Katie Suffers for her Art

Katie Suffers for her Art

Katie suffers for her art by Cliptomaniac

Katie had done quite well for an art student. She was making a bit of money doing something she that was both arty and also erotic and great fun. Most of all her boyfriend didn’t seem to mind.

She considered her happiness as she travelled to the studio that day on a train packed to the rafters with rain-sodden surly commuters going to jobs they most likely detested. The sky outside was sufficiently grim to create a small increase in their irritation, perhaps tempered by the fact that at least they had cosy warm offices to seek refuge in.

Katie was heading somewhere far more interesting, though. A studio where her naked body might be transformed into a tiger, a robot or even a phoenix by the deft, ticklish strokes of Dave the artist. For Katie was a body-painting model who had been hired for photo shoots, calendars and artistic prints to be painted in all wonderful disguises. Every assignment for Katie was fun, but a challenge as well and she and Dave had great times creating beautiful works of art for her to be. Even before painting her body he would varnish her fingernails and toenails, a pampering that many women would have paid good money for. Often it took hours for Katie to be painted completely but she would chat with Dave casually discussing everything from the weather to kitsch films while secretly trying to contain her arousal as his paintbrush probed her body with delicate precision. Often she would just giggle as the little brush went about its work but once when he was flicking the brush round her nipples she couldn’t disguise her pleasure (or rather her nipples couldn’t) and an embarrassed Dave politely suggested they stop for a cup of tea while she calmed down.

It wasn’t always that much fun. Once she was painted as a businessman and this meant cutting her hair short – shorter than she would have liked and dyed black. She’d sulked about it for a while but her boyfriend didn’t seem to mind. Anyway now her natural blonde hair was long, shoulder length again, the way she liked it.

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As the train pulled up to the station Katie grinned to herself knowing that after having her hands, hair, face and feet pampered she would again feel the brush dancing over her skin and the lovely cold feel of the paint drying on her body.

The sun seemed to have come out again just as Katie sauntered towards the studio. It caught her freshly washed blonde tresses prompting admiring looks from men in the street. She knew they were looking, which further enhanced her sense of happiness and confidence.

“Morning Katie,” Dave called out the moment she set foot in the studio.

“Hi Dave.” She couldn’t help but smile.

“I’ve got a real special assignment for you today.”

“Yeah. What’s the deal?” Katie felt excited.

“Well, you know they usually pay 200 pounds a session.”


“This one pays 500.”

“Wow!” Katie was wondering if things could get any better. “What do they want?”

“Well, there is a catch actually. But have a look at the draft and see what you think. It’s called Futura Girl.” He handed her the artist’s impression.

Katie looked at the picture. A woman was pictured painted in subtle tints of silver, white and blue. On one side of her abdomen there was a little window painted, revealing what was presumably circuitry. It was a kind of cold, austere bionic woman. Then Katie realised the woman was bald and her pate painted with these swirls of blue, silver and white.

“Well, what’s the problem?” said Katie, not actually registering.

“Can’t you see?”

“See what?”

“She’s bald Katie. You’re going to have to think about this one.”

“But you have bald caps don’t you?” Katie had seen many bald caps used in her forays into performance art and was sure that one would be employed now. “I mean, I wear a painted thong in the shoots, why can’t I wear a painted bald cap?”

“It’s a different material. The paint adheres to it differently and it would be far too noticeable.”

There was a short silence.

“Look Katie,” he went on, “the decision is yours. As I say, £500 cash in hand but you would have to shave your head.”

Those words struck Katie with the truth at last. The prospect filled her with terror, but also a strange kind of excitement. Her stomach jumped and she could feel her face going embarrassingly red. She couldn’t speak. Somehow the day had all gone wrong.

“Look, I’ll give you a little while to think about it,” continued Dave. “There’s another girl who’s prepared to do it, but I’d rather have you do it, shame as it is to see your beautiful hair go.” He finished the sentence on a wistful tone, making Katie feel all the more anxious and confused. “Look, I’ll get a cup of tea and you go and sit down over there and think about it.”

“OK,” squeaked Katie as she walked to the couch. As she went there she caught sight of her hair in the mirror – her beautiful hair. How could she let it all go? She just felt like crying. Then, as she sat she thought of what she could do with an extra 300 pounds. Also, she thought that if she turned down this assignment and the other girl was good, she might lose further assignments. Oh God! Though she was happy, neither she nor her boyfriend were rolling in it and couldn’t afford to turn down a contract.

Her boyfriend! Oh God, her boyfriend, what would he think? Katie then decided, as she often did, to put the decision in his hands. She would ring him and find out from him what was more important. Her hair or 500 pounds.

Dave came in with the tea. “There you are Katie. Chew it over over a cup of tea.” It seemed to be his answer to everything.

“I need to use the phone,” Katie answered abruptly.

“I see. Boyfriend is it? Go ahead but remember the final decision’s yours. I’ll errr… go in the other room.”


Katie picked up the phone trembling and as she dialled the number hoped to God that Gordon had suddenly come into some money and she wouldn’t need to shave her head.

The phone rang out. “Hello?” Katie was surprised to hear a woman answer.

“Hello? Is Gordon there please?” Katie thought that, in her nervous state, she might have got a wrong number.

“Yes he is here. Who is that?”

“It’s Katie, his girlfriend,” she said, rather irritated.

“Oh… right.” The voice at the end sounded confused and upset. “Gordon…. It’s your girlfriend!” The woman’s voice then sounded sarcastic as the phone was handed over.

“Errrr… Katie. Perhaps we need to talk,” started Gordon, sounding very nervous. Now Katie knew exactly what was going on.

“About what precisely?” she snarled down the phone.

Then in the background she could hear the woman’s voice screaming, “You told me you were single!”

“And I told you specifically not to answer my phone!” roared back Gordon at the end of the line. There was a crash, some more shouting, then Gordon came back to the phone.

“Look Katie, I’m so sorry. I love you. I won’t do this again. It was only one night!” He was virtually crying. Perhaps he did love her. Katie didn’t want to believe anything else but at this moment she was not in forgiving mood.

“You fucking bastard! We’ll soon see if you really love me!” She slammed the phone down. At this moment Dave emerged again.

“What’s up, Katie?” He could see she now had tears in her eyes.

“My boyfriend’s just cheated on me. That’s what’s up!”

“Oh I’m sorry Katie. Oh come here, you poor thing.”

Katie didn’t want comfort. She stood up and briskly strolled to the mirror. She could see some of hair clinging to her wet face. She turned to Dave.

“Shave it! Shave it all off right now!”

“Oh Katie you’re really too upset to make a decision. Now come and sit down and finish your tea….”

“I said shave it!” She was tearful but defiant.

“Katie, I don’t want you to do this just because your boyfri….”

“I want 500 pounds! Besides, it’s getting in my face. Please Dave. I accept the contract. Now, shave my head.” Her voice was quivering but her determination showed through.

“OK then. Come through here.”

She followed Dave through to a room where there was a barber’s chair, and a table on which sat a menacing looking pair of clippers and shaving equipment.

“OK sit down.” said Dave, then had a thought. “Erm… actually, to prevent hair getting in your clothes, you might want to disrobe now. I mean… you will anyway.”

“Good idea.” Katie wasted no time in stripping to her knickers and then walked to the chair.

“Now you’re absolutely sure, Katie.”

“‘Course I’m sure. All right if I cry though?”

“Of course it’s alright.” Dave looked into her eyes benignly and then stroked her beautiful blonde hair. This made Katie more emotional. “Oh just get on with it!” she wailed.

“OK, guess there’s no need for a cape,” said Dave picking up the clippers and popped them on. The clippers were the type that screamed rather than buzzed, rather like a plane taking off. Dave decided it would be best to start on one side of Katie’s head, and with his hand lovingly stroked back a skein of her hair by her ear, to get a better contact. Slowly but surely he raised the clippers to her temple. He held them there momentarily as if to give Katie one last chance to back out. A nervous but affirmative look from Katie confirmed it was OK to go ahead. Zzzzhhhh…. Dave guided the clippers just above the ear. He could see Katie close her eyes, then the soft wisps of her uprooted hair dancing off the blades of the clippers before tumbling to the floor via Katie’s freckled shoulders, then the harsh stubble that remained, barely covering her scalp. Pass after pass exposed more and more of her snow-white scalp, here and there marked with little moles that had been secrets for years.

By now the endorphins had set in with Katie. But she was in a state she could only describe as coldly emotional. As it was summer a small fan ventilator was on on the floor in the room. She could feel the breeze on the backs of her legs, and furthermore it was blowing her shorn hair across the floor from behind her to where she could see it. It all seemed sadly symbolic, her hair, her boyfriend – both so suddenly things of the past, blown away by the wind. She could almost imagine some corny violin music playing as this happened and the thought along with the vibration of the clippers caused the tiny stubble that remained on her neck to make a pathetic attempt at standing up in the cold air. More cold air flooded to her head as it was denuded of hair, causing her whole body to feel colder. Katie was aware that once again her nipples were giving her away, but still Dave went about his exacting task, seeming to caress the hair that he was about to remove from her for good.

It only took five minutes to get Katie shorn. The clippers were popped off and Dave stood back to admire his handiwork. “It’s all gone Katie,” he said and stroked the bristle on her head. “Do you want to see it before I apply the shaving cream?”

“No, not yet,” she said in a small voice.

“Oh Katie,” said Dave sadly. “You still look beautiful. You’ll be pleased to know you have a beautifully shaped head.”

“Thanks,” Katie giggled. Perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all. “Can’t wait till Gordon sees it!”

“Now, now Katie,” Dave chuckled. The atmosphere seemed very different now to five minutes ago as he first wrapped Katie’s head in a damp towel then applied the shaving cream. They joked and Katie even kicked around some of her shorn locks from her seat, giggling as they floated ticklishly off her toes.

“Oooh that’s so cold.” Katie knew she was in for another sensual experience as the shaving foam was spread over her scalp. “Now promise not to cut me.”

“Would I ever do that. I’ll be very gentle with you.” Dave started gliding the razor over Katie’s scalp. At first Katie was nervous of the experience and feared being cut but very soon began to enjoy it. When the razor scraped across a certain point behind her ears it sent a sudden shiver down her spine. Dave repeated the shaving action there and on the nape more than any other area, as if he knew what was doing to her. When it was all done, he wiped the remaining shaving cream off her bald pate then felt over her head to make sure it was perfectly smooth. Again his fingers danced lightly up the neck and behind the ears and Katie had to struggle to control her reaction.

“There, smooth as a baby’s bum!” They giggled again.

“Well, you’ve been very brave Katie. Now are you ready for the moment of truth?”

“Well I suppose I’ll have to see it sometime.” Before she could say anything else a mirror was thrust in front of her and she saw herself bald, her green eyes huge, her ears like little limpets, her neck and jawline starkly elegant, and the shape of her skull defined. The skin on her pate was milky white and shining in the studio lights. Luckily she hadn’t been in the sun too much so it was only slightly paler than her porcelain complexion. She knew she was beautiful, but so different to before and this time tears of joy welled up in her. With her free hand she stroked her smooth pate.

“Oh Katie, I knew you’d look good!” said Dave putting his arm round her and kissing her on the scalp. “You’ve even got a sweet little mole above your ear here.” Katie giggled through her sobs. “I hope I don’t have to shave my eyebrows too,” she joked.

“No, I think I drew eyebrows on the sketch,” said Dave.

“What! You drew it?” Suddenly Katie’s mood changed.

“Errrr… no. I errr…. amended it because I didn’t want to….” Dave tried to cover up but it was too late.

“You told me a client wanted it!” Katie got up and waved her arms around sending small baby hairs flying into the air. “I will never EVER trust a man again! I just don’t believe this! You just wanted to shave my head all along.”

“Katie, listen! I gave you the choice. I didn’t think you’d do it and in the end you just did it to spite your boyfriend. I gave you another chance to back out and you didn’t. Besides, it’s art. I just think a bald woman looks very artistic, and there are lots more contracts you could do, with or without a wig. And hey, you look great anyway.”

Katie went quiet. “Yeah, I suppose it’s good art,” she conceded.

“Look,” Dave went on. “Perhaps this should be the last time we work together. Perhaps we’re getting just a little bit too… close.”

Katie thought for a moment in the silence that followed. She thought about how this man had stimulated and caressed her, comforted her and entertained her over the months – probably more than her boyfriend did – her boyfriend who had now cheated on her. A beautiful realisation was dawning.

“Can you afford to pay me for this?” It was an inappropriate thing to say, but she had to say it at some point.

“I had a bit of luck on the lottery. Look I’ll take you out to dinner as well if you… oh, perhaps I’m just….”

Katie had a thought.

“Come on, let’s get on with this. Now, you say you want to do this properly hey!” she stood up purposefully.

“Yes, you know I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

“Right. We won’t be needing these then.” At this point Katie whipped off her panties. “You see, the paint doesn’t adhere to them properly.”

Dave was stunned.

“Well, aren’t you going to paint me Dave?”

“Katie, it would be difficult. You have a little bit of hair… erm… down there.”

“Well, how observant Dave. Now isn’t it lucky that there just happens to be a razor and a can of shaving cream right next to you.” She walked up to Dave and Dave smiled realising that the pent-up love he had for Katie was about to be reciprocated.

“I’ve always wanted to feel your paintbrush down there,” she murmured.

Dave led Katie to the next studio and laid her gently on a comfortable white sheet on the floor. The walls were also white and the glaring light shone off Katie’s body and pate. As Dave applied the shaving foam lovingly to her crotch she had another thought.

“If it wasn’t for your little bald fantasy I’d still be with Gordon and he’d probably still be cheating on me,” she purred.

“Funny how things happen that way,” mused Dave. “By the way. I take it you do want to keep your eyebrows.”

“Oh you! It’s all coming out now.” Katie giggled then paused. “No. Shave them off as well, make me totally hairless, totally liberated.” She closed her eyes as Dave then stroked her face.

“Besides,” she went on, “I’m going to do this performance art thing about an alien and I want to look the part.”

Dave looked at her lovingly, still stroking her face and scalp with one hand while trying to shave her crotch with the other. Not concentrating, the razor suddenly strayed onto Katie’s swollen clitoris.

“Arrghh shit! Look what you’re doing you….”

“Oh sorry Katie!” Dave dropped the razor and comforted Katie, stroking and kissing her till she was calm again. “Let me kiss it better.”

“I’m going to have to watch you.” Katie giggled again as she lay back to enjoy Dave’s palliative attentions.

Dave gently kissed Katie’s bald pussy for a few seconds then to her horror he reeled up in disgust. “Shit! Just got a mouthful of shaving foam!” he cried, much to her relief, then grinned cheesily at her, his beautiful new, soon-to-be-completely-hairless girlfriend.

“Oh dear,” Katie laughed, reaching a hand out to wipe the foam off Dave’s face. “We really do suffer for our art, don’t we!”



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