She was right, he looked like Joe Lawyer as he climbed out of the chair, and yes a crescent of blond hair curved around the back and sides of her chair. When she undraped him a moderate sized pile rolled down in front of him, dropping to the floor at his feet. The customer disappeared, actually de-materialized is more the word, and Denise was cleaning up. Soon she approached Joe. “I’ll be with you in a minute,” she said, looking at Joe with a friendly smile but with a clearly disapproving look in her eyes. “Boy, you picked the right stylist, you could do with a serious haircut, stay put and I’ll get you ready,” she added before leaving to finish up.

“I guess there’s no desk for payment, they must take the credits out of my account,” he thought as he never saw Denise’s client approach the reception area to pay. Looking into her mirror, Denise fixed her collar, smoothed her shirt, and wiped any excess hair from her slacks. She approached Joe and announced that she was ready.

Joe was led to a sink where she wrapped a small towel around his neck, snapped on a white cape and shampooed his hair. The magic of the Mask was now in full performance. He could hear the rush of the water wetting his head and smell the flowery essence of the shampoo Denise used. He looked up to see Denise smiling down at him as she massaged his scalp.

“Right this way, have a seat here, and trust me when you leave you will have a nice short haircut that will turn heads everywhere.” Denise picked up her comb and shears and started cutting. Starting near his right ear, he could hear the shinking of the shears as Denise began cropping his hair, this he could see in the mirror in front of him. The Mask provided everything, from the sound of shears to the poignant smell of the conditioners used within the salon. He saw Denise metamorphose him into a professional-looking banker type before his eyes. All the while she snipped and snipped her provocative smile and almond eyes shone approval for the new man being released from under her cape. He felt the cold steel of her shears as they snipped his nape making his hair shorter and shorter. He felt both the tingling sensation and heard the buzz of Denise’s red Osters as they cleaned any stubble from Joe’s neck, he looked into the mirror and saw that he was a new man. Not at all the person who walked in just a half-hour ago.

“You look much better sir,” Denise provocatively smiled as she snipped her shears behind him, and touched up some areas she missed. He felt as her fingernails caressed his newly cropped hair.

“There, a more professional look don’t you think?” she queried, fingering his hair.

“Yes, and I must say you are quite attractive, how about we get a cup of coffee?”

“Sorry, I make it a habit never to date clients, but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a lady friend with your new haircut. Please visit us again soon.” Denise’s body became translucent as she approached her new “client” in the waiting area.

Your time in ConventionalCuts has ended…care to make another selection? You may wish to save your fantasy cut when you accumulate more credits and are able to indulge in either a multiple fantasy trip or our new feature…Unmask. Our Voyeur section features HairClassics courtesy of Luvlocks websites in conjunction with Pyramid Productions, this is a collection of hair stories which have been conically augmented for your viewing pleasure. Authors include Caped Victim, Chromed, Gato, Jim B, Sabrina S, and Thoth, just to name a few. Feel free to click on a story for a preview.

Joe looked at the endless list of stories “Dave gets a Surprise from Helen” by Chromed, “Donna’s Unexpected Haircut” by Caped Victim, plus many others by these as well as other authors.

WARNING: These selections may contain graphic depiction of de-feminization, violence and dealings with the supernatural and cult sacrifice.

“Hmmmm…” he thought, “interesting. Looks like several stories bearing this warning are by the same guy… Thoth.”

The Nape Bandit
Down There in the Boneyard

These five were listed with the above disclaimer while others titled “Shave and a Haircut”, “The Couple’s Day Out” and “Monday After the Prom” were in the section that he assumed was deemed less graphic.

“I think I’ll check a few previews.” He clicked on “Becky”.

A stylus protruded from his console and a beam, 24″ in length, began to emanate, widening in a skirt-shaped wall of light, all the way down until it encircled the magnetic reception mat below. The cone was about to perform its three-dimensional magic. Colorful pulsars snaked around the perimeter of the cone before a clear picture focused itself, the cone showed a picture of an attractive young woman with blonde hair hanging at about mid-back. Her pink cardigan was buttoned to her neck and her skirt twirled as she suddenly turned, facing Joe, the announcement began…

The Newspapers said that Becky… was dead.
Karen Richards thought otherwise, for she saw her in every pretty girl’s eyes.

Scenes showing the satanic gleam of the young girl’s female predator were shown, with teeth bared and glaring eyes that emphasized the snarls ripping the name Becky through the air.

The “1-900-HAIRCUT” advertisement was more simple, a silhouette of a head and phone, the phone was ringing and upon answering the sexy voice said, “1-900-HAIRCUT ,” followed by a knife that appeared to slash the perimeter of the cone, streaming it with blood.

1-900-HAIRCUT, where you don’t pay by the minute… but with your life. Call if you dare.

Each show had a small synopsis. It was here that Joe did a little math.

“Two flicks, a thriller and a more sane one, brings me down to 35 credits. By next week, now that I have my raise, my quota should be raised back to 95 credits, should I stay off Eroticuts for a while I can afford the Unmask feature, though I may slip into a more arousing cut soon but who knows. OK I’ll take two flicks and give the cone a whirl.” He clicked and chose “Becky” and “Monday After the Prom.”

Do you wish to see the HoloFlicks in the order you picked, that being Becky and Monday After the Prom?

the screen prompted.

Yes, Joe selected. “That way I can return to normalcy after ‘Becky’. Thoth m’boy… I don’t know, you are either quite creative and talented as a writer or just plain deeee-mented, we’ll soon find out. I gotta tell ya, after seeing your plots I am beginning to believe the latter as well as the former. Let’s check your history…” he said to himself as he clicked on the name Thoth, statistics began to scroll.

b: 1964
m: Marlena from Italy (a picture of Marlena was shown, apparently she was in the process of getting up from a chair after receiving a very short haircut from her fellow co-worker in the salon where she worked.) Legend has it that this was the picture that Thoth became enamored with, causing him to fall in love with Marlena when she was shown in My Beautiful Barberette back in 1998, they were married in 2003.
Children: 2 girls, Circe and Onyx.

“Gee Thoth I wonder what bedtime stories you read to those two little girls, must’ve kept them well stocked in nightmares for years to come….” His thoughts were interrupted by some rather good news.

Voyeur special… pay for one but watch two HoloFlicks. Your selection will only cost 15 credits… happy viewing.

Following several ads for miracle drugs promising an erection that would remain stiff for hours on end and another other ad that insisted the porcelain thimble collection was a must-have for “collectors” (but in reality, myopic souls who collect meaningless bric-a-brac), Becky started within the 24″ confines of the cone. The characters and the plot of Becky played out the story in perfect three-dimensional clarity. Joe watched each scene unfold, with the reception matte acting as a stage for the characters in the story. Joe sat totally mesmerized by each scene, from Nancy’s punishment cut, a sad result of doing poorly in Algebra, and though he had to review the scene where Kelly took her perverted client “all the way” in the form of a military buzz cut due to his sexual remarks, and finally the scene where Karen unveils her antisocial intentions on Sarah. One diversion from the story was the execution scene. Joe just assumed that this was Pyramid Production’s attempt to place an emphasis on Karen’s misanthropic disposition: as she was led to the electric chair, the scene unfolded as a news coverage. Karen was being led down the hall and in a display of apathy blew a kiss to the camera that clearly focused on her shorn scalp just before she was led to the execution chamber.

“Monday After the Prom” was clearly a storyline dealing with both punishment and poetic justice. It seems Tracy Bolan, Sharon Wycoff, and Debbie Maylin were three of the most beautiful young women to grace the halls and cheerleading squad of Usler High School. The prom, as the story went, had finished up with a hoot and a holler, along with an occasional swig of the vodka bottle and a few empty Trojan Boxes which were strewn along the town’s very own “Make-out Trail” the next morning. Tracy, Sharon and Debbie were lost in a world of tacky plastic streamers, an outdated disco ball and a DJ that played everything from hip-hop to bear-hugging and hard-on producing slow-dance music by N Sync and others. The threesome had no realization of the fate that awaited them Monday after school. It was a fate brought on by themselves, and in the end they only had themselves to blame. They thought because of their beauty, prestige and wealthy parents, they were above all the rules the rest of the world around them had to follow, as they poured molasses over the head of the two school outcasts, Bill Waters and Lisa Glenn. The prom was anything but magic for them, prior to their sticky humiliation, they were victim to sneers and whispers throughout the night. It was Tracy who, feigning a good deed, brought Lisa into the ladies’ room to fix her hair.

“Here, let this sit for a while,” Tracy said as she applied a sticky substance to her hair, assuring her it was a special conditioner to help her hair shine, “and I’ll be back.” It was almost a half-hour when Tracy finally returned with Sharon and Debbie in tow. Lisa quickly learned of their true intentions when Lisa discovered it was molasses, not conditioner that was poured over her waist-length hair.

“Oooohhh sticky, sticky. Here, let us feather your hair for you,” they offered mockingly before raining down feathers atop Lisa’s head. Bill received the same treatment from Jessica Borgue and Anne Pinkerton, friends of Tracy, Sharon and Debbie, in a similar “offer” to spruce up the looks of the couple. Though Bill, due to having an extremely short haircut was able to wash out the molasses eventually, Lisa unfortunately had to have her hair cut quite short the next day. She returned to school that Monday facing ridicule from the entire senior class, save for a few friends that Bill and Lisa had between them. Monday afternoon arrived and the five beauty queens, actually candidates for “Bitches of the Century”, were marched into the salon at the local shopping mall in a state of bewilderment and curiosity. Dressed in their shortest skirts and most fashionable blouses, they were seated, washed and caped, still completely unaware of what awaited them. The stylists, all five of them with luxuriant tresses, combed the hair of the girls who were draped in black Nexxus capes. Each of the stylist’s stations was sectioned off by partitions. After a few minutes of hearing the schnicking of shears, the salon was filled with gasps and hysterics from the five customers. Melissa, who was tending to Tracy, casually picked up her shears and schnicked off all 18″ of her blonde hair.

“You stupid bitch,” she shouted, staring in the mirror at the impromptu bob she now had, “what are you doing?”

“My job.” Melissa answered calmly as she began piling more of Tracy’s hair into her lap.

“You won’t have it for much longer, I’ll sue your fuckin’ chop-shop salon for all it’s worth, you stupid bitch. Just wait unt…”

A slap, which deafened the screams, cries and gasps from the others.

“Don’t you call me that again. This is my business and your style has been carefully picked for you, so don’t try my patience,” Melissa warned.

“OK you’re a dumb cunt then, and you’ll still be fucking sorr…”

Tracy’s mother stormed into Melissa’s station and scooped up Tracy’s hair off the floor, throwing it into her lap with the rest of her hair. Tracy’s mother then slapped her face again and again.

“After what you girls did to Lisa and Bill you are getting your just desserts,” she explained, undraping her cape. “Lisa had to cut her hair into a short pixie because of your malicious plot, us mothers felt it was justice that you five do the same,” she said holding Tracy’s chin in her hand firmly.

“I don’t fucking care. You cannot do this to me,” she screamed.

“Hold her chin please,” she instructed Melissa.

With her chin held, Tracy’s mother buttoned the top button of Tracy’s white blouse and instructed Melissa to keep cutting. Melissa pulled out a set of purple clippers that were lying on her counter and plugged them in.

“I’ve decided on a new style for Tracy, with your consent of course,” Melissa smiled.

“You may proceed.” her mother answered and within seconds the clippers whirred and Tracy’s hair was reduced to a stubbly burr instead of the pixie haircut that was originally planned. Tracy sat, both astounded and in tears as she stared down at the mound of hair in her lap where her mother now crowned with the tiara that had adorned her head Friday night when she was crowned prom queen. The other girls too were clipped and shorn, their heads shaped into conservative pixies and devoid of the decadent carefree tresses that had also crowned their heads on prom night. They too were given tiaras that were mockingly placed atop the mounds of hair resting in their laps.

“Had you kept your mouth shut, that would have been your hairstyle rather than the burr you now have,” her mother explained.

Joe watched with amusement and the story ended with a flash-forward where all attended their 25th class reunion.

Pick another selection? the screen asked. Joe chose not to.

We hope you enjoyed your selection. Please visit our Voyeur section again. Both Luvlocks websites and Pyramid Productions will have new features from classic hair stories from the early 21st century, again thank you for viewing.

The words skated along the perimeter of the cone before curving behind and fading.

Opting not to go for the Eroticut and wait for the unmasking, Joe logged out and the cone, along with its characters were sucked back into the stylus.

Two days later Joe received some interesting news. It seems that the countless writing contests he entered had finally provided fulfilment in the form of monetary gain. Receiving a document entitling him to 1200 credits, Joe was ecstatic though he had to wait two days before it was credited to his account.

“Oh, I know the drill there, I’m permanently enslaved there,” he chuckled. He didn’t mind the wait, for in a few days he could log onto Unmask and have himself a blast.

“Hell,” he said to himself, “at 150 credits, it sure has to be a helluva lot more arousing than Eroticuts. Oh well we’ll see in two days,” Joe said to himself while getting ready for work.

Per usual, the mistress of the credit bureau promted Joe to make the necessary changes needed to verify this person’s credit and to log in the final decisions on that person’s credit.

“Yes Mistress, No Mistress,” he kept mumbling to himself as he plowed through sheets and sheets of names, typing them in and staring apathetically at the final decision.

Bryre, W 112310 no credit at this time
Lineus, B 101714 approved

“Blah, blah, blah, approved, disapproved etc, etc, etc. Man I can’t wait to get out of here. Hey, it’s been more than two days, let’s see if my bonus pulled through.” He changed screens to Check Credit Lines of Patrons, then typed in his number.

Freeman, J 20213, a green shield… his report then followed.

Freeman, J 20213 you have 1310 credits. You have been given a raise plus I see you won a short story/poetry contest… congratulations. No need to return to the main screen, your work is finished. Just make sure all the names are properly entered, enjoy your weekend.

“Thank you Mistress Credit Base Console,” he said to himself ecstatically, as he checked and double-checked before turning in the day’s reports. He smiled further when the Console reported ALL CLEAR… ALL PERSONS ENTERED.

The scarab couldn’t have been fast enough taking him home, with clear air-space ahead of him it was full thrusters until he had to hover before landing. He logged in to Eroticuts and immediately chose UNMASK. The usual pattern of colors blinked before him, then instructions followed.

You will need both the Mask and the VCT to utilize UNMASK answer EVERY question honestly to insure satisfactory results when using UNMASK



Without hesitation Joe answered YES

He was then given a selection of voluptuous bodies having either long flowing tresses or short cropped hair, all were either dressed in lingerie à la Victoria’s Secret or clad in silky halter tops and short cut-offs or skirts.

You may choose from any of the appearances displayed, all barberettes shown will bring you to heights of pleasure unimaginable. WARNING: This site contains extremely sexual situations please verify age:

Freeman, J 20213

Age of majority confirmed… welcome to Unmask, Eroticut’s most popular feature. You may choose the barberette of your dreams.

Joe scanned each and every picture before him, the most sensuous and arousing women he’d encountered on the site. Then he saw her she stood out amongst all the other gorgeous bodies who were dressed in their dick-teasing best and wielding the tools of the trade, the good ole scissors and clippers. She looked about his age with short black hair cut into a short but feminine pixie, and the most beautiful almond eyes he’d had ever seen. Medium breasted, she wore a sleeveless silky high-neck top with a leopard print. Her jeans were so tight her legs looked like they were painted with blue spray paint. He looked at the others and then decided to pick her.

You have chosen Vanessa, please confirm your selection.

He clicked the Confirm option button.

Please engage both The Mask and Cone (VCT) Note: Please move about ten or more feet away from the cone when told to unmask.

“Huh?” he asked himself then shrugged, putting on the Mask the site was beginning to utilize.

Vanessa introduced herself. “Hi Joe, let me into your world so I can cut your hair and take you into unexpected heights of satisfaction. Be prepared, I plan to take you ALL THE WAY,” she laughed teasingly at Joe, buzzing her clippers for a second.

Sending Image through VCT, remove mask when instructed.

Within 10 minutes, Vanessa stood there grinning provocatively at Joe before she was sucked into a vortex of swirling colors.

“Wow looks like rainbow sherbet,” he mumbled, before a beeping gave Joe the signal.






“Ok ok,” he said to himself as he now sat further from the cone, as he was instructed. He stared into the skirting electrons and pulsars as they swirled around the perimeter of the video magnetic field. He saw Vanessa, she appeared to be down the far end of a corridor stretching for miles. Once the cone focused, she walked closer and closer, gradually increasing in size, she kept walking and growing. Until she almost reached the perimeter of the cone she grew and grew coming closer and closer. If Joe hadn’t had the Mask on he would have never believed what had just happened. Vanessa was stepping out of the Cone. With the miracles of molecular displacement, Vanessa was standing in Joe’s room. To show she was flesh and blood, she touched his hand. Standing at about six feet or so Vanessa was as warm blooded as any other woman he had encountered in many different relationships. She asked a stunned Joe if he was ready for a haircut and a night filled with passion. Joe, sitting there speechless, could only nod. The room became a blur, filled with the same colors, lights and grains of electric fusion that filled his Cone. Static buzzed, fuzzy images began to take shape and materialize, within minutes Joe’s room had become a salon, similar to the one where Denise had cut his hair. Vanessa stood over him, snapping her shears in one hand and placing her clippers she held in her other hand down on the table. She wrapped a tissue around Joe’s neck, then draped him with a red cape. She proceeded to shampoo his hair.

“This is actually real,” Joe thought as the tepid shower massaged his scalp and was followed by that familiar exotic floral aroma. He looked up at Vanessa, who sensuously smiled. She was wearing a nice purplish red shade of lipstick, giving her a Goth-like look, but not as extreme as Arlene or her client in the ConventionalCuts Salon.

“I have a special style for you,” Vanessa announced, snipping her shears close to his ear. “You will look absolutely HOT when I’m finished.” Her assurance was followed by a passionate kiss before Vanessa started cutting. She began by cutting the top layers of Joe’s head quite short, he watched as slivers of hair skittered down the cape and into his lap. Vanessa stood in front of him cutting and cutting, he could see her nipples through the silken top she was wearing. The leopard print brought out the beast in every man, he began to think as he watched his hair get shorter and shorter. She cut around his ears, and for the first time since he was a teenager, his hair was snipped above his ears. Using her clippers and comb as a guide, she cut his hair close to his head. She started to cut the back. Joe looked in the mirror while this gorgeous vixen in a pixie cut clipped his hair shorter and shorter. She smiled provocatively, taking moments out to caress his ears with her tongue and kiss his nape.

“How short are you going to take me?” he asked, excitedly.

“Short… very short, just the way I like my man to be, then afterwards… oooohhh I want your cock inside me,” she moaned. She began to clip the length of his hair shorter and again used the comb as a guide for her clippers. He could feel the sensation of small teeth clipping away his hair, he watched the pile of hair in his lap accumulate and grow into a mountain as a result of her cutting his hair off, and the bulge that was growing inside him. She buzzed his nape then turned off the clippers. She brushed his neck and when he looked up he saw someone in the mirror he hardly recognized… himself.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, “you really did a buzz-job on my nape.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” she moaned, kissing his neck and fingering the longer top layers with her red fingernails. “I want you. I want your cock both in my mouth and between my legs,” she said into his ear while undraping the cape from his neck. He couldn’t help but feel his neck and rub the stubble that Vanessa had clipped with precision. Upon exiting the chair the salon and its contents took on the same grainy texture that it had when it materialized, and within seconds he was back in his room with Vanessa. They climbed into bed making love throughout out the rest of the evening, she ran her fingernails over his shorn neck and sides, and he held her close, rubbing his hands over her nape and kissing her. As they writhed between the sheets for countless weekends, he had to check himself periodically to see if he was dreaming.

Joe and Vanessa remained an item for several months, but just as time can erode a precious stone, the relationship too began to wane. He still liked her but the passion that flourished was snuffed out, plus he wanted to return to the longer hairstyle he had before. After one last kiss, Vanessa turned, walking towards the cone, shrinking and shrinking until she crossed through the magnetic parasol that encapsulated many of the computer generated pleasures of EROTICUTS. After a last final wave, Vanessa was sucked back into whatever server she was conjured from. Joe stared at the cone, seeing the crackling magnetic snakes and spiders that spiraled before focusing onto a blank mat. Staring numbly at the empty beam, he simply closed one chapter in his life and started another. A wind blew through the window, ruffling his nape, he felt a cold chill, and realized he was truly alone.


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