Jessica Vacation

Jessica Vacation

Jessica Vacation – Master Ken

Twenty minutes or so later, her mind and thoughts a muddle, Jessica found herself nearly nude, chained by the neck to a wall and standing in corset, stockings and 5″ heels. Her wrists were crossed, bound and cinched too tightly and her mouth had been stuffed full of the wet rags from Master’s office floor and Cindy had used one of the wet towels again to secure the gag. She noticed Cindy’s hands still shook uncontrollably and the young woman was ashen faced from the electric shock she had endured because of Jessica. Taking a desperate risk, Cindy had even pulled the RKG from her mouth. More than twice she had vomited and now she was dry heaving into the tub… her body spasmed violently every few minutes. Cindy was NOT happy with Jessica! Finally Cindy lay down on the pile of laundry Jessica recognized all too well… and as she tried to put the rape out of her mind, and as the machines droned on for the next hour, Cindy slept.

“RRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGG!” Cindy was awakened, and Jessica jumped a foot at the sound of an alarm bell in the hall by their door. It became apparent that this was some kind of a noon whistle or lunch break. Cindy, much improved got right to work but first she leaned toward Jessica and hissed in her ear! “I’m through feeling sorry for you! You’ll get what you were sent here for and I’m going to see that I get a piece of it Red! …OH! I’m the LAST one that’ll call you that!” she said, giggling. Jessica became nauseous too at the thought of what would happen to her soon…and of Michael! And some woman’s voice was laughing even harder… Master’s words kept playing in her brain like a song. Cindy pulled the drab dress, bra and apron out of the dryer and with them over her shoulder, quickly untied Jessica’s hands. “Put these on quick…unbutton the neck strap and you can put on your “pretty” apron,” she giggled

“I have to try to dress with my neck in this chain?” Barely able to move six inches from the cement wall, Jessica eventually got into her dress. It was not too wrinkled, but far from perfect. She worked the apron into place just as Cindy came toward her grinning from ear to ear!

“This is a beauty Jess! Never SAW one of these!” The maid’s cap was surely of another time… different from her first, this was of a heavier white, stiff cotton, material like her apron, it was big and had a black elastic ribbon threaded through it. Cindy put it on her captive’s head and laughed! Then pulled it way down over Jessica’s eyes and ears… so big was the ugly hat! The ruffle of it rode up and settled at Jessica’s eyes and she couldn’t free them by blinking…the cloth was scratching her eyeballs! Cindy couldn’t have cared less. “Tell you what Red! If I’VE got to wear a fucking dumb cook’s hat, you CERTAINLY deserve this one ” She fastened a pair of black leg irons on Jessica’s ankles then unlocked the heavy leather collar. Jessica was frantic… her eyes were killing her and tearing badly! Cindy reached up under Jessica’s voluminous skirt to her waist and fastened a belt around it. For the moment, Jessica forgot about her eyes as she recognized the contraption being strapped on her. “Bend over. Hands on the floor… bend your knees and spread ’em!” Cindy drew the tapered leather strap from the front of the belt and pulled it through Jessica’s legs to the back. The dildo fit through a hole in the strap and once fixed, a flap snapped over it to keep it from falling out. Rudely, Cindy flapped the uniform skirt up and over Jessica’s head. It was so large it formed a tent over her touching the ground. Jessica’s bare white ass and its little brown hole were in plain view. Cindy pressed the silver prod into the rectum and Jessica’s gagged scream and gyrations stopped her.

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“No fucking K-Y… what am I supposed to do?” Cindy looked around the laundry. She thought of liquid detergent but thought that might be like an enema… finally she grabbed a bottle of fabric softener and poured it on the dildo… and that was as much as she was going to do for this bitch! Cold, wet and slippery, the long silver probe disappeared quickly into Jessica’s ass and the crotch strap was buckled to the belt and she pulled Jessica upward! At first Jessica felt like she was sitting on a broom but sooner than she thought, the feeling of invasion subsided… she wondered if she could walk. Cindy was in a hurry! She had found an old white towel in the laundry and she lifted the hat, for it was too big and foolish to be called a cap, from Jessica’s eyes and as quickly tied the towel over them, knotting it tight behind her head. “Here we go Red!” and she pulled her out of the room and into the hall in a replay of the morning’s walk with Sandra. They walked a long way down the hall and then a flight of steps downward, a landing, a turn, and more steps. Jessica’s leg irons hurt on the stairs. The stopped and Cindy opened a door and pushed her charge inside roughly then backed her against the wall. Jessica’s heart raced as she smelled…cologne, Witch Hazel! “Oh NO! It’s the Barber Shop!” she thought.

Cindy tied her hands together palm to palm then passed a rope between her arms and body and pulled back hard. Jessica’s elbows were drawn back and her hands forced to rest against her stomach. “Stand at attention NOVICE! Cindy barked at her. “WHAT?” Jessica wanted no trouble so she stood erect. Cindy was impressing the staff! Jessica didn’t know how much time had passed… she was thinking of hair. Of the curly red hair she’d had as a girl. Of the months and years of nurturing it to waist length. How Michael LOVED her hair! How Master Ken had compelled her to kerchief her hair when she read his stories… “mild humiliation” he called it and it was.

Someone grabbed her and dragged her across several feet then backed her up to a chair and pushed her in it. She panicked for the second it took to feel what the “pager” was going to do. It drove up into her, but did not exactly hurt though it was FAR from comfortable. Hands bound the “customer’s” ankles together and to the chair somehow and heavy rope was used to tie her torso to the chair back.

“What are we doing here? Anybody got the chart on this one?”

Another, woman’s, voice. “Yep! All the way!”

The male barber was pleased “Yesssss! Awrright!” The two towels were untied from Jessica’s face. She was afraid to open her eyes. When she did, slowly, she squinted into the light and found herself in an all-white sterile looking room. Straight ahead of her in a full-length mirror sat a woman in a frumpy grey dress bound to a barber chair, hands folded in her lap. Ends of red and yellow cloth stuck out of her mouth! A tall muscular black man in a light blue smock and a comb sticking out of a pocket was ripping a wide piece of silver duct tape from a big roll. He peered over Jessica’s shoulder to see her face and plastered the tape across her mouth. Then two more in an “X” shape, rather an overkill but he seemed to enjoy it. Jessica closed her eyes at the first sound of the electric clipper by her right ear and she let herself cry!

The clippers stopped and stayed quiet and Jessica barely opened her eyes to see before her a bald woman she did not know. A bald woman whose mouth and lower face were masked in silver tape! The barber had a mug of something in his hand and to her shock he brushed white lather all over her skull then just rubbed it around her head. Jessica was staring transfixed now as with a cheap disposable razor he shaved her head smooth, clearing every speck of shaving cream. Her head felt light… and cold! The barber toweled the scraps of cream from her head. Then ran his hands over it to test for misses…and finding none, walked away. It was over and somehow, Jessica wasn’t at all sure it mattered.

Cindy grinned sadistically as she pulled the hat over her captive’s head again! In seconds Jessica was untied again. Cindy had borrowed two more towels from the shop and having folded them to the right widths, replaced Jessica’s blindfold. Then she pulled off the duct tape as Jessica’s lips were burned in the process. Then tucking the scarves or whatever back into her mouth, Cindy tied in Jessica’s gag. The female barber still held Jessica’s chart “This poor woman! From a head shave down to Simon? My GOD!”

Since both interested parties were well gagged, she received no reply but Cindy nodded affirmatively as she steered the blindfolded prisoner out the door, headed for Jessica’s rendezvous.


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