Leslie Joins the Sorority

Leslie Joins the Sorority

Leslie Joins the Sorority – Tigger

Leslie wanted to be in the Alpha sorority more than anything else in the world. She knew they only took two new members each semester. She looked for the address she was supposed to go to.

“1124, 1128, 1132…” Her heart stopped for a second. 1132 State Street was a barbershop. She wasn’t going to let fear keep her from joining the sorority. She got out of her car and walked to the door. When she opened it, she saw many of the sorority members there as well as her friend Lisa. Lisa stepped down from the barber’s chair with her hair freshly cut into a short boyish crop. Piles of blonde tresses lay around the chair on the checkerboard floor.

“Still want to join?” her friend said with a smile. Leslie was scared but determined. she nodded.

“Pick a paper out of the hat,” Jill said. Leslie picked one and handed it to Jill. “No, don’t hand it to me. Give it to the barber. On that paper is the cut you will receive. You may leave now or join by taking your place in his chair.” Jill smiled.

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Leslie knew she had to do it. It was what she had been wanting for so long. She walked over and climbed into the chair. The barber placed the white cape over her and pulled her long red her out from under it. The scarlet cascade reached the middle of the back of the chair.

She wondered what cut was in store for her. The barber pushed her head forward until her chin touched her chest. He pushed all her curly red hair over her head and face. He placed a #2 guard on the clippers and flipped the switch. Leslie heard the sound and flinched. She felt the vibrating instrument touch her neck and then move up and over her head! A pile of red curly hair landed in her lap. Another run of the clippers added more to it.

Tears began to form in her eyes but she knew there was no turning back now. The clippers continued to run over her head from back to front. The mound of red curls in her lap continued to grow. The barber continued on the right side and then the left. The once white cape now seemed to be covered by a scarlet carpet.

The buzzing stopped and Leslie raised her head. The sorority smiled in approval. Maybe it was over. That idea vanished as she heard the clippers come to life again. This time there was no guard on them. The barber placed a comb flat on her head and began running the clippers over it. He continued working his way back. Leslie had seen guys with flattops before. This must be what she was receiving. Tears continued to fall. How short was he cutting it? She had a good idea since she could feel the comb flat against her scalp.

Finished with the top, he moved to the side. The vibrating blades touched her temple and made her shiver. They stroked upward sending a shower of red onto her shoulder. He continued working to the back and then to the side. Leslie wasn’t crying any more. In fact, she was starting to enjoy this. She wanted to prove that she was the best. She whispered in the barber’s ear and he smiled. The sorority sisters looked puzzled. The barber placed the clippers at the top of her head and ran them back. Over and over until only fuzz remained. The clippers stopped and he filled his hands with shaving cream. He rubbed it all over her head and stroked it with the razor. Soon she was smooth.

Nothing would stop her from becoming the best Alpha ever.


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