Just Like Her

Just Like Her

Just Like Her – CutUps

It had been a week since Jill Darnell, third daughter of the President of the United States, had faced the mirror and watched her long, dark red hair sheared ssooo short. Now, she was going home to the White House.

Mom saw Jill. Mom did a double take, and Mom had to hug her. “Jill Marie, I love your hair that way. You are gorgeous.”

Dad, the President, smiled. “It’s very becoming to you, Jellybean.”

Jill smiled, even more beautifully now that she was not overwhelmed by the long waves of red. “I’ve always liked this style, and I’ve always wanted it. I am going to keep it.”

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Jill went toward her own bedroom. Piggies, her twin eleven-year-old redheaded sisters, Karla and Kelly, were pillow fighting with their Secret Service Agents. Kelly saw Jill first, as she ducked a pillow. Karla saw Jill, took a pillow in the face, and froze. Jill smiled and wiggled her fingers.

She hung dresses and put things away in her own room next door. Karla Darnell knocked, hanging in the doorway, trying not to stare at the “major haircut”.

“Little Piggy, you can come in.”

Karla came, unsure of how close she should come. She knew she shouldn’t stare, but Jill was so beautiful now, and.…

“Don’t I get a hug?”

Karla embraced big sister, fighting not to stare. “You got a haircut.”

“Yes. Do you like it?”

“Yes, but it’s so short.” Karla reached toward Jill’s buzzed back below her big curls but pulled her hand back.

“You can touch it.”

Karla moved her fingers over buzzed hair below red curls. Jill just smiled, and Karla smiled. “Wow! You, like, got super peeled. You can really see your ears. Do you like it?”

Somehow by the way Karla kept stroking hair cut short-short around her ears, Jill knew Karla would understand. She just smiled. “I LOVE it.”

Something was running up and down Karla’s backbone, making her shiver. “Tell me about, you know, getting it.”

They sat on Jill’s bed, holding hands. “I’m watching in a mirror. Jennifer’s using scissors on my hair, and then I notice her clippers on the counter.”

Karla squirmed and pulled long, long hair out from under her bottom. “Did she?”

“Yes. They buzzed, and she touched them to my neck, and, and the vibration just went through me, and, and I couldn’t move. I’m smiling, and I can’t wait for her to cut more, and she says, ‘Now, you know why I get cut with clippers, Jill, and if you liked that, keep your eyes on that mirror’.”

Karla didn’t understand why she was so interested, but she hung on every word. She squeezed Jill’s hand. “What… what happened then?”

Jill felt her sister’s excitement pulsating through her own hand. “She puts this plastic thing with little teeth over her clippers and pushes them up my head, up the back and sides. Hair was falling, and, and, Karla Sue, it was…”

Karla rolled her eyes. “WILD!”

“It… it was like nothing I’ve ever known. I still just shiver thinking about it, and, and I loved every second!”

“You’re getting scalped…”

“Yeah. I’m, like, getting super sheared, and there’s hair all over her kitchen, and I want to scream, ‘CUT IT SHORTER! CUT IT SHORTER!'”

Karla was blown away. “Wow.”

“Then she washes it and puts the perm in, and…”



“Jill, I just love your haircut, and I want it. I really want it.”

“Kelly Jo and Karla Sue Darnell, get yourselves out here! Now!”

That was Dad. The President never yelled at his girls. Mom would yell, but Dad never yelled.

“What did you two do?” Jill asked.


Kelly and Karla Darnell met in the hall and trudged to the dining room. Dad and Mama weren’t alone. A man was with them.

“‘Agent Rocker, FBI,” the man said. “‘MATERIAL GIRL’? The Bureau has discovered where the computer virus that disabled all the White House computers came from, and remember, we have all your fingerprints…”

The President stared at his identical twins. Karla said nothing. Kelly slid butt-length red hair behind her shoulders and did not even blink. Rocker stared at the twins. The twins stared back. The twins would take bullets before they would rat on each other.

“You two have pulled some stupid stunts, but this is the most serious thing you’ve ever done,” First Lady, Mom, said.

The girls said nothing.

“You two were smart, but even identical twins can have different prints, and now, one of you has tampered with federal property. That is a felony.”

Karla shook hair behind her shoulders. “Like, you are going to send us to prison. We’re eleven, you nerd baby.”

“Karla Sue Darnell, watch your mouth,” her mother scolded.

“Do you want me to sell the one who did it out, or will you admit it?”

Jill pushed off the doorframe, from where she’d been listening in the doorway. “Nice try, but they’ll never rat each other out.”

“If I was the ONLY one ever to start a scandal in my Daddy’s administration…” Rocker hung his head, looking at the twins.

“Stop looking at me like that,” Kelly cried out.

“Shut up. What does he know? We have the same prints, Kelly. He’s just trying to get to you.”

“Mr. Rocker, can the problem be fixed?” the President asked.

“I would ask the twins, sir.”

Kelly kissed her father’s cheek and slid onto his lap. “I’d never do anything at all that would hurt you, Daddy. All they have to do to fix it is delete ‘MATERIAL GIRL’ from the main e-mail file and place a one instead of a zero in the last digit place.”

Karla smooched long and loud. “You are such a suck-up, Kelly.”

“The Bureau will consider this closed. I’ll just leave this matter to you then, Mr. President, Dr. Darnell.” Rocker stepped out of the residence.

“Karla Sue Darnell, you are in so much trouble, a spanking will not be enough punishment this time,” said her mother.

“She wants a haircut like Jill’s. Make her get it. Shear that shit ALL off,” Kelly taunted.

The President covered Kelly’s mouth, patting her mouth. “Shh. I think you should be quiet now.”

“I do not. I just told her I like it, is all.” Karla winked at Jill, just enough. “Kelly, you are so freaking dead…”

Mom looked at Jill, then at Dad. Mom wasn’t saying anything, for a long time, and that wasn’t good for two young redheads with very long hair.

“Mom, you’re not actually thinking…” Karla pleaded.

Gloria Darnell left the dining room and came back, dangling two computer cords. “You two just lost your long hair. Haircuts. Short, and I want to see your ears. Both of you. Go.”

Kelly lay on her bed in the room she and Karla had always shared, the biggest room in the White House living quarters. “If I was still speaking to you, I’d tell you I didn’t want to cut my hair.”

In the mirror, Karla pulled her hair as far off her ears as it would go. She studied herself. “You wouldn’t have to if you’d keep your mouth shut. You are so duh sometimes.”

Jill knocked and entered the room with magazines. “I thought I’d help you decide on haircuts. There are lots in these magazines I found.”

Karla stepped to Kelly’s bed. Kelly cried.

Jill sat on the bed, patted Kelly on the back, and wrapped an arm around Karla. “Shh, now. You guys do push it, and Mom and Daddy aren’t exactly stupid. Maybe I haven’t been a good example for you, and I’m sorry. I’ll try to behave if you try.”

Karla nodded. Kelly sat up and hugged Jill.

“A haircut won’t hurt a bit, and it’s not gonna last forever.” Jill winked at Karla. “I know what you want, and you are going to look great.”

Kelly sniffled. “But, that’s an old woman’s haircut.”

Jill glanced at her.

“But, not on you, Jill. It is so you.”

Jill noticed Kelly hadn’t looked away from her, even as Kelly wiped her tears. “Thank you for the compliment. I think. But, I have seen girls your age with this cut, and it’s so easy to take care of, and… guys, I love my hair cut this short. I can’t wait to get it cut again.”

“I still like being a twin; you know, looking just alike sometimes, but, but I still don’t want to do this.”

“You were gonna go the rest of your life without cutting your hair? Ever?” Jill asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Well, you can’t avoid Mama forever. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done with it, but you guys, I didn’t want it to be,” Jill said.

Jill held the twins’ hands, leading them toward the door and dates with the shears, but Kelly stopped at the mirror, for one last look at Kelly with her long hair.

Jill took them down to The White House beauty salon, to make sure stylists cut the girls the way Mom had said. Covered in pinstripe capes that hung almost to the floor, twins Kelly and Karla faced each other and the mirror. Karla didn’t blink and Kelly did not wipe away a tear, as big scissors crunched and clicked and butt-length red hair fell off their heads at their napes.

A stylist looked at Jill. “Clippers?”

“Short and curly, I still call it a pixie. Buzz them short, just long enough so no skin shows through, up to three quarters of an inch above their ears.”

Sunbeams popped and buzzed. Kelly stared at Jill in the mirror. That thing was roaring, like a truck, even. Big sister had always loved her so much, and now, she was letting a hairstylist do this?

Clippers touched her neck. Clippers tickling like a fingernail inching across your skin inched up her neck. Her eyes bugged. In the chair facing her, Karla smiled and rolled her eyes. Kelly grimaced and smiled as wide as her lips would let her.

Jill had seen them smile, and she would never tell Mama how much they would enjoy this. Karla and Kelly watched long chunks of red hair peel from each other and slither down capes to piles all around their chairs, and they flashed thumbs up to each other. Jill had been right. A haircut with buzzing clippers that vibrated clear to your brain, and watching yourself getting peeled and changing so much was… was MIND BLOWING!

Ears were bared, red hair around them cut too short to grab with fingers all around the ears… no one could miss the ears now. An ear, to be tickled when chunks of hair gave in to buzzing, cutting blades and plopped down upon it, was there to stop hair only for a second.

Stylists moved behind the twins. “Look down at your laps, please.”

“Yes, ma’am,” drawled a little, meek voice.

More chunks of red floated to a white tile floor as backs of heads were shorn next. Karla was going to be WAY cool with this haircut, Kelly thought. Kelly was GREAT, Karla thought, lifting her eyes just enough to see her sister’s shearing; her hair sliding over the shaven part of her neck on its way to the pile on the floor, and driving her wild.

“The top?” a stylist behind Karla asked.

“Just like her,” Kelly said, smiling at Jill.

“We want pixie haircuts, SHORT!” Karla drawled, glancing at the red carpet of hair now on the white floor.

“SHORT!” Kelly smiled at Jill. Crying? Forget about it.

Caped with only towels then, the twins were washed. Stylists snipped hair on tops to an inch and a quarter. Karla and Kelly frowned. Scissors didn’t buzz. Scissors didn’t tickle your neck and blow your mind. They watched their hair wound on big rollers and the White House hair stylists squirt on their Redken perms.

“Eeewww! That stuff really reeks!” Dangling legs from her chair, Kelly wrinkled her nose.

“It is gross, Mega,” Karla said.

Glancing at big sister, the twins read Harry Potter while perms curled their hair. Twenty minutes. They had curls just like Jill’s. The cream was like dabbing warm pudding around their ears and up their necks. The straight razor scraped around their ears, and ears popped back up like jacks-in-the-box. The blade sounded like sandpaper on their bared necks.

“Hot shave,” they mouthed to each other and rolled their eyes again

“All done.” Stylists pulled towels from necks of identical eleven-year-old girls. “And you two are so much prettier now that you’re not under all that hair.”

Kelly could not look away from shorn twin redheads she saw in the mirror. She couldn’t keep from running fingers through buzzed hair above her ear. “Thank you for our haircuts. Karla. Ask them.”

Karla knew what Kelly was thinking. “How soon can we have haircuts again?”

“Haircuts every three to four weeks. Perms every six.”

Eleven-year-olds, so different, came downstairs in the White House in matching dresses, getting second, even third, looks from everyone they passed. Even Mom’s secretary, Callie, was stunned.


Karla and Kelly kissed their mother’s cheek. They didn’t even try to hide smiles.

“You two are so pretty, and I’m not sorry about this.”

“Neither are we, Mom,” Karla drawled. “We L-O-V-E it, and so does Jill. She said we could get it again. Just like her.”


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