Loosen Up

Loosen Up

Loosen Up – Dubya

Bob and Carol had been dating for several years. The expression, opposites attract, could have been written with them in mind. Bob was a free spirit, spur of the moment kind of guy. Adventurous and daring, willing to try most anything at least once, more if he enjoyed it. And his appearance and dress reflected that. He usually wore jeans or khakis, sleeveless shirts during the summer, which showed off the tattoos on his upper arms. Topping off his bad-boy image was a diamond stud earring in his left ear and his full beard and mustache. Carol, on the other hand, was quiet and demure, somewhat shy and reserved and her appearance reflected her personality as well. She dressed conservatively to say the least. Always either in slacks or loose-fitting dresses and blouses. Not that she needed to, she possessed a killer body and drop-dead gorgeous good looks, but she always dressed as if she was ashamed of her body. Instead of trying to show it off like Bob encouraged her to do, she’d try to hide it. Her hairstyle also reflected her demeanor, long and straight to mid-back, and in her natural dark brown color. As much as Bob loved her he was constantly trying to get her to loosen up, try something new, anything, a new hairstyle, and dress more daringly, wear a bit more make-up, anything. But to no avail, she seemingly wouldn’t budge an inch.

Then came their vacation to Daytona Beach, Fl. They reserved a room overlooking the ocean for 2 full weeks of fun in the sun. But to Bob’s dismay Carol brought a very conservative one-piece bathing suit. However, by the end of their first day on the beach even Carol was beginning to feel over dressed, all the other young women her age were wearing teeny tiny bikinis, and she had to admit that they looked good strutting around in them with their dark tans. She asked Bob that night as they ate if he thought she should buy a 2 piece suit, naturally his reply was, “Hell yeah!” The rest of the night Bob was surprised as Carol drank a lot more than usual and they danced way into the morning. As they were walking back to their motel they came across a 24-hour shop that sold bathing suits and walked inside. To Bob’s amazement Carol told him to pick her out a couple of suits. He picked out a bright yellow one and a white one also. Both of them were thong-back suits and he just knew she was going to tell him put them back but she just said, “Those are pretty,” and walked to the register to pay for them. They went to their room from there and made passionate love.

Bob awoke the following morning to the sound of the shower running. After a few minutes Carol walked out wearing the yellow bikini. When she saw Bob was awake she said, “Looks like I’m going to have do a little trimming huh?” It was true; her abundant and lush mound of pubic hair was poking out all around the skimpy bottoms of the suit. Without another word she disappeared back into the bathroom for several minutes. When she re-emerged the hairs were no longer poking out and she was wearing a sly grin. “Are you ready to go to the beach?”

Bob couldn’t believe she was actually going to wear it out in public, but he hastily grabbed his trunks and off they went. After a while Carol was getting hot and walked down to the water to cool off. After splashing around in the cool ocean water she started walking back towards their towels where Bob was laying still. As she got closer he couldn’t believe his eyes, the bottoms of the suit were molded tightly to her vulva, and he could swear he could actually see the folds of her sex. She noticed him staring and began to laugh as she reached the towel. Bending over she whispered into his ear “That’s right, I shaved it all off,” and then she sprinted off towards their room with Bob in hot pursuit. He caught her as she opened the door to their room and threw her onto the bed as they frantically took each other’s suits off. Bob immediately dove between her outstretched legs and began exploring the exposed folds of her bare pussy. She hadn’t missed a single hair; it was perfectly smooth and hairless. He looked up to see her smiling down at him.

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“Oh baby that feels so good,” she cooed. “But it looks so funny, I look like a little girl down there now, like a virgin or something.” Bob ate her to a gut wrenching orgasm and then crawled up and slid his throbbing dick into her still convulsing pussy. As soon as he began to slowly stroke in and out of her bald cunt she began to orgasm again and again. She began to scream, “Faster baby, faster, pound my hairless virginal pussy, pound it good!”

This really blew Bob’s mind, she was usually very quiet and timid when they made love, but it spurred him on to really give it to her good. Finally he blew his load deep inside of her and collapsed beside her. Soon he drifted off into a deep restful sleep. When he came back around a while later Carol was nowhere to be found, finally he found a note from her on the table saying she had gone down to the hair salon downstairs to have something done to “this hot ass hair”.

He quickly threw on his clothes and headed downstairs. Just as he reached the hair salon’s door he saw Carol sitting in the chair with the stylist standing behind her. He was just about to say something when the stylist pulled Carol’s long hair back into a ponytail and began sawing through it with a pair of scissors. Before he could say a word the ponytail was severed and the stylist was handing it to Carol. Carol saw him standing there and told him to have a seat, it was going to be a while. He sat there dumbfounded as the stylist then began to finish up the cut. She put the scissors down and sprayed Carol’s remaining hair down with a spritzer bottle. Then she picked up her straight razor and began slicing off the hair at the crown rather close, but in different lengths. Soon she had the top all different lengths and spiky. Once she was done with the top she picked up the electric clippers and after placing an attachment on them they popped to life in her hand. He watched in amazement as the stylist gently pushed Carol’s head forward till her chin was resting on her ample bosom. Still not believing his eyes he saw as the clippers began their way up the back of his beloved’s head, peeling away the thick dark brown hair he had just hours earlier wrapped around his fingers as they had made passionate love. Pass after pass they continued, baring Carol’s exquisite nape for the first time since she was a little baby. Then the stylist moved to Carol’s right side and after tilting her head to the left she began to repeat the process around her ear. After just 3 passes Bob could clearly see her small, delicately-shaped ear, for the 1st time not covered with or surrounded by the dark tresses that had been there just seconds before.

Once she was finished on the right side she moved around to the left and repeated the process once again. Picking up her shears again she made a few snips here and there to blend the sides and top together to form the perfect short pixie hairstyle. But no sooner had she finished cutting she led Carol into a booth in the back out of sight from Bob. He sat there for over 45 minutes wondering what was going on and was just about to get up and walk back there to see. But as he was rising up Carol came out beaming from ear to ear sporting a platinum blonde pixie, they had re-done her make-up while they were back there also. Her lips were now a deep dark, sensuous red color, her eyes were heavily made up with a mysterious smoky look to them, and her thick luxurious eyebrows had been plucked into a very thin, high arch that gave a look of constant surprise and amazement.

“Ta da!” Carol announced. “How do you like?” He was in complete shock; it didn’t even look like the same person unless you looked really closely. Her hair was so white now that the sides and back that had been clippered so close to her head almost looked shaved now. Before Bob could regain his composure enough to speak she grabbed his had and rubbed it against the stubble on her nape. “Doesn’t that feel incredible, almost like velvet, so sexy feeling? Come on, we’ve got some more stops to make before my transformation is complete.”

Their next stop was a tattoo parlor just down the street. As they walked in the door the receptionist asked if she could help them. Carol walked right up and asked, “Do ya’ll do piercing too?” When the receptionist replied that they did, both she and Carol disappeared behind the curtain.

After a few minutes the receptionist popped her head out from behind the curtain and told Bob, “This might take a while, why don’t you go on and she will catch up to you later.”

Still in a state of shock he walked out of the shop and headed across the street to the bar they had been going to. He sat there for what seemed like an eternity, drinking before he finally saw Carol walking across the street. At first he didn’t even recognize her, and when he did he saw she had that shit-eating grin again like when she had first stepped out of the water and told him about her bald pussy. As soon as she was up close he could see that each ear was now lined with earrings from top to bottom. He was just about to say something when she said, “I’ve got 13 holes in each ear now.” Then she stuck her tongue out to reveal that it too was now sporting a stud stuck through it. As he stood there trying to take it all in he saw the tattoo of the long-stemmed rose that now adorned her left breast, just above her bikini line, where it would be quite visible even in a semi-low cut top.

Looking farther down he saw the tribal starburst tattoo that now surrounded her pierced and ringed navel. Once again he tried to open his mouth to say something but she again read his mind. “I have some more surprises for you, but those will have to wait till we get back to our room.”

As soon as they were inside the room she shucked off her shorts and bikini top to reveal that her nipples were both pierced, as were her bare pussy lips, and when she did a slow model’s turn for him he saw the tattoo on the right cheek of her shapely ass that read, “USDA CERTIFIED SLUT”. Looking back over her shoulder at him she said, “Well, you said you wanted me to loosen up?”


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