Krystal’s Day

Krystal's Day

Krystal’s Day – J

This a true story about a close friend of mine who lives in New Hampshire. Everything is down to the last detail as it happened. Enjoy!

It was about the middle of June during 2001 and summer break was in full swing. It was already hot and my head was hot enough as it was. At the time I had a weird poof-type haircut with my hair about 6 inches up from my shoulders, which was pretty long for me, but my hair was never straight and always kinda weird. Hard to describe but it was all good. Since it was the summer it was time to get a job and I finally found one with my Uncle Dan. He owned a barbershop and hired me to help sweep and just take care of counting the money. It was to be a boring job but it paid well enough and figured it would be worth my 2 days of service a week.

It was a Saturday morning and my parents had gone on a business trip for about 4 days so I was to stay at Uncle Dan’s house. Since I had to I was to work at the shop on Saturday and I figured it would be cool since I couldn’t go anywhere else that day. I was kind of mad for my parents leaving seeing how I needed a haircut pretty bad and I had scheduled an appointment at the salon I go to that day but since I had to work I had to cancel and wait probably even longer. Once we arrived at the barbershop I opened up everything and unlocked all of the doors and put out the newspapers. Next I had to take all of the capes and shake them out, which I did and then I went in the back and just sat down and listened to the radio that was in there.

It was 9:30 when the shop finally opened and not long after the usual people made their way in the shop. The first customer was man in his 30s, tall, with black hair. He sat down in the chair without waiting, got a crewcut and left. I then went to work and swept up the hair and put it to the side. Later I would put it in a pan. One after another customer came in and got their cut then left. Around one, everything slowed down and the other barbers left for lunch break. As I sat there my Uncle just looked over as no one had come in for the last half hour. He looked quite shocked but he figured that most everyone had already got their summer haircuts so eventually business would slow down.

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“Hair looks a little ragged there, Krystal. Don’t you think you should get it cut soon, if not this weekend?” he said as I just looked at him.

“I know. I need it cut pretty badly since mom couldn’t get me to the salon this weekend. It needs to be shorter.”

“Well what are you planning on getting, because I bet I could do it for you Krissy,” he said with a little smile on his face.

“No Uncle, you don’t have to, besides I don’t know if you could cut it the way I wanted it,” I said, but then I thought about it after. I really needed a cut and he could give me a cut similar to it. If it was messed up I could just grow it out so I then decided different. “Then again I really need a cut. Okay Uncle Dan can you cut it? And if so how much?” I said without really giving it much thought.

“Of course I can cut it for ya, and no charge since you have been working so hard here.”

“Okay Uncle Dan then let’s cut this rag,” I said and from that point on I realized that I hadn’t really thought about this.

He waved me over to the chair and sat me down in it. It was a big brown barber’s chair and I wasn’t used to them being so big. I sat down and put my arms in my lap. “Glasses, Krissy.” I pulled off my glasses and handed them to him. He then took the cape on the chair and let it unravel and then shook it a couple of times and draped it on me. He then reached behind him and pulled a tissue from the machine. He then proceeded to take the tissue and wrap it around my neck and then tied it on the end. I had never had a tissue put on so it was all a new experience for me. He then removed the cape and decided to shake it out one more time. He re-draped it on me and then brought the collar up to my neck. He fastened it tightly but not so tightly that I couldn’t breath or be uncomfortable. He folded the top of the tissue down. I just looked down, even with my blurred vision, and looked at the red striped cape that was on me. Big it was as it hung down past my knees.

“I’ll be right back Krissy, just hang tight,” he said as he walked into the back room real quick. He washed his hands and came back with another comb. “So, how short are we going here?”

“Oh, I want it like the one time I had it with like an inch and half all around and maybe 2 inches on top.”

“How bout we stick with the one half like you did?”

“Okay that’ll do!” I said as he turned the chair away from the mirror and grabbed a set of clippers.

“Click…..BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,” was the sound that next filled the room. He put my head down and then proceeded with the clippers on the back of my neck and to the nape. Up he went across the head, around the front, around my ears and back again. I sat there just watching my hair fall on the cape and finally heard the clippers stop. My uncle turned the chair around.

“Oh my god… this looks horrible on me now!” I said in shock.

“Hmm I think you need to go shorter there, Krissy. How bout a crewcut or something since this looks pretty bad?”

“Umm, well alright do like half inch or whatever. Anything’s better than this!” Suddenly I didn’t believe what I had said as I was about to get a boy’s haircut. But before I could act my head was once again forced back down into the cape and then I heard, “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” once again as he started working up the back. More and more hair fell to the floor, as my hair got shorter and shorter. He kept working up and down my head. Once completed he turned the chair around. I was handed my glasses.

“Oh crap, this is getting really bad. You know what! SHAVE IT ALL OFF NOW! PLEASE UNCLE DAN!” I had no idea why I just said that.

“You sure about that Krissy? I mean, come on dear, what will your friends say?”

“I said shave it now!” I said as I took my glasses off. He followed my orders and took the guard off the clippers, then proceeded to once again clip more hair off. He worked up my neck, the nape, across my head, around the ears, finally being reduced to peach fuzz. He turned the clippers off, but I knew that he wasn’t done yet. He picked up a towel and tucked it into the back of the cape. He reached over to the hot lather machine and took a big handful of lather. He then spread the warm lather over my head, which startled me and made me very excited. He then took the straight razor and shaved the fuzz off. After that he then did my neck and once again over my head. He wiped it off with a towel with cool water on it. He unfastned the cape and let me out of the chair. I felt my head. What a difference! I just kept feeling it and looking in the mirror, then hugged Uncle Dan.

“This is so awesome, I’m keeping this shaved!”

And that she did. For the first 6 months she shaved it every 3 days, but then started to let a little bit at a time grow back but she still loved it.


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