Linda’s Goes Short

Linda's Goes Short


Linda and I have been living together for several years. Accepting each other’s habits as they are. Sometimes she would suggest that I get a trim or would offer to do it herself if she had the time and felt in the mood. I would trim Linda’s usually in a pinch when no one else could work on her hair and help style her long hair to her requirements. Most often her girlfriend would visit with her and they would work on each other’s hair.

One Saturday afternoon Linda told me that she was ‘fed-up’ with her boring straight long hair and wanted to try something very different. I was not really listening – I gave my usual Yes Dear, uh-huh sort of ok go-ahead – I was half listening – and she grinned mischievously to herself. I paid attention all right when I saw what sort of ‘different’ style she had in mind.

She was still smiling – although with false courage now – as she entered the Salon, the door bell chiming her arrival. The stylist sat her in one of the cutting chairs and draped a gown over her, chatting and making her feel welcome. Linda was nervous about explaining to the stylist exactly how she wanted it cut, but finally she stumbled and stuttered it out. The stylist warned her that her requested style was very short and that the only way to achieve it was with electric and hand clipper. Linda swallowed hard .. a lump of quite thrilling anticipation in her throat – and said ..


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However, she jumped out of her skin when the clipper was switched on and run, tearing and chattering into her hair … spilling her tresses onto the sheet and around her on the salon floor.

She felt the air grow cool breeze on her clean shaven neck .. she peered in the mirror as the stylist began to shave around her ears and saw the lines of untanned skin revealed as it was buzzed off.

Then the stylist told her to sit … “VERY very still” … and, using hand clipper that glittered and squeaked, cut the top of her hair in a perfect flat-top, erect springy bristles across her head, flat and sharp.

Linda thought the finished style was great, and said so .Hey this looks great ! Can you go shorter?

When she got back home she crept in quietly and managed to get within a few feet of her husband without him detecting her presence .. he was ‘paying attention’ as usual. Linda’s spoke softly … HI!

I looked up startled – my eyes grew wide and red faced ..Linda seemed momentarily frightened of my reaction. Linda ran her hand back over her crew-cut, the bristles were springing up again like a field of wheat after a waft of breeze. My hands replaced hers on her freshly clipped head and I whispered…………


Now I was paying attention!


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