Long Distance Calling

Long Distance Calling

Long Distance Calling – DoctorB

The hum of the beeper in my pocket startled me. I discreetly looked at the display so as not to interrupt the meeting I was in. The beeper displayed a special six-digit code that my mistress uses to inform me of her desires. My crotch watered. How the heck was I going to get out of this meeting with out drawing too much attention to myself? I concluded I could not. I typed a message on the laptop computer in front of me which e-mailed a message to my mistress. It contained a six-digit reply code informing her that I was currently indisposed. I hated using this code. I hated displeasing her. But, I had no choice.

Three hours later the meeting was over. I begged off lunch and hurried to my office to check my e-mail. There would be an encrypted file awaiting me to which the beeper message was the code key. I ran the program, entered the number and began to read. I notified my secretary that I had to leave at 4:00pm, almost three hours sooner than normal. The message read: “Be ready to travel at 9:00pm and pay special attention to your hair.” It was signed, “The one who you are beholden to.”

Being “ready to travel” had profound implications for me. It was a phrase used only three or four times a year and usually led to nights of incredible bliss for me. I was to prepare my body for Mistress and wait for her to come get me. I left work and arrived home around 5:30 and began to prepare myself according to her standing orders. The last time the phrase was used I ended up in a live sex show, prior to that a piercing polar.

I showered thoroughly. Washed my hair twice and used the hair perfume mistress purchased for me. Carefully combing it out and blow drying it I pulled it back into a two-foot-long ebony ponytail held with the gold claps Mistress gave me. I then shaved my sex making sure that there was absolutely no stubble left.

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I next removed my daily-wear labia jewelry and inserted the special rings Mistress had made for me. Next came the part mistress knew I disliked. I was required give myself an enema, which I did. This was followed by a custom-fitted butt plug, which I didn’t really mind. Lastly came the remote-controlled vibrator. If Mistress wished she could turn the vibrator on or off up to 200 yards away. She had great fun with this toy last year at a large shopping mall she sent me to.

Jewelry inserted, along with the other items, it was time to get dressed. I put on my chastity belt followed by a corset. Next came the stockings and pumps and lastly the close-fitting black dress. I then did my make-up as directed. When I was done you could not tell what was going on beneath the dress. I looked elegant, even regal, and ready for a night on the town or trip to a five-star restaurant.

I went down stairs and sat in my binding chair. I put my molded earplugs in followed by the opaque sunglasses. I put my hands in my lap. I was now deaf and blind. I waited.

Some time later the vibrator kicked to life briefly and I gasped. Mistress was here! I so wanted to know what was to happen next. I felt a fingernail draw across my shoulder. It was her. My collar was set into place and the leash attached. Two quick tugs and I stood. Light pressure and I followed. I knew instinctively where the steps and furniture were since this part of the ritual was a regular occurrence.

I was placed in the front seat of our car and driven for what seemed like a long time. After a while the car stopped and Mistress helped me out. I sensed we had entered a room the smells of which were oddly familiar. A faint chemical kind of odor I could not quite place.

I stumbled. Mistress helped me up onto what felt like a platform then helped me to sit. Cool leather touched my skin. A feeling I enjoyed in clothing, bindings or a whip. Once seated, Mistress began to bind me. She used her favorite tool, Saran Wrap. My feet were bound to the chair. My arms bound to the arms of the chair. My torso was bound to the chair back so tight I had a little trouble breathing. I relaxed a little since this was what I enjoyed – being helpless before Mistress.

One earplug was removed. Mistress told me to close my eyes and not to open them under any circumstances or punishment would be severe. I did as commanded. The opaque sunglasses were removed and my eyes taped shut. This was new! The earplug was reinserted. Deaf and blind again I waited.

The clasps were removed from my hair. I couldn’t hear it but I could feel the tug of my ponytail and felt my hair fall free against my shoulders. I felt a brush. I heard the brush in my head, not from outside but from within. The brushing continued softly and lovingly. I sighed with pleasure. The slap on my face stung with its unprovoked suddenness. What had I done? Showing pleasure was my offense. The hard slap the punishment and reminder that pleasure was a reward, not a privilege.

I felt a hum near my ear. It then moved to my front. It was an indistinct noise muffled by the earplugs but it was there and it was moving. I tried not to move since I did not want to feel another blow from mistress. I was now nervous. Where was I, what was that hum and what was that perfumy chemical odor?

Suddenly I felt warm metal on my forehead and the hum was suddenly intense in my head. The metal moved toward the top of my head. I could hear and feel an odd change in pitch and a rasping noise. CLIPPERS! She was using clippers. I dared not call out. I dared not use the safe word. I dared not disappoint! The noise continued to move around. The warm metal continued to move from front to back.

Methodical. Purposeful. Unforgiving. The noise moved up the back of my head. Over my ears and around to the front again. What was happening to my ebony hair? How much had been lost?

I felt warmth, like water but not like water. It spread over my head as Mistress massaged my head. I resisted the urge to sigh a note of pleasure at the warmth. I could tell by the feeling of my scalp and the noises in my head that I had been shorn completely. It was unexpected, but, it was Mistress’ desire that she take my hair so I was content to comply. Not that I had any choice about at this point. But I did – I had the safe word. No, I would not use it! Not now. Mistress wanted my hair. She could have it. She must have it.

The spreading warmth stopped. Shaving cream! Mistress was spreading shaving cream over my head. She was going to shave me bald. I suddenly wanted this one thing more than any other. This was Mistress’ desire. It was my desire.

I felt the razor before I heard the scraping in my head. Slowly it moved in little patches. The front of my head. The top. The back. The sides. Over my ears. The scraping noise was insistent.

Next came more warm lather. The scraping began again but more muted this time. Less hair I concluded. The strokes were longer. Front to back. Then side to side. Then it stopped.

I felt a hot towel being rubbed over my head. It was an oddly electrifying feeling. Like when your foot falls asleep and then wakes up.

One of the earplugs was again removed. Mistress told me she was going to remove the tape from my eyes and that I should keep them closed until instructed. The tape tugged at my face. Mistress rubbed my eyes with a damp towel. “Open your eyes.”

Bathed in a single pool of light was a woman bound by clear plastic in a barber’s chair. So that was the smell. The woman had no hair. Her head glowed in the bright light. Her neck was long and slender. Her eyes large and round, her face exquisitely made up. The woman bound in the chair was stunning in the starkness of her lack of hair. The woman in the chair was me. I looked at myself carefully and cried. I thanked Mistress through my tears.

Mistress climbed up onto the chair being careful not to hurt me. She raised her dress to expose her shaved sex with the same rings as mine and squatted over me. I kissed her baldness and cried again. I had passed another test of my servitude. I had sacrificed my hair to Mistress. Not entirely willingly but in the end I had succumbed.

My bindings were cut away. I stood up. I stepped toward Mistress and knelt. “You will remain this way as long as you serve me. You may wear a wig to work if you wish without retribution. If you choose not to you will earn my respect and love. Around me you will go bald whether it be a public or private. Do you understand and agree?”

“Yes Mistress I understand and I agree with your desire.” I then kissed her shoes and sobbed.

The question in my head now was what I going to do at work tomorrow. What would you recommend?


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