Kathy’s Cut

Kathy's Cut

Kathy’s Cut – David2505

The following story is mildly erotic (to me anyway 😉 ), and intended for adults only. Please do not forward, post or distribute without permission of the author. I appreciate your feedback on my stories. Send comments to: [email protected]

My wife has beautiful hair, thick and dark. She’s been growing it for a while, and it now cascades nearly to her waist. It took over a year to talk her into growing it at all. Of course, I was the one who had cut it short in the first place. You see, unlike those who simply like long hair or short hair, I love the transition. I love watching over time as a woman’s hair grows long, and I become speechless with excitement as her long hair is shorn. Kathy’s hair was so long now that an hour didn’t go by without my fantasizing about her getting it cut. On the other hand, the thought of not being able to play with that delicious mane was unbearable. I am constantly caught up in the contradiction and, frankly, it is more than a little distracting.

It was around 11 am when my office phone rang. “Hi David, this is Linda from LA Salon. Kathy came in for a trim, and I am trying to convince her to cut her hair short again. She is sitting in my chair right now, and I have my scissors ready. What should we do?”

My entire fantasy life flashed before my eyes. A thousand scenarios played themselves out. Should I tell her to stick to the trim, and preserve the fantasy for another time, or should I tell her to go for it? Should I tell her to…

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“Hello, are you still there?”

I jolted back to the present. “Sorry, this isn’t a call I was expecting.”

Linda chuckled, but didn’t back off. I heard her scissors quickly open and close several times next to the phone. “So what should we do?”

I thought for a moment. “Are you busy? Can you wait for me to come over? I’m only ten minutes away.”

She chuckled again. “I thought you’d want to. I don’t have any other appointments until after lunch, so come on over.”

I paused for a moment before hanging up. “I do have one request: can you cut her hair dry instead of wet?”

“That depends on the style, but if that’s what you want me to do, I can. Kathy said ‘whatever he wants,’ so that’s what I’ll do.”

It was difficult to focus on driving, but I got to the salon in one piece. As I approached the door, I looked through the big plate glass window. There she was, sitting in the stylists’ chair. She sat covered by a cape, with her thick hair falling in a dark, silky mass over the back. I stopped for a moment to stare and by the time I entered the salon, I was painfully aware of the bulge in my pants. Maybe it was noticeable, because Linda greeted me with a smile: “You don’t look too upset at Kathy getting her hair cut.” Kathy chuckled from the chair and I nervously replied “Mixed feelings, I guess.”

Kathy shook her head, sending her long hair dancing from side to side. Linda had obviously washed and blow dried it. It was parted slightly to one side, and looked magnificent. Maybe it was part of what attracted me in the first place, or maybe it is my being in love with her, but I just don’t remember seeing a more beautiful head of hair. And it was my choice what to do with it. I savored the moment, until Kathy interrupted my reverie. “WELL… what should Linda do?”

I motioned Linda to join me out of earshot from Kathy. “Can we cut it in stages? I’d like to go slowly.”

She smiled in disbelief. “You’re *into* this, aren’t you? All this time she’s been growing it long to please you, and you *want* her to cut it short?” Suddenly, the light in her head went on. “A few years ago, the last time she had long hair, she came in and told me that ‘a friend’ had cut her hair short, and mangled it. That was you, wasn’t it?” I felt the heat in my cheeks as I turned red, but couldn’t figure out what to say. Nobody but Kathy knew about my fetish. Linda smiled at me. “Hey, you aren’t the only one who enjoys this. Tell me exactly what you want me to do. We’ve got…” She looked at her watch. “…over an hour. Kathy said I could cut it however you want, so you tell me.”

I gave her some detailed instructions, then walked back over to where Kathy was sitting in the chair. I ran my fingers through her long hair one last time. “You’re plotting against me!” she complained. “Yup. I hope you enjoy it.” I stepped back and let Linda take charge.

She started by combing out Kathy’s hair again. “You do have great hair. And there is so much of it! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Then she spun the chair around so it faced away from the mirror. “What are you doing?” Kathy asked. “Just following my instructions!” came the response, followed by the unmistakable sound of scissors opening and closing. She gathered Kathy’s hair into a loose ponytail, holding it about eight inches from the end. She lifted the thick rope of hair and held it over Kathy’s shoulder, and began to snip at the exposed hair. She began cutting less than halfway through the loose ponytail, so three inch locks fell softly over Kathy’s shoulder and into her lap. I stared, fascinated by the falling hair. Once the ends had all been cut, she began working through the rest of the exposed ponytail, dropping five inch lengths to join the shorter ones in her lap. Soon, my wife’s lap was covered in hair. Linda brushed out her remaining hair, which still hung several inches past her shoulders. Kathy looked down at her newly shortened hair, and at the pile in her lap. “I don’t suppose you are going to leave it like this, are you?” Linda answered that question with her scissors, reaching out and snipping off about 4 inches of hair that hung in front of her shoulders. Kathy smiled at me. “Stupid question, huh?” I smiled and nodded as Linda went into a cutting frenzy.

As I had asked, she did not use clips to separate out sections of the hair. She just used a comb and her fingers, measuring off about three or four inches at a time and snipping off the thick locks. As each lock of hair came free, she tossed it nonchalantly into the pile in Kathy’s lap. She cut quickly, and the pile in her lap kept growing, although a lot of hair also landed on her shoulders or the floor. Linda quickly cut a long-layered style with bangs, that flowed over Kathy’s shoulders. She spun the chair around so Kathy could see it in the mirror. She gasped at the change, but smiled in approval as she shook her head and watched her hair dance around. She knew that this had been one of my favorite stages when she was growing her hair out, and when I saw her reaction, I couldn’t resist running my fingers through her hair. I did that several times, then I buried my hands in the pile of cut hair in her lap, picking it up and watching it fall again.

Linda finally interrupted me. “OK, knock it off. I’m just getting warmed up here.” She spun the chair away from the mirror and started cutting again. Kathy and I stared into each other’s eyes as Linda began cutting away the layers to yield a chin length, vaguely bob-like cut. I actually pulled myself away at this point, long enough to step to the front of the salon and call my office. I told them something had come up, and I wouldn’t be in for the rest of the day. When I came back to them, Kathy was facing the mirror again, and asking Linda to stop at this style. She turned to me. “I love this cut! I asked Linda to stop, I want to keep it like this for a while. We can always go shorter next time if you still want to…”

Her voice trailed off as she pleaded with me, and Linda looked at me for instructions: “When we started, she said whatever you want, so it’s your call.” I ran my fingers through her hair. It felt incredibly soft and silky. It was short enough that there wasn’t a chance for a single tangle, but long enough to bury my fingers completely in it. I leaned very close and whispered in Kathy’s ear.

“I had planned to stop here, but you begging for me to stop is really exciting.” Kathy squirmed a bit in the chair. “The thought of telling her to cut it shorter after you begged me to leave it this way…”

As my voice trailed off, Kathy squirmed some more, and then motioned to whisper something in my ear. When I bent down close to her mouth, she stuck her tongue in my ear. I jumped back, and she stared into my eyes with a mischievous grin. I stared back. “Cut it off. Really short on the sides and in back, but long enough to play with on top.”

Linda spun the chair away from the mirror, and held up electric clippers. I smiled at Kathy and nodded my head. Linda was smiling as she brought the clippers right up to Kathy’s ear before turning them on. Kathy jumped at the sound, which quickly changed as the clippers dug into the hair that still covered her ear. After exposing the one ear, Linda laughed as she shut the clippers off again and put them down. “Just testing your reflexes!” She picked up her scissors and began cutting away. She cut off all the hair on the one side, leaving a short taper, then began working on the back. I looked at the difference between the short taper on one side and the bob on the other, and watched as a lot more hair was cut off in back. After finishing the other side, Linda did use the clippers to clean up around the bottom of the taper. “Be very still dear,” she teased, “You don’t want me to get carried away with these things.”

In the end, Kathy sat in the chair with her ears and nape completely exposed by the short tapered sides and back, but with longish bangs and a couple inches left on top. Her lap and shoulders and the floor around her were covered in mountains of dark hair. Linda spun her around to see her reflection. Kathy smiled, but then bit her lip. When I asked what she thought, she tried not to crack up as she said “No comment.”

“What’s the matter?” Linda teased, “Don’t you want a crewcut?”

Linda and I cracked up, and Kathy gave up trying to hold her laughter in. As soon as Linda pulled the cape off her, she reached up and ran her fingers through what was left of her hair. She got up and hugged me. Safely out of the chair, she admitted that she loved her new cut. She hugged me again, closely, and grabbed her wallet to pay Linda. She winked at me. “I’ll pay for the haircut, because you’ll be paying for this for the rest of the afternoon…”


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