Jodi’s Birthday Shave

Jodi's Birthday Shave

Jodi’s Birthday Shave by DPTemplar

Jodi looked stunning that day. Her lovely face, her well-built physique, and her long auburn hair; she was an angel. And she was especially glowing on this day, since it was her birthday. She knew Chuck would come by to her place, and the two can celebrate. These two had always done crazy things together, but who knew what kind of mischief would happen on this day.

Chuck arrived to her place with a large chocolate birthday cake. They kissed, and he placed the cake on the table. In a mischievous mood, he said, “Hey Jodi, the cake smelled a bit odd. Check it out.” Falling for it, she placed her face over the cake. That was his cue to slam her face into the cake. When she emerged, she was in shock, then she started to laugh, and she kissed him.

“Look at me! My hair and face are all messy,” said Jodi. “Now what am I going to do about it?”

Chuck jokingly said, “Well, you can find a way to make sure you hair never gets messy again….”

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Taking what he said a bit too far, she said, “Great idea! Just take off my hair, then it won’t get messy again. Brilliant!”

Chuck said, “Thanks, it’s no prob….WHOA! Jo, uh, I didn’t mean for you to cut your hair off, I was just saying….”

Jodi stopped him before he went any further. “Look, we’re adults, right? Right. And this is my birthday, right? Right? And so since it’s my birthday, it’s my rules, right? Right! So I say I want to take my hair off, so nyah, nyah! Let me get my face and hair cleaned up, then we can go shopping for supplies to do this.” After she cleaned up, the two left to get tools for her impromptu birthday shave.

After two hours of searching, the two emerged victorious from their day of shopping. During their shopping, they decided that along with the hair, they also wanted to get the vagina, nose hairs, eyelashes and eyebrows; the rest of her sexy body was already smooth and hairless. That prompted them to buy nose clippers, along with lubricated shaving cream, a Wahl hair clipper, and 5 Twin Blade disposable razors, with lubricating strips, in case she had sensitive skin. Jodi loved doing her slow strip show in front of Chuck, and when she had finished, she sat in a chair, awaiting her hair removal. Since the two wanted this moment to be as fun and as pleasing as possible, they went online to try to find directions to do this. Chuck came across a great site that gave instructions to do a sensual erotic shaving. He printed out the info, and laid the rules on the table. He was going to go from the bottom up, leaving her thick brown tresses for last.

He asked Jodi to spread her legs, so he could carefully trim her vagina. He plugged in and lightly oiled the Wahl shaver; she jolted when the clippers came on, but she smirked when Chuck brought them closer and closer to her sex. And when the clippers first made contact, the two almost climaxed, especially her, but they contained themselves. Stroke, stroke, stroke, went the clippers, until there was nothing but vaginal stubble. Chuck then applied shaving cream down there; they really enjoyed this moment. He took one of the favor razors, and slowly shaved her until her vagina was clean and smooth; clean enough to eat off, he jokingly said. He then kissed it, in case he had made a nick on it. He hadn’t; he just wanted an excuse to kiss it.

When he turned on the nose clippers, she started to laugh. He wanted to know what was so funny. Well, she said, “I might not have many nose hairs; this might be a pointless part of today.” He carefully examined Jodi’s nostrils, and said, “Well, better safe than sorry.” He gently inserted the device into each nostril, until it had done its damage; her nose hairs, as minute as they were, were now gone.

Chuck started to panic when it came to the eyelashes. He didn’t want to use a razor or clippers, since that would hurt far too much. Jodi then remembered a small pair of nail clippers that looked like tiny scissors. “Way to go, Jo! I’ll get ’em,” stated Chuck. He came back and carefully went away at her eyelashes, making sure not to hit or clip the eyes or eyelids. Success! He got them down to a fine point, but it wasn’t easy. Since they were in his hands, he used the small clippers on her eyebrows, and when they were mostly gone, he applied some shaving cream and got out the second razor and gently carefully stroked and shaved the brows off; her eyebrows no longer existed! It was only smoothness above her eyes. Now it was time for the grand finale – her lovely mane.

He took her to the sink, and washed her hair with Head and Shoulders, and he kept her hair soapy for about five minutes, then rinsed it out with warm water, then combed out any tangles. He then washed her hair with hot water using Prell. He kept the suds in for 6 minutes, and then rinsed it out with warm water, then had the tangles combed out again. After putting her hair in a ponytail, she had her hair put in a towel that had been soaking in really hot water, and had the hair wrapped within it. The two then had to wait a few moments before they took it off. Once it was time to remove the towel, they did so, and she shook her hair, letting the drips fly all over the place. He combed the tangles out, and parted her hair right down the middle. She really loved this attention that he was giving her and her hair. He then got out a sharp pair of clean scissors; her heartbeat was getting faster and faster, and she was about to climax again. This was it….

He held her luxurious 28″ long hair in her hand. “Still time to back out this, Jody,” stated Chuck.

“No. Go ahead… we went this far. Let’s do it.”

He took part of the hair and SNIP! About an inch dropped on the ground. She decided to let him cut it so that she’d still have a female appearance at first, then look like a guy, and let him stop there. He agreed. He took it from 28″ to 25″ to 21″, then finally she had her hair looking like a guy’s locks. She was enjoying this, but the true fun stuff was about to arrive. Chuck plugged in the Wahl, and she started to smile seductively at him. It was now showtime.

“From front to back, or from back to front?”

She said, “Back to front.” He agreed, and then told her that he only got haircuts from a professional barber; giving haircuts was new to him. “Well,” Jodi said, “from the job you did down on my vagina, you should do fine.”

He tilted her head down, and placed the clippers on her head. He did remember to do as the instructions said, and put oil and a number 2 guide on them; he left the guide off when he buzzed her sex. He said, “Here we go,” and off it went! The first buzz went from the nape of her neck to the top of her head; she was given a reverse mohawk. She looked at her reflection in the mirror; she started to blush over the embarrassment of it, then she whispered, “More.” He kept rushing over her hair, shearing it off over and over, each inch of her head was covered with the clippers. There was now about a quarter inch of hair on her head. Jodi ran her hand on her head. “Oh my…! It’s so… tingly, so scratchy.” But he wasn’t done with the clipper yet. After re-oiling the clippers, he removed the guide. He then carefully swept the Wahl on her head, and it went from front to back, then from back to front, going over each section, until she was bald, but still not bald enough.

“Time for a shampoo,” said a happy Chuck.

“Shampoo? I’m friggin’ bald!”

He then pointed to the instructions, and said that a shampoo was to commence. She didn’t complain, and went to the sink to get it washed. After it was washed with a gentle shampoo and rinsed thoroughly, he wrapped her head in a warm towel. She really loved how this felt on her scalp. Once it started to cool, he applied a bit of shaving cream all over her scalp. She commented on how creamy and cool it felt on her after having the towel on her. Once it was applied, he wrapped another warm towel on her head. She started to feel a tingle on her head.

“What’s this tingling? Is this what’s supposed to happen?”

“Yeah,” said Chuck. “The rules say that what I just did was to make the stubbles stand up.” Once this second towel cooled off, he removed it and lightly rubbed her head. He then recoated her head with shaving cream. He got out the third razor, and shaved her smoothly and as fast as possible. SWIPE, SWIPE, SWIPE! He then got some cotton balls and wet them with warm water, and he wiped and patted down her head; she giggled on how it felt. He then reapplied some more shaving cream, and got the fourth razor, and the direction he went on her head the first time (front to back) was now reversed (back to front). He then took some more moist cotton balls, and wiped her head, then coated her head one last time, then took the last disposable razor they bought, and quickly cleanly shaved her shiny pate, until she was absolutely smooth. After he finished, he wrapped her head in a warm towel. While she was wrapped, he kissed her, and said, “Even though it’s your birthday, this present was for BOTH of us.” She agreed on that statement whole-heartedly.

Once it cooled, he massaged her scalp, as well as her newly denuded sex and face, with a moisturizing skin cream. She loved how it felt; how his gentle hands felt over hand naked body, and with no hair, each nerve was now prone to this sensation of this stimulating massage her head, as well as her body, was getting.

Once it had subsided, he said, “Man, the things you’ll do to not get food in your hair!”

They laughed, then Jodi took him to the kitchen. “You see? Now I don’t have to worry about the cake getting in my hair. Watch.” She then slammed her face into the cake, and rubbed it on her bald head. She then laughed and said, “Ahh, that’s much better.” He went to her, and licked her face clean, then worked the top of her head with his tongue.


She did get a wig during the shopping trip she and Chuck did; she was crazy, but not stupid. She took one of her birthday gifts to good use that next day – a one-day trip to a spa. She went to the tanning bed, and before getting in, she removed her wig and clothes. She loved how the rays beamed on her bare vagina, and her shiny pate and face. When she grows her hair out, at least it’ll be with her having an all-over tan. She then went to the mud bath, and again removed her wig, and went completely under. She loved how the mud slathered her naked hairless sexy body, how it coated her all over, and the best part – she didn’t have to worry about washing her hair afterwards! She only wished that she could have a birthday like this all of the time.



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