Lover Scorned

Lover Scorned

Lover Scorned by KMD

She pleaded with her lover, but her lover said she would never forget that she made love to a man in their bed. It was an impulse, she said, her beautiful body had taken control. She wanted him for simple pleasure, not for a long-term relationship. She had a long stable relation with Marie and she never wanted to hurt her, but Marie had come home early and found Heather and Jason in bed together. Marie was angry and hurt. Jason quickly slipped out as Heather, still naked, occupied Marie. Heather lay on the bed trembling in tears as she asked forgiveness from Marie. Marie told her to leave and take all her belongings with her. Heather said she would do anything to stay, that Marie’s love was the most important thing in her life, she couldn’t live without her. Heather said she would submit to any punishment to be with Marie. Marie started crying and told Heather how much she loved her, but how devastated she was by Heather’s behavior and infedility.

Heather sobbed, “Anything. Please let me stay, please love me.”

Marie looked at Heather: she was so beautiful with her small but sexy body framed by neatly trimmed pubic hair and small but firm breasts. Heather had the most beautiful thick brown hair that cascaded to the middle of her back. She was very proud of her lovely tresses. Marie hugged the naked Heather and told her how much she loved her and that she would never make her leave, but told her she must be punished so this would never happen again.

Heather, sobbing and hugging Marie said, “Please, I will do anything for you, just hold me.”

Marie held Heather, but soon ushered her to the bathroom and told her sit down on the stool seat. Marie then took out hair clippers and plugged them in. Tears started forming in Heather’s eyes, but Heather just looked straight ahead. Marie turned the clippers on and plunged them, without guard, into Heather’s beautiful hair. In minutes all Heather’s hair lay on the floor. Next, Marie produced shaving cream and razor and Heather’s head was shaved completely bald, then her pussy suffered the results of the razor and was laid bare. Heather was sobbing uncontrollably as Marie held Heather’s smooth scalp in her hands and told her she was almost finished. Marie then lathered Heather’s eyebrows and the razor scraped them clean. Heather held her head down in shame and embarrasment as Marie started to clean the sink of stubble and shaving cream.

Marie left the bathroom so Heather could pee. Heather sobbed harder as she looked down at her bald pussy. It looked and felt so different, like it didn’t belong to her. Heather slowly pulled her hands up to her head and touched her shaven scalp for the first time. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Instead of thick hair there was smooth skin, it felt so weird and sickening. Heather slowly stood up and walked to the bathroom mirror and saw her reflection for the first time. She nearly passed out. Her stomach turned as she stared at the stranger in the mirror. It wasn’t her, this must be some horrible nightmare. The reflection was completely hairless. Her body was devoid of all hair, including her eyebrows. She had never felt so humiliated and naked as she did now. How could Marie have done this to her? Heather looked at all her shorn hair as it lay lifeless on the cold bathroom floor and sunk to her knees. She started crying like she had never cried before while hiding her smooth scalp with her hands.

(to be continued)


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