Kissing Cousins

Kissing Cousins

This my first attempt at writing a story of this nature. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to improve for my next attempt. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I enjoy reading all the other stories here. If you wish to comment on this story you can reach me at the email address that is at the end of the story. Please keep in mind that this story belongs to me, but if you wish to download it or copy it I have no problem with anybody doing so. All I ask is that you let me know you are going to use it.

Kissing Cousins – Chemdog

Angel and Amanda were cousins. They had grown up doing everything together. Angel was a blonde beauty with gorgeous blue eyes while Amanda had dark brown hair and the same gorgeous blue eyes. Both girls took special care of their hair. Every day they took turns shampooing and conditioning and brushing each other’s hair. They also went to the salon together once every 2 weeks to get the ends trimmed. They spent all their time together. Both had boyfriends but preferred spending time with each other without the boys. After they turned 18 they both left home and moved to New York City. They decided to live together to save money and found an apartment that wasn’t too expensive.

Both girls’ hair had grown well past their waists by this time and they decided that it was time for a shampoo and a trim. Since they had spent most of their money on rent they decided to do the trimming at home to save money. Angel suggested that they go to the store and buy all the necessary items to take care of their hair. So off to the store they went. Amanda headed straight to the hair care section while Angel went to use the restroom. When Angel found Amanda she was looking at the boxes of hair coloring. Angel asked Amanda what she was doing and Amanda said she was thinking about making a change. Angel asked her if that was what she really wanted and Amanda said yes. So Angel helped her pick out a box of platinum blonde hair coloring. Then Angel said she wanted a change too. So they decided she would become a redhead and picked out the appropriate box of hair coloring.

After picking out the boxes of hair coloring they moved on to the clippers and scissors. Amanda grabbed a pair of scissors and said that they would be perfect for trimming the ends of the girls’ hair. But Angel had other ideas. She said that they should buy a set of clippers because you never knew when they would come in handy. Amanda thought it was kind of strange but agreed to buy the clippers anyway.

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As they were making their way to the checkout Angel said she thought they needed more razors and shaving cream to shave their legs. Amanda thought that would be a good idea so they went to the shaving cream and razor aisle and picked out a pack of razors and several cans of shaving cream. Finally they made it the checkout and paid for everything they had. Then both girls headed out to the car and back to the apartment.

Once they got home they took all their purchases out of the bags and put them on the counter in the kitchen. Angel said she would shampoo Amanda first and then trim her and then Amanda could do the same for her. Amanda agreed and decided that in order not to get her clothes messy she would just take them off. Angel said that sounded like a good idea and that she would do the same. Both girls stripped down to their bras and panties and were ready to start when Angel said that since they were already almost naked they might as well take everything off. Amanda thought that was ok and both girls stripped completely. They looked at each other’s body admiringly. Amanda had a beautiful firm body and gorgeous breasts, along with a thick dark bush of pubic hair. Angel was also blessed with a firm tight body and beautiful more than ample breasts. Her pubic bush was thick, soft and blonde. They admired each other for a few seconds and then Angel said, “Lets get started.” Amanda moved a chair over to the kitchen sink and sat down, laying her hair in the sink. Angel turned on the water and started to wet down Amanda’s long brown hair. Once it was thoroughly soaked Angel opened a bottle of Pantene shampoo and poured half of the bottle on Amanda’s hair. Then Angel began to gently massage the shampoo into Amanda’s shiny wet hair and scalp. Slowly the lather built up thicker and thicker. Amanda began to moan in pleasure as Angel continued to shampoo her. The two girls’ bodies rubbed against each other as Angel continued to massage the shampoo in. As the two became more and more aroused Amanda pulled Angel onto her face and began to vigorously lick Angel’s blonde pussy. Angel began to moan as she ground her mound into Amanda’s face while still shampooing her hair. Finally Angel came explosively all over Amanda’s face. At the same time Amanda was rocked by her own orgasm. Angel. when she could finally move, turned on the warm water and started to rinse the shampoo out of Amanda’s hair. Meanwhile, Amanda continued to lick the juices from between Angel’s legs. Angel then told Amanda that she was going to put a deep conditioner in Amanda’s hair and let it stay in while Amanda shampooed her. Amanda just nodded as she continued licking Angel’s pussy. Angel then got a bottle of mayonnaise and opened it up. Amanda asked what was going on. Angel told her that the mayonnaise was the deep conditioning treatment that was going on her hair. Then Angel reached her hand in the jar and brought out a big scoop of mayonnaise and started to massage it into Amanda’s hair and scalp. Amanda moaned in pleasure as she continued to lick between Angel’s legs. After she massaged in the mayonnaise deeply, Angel wrapped Amanda’s head in plastic wrap to help the conditioning treatment. Finally, just as she finished Amanda brought her to another explosive orgasm. Then Angel said it was time to switch places.

Angel sat on the chair and leaned her head back into the sink as Amanda turned the water on and started to soak Angel’s hair. Once Amanda was satisfied that her hair was completely wet she poured a generous amount of shampoo on Angel’s shining blonde hair. She then straddled the chair and pushed her crotch into Angel’s face. Angel didn’t need any further prodding and began to lick Amanda’s love mound. Amanda began to slowly and sensuously work the shampoo into a lather in Angel’s hair. Amanda continued to massage the shampoo in and push her pussy against Angel’s mouth in rhythm. Finally, Amanda could take no more and came, sending her love juices all over Angel’s face and down onto her bare breasts. Amanda then rinsed Angel’s hair and repeated the process with the shampoo, massaging Angel’s hair and scalp until the lather was rich and thick. She then rinsed Angel’s hair again and told Angel to relax and that she would return in a moment. When Amanda came back she had a small plastic tube in her hand. Angel asked her what was going on and she said she was going to give Angel a deep conditioning treatment with V05 Hot Oil treatment. Then Amanda opened the tube and emptied the contents onto Angel’s hair. Angel moaned with pleasure as Amanda massaged the warm hot oil treatment into her hair. Finally, Amanda stopped and said she was going to wrap Angel’s hair to let the treatment work. She then wrapped Angel’s hair in plastic wrap. Angel then told Amanda that she thought they should shave each other’s pussies smooth. Amanda agreed and they set about getting the shaving cream and razors together.

The girls moved into the living room, each carrying various things that they would need. Amanda had a can of shaving cream in one hand and razors in the other. Angel had a long towel and a bowl of warm water. Angel laid the towel on the floor and told Amanda to lie down on top of it. Amanda quickly lay down and spread her legs wide apart, ready to be shaved. Angel said she would be right back and went into the kitchen. When she came back she was carrying a pair of scissors. She knelt between Amanda’s legs and massaged Amanda’s swollen mound. Then she carefully began to cut off the curly hair with the scissors. Finally, when she could no longer cut any hair with the scissors, she dipped a wash cloth into the bowl of water and wiped off any loose bits of hair between Amanda’s legs. Then Angel squirted some shaving cream into her hand and began to rub it into the stubble still remaining on Amanda’s love mound. Then slowly and erotically Angel began to shave Amanda smooth. Amanda moaned in pleasure as the shaving continued. Just as Angel finished the last stroke of the razor Amanda exploded in another orgasm. Angel put her head between Amanda’s legs and began licking the now smooth pussy. Then slowly Angel worked her way up Amanda’s glistening body and kissed her deeply on the lips. At the same time, Angel began to rub shaving cream into Amanda’s eyebrows. Amanda just moaned in ecstasy. Angel then took the razor and shaved both of Amanda’s eyebrows completely smooth. As Angel wiped off the remaining shaving cream with the wet cloth Amanda suggested the go back into the kitchen and rinse their hair. Angel agreed and they both got up and went into the kitchen again.

Angel sat in the chair by the sink and Amanda began to run the water and warm it up. Finally, Amanda told Angel to lean her head back and relax. Angel did as she was told and Amanda wet her hair down completely with the warm water and then lathered her hair with shampoo. She began to kiss Angel and reached down with one hand between Angel’s legs to massage her still hair-covered pussy. Finally she brought Angel to another orgasm and then rinsed her hair out. Angel then sat up as Amanda wrapped a towel around her hair. Now it was Amanda’ turn to sit in the chair. Angel leaned Amanda’s head back into the sink and began to wet Amanda’s hair down with the warm soothing water. Then she applied a generous amount of shampoo to Amanda’s hair and lathered her up until her head was covered in rich white lather. Then she rinsed the shampoo out and wrapped Amanda’s hair in a towel. Amanda then asked Angel if she was ready have her pussy shaved. Angel said sure and they moved back into the living room and this time Angel lay down on the towel.

Amanda had brought the clippers into the living room with her this time. As soon Angel was lying on the towel Amanda had her spread her legs and knelt down between them. She told Angel she wasn’t going to use the scissors, she said she was just going to use the clippers to buzz her pussy hair as short as possible. Angel told her to go ahead but to be careful. Amanda turned the clippers on with a pop and they began to buzz. She moved the buzzing clippers between Angel’s legs and began to remove all the hair down to stubble. Angel became aroused almost immediately by the warm vibrations of the clippers. Amanda knew this and continued to rub them between Angel’s legs. Angel moaned in pleasure and came explosively. Then Amanda turned off the clippers and wiped off Angel’s pussy with a warm wet cloth. Amanda then squirted shaving cream onto Angel’s mound and began to rub it into a lather. Finally, Amanda grabbed a razor and began to shave the stubble off Angel’s pussy. When she finished she wiped it off with a wet cloth again and then applied lotion to sooth the area. Then she moved up and lathered up both of Angel’s eyebrows and removed them with the razor. When she was done Angel sat up and kissed her passionately. Angel then told Amanda that her hair needed a trim and asked if Amanda would do it for her. Amanda agreed and both girls moved back into the kitchen.

Angel sat on a chair in the middle of the floor and took the towel off of her hair. Amanda moved behind her and began to brush Angel’s hair out. As she brushed, she asked if Angel would be willing to let Amanda cut her hair instead of just trim it. Angel said she would be willing to try a shorter hairstyle and asked what Amanda had in mind. Amanda said it would be a surprise. Angel said ok and relaxed and waited for her haircut. Amanda then took the scissors and put them into Angel’s hair level with the bottom of her ear on the left side and cut straight back and around Angel’s head. When she was finished Angel had a short bob with short bangs above her eyes. But Angel said she wanted an even shorter haircut. So Amanda got the clippers and put the # 4 guard on and buzzed Angel’s hair off all over her head. Angel moaned in pleasure as the clippers buzzed over her head. After Amanda finished Angel ran her hands through her now very short hair. She said she loved it but wanted to go even shorter. Amanda smiled, nodded and took the guard off the clippers. Then she ran the clippers all over Angel’s until all that was left was stubble. Then she soaked a towel in warm water and wrapped it around Angel’s head. She let the towel sit for a couple of minutes and then took it off. Next, she lathered Angel’s head with shaving cream and then picked up a new razor. She asked if Angel was ready and Angel said yes go ahead. Amanda then began to slowly shave Angel’s head. Finally, when all the shaving cream was removed, Amanda rubbed Angel’s head and found several rough spots. So she once again lathered Angel’s head and shaved it again until it was totally smooth. When Amanda was done Angel rubbed her head and told Amanda she loved her new haircut. Then she kissed Amanda deeply and passionately.

Amanda then told Angel she also wanted a haircut. Angel told her to sit down and she would cut her hair for her. Amanda sat in the chair and waited to see what Angel would do. Angel went immediately for the clippers and didn’t bother to put a guard on them. She turned them on and the pop and buzzing noise caused Amanda to jump. But then Amanda settled back into the chair ready for her haircut. Immediately Angel put the clippers into Amanda’s hairline at her forehead and cut a strip down the middle of her head all the way back and down her nape. Angel continued to buzz Amanda’s head until there was nothing but stubble remaining. Then she put a towel soaked in warm water around Amanda’s head and let it sit for a few minutes. While they waited they embraced and kissed each other exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Finally, Angel took the towel off and covered Amanda’s head with shaving cream. Slowly and carefully, Angel shaved Amanda’s head completely smooth. Then she put some lotion on and rubbed it in.

They both walked back to Amanda’s bedroom and climbed into bed. They thanked each other for the wonderful evening and then made love to each other. They continued explore each other’s body until they both fell asleep, exhausted from the evening’s fun. After that they made a weekly ritual of shaving each other all over and making love afterwards. They continued this until Angel moved out several years later.

*** This is my first attempt at writing this kind of story. I don’t mind if you want to download and use this story at home or on another site. Please let me know what you think about this story so I know what I did right and wrong for my next story. My email is [email protected]. Thank you for any comments or suggestions. ***


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