Jessica’s Cut

Jessica's Cut

Disclaimer: This story is of the fictitious nature and matches of names and identities are just coincidences. This was inspired by actual identities.

Jessica’s Cut

It had been in June when I had realized my love for Jessica, but she had no taste for me. She really wanted to go out with a guy named Travis, who was far better than me; he had a new shiny Probe and a good looking face. I had thought I looked good, but my hair was way out of style because of experiments I had done with it, and Travis’s long hair brushed the back of his neck and over his face. I knew I would grow my hair out like that; I must say, I was jealous of him.

Back in September I had taken my clippers to the test with one of the most freakish haircuts I had ever had. In fact, these cuts were my first real job with the clippers I bought at K-Mart. My good friend Mike agreed that it looked good, it was just the style that was out, and agreed to let me cut his hair. I began to grow out my hair, but it was too short to do anything with but long enough so that it wouldn’t spike. I had read stories about other guys cutting girls’ hair on the internet and how they would get aroused, but I didn’t think that cutting a guy’s hair would arouse me. Guess again.

My friend was over at my house in the office when we working on some new web page orders from our local customers. We were finishing a page when Mike noticed smoke coming from the back of the computer. I saved our work and turned the thing off only to find that my extra harddrive, the one I had bought from my friend, had gone bad. I needed to replace it, so we went and got another one. While Mike was installing the new harddrive his ponytail kept brushing across the motherboard and other components, and he became annoyed and told me he wanted a haircut. I agreed, and after the computer’s case was closed I set up in the basement. In the storage area of my basement I had set up my own little pusedo barber shop, it had a small mirror, shelf, and a folding chair I set up in the front. Mike was used to me cutting his hair, as I would run the clippers around the edges of his head keeping them to a neat 1/4 inch. It had been about 5 weeks since I had last cut his hair, so the sides had grown out quite a bit. I was getting the clippers ready while he secured the cape around his neck.

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He looked into the mirror and pondered. “I wonder what I’d look like with a short haircut”

I asked him just what he was thinking of, but he just said to do whatever I wanted as long as it wouldn’t hang in the way. I turned his chair around so that he couldn’t see what was happening and I took the shears and cut off his ponytail. The thing was at least 1 1/2 feet. I tossed the ponytail to the ground and he had a nice chin length cut. It looked semi-decent, but it was shapeless and styless. I snapped a #4 on the clippers and started by making a move up the back from his nape. I continued up the back and around the sides until they were clean. I let it flop down and it looked like a typical haircut as the sides were hidden under the top mass. I continued the cropping. This time I selected a spot halfway on top of his head from the back and moved the clippers off the back. I saw the longest strand fall to the cape leaving his old style for a new clean 1/2 inch buzz-like cut. Huge masses of hair were now falling onto the floor and cape, and I started to feel gay as I felt my pants bulge. I untucked my shirt to hide the bulge and continued until there was only a long clump of hair on the front top half of his head. It looked great, and I combed the bangs to the right side and trimmed them off at the tip of his nose. The sides were still long, so I took out a #2 and brought the sides in closer and blended in the top, keeping it generally at a #4.

The haircut looked great, and Mike agreed. I helped him pull of the cape and I swept the hair into the corner. Mike, being bigger than I, came up behind me and tied me to the chair. I had told him many times that I didn’t want a haircut, and that I was waiting for my hair to finally reach my ear so that I could wear it in a bowl kind of haircut. Mike put the cape around me, and snapped on a #2. Before I could protest, he held the clippers at the base of my forehead and moved them back quickly. He moved around the sides, up my neck and around my ears. Before I knew it, I was looking in the mirror at the best butch haircut I’ve seen. I looked down at the floor, and as my eyes were traveling down there I noticed that he was bulging too, but I didn’t mention this to him.

I went into the bathroom and washed my hair while Mike did the same in my other bathroom. Just as I was slipping on my jeans I heard the doorbell. Dammit, our customers were here and we hadn’t finished the pages. I looked out the window and saw Jessica, then I made the connection. Mr. Jameson, a customer of ours that had ordered a page for his shopping complex, was Jessica’s father. Jessica and I had always talked on the phone, but I never told her about where I lived or my business, and we were just mere friends. It also happened to be that Mike had broken up with her a month before and with her was Travis. I opened the door and invited them into the basement where they could relax while I got the printouts that her father had ordered. I returned to the basement and brought them into the storage area while Mike got the package ready.

I told Travis to test my old folding chair; I knew he liked stuff from the 60’s. He sat down and settled in as far at the aluminum chair allowed. I then threw a rope around him and he was stuck. He pleaded for me to release him, but I refused, and he was stuck in the chair with no way to get out. I fastened the nylon cape around his neck and pulled out the clippers with no guard. He seemed frightened the sound of the clippers coming into action. His hair was soft and long, and he had it trimmed at a fine salon in Birmingham. It flowed nicely with his face and ears; it was an overall complement to his face. By now I was realizing that I did have gay feelings, but I knew that I would never have sex with another guy, and I did have an interest in some girls too. I held the clippers at his forehead and moved them back. His bare white scalp appeared with every stroke. The warm clippers gnawed away at the hair and sent it to the floor. He watched as the locks proceeded to the floor and was looking upset. The chair was turned towards the mirror so that he could see the transition. It took very little time, and he looked great with the little stubble. He didn’t like it. He whined to Jessica, but he was still tied to the chair and Jessica didn’t dare try to untie him with me and my sharp clippers.

I then took Jessica by her neck, and without bothering with a cape or anything I started her cut. Her hair was a beautiful color, a dark brown/red, but it had to have been the worst style for her. It was a plain style, it hung bluntly around the sides and back. I took a rubber band and made a ponytail in the middle of the back of her head. I snapped a #4 on and buzzed off everything underneath the ponytail and got a little of the edges of the sides. Very little hair came off, but when I released the ponytail a lot of her hair descended to the floor. I replaced the rubber band. It looked good on her, the contrast between the short sides and the long ponytail. She was real Royal Oak material, not just someone that belonged modeling in a Eddie Bauer or Abercombie & Fitch catalog.

She broke free from my arms and grabbed the clippers from my hand. She threw the guard on the floor and told me to leave. I didn’t see any harm, so I left the room. From outside the room I could see through the small hole in the wall what was going on. Jessica was feeling all over Travis’s head, commenting on how much she liked it and how she got aroused watching it. She untied Travis and undid her blouse. They made out for a minute or two and before I knew it Travis had Jessica in the chair and he was cutting her hair off too! I watched her transform into a boy as Travis finished the crewcut.


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