Jilted Lover Revenge

Jilted Lover Revenge

Jilted Lover Revenge – [email protected] (buzz)

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my long hair, he used to love my hair, he never would allow me to cut it, just in case it never looked good….well piss on him. He’s nothing but a two timing jerk. I’ll fix it so he never looks at me again. I’m my own person, and I’ll do what I want. I brushed my long red hair down and using my roll brush my soft hair fell softly over my shoulders. It looked so beautiful as it hung so straight and pretty looking. I took a breath and reached for the 7 inch scissors on the counter in front of me.

I reached up and placed the open blades up into my long red hair at mid ear level. I shut my eyes for a second and then as I opened them the scissors closed with a loud Snick sound. Slowly and softly a section of my long red hair fell free from the side of my head. My hair fell onto the bathroom sink and counter and lay there like a curtain of red velvet. My eyes were drawn up to the big patch of short hair that hung on the side of my head. THERE…now the damage is done….that should make the jerk hate me now so he can go run around with a new girlfriend. Now I’ll finish the cut, I don’t deserve to look good, for him or anyone….

I brought the scissors up to the hair just behind my left ear and pushed the blades into my hair and started to hack at the length. Pieces of my hair started to rain down onto the counter and floor. The sight of me with my hair getting chopped of was exciting and sad…For years, all he used to do was say how beautiful my hair was.. and that if I ever cut it, he was out of my life for ever…cut…cut…cut…well so long buddy boy. My hair now was hanging down below my bust on the right side of my body, but the left side looked as if some crazy held me down and chopped and slashed my hair from my head. My eyebrow bangs looked so straight and even…he used to insist that I leave them long and cut straight across just at eyebrow level…..CHOP…there, problem solved. I looked into the mirror, the reflection of this poor girl with only stubble were once a lovely veil of bangs once covered her forehead. I now reached into my right temple and grabbed a fist full of long red , soft hair and with lots of determination I chopped off the full length of the 7 inch scissors in one crunch. The floor was covered in hair. It felt so soft as I walked in it. Never had I felt it so soft and matted. I placed the scissors into my crown and continued chopping and slashing till my head resembled this crazed look of stubble and sprigs of hair….now to finish the job.

Some strange feeling came over me as I poured my hands full of hair remover. I placed all this lemon scented Nair on my head and went into the kitchen and tore off some Saran wrap. I covered my now yellowish head of stubble and then put a towel over it all. I call Fed-ex and asked them to come get a package. They said they would be there in 15 minutes. I took all the hacked off hair I could gather, placed it in a shoe box and wrapped it up with a simple note that said “go fuck yourself…its over”. The man from Fed-ex came and I passed him the parcel. Take it to this address and here’s a extra fiver if you chuckle as you give it to him. The guy thanked me and I turned to go get a shower….minutes from now I’ll be bald. I know I’ll look good, there are lots of guys out there that will love to go out with a bald chick….I shower the Nair off as I watch the stubble go down the drain….God it feels smooth think I’ll like this. I wonder how that loser ex-boyfriend of mine is feeling now?…..Looks good on him, cause I know I look good.


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