Kelli’s Surprise

Kelli's Surprise

Kelli’s Surprise by DPTemplar

My wife Kelli is an absolute knockout. She’s cute, funny, and had long flowing strawberry blonde hair. Wait a minute – I was speaking in present tense, then I said HAD hair… what happened, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

Kelli is one of the head makeup artists at a new makeup/special effects company that had been open for about 14 months. They had done some great gigs here and there. She loves doing aging makeup, but she loves doing monster and grotesque makeup. She made a 3rd-degree burn arm for me. Anyway, I’m getting away from the point I was trying to make. She was looking for new ideas to use on herself and other people as far as makeup went. One night, when I was playing poker at my friend’s house, my wife went online, and clicked on the BOOKMARK link, and saw my links to two sites – and Both sites feature attractive women getting shaved bald. When she confronted me about this site, I froze, then she said it looked very interesting. When I asked her if she’d go through with it, she said, “Not now, honey, but hey, you never know, do you?” With that, she gave me a sly grin, and went off to bed.

Later that week, she dragged me to the salon, and she got her long hair cut. It did go down to the middle of her back; it was then cut to her shoulders. Had I known that was just the prelude to her surprise, I would have played my poker face big time.

I then got online, and started talking to this girl who, oddly enough, was named Kelli. She, like me, was also into the bald look on cute women, and had actually had her head shaved once. When I asked her if she had a photo of her bald look, she said no, but she did send me a current photo of her, now that it had grown fully back. I was in total shock. I called my wife down to let her see the photo. She was also in shock – this girl was an EXACT double of my wife, even down to the name! Kelli, that is, the online Kelli, told me about many stories to suggest for my wife to read. My wife read them, and a BIG grin got on her face. “Yes! At last! I’ve found it!” Found what? I asked. She then pointed to each story which were each about a girl named Kelli getting a nasty treatment, besides shaving. These maladies made my wife think of what they’d look like if treated in the makeup chair. She then started to draft each malady (overuse of cellulite in lips and body; mutilated body parts; extraordinarily enlarged breasts), then went to the other head makeup artist, Kathryn, to do the makeup on my wife. Kathryn was more than happy to do this for her; not only were they great friends, but Kathryn was a bisexual that had a known crush on my wife. After each makeup treatment, the studio took photos of my wife after each makeup session. God, what a freak she became! Each makeup matched each malady the fictional Kelli had gone through in each tale.

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One night, my wife got on the phone and called up Kathryn. She and Kathryn talked for a long time, and started to giggle and laugh on occasion. Curiosity kicked in, and I had to ask what was so funny. My wife said, “Oh, you’ll find out, honey.” The next day, I had to go out of town to a friend’s wedding. Even though my wife was invited, she said she had a big assignment at the studio, and she had to look into it. I kissed her good-bye, and went to the wedding, not knowing what was waiting for me once I came back.

I came back, and there she was, looking lovely, as always. She always had a great smile, as though the cat ate the canary. But this day, she was smiling at me, as if the cat ate all of the swallows at San Juan Capistrano. “Hi, baby. Have a nice trip? How’s Dan?” Fine, I said, then continued to ponder at her grin. “Notice anything different, Chuck?” She ran her fingers through her hair. I said that I didn’t notice anything different. She then handed me a videotape. It said PLAY ME. She said that she would be in the room by the end of the tape.

I put in the tape, and there I saw my wife and Kathryn at the studio. Kelli started talking. “Hi, honey. I knew how much you liked that hair stuff, so do I have a surprise for you! And, since we’re here at the studio, I might as well do a headcast or two.” Then Kathryn gave Kelli a small kiss on the lips, which took her by surprise; I don’t think they had that planned. Kathryn then removed her clothing, and sat in the makeup chair, and my wife took out a LARGE set of clippers. She then looked at the guard, and removed it. “No need for this!” She then began buzzing her bald, then applied the clippers to her eyebrows! Then she lathered her eyebrows, and shaved them off. Then she applied lather to her head, then shaved her bald. She then reapplied cream, and shaved her again, to make sure she got all of the hair off. I was totally enjoying this! Kathryn, who was a stunning beauty, was there naked, on my TV, getting shaved by my wife! Then on the tape, my wife decided it’s time to do a casting. She picked up a bald cap which is usually used to protect the hair while getting a head cast, then she laughed at the irony of the scenario, and decided not to use it. She then got the alginate, a gooey substance used to make casts of heads, bodies, and even teeth, and slowly coated Kathryn’s face and head with the goo. She had already been cast before, but now she was feeling the alginate flow on her shiny bald head. Kelli looked at the camera and said, “Okay, this is why she took off her clothes. She didn’t want to get any alginate on her nice clothes, and we’re just going to wait for this stuff to set. Be right back.” Then the tape faded to black. It then faded in to show Kelli removing the set alginate from Kathryn’s head. Kelli then said the words I was hoping she’d say since the tape first started – “Now, it’s my turn!” She removed her clothes, and sat down in the chair. Like Kathryn, Kelli also had her eyebrows and head buzzed to almost nothing, then shaved clean, then got her head cast with alginate. I was getting very aroused. The end of the tape showed the girls standing with the casts of their heads.

Kelli then walked into the room, and asked if I liked it.

“Like it? It’s great! But your hair – how?”

“It’s a wig. Don’t forget, I deal with special effects, too. And the eyebrows are pencilled in. The wig’s very realistic, isn’t it?” With that, she removed it, and I saw her bald head. Some hair started to grow back, but not by much. She then asked if I could shave her clean. We then ran to the bathroom, where I wet her head, then shaved her head bald and shiny. We had an incredible time in bed that night, to say the least.

This was 3 months ago. Sad to say, she doesn’t want to shave her head again, but at least I have the incredible tape she gave me as a surprise gift. Thanks, Kelli.


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