Kelly – When Geeks Remember

Kelly - When Geeks Remember

CAUTION! This account is not for the squeamish. Read at your own risk.

Kelly, When Geeks Remember!

Kelly was a gorgeous girl, and had become an even more beautiful woman. She was popular, and most of the time she had a great personality. I say most of the time because she did not used to be that way. In fact, in High School she was quite a bitch. After four years of college and a failed marriage, reality sunk in: Kelly was forced to get along with people of all kinds.

The best description I can give you of Kelly is, GEE WOW! At 5’6″, her 36 D’s were just right. She was the type that looked wholesome without make-up. Even in the winter her skin had a nice tone. And then there was her hair, it was about mid back, with a three-shaded frost laid down on her naturally dark hair. From her toes to her ears, Kelly was a true 10.

Kelly had the good fortune of landing an excellent job as a marketing director for Phip’s, a large high class retail store. When she heard that a new store was going to open in her home town, she jumped at the opportunity to transfer to it. It meant a good raise and a position about two more rungs up the ladder.

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I, on the other hand, was not the most popular girl in school. I was what they called a geek. I tried to be friends with Kelly, but then so did everybody at Wilimar High. Wilimar was one of the booming suburbs on the northwest side of Kansas City. Unfortunately, Kelly did not even give me the time of day, except to poke fun at me. I remember the time that she got her hair highlighted for the first time. I told her how good it looked and she replied with “And it cost $40, too bad a $100 wouldn’t help that mop on your head.”

College for me was a struggle, short of money, and not long on looks. But I did manage to get a medical degree as an RN. My reward for my efforts was a position as head physician assistant at a clinic on the east side of town. Oddly enough, Phip’s was putting their store in the new mall just across way from the clinic. That is where fate stepped in.

One day, several months after Kelly transferred back to Kansas City, she was brought into the clinic with a badly cut finger from a broken display case. I was the one that got to stitch up her cut.

Kelly did not recognize me at all, she was much too worried about her finger. Even without the medical distraction she would not have put two and two together. In High School I always had shoulder-length, frizzy hair that was a mousy brown. When all the other girls were getting their ears pierced, I did not. You see, my ears stuck out and I did not want to draw attention to them.

After I graduated from college and a good paying job was in hand, I treated myself to a little plastic surgery. With the little hump taken out of the bridge of my nose and my ears pinned back I wasn’t hardly recognized by my own family! Now I wear my hair in a very short blonde pixy, to show off my now pretty and pierced ears.

But enough about me, I knew who Kelly was. She had not changed a bit in the beauty department. I could not believe that I was poking a needle into her, in an instant the school days came flooding back. I took special care and plenty of time stitching up Kelly’s finger. In reality, it was the best stitch job I ever did. Kelly rewarded me for a job well done with a 1/2 price discount coupon and told me to stop by and she would personally show me the “good stuff” in the store.

The rest of the day was very unsettling for me, I was torn between the memories of childhood with Kelly around, and the Kelly that seemed less self-centered. In fact the next few days were a nightmare in my mind. I could not get it out of my mind, being the butt of so many of Kelly’s jokes all through school.

It was some time before I went to Phip’s to use my coupon. I looked Kelly up and asked her how her finger healed. Kelly said that I should be a surgeon, there was not a trace of a scar. It was easy to see that she was still very conscious of her beauty. She asked me what I was looking for, and gave me the tour of the store. We ended up in the lingerie department, there I saw some of the finest and most sensual undergarments I had ever seen. “Pick out a few,” Kelly said. “They are no-charge. You did such a wonderful job on my finger. Why don’t you use your coupon to buy some new earrings for those pretty ears” Well, that did it! I saw just how shallow and superficial Kelly really was. New nose, pinned back ears, a killer hairstyle was all that separated this me from the High School me. A plan was formulating. I asked her over for drinks and we became friends.

She trusted me, that was her first mistake! I was slowly giving her some very addicting drugs. She would sleep poorly and it showed in her performance at work. One of the side effects of this drug was the softening of the tooth enamel. Within a few months, Kelly’s perfectly straight white teeth were turning gray. By Christmas, they had to come out, all of them.

It was not always easy to get the drugs in her system without tipping my hand. But then that was made easier by her demotion for poor performance during the Christmas rush. She was now on a regular schedule and only had one section of the store to attend to. Her demotion also came with a pay cut. That meant her expensive town house was out of the question, so I invited her to move in while she found another place.

I would alternate her drug schedule up and down. When I knew there was an important time at work, I backed off the dosage. Kelly lost weight, and gave the word “bitch” a new meaning when she was off the drug. As an RN, Kelly trusted me with medical advice, I even got her to take the drugs voluntarily thinking it was a prescription.

Soon Kelly was out of a job altogether. She could not tell whether she was taking the drug or a lookalike. Without the drugs in her system, she could not hold down a job at the Quick-Shop!

The plan had worked. Kelly hadn’t a clue. She had settled for keeping my place tidy. She still had not figured out that I was the one controlling her mood, she thought it was just the stress of the outside world. Time for action.

Geek’s revenge! With Kelly in a really good, albeit drug-induced, mood. I took her out for a night on the town, little did she know what the night would bring. After drinks, a nice dinner and even a movie, we headed home. Once home, Kelly crawled into bed after taking her “Prescription”. Only this time it was Curare! We talked as I watched the drug take effect. It was not long before the Curare had complete control of her body. That was when I told her the “Rest of the story”. You could see in her eyes the terror that had come over her. The Curare had paralyzed her body completely, yet had left her completely awake. I explained to her that she was addicted to a powerful drug, and that I would not tell her what it was. I also explained that it was pay-back time for all the mean things she did to those less fortunate in High School.

All the drugs had not been too kind to her luscious mane, either. Although still mid-back in length, the highlights had grown out 6 inches and that killer shine and bounce was gone. I sat Kelly up in a chair so she could see herself in the mirror as I combed her hair. Nice long strokes, 100 strokes. I then pulled out the scissors. About 6 inches from the ends I held the scissors and slowly closed the blades. I told her this was for all the wisecracks about my hair in High School. I moved up another 6 inches and closed the blades again.

My cell phone rang. “Is she ready?” came the voice on the other end.

“She will be soon, do you want to come up and watch the shearing?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” the voice said. “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Kelly, this is your special night. Actually this is your special weekend,” I said in a quiet monotone as the steel blades severed off another 6-inch hunk of hair. “Not much blonde left now honey.”

The “Voice” was knocking at the door.

“Hello Zeek, do you want a beer?” I asked.

“Sure, but where’s that bitch, Kelly, at? I want to see her first.”

“She is in my room. I’ll get you a shot to go with it,” I said as I headed to the kitchen. Zeek was one of my geek friends in school, his passion was art. None of Kelly’s crowd hung out with Zeek. Now he had turned his passion into a living. And he was very good at it.

While Zeek downed his shot and started his beer, I went and got the clippers that I had bought just for this day. I set the box on the table in front of Kelly so she could see me open the box. Kelly watched every move. Her eyes jumped with fear when I flicked on the switch and the bright yellow clippers sprang to life.

“Hey Zeek, you want to do the honors?” I asked.

“No, Sue, I don’t want to take this opportunity away from you. I’ll have my turn. Besides, it is fun to just watch.” Zeek smiled.

“Okay Kelly, watch this!” I made sure that I had her attention. The clippers, naked without a guard, plowed into the front of Kelly’s hacked-up hair. Relentlessly, the clippers hummed and plowed through her hair and quickly, Kelly was bald. Tears welled up and ran down her cheeks. There was nothing she could do to prevent what was happening.

“Well Zeek, she is all yours,” as I passed the control of Kelly’s destiny over to him. “Have you got a Plan?”

“I have thought about this ever since you confided in me with your desires,” Zeek explained. “Even now I am wrestling with which way to go, artsy or demeaning.”

Zeek had taken his love for art and had opened a Tattoo and Piercing Parlor. His reputation for quality work was well known. But now all those youthful frustrations were about to be vented on the one that was most responsible for them. From his case that he had set next to Kelly, he produced the tools of his trade.

Zeek paused as he looked in Kelly’s tortured eyes. All the memories of taunting Zeek came flooding back to her, yet not a muscle in her body could respond. It became apparent that he had finally made up his mind. Armed with black ink, Zeek proceeded to deeply tattoo large Celtic symbols on Kelly’s face. To those with a knowledge of the Greek alphabet, the symbols made up the word equal to “BITCH”. He continued to tattoo her neck as well with more heavy, deep black Celtic designs.

While Zeek was busy doing his thing, I had stripped Kelly naked, and began the arduous task of removing Kelly’s pubic hair with an electrolysis wand. It was obvious that Kelly could feel everything that was going on.

The Curare was starting to wear thin and some movement was coming back in Kelly’s fingers and toes. That was my sign to give Kelly a measured dose of Seconol. It was time for Kelly to feel no pain and to rest for a while. And as soon as she was out, and with Zeek there to help me, I opened Kelly’s toothless mouth wide, went deep down her throat and clipped her vocal cords.

Toothless, hairless, speechless and bearing Zeek’s mark, Kelly’s first night of the weekend was over.

Kelly did not start to come around till late morning. I gave her 500mg of Demerol to ease the pain that was inflicted the night before. Things were still foggy, but she was aware, to some extent, of what all went on, except for the vocal cords. She was very confused when only air came out. I let her try to figure out what happened until late in the afternoon when I finally told her that words would never come from her mouth again. Zeek came back about 5 PM. Between the two of us we were able to get Kelly into my car in the garage.

Kelly sat in the back seat. She never moved, she just kept looking out the window as we headed out into the country. You remember a while back I said I had my ears pinned back and my nose fixed, well, I had one of my Geek classmates that became a plastic surgeon do the work. Larry, or Dr. Jensen now, was more than willing to help me with my plan. He too was a victim of Kelly and her crew.

Larry’s brother was a veterinarian, and so happened to be in Europe on an extended holiday. Gee, what luck. Kelly sat up with fear as we turned past the sign that said “Dr. Harry Jensen, DVM”. A mild sedative was necessary just to get her out of the car. “It is such a shame to ruin such lovely breasts,” Larry commented as Kelly was being taken into the operating room.

Kelly was mouthing “NO, NO, NO,” the best she could, yet she knew it was futile to try. Larry administered the anaesthetic and Kelly was out quickly. Dr. Jensen was good at his craft, and while he went about removing all traces of feminine breasts from Kelly, Zeek worked his craft on Kelly’s arms, and I finished up the electrolysis of her pubic mound. Larry then removed Kelly’s clit and hood. Her tubes were tied, and all of her fingers were amputated at the first knuckle back from the fingertip. Kelly was never to have those long nails again. He also used some of the cartilage from her fingers to make her ears stick out very notably from her head.

As Kelly came to Sunday morning, she was in complete submission. She still had no idea of what all had been done Saturday night. But she did know that just about everything hurt. She could see that both arms were covered with the same style of Celtic art as was her face and neck, and that her ears stuck almost straight out. Both of Kelly’s hands were bandaged like boxing gloves and her crotch ached.

Sunday was a little less dramatic. Zeek came by about noon, he brought his wife along too. She was also a tattoo artist. And with the help of good old Demerol they continued the tattooing of Kelly. As they worked, I removed Kelly’s eyebrows for good.

Sara, Zeek’s wife, would take a break from tattooing now and then to pierce Kelly. First it was her ears, 3/8″ dermal punch was used first in her lobes, followed by several 10 Ga. dermal punches up her ear. A 12 Ga. punch was used on her Tragus. Kelly’s tongue was next, then her septum, followed by several outer labia piercings with 8 Ga. CBRs installed. Between the efforts of Zeek and Sara, Kelly’s torso and legs were covered in coarse Celtic designs. Just below he navel were the words “INSERT DICK HERE” with two big red arrows pointing to her neutered slit.

Kelly’s weekend from hell was over. By the wee hours of the following morning, Kelly had been transformed from the High School BITCH queen, to this humble servant and sperm receptacle for the Geeks of Wilimar High to play with.

In the following years, Kelly learned to be a gracious servant. She knew that the only place for her now was under my control. Kelly soon learned that I would take her out in public if she misbehaved. After Kelly became permanently bald, the rest of her head was covered in black tattoos. Doctors Harry and Larry found out that the row of lip rings that were added raised their level of enjoyment. Kelly healed remarkably quickly. Zeek borrowed her for weekend S&M parties now and then, there she was the center of attention.

I found her tongue piercings to be most pleasurable on my now pierced, denuded, and tattooed crotch. Oh, and I now have the 36D’s, in the household, thanks to Dr. Larry. I let Kelly play with them so as not to forget what they were like.

And so, life went on for us all, better for some than others. So be careful who you piss off.

I hope the you have enjoyed my demented little story. Any similarities to real people or events are just pure coincidence. Who knows, it might not be just a story!


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