Lisa’s Hair Adventure Part I

Lisa's Hair Adventure Part I

Lisa’s Hair Adventure

I was always a bit concerned about the city neighborhood I lived in. It has a wide range of people – young, old, yuppies, and men and women with shaved heads. It was also a high crime area. I never had any problems, but my next door neighbor Lisa was not so lucky. She was coming home one night and took a shortcut through an alley way by our apartment building. She came upon a drug deal that was not going too well. One man pulled out a gun. Lisa froze and watched a man get shot. Lisa started to run. The man with the gun chased after her. She ran into the apartment building and hid in the basement for 5 hours. At 6:00 in the morning I woke to banging on my door. I looked through the peep hole and saw Lisa. I opened the door and she ran in and quickly closed the door. I had never seen her this upset. She had lived next door for about a year and had a series of boy friends. She never seemed very interested in me. I told her to sit down and asked her what was wrong. She proceeded to tell me the story. Just about the time she finished her story there was another knock on the door. I looked out the peep hole and didn’t recognize the man outside. I spoke to the man through the door. He said he was looking for his sister and thought she might live in the building. He said she was about 5 7″, slim, with waist length hair. This was a perfect description of Lisa. I looked over at Lisa and she was shaking her head “NO”. I said to the man, without opening the door, that I did not know anybody who fit that description.

Once we heard the man walk away Lisa started to freak out and asked what she should do. I suggested calling police. She said she didn’t want to do since she was a witness to murder and want to possibly end up in a witness protection program. I suggested to either move away or disguise herself. She said she didn’t want to move and started to think about a disguise. She asked me to go to her apartment an get her eyeglasses, a red wig in her bedroom closet, and some hair pins. When I came back she pinned up her hair and put on the wig. It was a dark red curly wig, about shoulder length with bangs. Lisa’s hair was so long that that the wig did not fit properly over it. She looked at herself in the mirror and said it was obvious she was wearing a wig. She said that she hadn’t worn that wig in about ten years. She said that would go to a salon today on get her hair cut, permed and colored. Lisa and I were both students and were working to put ourselves through school. After talking about getting her hair done she realized that she didn’t have that kind of money to go to a salon. All this talk about hair was getting me turned on. I told I used to cut a former girlfriend’s hair and still had hair scissors in the apartment. I also told her how I used to help also color it. She stood by the mirror and ran her fingers through her long hair and began to cry. I held her and she said she wanted me to cut her hair similar to the wig. She took some money out her purse and asked to go to the all-night drug store and pick up a perming kit and Auburn permanent hair color.

I returned in about fifteen minutes. Lisa was wearing an old T-shirt she found in my closet. She asked me if it was OK for her to use it. She moved a chair into the bathroom and I got my scissors. Lisa sat down and began to brush her long hair. She usually wore her hair brushed straight back. She brushed the hair from the crown so that she looked like “cousin Itt” from the Addams Family. I told her this and she laughed. She told me to start in the front and cut the hair so that she had bangs across her forehead. I sectioned her hair and placed the scissors parallel to her eyebrow and cut across the forehead. I watched as a pile of hair accumulated in he lap. She looked in the mirror and said the bangs were in her eyes and needed to be a little wider. I recut the bangs and she was pleased. I then went to the back of the chair. He hair was down almost to the floor. I asked her how much I should cut. She said a few inches below her shoulders. I took the first section of hair, placed the scissors at a point a few inches below her shoulders and began to cut. A pile of hair began to accumulate on the floor. When I finished, I found another mirror so that Lisa could see the back. She seemed pleased and began to brush her style. …..

END OF PART I – any suggestions ?

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