Linda’s Punishment

Linda's Punishment

Linda’s Punishment by Aragorn


With a start, Linda’s eyes fluttered open as she felt her head being jerked up off the pillow. For a second, the sleep she had been enjoying prevented her senses from focusing on reality. A second yank on her hair brought her fully awake.

“Get up you lazy bitch!” the man muttered.

As she tried to get her balance, she began to realize that Steve, her boyfriend, was pulling her head down to his exposed groin. She blinked her eyes, trying to shake off the grogginess that still enveloped her.

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“I want to fuck your ass, but my dick won’t go in unless it’s wet. You need to lick it so I can get it in. Come on Linda, get your lazy ass over here.”

Struggling to get to her knees, Linda turned toward Steve and allowed her head to be pulled down to his already erect penis. Steve released her hair and fell back on the bed. Linda quickly swallowed his cock, trying to juice it up as much as possible. She knew from experience that the more saliva she could get on his shaft the easier it would slide up her ass. Might as well make it less painful if she had to do it. As she continued to suck and lick, she did not want to think about what would happen if he could not get it hard enough to go in. He would absolutely freak and she would pay the price.

“That’s enough,” he grunted as he grabbed her hair again and pulled her head up. “You know I want to come in your ass, not your mouth. Pushing her head down, Steve scrambled up and squatted down behind Linda, grabbing her hips with his hands. Linda put her head down, trying to push her ass up as high as possible, not wanting to make it difficult for Steve. Grunting and thrusting like a blind animal, Linda could feel Steve trying to push his throbbing organ up her ass. As he kept thrusting, she could feel herself being pushed off the end of the bed. Already her head was over the edge and her hair cascaded like a blond waterfall over the sheets towards the floor.

“Please let it go in,” she thought to herself. When she had all but given up, she suddenly felt it slide in, giving her the odd feeling that she was being splintered somehow. With renewed vigor, Steve pumped away at her ass, quickly exhausting himself and spending his wad. For all the queasiness she felt when he butt-fucked her, Linda had to admit that it certainly required the least effort on her part. As his exhaustion overcame him, Steve collapsed on top of her and she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck. As she started to roll over to face him, he held her down. “Don’t turn over, baby,” he said. She could feel him slide off her on to the floor and move around in front of the bed. “He’s looking at my hair,” she thought to herself with pride. It reached down to the floor from where she was lying. Steve liked her hair and he was always fucking around with it.

Slowly she felt Steve’s hands caress her neck and brush all of her hair forward over her head. Linda loved to have Steve touch her hair. She knew it turned him on. He continued to pull her hair together in a dazzling stream over her head and began to gather it together in a ponytail that started on the top of her head. When he was satisfied that he had all of her hair pulled forward, he began to wrap it around his hand, starting with the end that was on the floor. Linda could feel the increasing tension as he continued to wind up her hair. Finally he wound the last part tightly around his hand as he reached the top of her head. Without releasing his hold, he stood up by the end of the bed. Using his other hand for strength, he began to slowly pull Linda up by her hair until she was on her knees on the bed in front of him. Linda could not hide the groan of pain that this pressure on her hair caused. Steve continued to hold her head up using her hair like a rope.

“Tonight’s the night baby,” he said, grinning into her face. “If you don’t do what I asked you to do, I’m gone.”

“Please baby,” she pleaded, tears of pain starting to roll down her cheeks. “You know I’ll do anything for you.”

Shaking her head like a rag doll, he yelled, “Then get this fucking hair cut off. How many times have I got to tell you?”

“Ok, Ok baby. Whatever you want. I promise I’ll get it cut off. I only want to please you. You can cut it right now if you want to, Steve.”

With a look of disgust on his face, Steve took his free hand and slapped her across the mouth. Still holding her hair he pulled her head back until he was rewarded with a groan. “Damn you stupid bitch. How many times have I got to tell you what to do. You know that’s not good enough. You know what to do. Now do it.” As he said this last, he brought his knee up and caught Linda in the midsection, grinning as her breath whooshed out. As she doubled forward over the bed, he allowed her head to drop, unwinding his hand. As he started to turn away, he looked down at her heaving body, and slapped the back of her head with his open hand. “Stupid bitch,” he muttered.

The Haircut

I first met Linda at work. She was a receptionist and a part-time assistant to the Purchasing Officer. She was barely out of high school and not very worldly. As far as I could tell, she was a stereotypical redneck country girl with a dash of white trash thrown in for good measure. She dressed like a tramp and always wore rings on all ten fingers. She was unusually thin with small, although prominent, breasts and had always given me the impression that she had seen the backseats of more than one car. I would not have called her pretty, though her features were noticeable due to the constant presence of red lipstick and bright blue eyes which I later discovered were the result of colored contacts. Her only really remarkable feature was her hair, slightly below shoulder length blond curls that framed her face.

I had never been particularly attracted to her and we seldom spoke. Our jobs did not bring us in contact much and I only saw her for a few minutes each day. My only real thoughts of her were occasional passing fantasies involving bondage and submission. Considering the occasional bruises and black eyes that she sported, I certainly expected that she enjoyed rough treatment. Everything I heard through the gossip mill regarding her current boyfriend indicated that she had a very physical relationship and that she enjoyed it that way.

I was very surprised to find her waiting in my office early Friday morning when I arrived at work. I could tell she was nervous and upset, but all she would say was that she needed to talk to me privately and would I meet her after work at a local bar for a drink. She stressed that it was crucial that she talk to me that night and that no one else at work must know. I agreed somewhat reluctantly that I would meet her at 10 PM since I had some other business to take care of first. She said that she would meet me there.

When I arrived at the club, I went directly to the bar and ordered a drink. When I had my drink safely in hand, I began to look around the room to try to locate Linda. I finally spotted her in a booth in the back. I made my way through the dancers and finally seated myself next to her in the back of the bar. She had changed clothes from those she had worn at work. She was now wearing a red dress with a bare midriff and matching 6″ pumps. There was ample cleavage to be seen even though she was not particularly well hung. I could see her nipples pushing against the fabric and I felt myself stiffen unconsciously. She had also rearranged her blond hair, pulling it up on top into a tight bun just above her forehead. I could not help but think that her hairstyle presented an excellent means to easily grab her by the hair and control her. I idly wondered if that was her intent.

“Hi,” she said with a nervous laugh. “Thanks for meeting me tonight.”

“No problem, I really didn’t have anything else to do. And meeting you for a drink sure beats the hell out of staying home and watching TV. So what’s up?”

“Well, you know I’ve been dating this guy since my marriage broke up. I think you may have seen him once when he came to pick me up for lunch.”

“Ya, I think I did see him. Big guy as I remember.”

“Well anyway, we been going together for about six months and I really dig him, you know? He treats me pretty good and the sex is great.”

“I’m glad for you Linda, but I guess I still don’t see what you wanted to discuss with me that was so important.” I finished my drink and motioned to the waitress to bring me a refill. I could tell that Linda was getting more and more nervous and I could not help but wonder why. Unfortunately, she had a habit of licking her lips when she was stressed, and she was really starting to arouse me. Even if she was a tramp, there were still a few things I wouldn’t mind doing to her.

“This is so hard,” she said as she chewed her lower lip. “I really want this relationship to last. But I’m not sure I can. He wants so much from me that I don’t always know if I can measure up. I guess I need to explain from the beginning, huh?”

“Might not be a bad place to start,” I added, taking a sip of my second drink.

“His name is Steve, and I’m really lucky to have him. Being as how I’m already divorced and only 19, I guess I’m not really anything special. I know that I could never seem to be a good wife to Todd. He was my first husband. He used to beat me a lot, but I didn’t mind because I knew I deserved it. He was a good man and he deserved better than me. Finally, he just up and left with another woman. I sort of thought maybe I would end up by myself since I had made such a mess of my first try. I could hardly believe my luck when Steve just happened along almost as soon as Todd was gone. And Steve is every bit as good a man as Todd was.”

“Does he beat you too, Linda?”

“No more than I deserve. And I don’t mind. Hell, Steve is trying to make me into a better woman. He taught me that the only way a real woman can please her man is by serving him. He told me that I need to be more submissive. He only beats me when I displease him. And I sort of enjoy the punishments. At least I know that I can make up for my screw ups without Steve getting pissed and leaving. I’d rather get a beating anytime than have him leave me like Todd. And besides, he says I should try to enjoy the pain. He told me once that pain was his gift to me and that it was the essence of our relationship. I thought that was kind of sweet.”

“Do you enjoy the beatings?”

“I don’t really mind them because I do enjoy bringing Steve pleasure, even if I have to suffer a little. Like I said, I know that I come from white trash and that nobody is likely to want to hold me up as their queen. But it’s enough for me if I can be loved as his slave.”

I was trying to stay calm, but I was getting really turned on. Here was this cute little tramp telling me how she didn’t really mind having someone beat the shit out of her on a regular basis. Now I was really curious why she wanted to talk to me so urgently.

“I guess you’re wondering what all this has to do with you, huh?”

“As a matter of fact, I am. I am happy to hear that you have someone who cares about you and I certainly respect your desire to give yourself to him. Any man would be lucky to have a woman commit herself so openly.”

As I said this, she looked down and I could see that she was embarrassed. She started fumbling around in her purse and finally pulled out a box of cigarettes. She pulled one out and then looked up at me.

“Do you mind?” she asked.

“No, not at all. Go ahead.”

She lit the cigarette herself and inhaled deeply and nervously. Tilting her head back, she blew out a plume of blue smoke before she spoke again. She was right. She really did look like white trash. But what the hell, I like trashy women.

“This is really hard for me,” she said as she exhaled more smoke towards the ceiling. “I didn’t mean to come on to you exactly. Well yes, I guess I did.” She smiled at me and put the cigarette to her lips again. She slowly inhaled and then opened her lips ever so slightly to let the smoke passively curl out of her mouth before she finally exhaled the remainder from her lungs.

“Why don’t you just tell me what you want Linda? I wouldn’t have met you here if I didn’t want to help in whatever way I could.”

“I really mean that because I have the most embarrassing problem you could ever imagine. And I guess there is no easy way to put it so I am going to just tell you. Steve does more with me than just beat me. We play games involving a master/slave relationship where he causes me pain. Sometimes he ties me up and does things to me. The object is to cause me to suffer. Sometimes he likes to just humiliate me either by myself or in front of his friends. Lately he has been giving me to each of his friends to use or abuse as they might see fit. As I said, I don’t really mind ’cause I know that I have no right to complain.”

She paused again and took a long drag on her cigarette. As she exhaled, she unconsciously ran her hand up the back of her neck over the tightly bound strands of hair, absently fingering her bun hairstyle. For the second time I could not help but wonder what it would feel like to grab that tightly bound hair and kiss those bright red lips.

Finally she seemed to make a decision and started to speak again. “Ted, I have been requested by Steve to both humiliate myself and accept punishment from a total stranger. I was sort of hoping that you might be the one I went to. I hardly know you from work and well I guess I would feel more comfortable with you. I know that I can trust you. I just feel it somehow.”

“I’ve told you I would help Linda, but you need to tell me what you want me to do. I can’t read your mind.”

Talking very fast, she just began spilling out her thoughts. “Steve has ordered me to go up to a stranger,” she looked up into my eyes as she said this before lowering her eyes again, “and ask him if I could give him a blow job.” My groin tightened involuntarily as I heard these words. “But that’s not all,” she said, looking up again. “He wanted me to ask the man to cut my hair during the oral sex. He thought it would be a real turn on to have me suck somebody strange and at the same time have my hair cut off. And I want to do it for him. Would you let me suck you, Ted.” She could not hold my gaze as she said this. She dropped her head and I found myself staring at her knot of blond hair. The very blond hair that she now wanted me to cut off!

“To be honest Linda, I have wanted to put my penis in your mouth since the first time I saw you. And now you want to know if I will let you suck me? Of course I will. Any time and any place that you want.” I could hardly believe my luck. This was almost too much.

“But what about my hair?” she asked. “I know that is a really kinky thing to ask, but it is very important. Steve wants me to be totally humiliated with you. Can you at least do it for me?”

I leaned across the table and looked directly into her eyes. “I think you have beautiful hair baby, and I would much rather play with it than cut it. But if you want me to give you a haircut for punishment or humiliation, then I will gladly cut your blond hair off and doing it while I fuck your mouth might be fun.” I leaned back in my chair and took a big drink to steady my racing pulse. I wanted to grab this little slut right now. “When do we start?” I asked.

“Right now. I’ll come to your place if that’s alright?”

“Suits me baby.”

“Meet me out in the parking lot. I have a blue van with darkened windows. I need to give you something first, then I will follow you to your house.” Saying this, she stood up and made her way to the door. I watched her walk through the bar, shaking her little ass from side to side as she walked across the wooden floor in her spikes. “I am definitely going to enjoy this,” I thought to myself.

I finished my drink and headed out of the bar. As I stepped outside, I started looking around for a blue van. Not seeing it immediately, I walked around to the back parking lot and finally spotted the van at the far back corner of the lot. Linda was standing by the sliding door on the side smoking another cigarette. I walked over to join her, conscious of the crunch of the gravel under my feet.

As I approached, she stepped back, and opened the door so I could step up into the back of her van. Although the light was dim, I could see that it had been customized. The seats had been removed and the back bench converted into a small sofa leaving a lot of floor room in front of it. Seeing no other place to sit, I stepped back to the converted sofa and sat down. Linda climbed into the van behind me, sending her cigarette in a high arc onto the gravel parking lot, and slid the door shut behind her. She turned to face me on the sofa and immediately dropped down on her knees in front of me.

“You’re such a great guy for agreeing to help me with Steve, that I wanted to do something for you. For the rest of the night, I belong to you. You can do anything you want with me.”

As she spoke, she lowered her head and crawled over to stop at my feet. Without looking up, she reached out and took my left hand in hers. Slowly she raised my hand and put in on her head so that my hand was resting on the knot of hair that she had fixed on the top of her head. The same wad of hair that I had been eyeing so enviously all night. I felt her squeeze my fingers together, indicating that I should take a hold of her hair. Hardly able to control myself, I tightened my fingers on her bun until the knuckles on my fist started to turn white. Slowly I pulled her head up until I could look in her face.

Looking directly into my eyes, she said, “I know you have been staring at my hair all night. I fixed it that way just for you. I call it my “slave knot” and I wore it because I am going to be your slave tonight. I thought it would make it easier for you to control me and use me as you see fit before you punish me by cutting my hair.”

Without replying, I bent her head back even farther until she was looking at the ceiling of the van. Bending over, I kissed her deeply on the lips, playing inside her mouth with my tongue. As I finished, the sound of my pants zipper coming down was unusually loud. Still maintaining a tight hold on her hair, I pulled my already aroused cock from my pants and forced her head downward until I felt her warm mouth surround me. Using her “slave knot”, I pumped her head up and down on my cock until I exploded inside her mouth. She drank every drop without a pause and I slowly pulled her head back up from my crotch. I ordered her to lick me until I was clean and she eagerly obeyed, using her tongue on my cock like a dog at its water bowl.

When she finished, I leaned back on the couch and rested for a minute or two, trying to organize my spinning thoughts. This evening had suddenly taken a turn that I would never have projected. Breaking thorough the haze of my thoughts I realized that Linda had said something. Sitting up again, I realized that I still held her by the hair, although her head had dropped back down on her chest. With a yank, I jerked her head back up and was rewarded when she groaned.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“Do you want me to follow you?” she replied.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll pull around to this side of the lot and you can follow me home.”

I released her hair and opened the door of the van. Stepping out into the cold air I felt a momentary giddiness that made everything seem unreal. How could this be real? But the renewed excitement that I felt between my legs did not lie.

I found my jeep quickly, got in and pulled around to pick up Linda. I turned the radio on and drove rather quicker than usual on my way home. Before I realized what had happened, I was turning into my driveway and the lights from Linda’s van were reflecting in the mirror as she pulled in behind me. A part of me still did not believe she would actually follow. I half expected to have my fantasy evening come to an abrupt end. But even as I turned off the motor, I could see her getting down out of the van, and coming up the driveway towards my jeep. I opened the door to my jeep and stepped out. Without a word I stepped over to Linda and grabbed her by the hair again. I bent her over from the waist and walked her towards the house like I would lead a dog on a leash. As we stepped up on the porch, she stumbled and fell to her knees. Without mercy, I hauled her to her feet using her hair knot and then bent her over again and walked her into my house. I did not stop in the living room, but proceeded on into my exercise room. There I released my hold on her hair and went to get myself a drink. When I returned, she was smoking a cigarette nervously.

“Do you mind if I finish my cigarette before you start?” she asked.

“Of course not Linda, I’m just trying to go along with your request. Would you care for a drink?”

“No, thank you. But I do have a favor to ask of you. I’ve been thinking that if I come back to Steve without a mark on me, he may think that I disobeyed him and cut my own hair. If he thought that, there is no telling what he might do to me.” She took a long drag on her cigarette and then continued, “I need to ask you one more thing. I need to have you beat me. He has to know that I got you to use me and cut my hair. The only way he will believe me is if he can plainly see that you beat me up.”

I walked across the room and stopped in front of her. “Are you sure about this Linda?” I asked. “Cutting your hair is one thing, but beating on you is something else again. I’m not sure I can do that.”

She stepped close to me and put her arms around my neck. Slowly she began to rub her hips against my groin. Lifting her head up to look in my eyes, she ran her tongue around her lips, beckoning me to kiss her.

“I meant what I said in the van Ted,” she whispered huskily. “You can do anything you want with me, it’s OK. I belong to you tonight. Treat me like the slut that I am, I know you want to.”

Very deliberately I bent her head back by the hair until she was looking up at me. I kissed her deeply, letting her tongue play in my mouth. As our lips parted, my hands found the front of her dress and I yanked hard, ripping the material in an uneven tear down the front of her chest. Her tits fell out, suddenly freed of all restraint. As her dress tore, Linda took a half step backward with a gasp. Still holding the torn remains of her dress in my left hand, I slapped her across the face with the back of my right hand. Her head jerked to the side and I saw surprise in her eyes as she looked back up at me. With no hesitation, I slapped her with the open palm of my right hand, rocking her head back the other way. Although she had clearly seen this blow coming, she had made no effort to avoid it. Letting go of her, I drew back my right hand one more time and hit her savagely across the mouth, knocking her to the floor. She immediately tried to get up on her knees, but I could see that my beating had stunned her.

“Take off your clothes – now!” I ordered as she regained her knees. She scrambled to her feet and slid the remainder of her ruined dress down around her ankles and stepped out of it. She was not wearing anything underneath her dress. She stood before me naked except for her red pumps. She made no effort to remove them and I did not ask her to. I could see that her lip was cut and bleeding where I had struck her. She made no attempt to wipe the blood away, but rather let it trickle down to her chin.

Unbuckling my belt, I pulled it out through my belt loops until I had it free. I doubled it over, taking the buckle and the free end in one hand. This made a nice two-foot-long whip and I fully intended to use it.

Once more I grabbed the knot of hair that she had fastened up on the front of her head, and forced her to her knees. Standing in front and a little to one side of her, I began to lash her across the back with my belt. She kept her hands clenched in her lap and made no attempt to stop me. Clearly she was not only a trained slave, but she accepted punishment as a routine part of her life. As each blow struck her back, I could feel her shiver through the hold I had on her hair. After a dozen lashes that left her back laced with bright red tracks and welts, I stopped to catch my breath. Up to this point, Linda had not cried out, but responded only with muffled moans and deep grunts. Something inside me however was caught up in the act of punishing this bitch. I would not be content unless I could make her cry out in pain. Releasing my hold on her hair, I let her head sag down on her chest. I stepped back and thought for a moment before I moved around behind her. I stooped over and jerked her head up, exposing her naked chest. Without any warning, I lashed my belt across her exposed breasts with a fury that surprised me. Linda let out a startled cry as she absorbed this new punishment. I pulled hard on her hair, forcing her to arch her back and push her chest out prominently. Before I could strike her again, she took her arms and wordlessly put them behind her back, offering her chest to me. I smiled and struck her again, equally as hard as the first blow. As my belt slashed across her bare nipples, she cried out in obvious agony, but she kept her fingers locked behind her back and made no attempt to resist the hold I had on her hair. I lashed her two or three more times, each blow wringing a cry of pain from her lips. Releasing her, I turned away to lean against the table and took a sip from my drink. Her head slumped down, but she remained on her knees, quietly crying in pain.

I found her purse on the table where she had tossed it, and removed a cigarette from inside. Walking over to her, I crouched down and gently lifted her head by the hair. I placed the cigarette between her lips and received a grateful look in return. I got her lighter and lit the cigarette for her. She stayed on the floor, not speaking, but smoking deeply as though to draw strength from the tobacco.

When she finished, she looked up at me one last time, before lowering her head again. Slowly, she began to remove the pins that restrained her hair. As she completed the task, I walked to the kitchen and retrieved a large pair of fabric shears that were very sharp. She was still sitting on her knees with her head down, but her appearance was quite different. Instead of the tight clean bun hairstyle that she had worn during all of her punishment, her blond locks were now cascading down over her shoulders completely obscuring her face. Thinking about cutting that beautiful hair made my cock start to stiffen up in my pants.

I walked over and stood in front of her, holding the scissors in my right hand. Slowly, methodically I reached down and buried my left hand in the disheveled mass of her blond hair. I tightened my grip and pulled her head up until she was looking into my crotch. Without a word she unbuckled my pants, pulled the zipper down and eased my pants down around my ankles. For just a moment, she caressed my bulging penis with her hands, causing it to strain even further against my underwear. She slid one hand down inside and grasped my throbbing organ while her other hand pulled my underwear down to join my pants. As she purposefully began to stroke my penis, I stepped out of my pants and kicked them away.

Slowly she stroked my cock with her hands, making a ring with her fingers. Unable to control myself, I began to thrust my groin against her face until she opened her mouth and took me inside. Still holding my cock with one hand she took my penis deep into her throat and then pulled it out, licking and sucking every inch. As the tip reached her lips, she used her tongue to caress it. Without warning she began to repeatedly take my penis in and out of her mouth, forming a suction cone with her lips. She began to moan quietly as her efforts grew more intense. As the fire built in my cock, I began to grunt in satisfaction, louder and louder. Suddenly, only moments before I knew I would explode, I remembered my promise to her. Trying to focus despite the ecstasy I was feeling, I pulled a handful of her hair up and snipped it cleanly away with the shears. As she felt me begin to cut her hair, she intensified her efforts, driving her mouth up and down like a wet piston on my penis. Frantically, I grabbed for another handful of hair and cut it off as well. I too was now in a frenzy as I cut away handful after handful of hair. Pulling up the last remaining long clump of hair, I felt myself start to ejaculate. As I did, Linda pulled her head back to take the spurt of my jism square in the face as I cut the last of her hair and let it fall on her back.

As I stood there panting, I realized for the first time that her hair was now laying in a blond puddle around her feet and knees. She had dropped her head and was breathing heavily, but I could tell that most of her hair was gone. I ran my hand through her hair and discovered that she had only a few strands over 3 inches long. Most of her hair was now 1 to 2 inches in length, and slightly curly.

She looked up at me, with the come beginning to dry on her face and said, “Go ahead, finish the job. Cut the rest off. I promised you that you would get to cut off all my hair.” As she said this, she took my free hand and brought it up to her head, indicating that I should pull up her remaining hair and cut it off.

Instead, I knelt in front of her and raised her chin so I could look her in the face. “I’ve cut off all I am going to cut off tonight. You have given me the most precious gift you had. You have given me your hair. I will not abuse that gift by humiliating you by shaving your head.” Gently, I wiped a wad of come off of her cheek and offered her my finger. With a look of gratitude that I could not miss she gladly licked my finger clean and pressed her shorn head against my chest. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“Now, put your clothes on and get out of here. I would suggest you take a shower and clean yourself up, but I think Steve will be more impressed if he sees you this way first. Go on now.” I pulled her to her feet and steadied her as she stumbled. As she pulled her torn dress back on, I picked up the strands of her blond hair and put them in a brown paper bag. “A trophy for Steve,” I joked as I handed it to her.

As she turned to leave, she hesitated as if she wanted to say something. Without speaking, she turned and walked out the door.

As she staggered down the steps on the way to her van, Linda clutched the torn remains of her dress to her breast. As she reached the bottom of the steps, she slumped down onto the wet grass of the front lawn. The cool dew on the ground felt good under her hands. Rubbing her hand on the grass, she lifted the dampness to her breasts, hoping to lessen the stinging pain inflicted during her beating. Reaching down, she pulled off her red pumps. She would have a hard enough time walking without the distraction of the heels. With effort, she picked herself up and made her way to the van. She opened the door and tossed the shoes into the passenger seat. Using the steering wheel, she hoisted herself up into the seat and slumped back to catch her breath.

Unconsciously she ran her hand up her forehead and through her ruined hair. Sighing, she pulled down the visor to survey the damage. She was surprised to see that she still had quite a bit of hair. With a trim and the right hairstyle, she would look fine, maybe even sexy. Starting the van for the ride home to Steve, she thought again about Ted. Despite the pain he had caused her and the damage to her hair, she could not help herself from feeling a small arousal. She remembered the feeling as he pulled her head to his chest to tell her he was not going to shave her head. Almost ashamedly, Linda realized that an even stronger memory was the powerful feel of his hand in her hair as he dragged her around like an animal. She shivered involuntarily at the thought.


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