Lorraine Learns the Truth

Lorraine Learns the Truth

Lorraine Finds Out The Truth by James

Lorraine is a beautiful young woman of 28. She is 5’8″ tall with a great figure, 38″ breast, and long, mid-back-length blonde hair. Everyone seemed to comment about her hair and seemed to love it. She often wondered if people loved her hair more then her.

Lorraine’s hair had always been long. Her mother would never let it be cut, except a to have the split ends trimmed once a year. Her mother brushed Lorraine’s hair every night, 100 strokes. Her mother carried on about Lorraine’s hair being her beauty. Lorraine can remember hearing this all her life.

Lorraine had many friends growing up. All of her little girlfriends would tell Lorraine how beautiful she was, with her long blonde hair. Even the teachers in grade school loved her beautiful hair. She was everyone’s best friend and all of the teachers’ favorite.

Lorraine loved the attention, because of her hair. She used it to her advantage whenever she could. If she needed to get out of trouble at school, she used her beautiful hair to get out of it. And she loved using her hair to get her way.

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In high school, all the boys wanted to be Lorraine’s boyfriend. She just loved playing the boys off against one another. She loved being a “real prick teaser.” She did not care who she hurt as long as she had a date with the boy she wanted to on Friday night.

Lorraine was homecoming queen her senior year. She loved the night she was crowned. She felt she was royalty. She felt looking out at the cheering crowd that she was only looking at her subjects and not fellow students. That they were only there to serve her and her whims. All hail Queen Lorraine, ran though her mind.

In college she played the game even better. She found out what Profs could be flirted with and were weak enough to fall for the wiles of her hair. She just loved every minute of this.

When Lorraine graduated and entered the real world, her hair kept her moving ahead in the business world. A shake of her head, a flip of her head. It all was part of her game. And it worked. Lorraine was on the fast track and she knew it.

But, one day, shortly after her 28th birthday, the guilt was getting to be too much to stand. Lorraine sought out counseling for her guilt. She was lucky. She found a councilor and a group to help her right away.

Lorraine went to the first meeting of the group. She looked around the room and thought to herself, what a bunch of losers. But wait, there was someone else who did not seem to fit in either. He was a handsome young man, about 22, short light brown hair, muscular build, 5′ 11″ tall, and with most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen. His name was Jimmy.

Jimmy’s problems were just the opposite of Lorraine’s. He felt inferior to all the others in the room. That is why he sat in the corner by himself.

Lorraine sat down next to Jimmy and introduced herself to him. “Hi. My name is Lorraine and your name is?”

“Jimmy,” came the answer in a very soft and shy voice.

Well, Lorraine thought to herself, at least this is not a total waste, as she eyed Jimmy over. Not bad looking. Young and a gentleman. Wonder what he is like in bed. Just then the councilor started the session. Lorraine was brought back to the real world surrounding her.

The councilor said, “Let’s get to know one another. Please state your name and tell us a little something about yourself. Let’s start here,” the councilor said, pointing at the older man sitting next to him. Lorraine was relieved that he did not start with her and she could tell Jimmy was too.

This continued all the way around the room and finished with the last two people in the room, Lorraine and Jimmy. “Young lady, it’s your turn,” the councilor said, looking right at her. In a very professional and business like tone, Lorraine introduced herself.

“My name is Lorraine. I work for a major advertising firm as a senior vice president.” And she sat down in a very forceful manner.

“Young man, it’s your turn.”

Jimmy stood up, looking at the floor and said his name and that he was a hair stylist. Half the people in the room could not hear him as his voice was very low and soft.

“OK, let’s get started with the exercises,” the councilor announced. They split into groups, with Lorraine making sure she was in Jimmy’s group. The time seemed to fly by as Lorraine ignored what was going on and instead concentrated on flirting with Jimmy. And Jimmy responded, with shy little smiles and blushing at her on occasion.

The councilor announced that the session was over. That the next meeting would be the same time next week. “If anyone needs help in the meantime please take one of my cards from the desk up front. It has my phone numbers on it. Please feel free to call anytime. And I mean anytime, even at three in the morning. That’s what I am here for, to help you.”

Lorraine grabbed Jimmy by the hand. She said, “Would you like to go out for a drink?” Jimmy looked at the floor and responded with a very soft yes. “Do you have a car, Jimmy?” Lorraine asked.

“No I walked here from my townhouse. It’s only five blocks away.”

Lorraine knew the neighborhood well. She thought to herself, Hmm one of the best areas in town, this boy’s got a few bucks. “OK, let’s take mine. I know of this real trendy little club downtown that I know you will like!” So off they went in Lorraine’s Beamer to the club.

When they got to the club all the eyes turned to Lorraine. Many of the patrons were her clients. Everyone seemed to come over to greet her. She did make it a point to introduce Jimmy to everyone of them as her personal hairstylist. This did not seem to bother Jimmy, as a matter a fact it flattered him.

They sat in a dark booth in the back of the club. They were no more then seated, than Lorraine started to run her foot up and down Jimmy’s leg. No woman had ever done this to Jimmy, as he sat there blushing.

Lorraine looked Jimmy in his eyes and said, “You are quite shy, aren’t you stud!” Jimmy just shook his head yes, and kept blushing. “I think I can help you and you can help me. What I am talking about is a business arrangement.”

Jimmy looked at her with a confused look on his face. “Business arrangement, what are you talking about, Lorraine?” Jimmy said. Lorraine took note as this was the first time Jimmy had used her name. It came out very soft and sweet, as a lover would.

“Yes, I will let you trim my hair, for free, and I will tell all my clients just how wonderful you are. I will also tell my single female clients that you are great in the sheets. How’s that for a deal? Lots of money and all the sex you can handle.” Lorraine felt that she had made a deal that the shy young man could not refuse. But he did!

Jimmy looked right into Lorraine’s sensual blue eyes and said, “No thank you. I appreciate the offer, but I am doing fine on my own.” Lorraine could not believe what she had just heard. For the first time in her life someone had said no to her.

“So, Gentleman Jim, what will it take for you to accept my offer?”

Jimmy thought for a moment and then said, “You have nothing to offer me that I cannot get for myself. So I guess my answer is nothing.”

Lorraine usually would become angry at this point if this ever happened to her in the past but this time she didn’t. She smiled at Jimmy and said, “I think we can still help one another in another way.”

“What’s that,” Jimmy inquired?

“We can make one another better.”

The pair sat at the table until the club closed at 2am. Lorraine drove Jimmy home to his townhouse. When they pulled up out front, Jimmy quickly got out of the car. Lorraine called to Jimmy, “You forgot something.” Jimmy returned to the car and leaned in. Lorraine stretched across and grabbed Jimmy, laying a long wet romantic kiss on him. Jimmy almost passed out, as no one had ever kissed him like that in his life.

As the weeks went by, Lorraine and Jimmy’s affair grew. Lorraine was a great help for Jimmy. Her interest in Jimmy was helping to build his self esteem. But, Jimmy to was changing Lorraine. She was no longer so self-centered. This was due to Jimmy saying no to her and not trying to gain anything from her. He seemed to accept her just her as she was. But, Lorraine was still insecure about how she would be able to keep Jimmy.

Lorraine and Jimmy had now been together for six months. They were a couple, but they were not lovers. Lorraine was now, for the first time in their relationship, fearing she was going to lose Jimmy. She was wondering if there was some way to make sure that Jimmy loved her and that his love for her was not just skin deep! She knew the answer. But, would Jimmy go along with the solution?

One night, they were together at Jimmy’s townhouse having dinner. Lorraine looked across the table at Jimmy and said, “How much do you love me, Jimmy?”

“I would love you no matter what,” came the answer.

“Would you love me if I were poor and had nothing but myself to give to you?”

Jimmy smiled that shy smile of his and said, “Yes, I would.”

“Jimmy, if I were not beautiful would you love me?”

Again, Jimmy answered, “Yes I would.”

“If I did not have the thing that I value the most would you still love me.”

Jimmy again answered, “Yes!”

“Well Jimmy, I wish to give up the thing that matters to me most and has led to all my success for your love.”

“What would that be, Lorraine,” Jimmy said.

Lorraine answered in a quivery voice, “My hair!”

Jimmy looked at Lorraine strangely. “What do you mean, your hair?”

Lorraine answered, her voice still quivering, “I want you to shave my head bald.”

Jimmy fell over in his chair, as he could not believe what he just heard. “Shave your head?” he said, laying on the floor looking up at Lorraine.

“Yes Jimmy, it is the final thing I must do to make my break from the past and to show that you love me no matter what.”

“When do you want to do this?” Jimmy said.

“Right now, if your equipment is here,” Lorraine said.

“It is. But are you sure of this?”

“Yes I am,” said Lorraine in a very strong way. “It’s the only way I will know your love for me is true.”

“Ok, if you are sure,” Jimmy said. “Just let me round up the items I will need to do the job.”

Jimmy left the room. Lorraine sat in the chair waiting for him.

In a few minutes, Jimmy returned with a cape, a can of shaving cream, a package of disposable razors, a towel that he put in the sink with hot water running on it, a container of lotion, and a pair of large clippers.

Lorraine sat quietly in the chair as Jimmy placed the cape around her. He fluffed up her hair one last time. He whispered in her ear, “Are you sure you want to do this?” Lorraine did not say a word, but only kissed Jimmy on the cheek. He took this as his answer, yes.

Jimmy plugged the clippers in. He turned and faced Lorraine, sitting in the chair, and turned them on. The buzzing sound of the clippers made Lorraine jump. But she quickly settled down to wait her fate.

Jimmy took the roaring clippers and pushed them right down the middle of Lorraine’s head. The hair-eating machine took all of Lorraine’s long and beautiful tresses off her head. They fell to the floor. Lorraine sighed as she saw her hair falling to the floor. Also a few tears started to form in Lorraine’s eyes.

Jimmy continued to run the hair-hungry clippers over the top of Lorraine’s head four more times, removing all the hair from the top of her head. The tears now were slowly rolling down Lorraine’s beautiful high-boned cheeks. Still not a word spoken. Only silence, except for the buzzing of the clippers.

Jimmy now took the clippers and started to shave in front of Lorraine’ small shell-like, right ear. He continued this around her head to the back.

When Jimmy started to shave Lorraine’s snow-white neck, she started to moan. Lorraine was enjoying the feeling of the warm clippers on her neck.

Jimmy finally finished by removing the last few strands of long blonde hair in front of Lorraine’s left ear. Now Lorraine’s most prized position lay on the floor at Jimmy’s feet.

Jimmy now placed a hot wet towel on her head. And still not a word between the two. Only the tears were still slowly rolling down Lorraine’s cheeks. Jimmy removed the towel and covered Lorraine’s head with white lather from the can. He pulled out one of the razors from the pack and started to remove the white lather. Underneath the lather was pink skin that had never seen the light of day before.

Jimmy continued to remove the lather from Lorraine’s head. He finished removing the last of the lather, and there sitting in front of him was the most beautiful child-like face looking back at him.

Even though Lorraine had been shaven completely smooth, she looked far more beautiful without her hair. Her cheekbones were high. Her ears small and shell-like. Her bare head perfectly shaped. Her eyes, oh her beautiful blue eyes, were like those of a child.

Jimmy put some lotion on Lorraine’s bald head, to keep it moist and to keep it from drying out. Lorraine enjoyed the feel of Jimmy’s gentle, but strong, hands rubbing the lotion into her bare scalp.

Jimmy, picked up a mirror and held it so Lorraine could see herself for the first time shaven clean. Lorraine just stared at the refection in the mirror.

Lorraine looked at Jimmy and said in soft sensual voice, “Do you still love me?” Without saying a word, Jimmy picked Lorraine up from the chair and carried her to his bedroom.


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