Lesson in Obedience

Lesson in Obedience

A Lesson in Obedience – KUGuy

I call you at work in a panic one day because we have no power. You call the company to see what is wrong and you call me back saying, “Well Jodi, they seem to think we haven’t been paying our bill. But I know that’s not true because I asked you to take care of it… right?” I tell you of course I have! And I get out the folder to look for the check numbers and I realize I had forgotten, but I will take a check to the power company right now. You sigh and say, “No need to worry yourself, I will take one to them myself. I wouldn’t want to put you out.” I tell you that I’m really sorry, that I must have overlooked it, I didn’t do it on purpose. You say rather shortly, “We will talk this over when I get home tonight.” I tell you again how sorry I am and ask, “What should I do now?” You laugh. “Not much to do. Just be prepared when I come home,” you say, and hang up the phone. I am so upset and worried about what I’ve done. I make your favorite things for dinner and have everything the way you like it.

I hear you pulling into the garage. A wave of anxiety runs over me. I feel my pussy heat up and get moist, despite everything. I wait nervously by the door and try to think of what to say or do. I don’t know how you’re going to be. I’m wearing your favorite outfit, with my hair down and loose and shiny. You come through the door and I can see that you’re very unhappy.

I hesitate to kiss you. I don’t know if you want me to. I finally lean forward and gently kiss your lips, and tell you how sorry I really am. You kiss me back and slowly push me down onto my hands and knees. “Dinner will have to wait.” You decide not to pull me by my hair, but make me crawl to the bedroom in front of you. If I stop or move too slow you give me a smack. We get to the bedroom and I look up at you questioningly. I start to get up, but you tell me to stay there, you need to change. I sit back on my knees and watch you change. You sit on the edge of the bed and say, “I love that outfit, but strip.” I slowly stand up and start to take my clothes off. I take the sweater off and you see that I’m wearing my cream lace bra. I unzip the back of my skirt and slide it off. I am wearing the barest of panties. I turn around shyly to face you and ask you to please unhook my bra. You reach up and deftly undo my bra, letting the straps hang over my shoulders. I slip it off and bend down to take my panties off. I step out of them and stand before you a little embarrassed and naked…You tell me, “Now back on your hands and knees and come here.”

I crawl over to you and look up at your face, waiting for you to tell me what to do. You make me place myself between your legs and you tie my wrists together. Then as I lean into your body you say, “So tell me what we should do about this?” I tell you I think we can find something to do, it’s not so bad without electric. You say, “I’m sure we can and will, but I asked you to do something and you didn’t do it. This is not a little thing – I had to pay the electric company six months in advance to get the power back on, and our credit rating is ruined, and we will have to cancel our vacation because of the money.” I tearfully tell you how sorry I am, and I don’t know how it happened, and I ask what I can do to make it up to you. You say, “Well first things first… I am hungry.” You take a blindfold and tie it under my hair and around my eyes and say, “I’ll be having dinner. Why don’t you think of a suitable punishment while I am gone.” You kiss my forehead and go to the kitchen. I cry for a little, and think about what I’ve done, and I wait and wait for you.

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It has been a while. I hear you in the kitchen, I hear you read the mail, I hear you watch some TV. Then you come back in and lift my chin up and kiss me nice and deep and murmur, “You know I love you, but you need to be taught a lesson. A lesson of what you are supposed to do for your Master, and a lesson to make you a better person.” I nod and say, “Yes Master, I was very, very bad. I need to be punished.” Nodding you say, “Well you have been extremely bad this time, sometimes I don’t know what to do with you… so have you thought about a suitable punishment?” I look down and mumble, “I can’t think of a punishment for what I did, I was so terrible.” You think for a minute and say, “Well I think maybe I will get you started… 100 spanks on your pussy as you suck me.”

I lean down and take you in my mouth, waiting for you to start my spanking…You wait till I get a good rhythm going and the spanking begins, lightly at first but getting harder each set of ten. I start to moan a little as they get harder. By the time you reach 50 I am sucking you so hard and fast. By ninety I am having a hard time sucking as my breath is heavy and deep. At 100 you stop and make me stop sucking. I look up at you and ask between breaths what I should do now. You frown and say, “I am still waiting to hear what punishment you feel is adequate for your failure to obey me.”

“Master, no punishment I can think of is good enough for what I did. I am not the rule maker, I will do whatever you tell me to.” You nod and say, “And what is it you fear losing the most?” My eyes widen and I say quietly, “My hair, I don’t want to lose my hair.” You untie me and tell me, “Gather your hair into a nice ponytail.” I hold my ponytail in my hand and think about how soft and silky it is.

As I finish you say, “Let’s go for a walk, shall we?” and grab my ponytail in your hand and lead me into the bathroom, up onto a stool in front of the vanity. You smile and say, “Well I believe you should do the honors,” and hand me a pair of scissors. “The ponytail, please.” I look at you tearfully and ask, “You don’t really want me to cut my hair, do you?” You say, “It is the only way I know you will learn your lesson. I hate to do it, but it is for your own good. Now cut.”

“Do I have to cut my whole ponytail off?” You smirk at me. “What do you think? You were a very, very bad girl. Now stop talking and cut.” I reach up with a shaking hand and start to cut through my lovely ponytail, watching in horror as it slips to the floor in heaps. You smile and say, “See that wasn’t so hard.” You take the scissors out of my shaking hand and as I look stunned at the mass of hair lying on the floor, you tie my wrists and arms down, chuckle and say, “Not a bad trim. I guess that should take care of the many months of missed billings. Now all we have to do is make up for the six months I had to pay in advance.”

“How will you do that, Master? I don’t have much hair left.” Too late I see the clippers in your hand and the guard is off – this is going to be a very short cut. You hold my head still in a tight grasp and run the clippers from my forehead down the middle of my head. It leaves a shorn path of hair in its wake. I gasp and watch in wonder as the rest of my hair starts to disappear. I am too stunned to speak. In a moment you push my head forward and begin clipping the sides from back to front. My hair falls down around my face and into your lap. I stare in amazement at my lap full of hair and the massive piles on the floor. I look up at you, dazed. You say, “Well that takes care of the missed payments and the advanced payments. Now, about my credit rating.”

I start to cry again and ask what could possibly be left. You turn around and rummage in the linen cabinet and set a razor down on the vanity in front of me. As I gaze at the razor I do not notice you behind me. A cool sensation snaps my attention back as you lather my head with shaving gel. I cry harder but also realize that I’m soaking wet, and my pussy is throbbing. You lean down by my ear and whisper, “Now Jodi you know you deserve this.” You pick up the razor. It makes a rasping sound as the first small strap of stubble, the remainder of my gorgeous hair, is removed. You whisk the razor in the sink in front of me and I stare at the stubble floating in the water. You continue to shave, repeating the whisking until you are sure that all remnants of my hair are gone. You towel me off as I look into the mirror. I sniffle and look at my very bald head, then I look in the mirror at you and see you smiling. I did not notice you untying me, now I feel myself being picked up off the stool and bent over the vanity. My hands are placed onto my newly shaved head – as I feel the smoothness you enter me from behind. I moan and rub my smooth head, waiting for you to go faster. You do go faster, I am so wet and hot – the sensation of being shaved, the smoothness of my head, the feeling of fulfilling my punishment, of wanting to be good completely envelops me and I come several times in a row. After my last orgasm I feel you slide out of me and spin me around. Your hands are on my shoulders and force me to my knees, then your hands rest on my shaved head as you guide my mouth onto your cock. I start to suck hard and fast, I want you to feel as good as I do. I know I’m doing a great job as your thighs start to tense. I hear you say, “Decide how you want my come: in your mouth or in my hand.” I stop long enough to gasp, “Please Master, I want it in my mouth.” You smile, and push my head back onto your cock. You start to come, and I have done a great job, it is a large and lengthy orgasm. I swallow every drop and look up at you smiling, hoping you feel as good as I do. You say, “I hope you have learned your lesson. I sure have.” I tell you, “I love you, and I am very sorry I disappointed you.” You kiss me and tell me, “I know. Always remember who loves you and owns you.”


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