Jen’s Cut

Jen's Cut

Jen’s Cut by Rome3674

Chris was only 30 minutes away from his hotel. He could not pull his thoughts away from the fact that today was the day. Today he was going to meet Jenny in person. Chris and Jenny have been talking over the Internet for the past six months. They met in a haircut clubroom on Yahoo!. Chris had posted a message which said, “Any woman in the PA area interested in hair or haircutting who would like to chat please feel free to IM me.” A few days later when Chris logged on a message was waiting for him. It was from Jenny. They began making chat dates so that they could talk to each other, for they hit it off from the very start. Chris had a shaved head and a goattee, 6 ft 1, muscular, this was Jenny’s dream guy. Jenny had light brown hair reaching mid-back with face-framing layers, 5 ft 6, and 115 pounds, Chris’s dream girl. Physically perfect for each other. They connected on so many levels, but the one thing that they both loved about each other was how open they could be with each other about their hair fetish. They shared experiences and fantasies. After five months of making a connection with each other they decided to meet. They had a plan for this haircut adventure.

Chris arrived at his hotel a little after 11 in the morning. He checked in, and unpacked. He was going to be there from Friday morning till Monday morning. He took out several scented candles and placed them around the room. He brought a Boom Box and some CDs. He then pulled out a hair cape and placed it on the chair, which he placed in the center of the room. He then pulled out his scissors, clippers, clips, and placed them on the table near the chair. He went down the hall and filled up his ice bucket and placed a bottle of champagne to chill while he was out, and he put the other 3 bottles in the refrigerator. He then picked up the phone and dialed Jenny’s number.

“Hello,” said Jenny.

“Hey baby, I just got to the hotel. I’ll be over your place in about 10 minutes.”

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“Great, I can’t believe we are finally going to be together.”

“I know; this is like so unreal. Are we going to be at the salon on time?” Chris asked.

“It’s right around the corner from my house, we have plenty of time.”

“OK. I guess I’ll see you in 10 minutes.”

“I can’t wait. I’ll see you then honey, bye.”

“See ya.”

After placing a Do Not Disturb sign on his door, Chris walked out to his car and was so amazed at what a great idea they had for spending this weekend together. They were going to the salon, not to get a haircut, but to get Jenny some hair extensions. They were going to make Jenny’s hair all one length to her waist, so that there would be lots of hair to cut when their adventure began. Chris was pumped up for what was about to happen.

Jenny was in her bathroom looking at her hair in the mirror and had a thousand thoughts racing through her head. She was staring at her hair and trying to picture herself in all the styles she would be trying this weekend. She was both excited and nervous. The thoughts of cutting her beautiful hair made her stomach turn as well as excite her beyond imagination. She was brushing her hair when the doorbell rang. Chris was here and it was time to leave for the salon.

When Jenny opened the door, big smiles consumed both of their faces and they embraced each other for the first time. Chris could smell the sweet fruity aroma of Jenny’s hair. It was intoxicating; he would have taken her right in the doorway if it was not the middle of the day. They then looked at each other and shared their first kiss: soft, wet, and it made them both feel as if they were in heaven. They embraced again, and then Jenny said, “We really should get going.” With that they got back in Chris’s car and drove around the corner to the salon.

They left the salon and Jenny’s hair was a light blonde and it was touching her waist. She loved the feeling of all that hair surrounding her, she felt like a princess. Chris could not take his eyes off her. They were heading back to the hotel to let the fun begin. Upon entering the doorway Jenny quickly jumped towards Chris knocking him back on to the bed. They started ripping each other’s clothes off, and when they were completely naked, Jenny got up and picked up the scissors and laid them on the bed next to Chris. She started mounting Chris and thrusting her hips into his. As Chris penetrated Jenny, she picked up the scissors. She clicked them twice and then placed them six inches above her waist, about to cut a two-inch section of hair. As they were grinding each other she slowly started closing the scissors and six inches of blond hair started to tumble on Chris’s chest. It was soft and silky and it was driving Chris out of his mind. Jenny was so turned on by cutting off so much hair, she grabbed slowly for another section. Snip… snip… snip, tendrils of hair slipped down over Chris, landing to the side of him and on his chest. They were making love faster and deeper now. Jenny was picking up larger sections of hair, still six inches from her waist and cutting them over Chris’s chest, she even let a little section crawl across his face. Mounds of hair were covering Chris’s chest. They both were moaning as Jenny snipped away at more of her long hair. Just as she snipped the last of her waist length hair they both came together. Jenny then laid on top of Chris and her shorn hair. It tickled them.

Chris kissed her deeply and turned her over so her back was on the bed and he was above her. He started kissing, sucking, and licking her neck. He then worked his way down the center of her chest. His hands rubbed the sides of her body in rhythm with his soft kisses. He sucked and nibbled on her nipples gently; he was kissing her breasts, paying special attention to their undersides. After a while he started kissing down her belly and kissed her hips where her thighs met them. He gently ran his fingers through her pubic hair and lifted it slightly. After playing with her pubes he started kissing around her vagina, and licked her inner lips. He was licking and kissing around her clitoris, just letting his tongue barely breeze over her clit, Jenny was going crazy. As he was sucking on her inner lip he reached across her and picked up the clippers and turned them on. He then started shaving the hair above her clitoris. The buzzing sound and the vibration was driving Jenny crazy, not to mention the fact that Chris was still licking around her clit. Jenny was getting wetter and wetter. Chris then started kissing her bald patch and shaved the sides of her vagina. He then licked her clit slowly and in small circles, he felt Jenny tremble a bit and then moved his tongue off her, there was no way she was going to come yet. He circled her clit until she calmed down a bit, and then placed his tongue back on her clit and licked gently, with a rhythm like a heartbeat. Again getting her close and then backing off. He did this for twenty minutes. He then got up and got the shaving cream and a razor out of his shaving kit. He started licking her clit again and this time she came with a force. He then lathered her up, and massaged the shaving cream in. He took his Bic and started shaving the stubble above, scraping slowly away until it was smooth. Jenny could not help but shift every now and then, totally loving the balding experience. He then shaved the sides of her vagina and she was wet again. This time Chris mounted her and held her hands down on the bed as he penetrated her again. Jenny came again and a few seconds later Chris exploded inside of her. They lay side by side with Jenny’s pubes and hair under them, playing with each other’s body. They were kissing and holding each other when they both fell asleep.

Jenny woke up and heard the shower running and Chris was not beside her. She walked into the bathroom and startled Chris as she opened the curtain. She laughed and stepped into the shower. She was rubbing Chris’ head, and he started to shampoo her hair. They started kissing softly, and washing each other with careful, loving hands. Chris then conditioned her hair. When they both were clean. Chris got out first, wrapped a towel around him and went into the bedroom. Jenny toweled her hair and put it up in a towel on her head. She dried her body off. Chris meanwhile flipped the hair off the sheets onto the floor by the bed, and switched the sheets around. He lit the candles and put on a slow romantic love song CD. He got two glasses and filled them with the chilled champagne. When everything was set he went back into the bathroom and brushed his teeth with Jenny. With both of them naked and her hair damp he led her to the chair in the center of the room. He held her close to him and kissed her while gently rubbing her breast. He started sucking on her earlobe and he whispered in her ear, “Are you ready baby?”

Jenny kissed his neck and took a seat in the chair. Chris opened the cape and put it around her neck. Jenny pulled the towel off her head and let her long hair spill down past the middle of her back. Chris began combing out her hair and kissing her shoulder, her neck, and her ears. Jenny was sitting back, sipping champagne and relaxing to the hypnotic state created by the brushing of her hair. Chris then sectioned her hair so that all of it was sitting on top of her head in a ponytail, except for a section from the top of her ears down that was loose. Chris picked up the scissors. He clicked them 3 times. Jenny started to breathe a little heavier. He placed his hand on the back of her head and eased it down so her chin was touching her chest, he then placed the scissors just below her shoulders, and then snip… snip, splat… snip… snip, splat! 24 inches of hair tumbled down Jenny’s back and slapped the carpeted floor. Snip… snip, splat. Jenny could hear her hair swooshing down the cape. Her head was feeling lighter with each snip. Snip…snip, splat, snip…snip, splat! Her hair was now in a perfectly straight line just below her shoulders. Chris combed it out over and over again, lifting it up and kissing her neck underneath. He then picked up a 24-inch lock and let it fall over her shoulder onto her lap. Jenny shuddered a little, and picked up the lock and stared at it.

Chris then combed another section down, this time just above her temple; the rest was still up in a ponytail. He ran his fingers and his comb through the length of her hair about to be cut. He then followed his previous cut and started to snip away at her tresses. Snip… snip, splat, snip… snip, splat! More hair was cascading down like a summer’s storm. Hair was beginning to pile up in a large mass behind the chair. Chris, while snipping away, was letting his feet play in her hair and was rock hard while he cut away. Jenny was reveling in the feeling of the lightness of her head and listening to the sounds of the scissors snipping and snipping. She could hear more hair swooshing down her back. Chris kept cutting away, snip… snip, splat, snip… snip, splat, snip… snip, splat! Chris bent down and picked up a handful of her hair and let it slide over her shoulder and into her lap. Chris noticed movement under Jenny’s cape. He could only smile. He combed through the recently cut section, and then his fingers lifted her hair and he kissed her neck and sucked on her skin where her neck and shoulders met. He then let down the rest of the back of her hair, he snipped that section away quicker this time, and Jenny seemed to tense up and release, so much for showering!

After her back was cut Chris was kissing her cheek and letting her hair down from the side of her head just below her temple. He lined up that section with a piece from the back and started snipping again. 24 inches of blond hair tumbled into Jenny’s lap with each snip of the scissors, snip… snip, snip. Snip… snip… snip, snip. Her hair on the side was just above her collarbone. Jenny with a smile started to play with the hair that was forming on her lap. Chris then let down her hair from a middle part and snipped swiftly, matching the hair underneath, and more of Jenny’s tresses were released from her head. Jenny’s head felt so light now. Jenny was gathering more hair as Chris lifted her hair from her face and kissed her cheek, her ear, and her neck again. He then kissed her lips softly and then combed down the other section on the side of her head. Five minutes later Jenny had a one-length bob to her shoulder. She looked really hot. Chris then stood in front of her and combed down her shoulder-length bangs and placed the scissors at the bottom of her lip: snip…snip…snip, snip, snip…snip. He then pushed her bangs behind her ears and kissed her lips. She reached down and grabbed his hard cock and started to stroke him. Chris undid the cape and let the hair slide down to the floor and he laid her on her cut hair and they made love again, coming furiously. They got up and lay back down on the bed together.

After lying in bed and embracing each other both were starving. Chris could not keep his hands off Jenny’s hair, so he had to use one hand to call down to room service and asked that the food be left outside. After a knock at the door Chris got up, got the food, refilled the champagne glasses and they both ate together in bed. They lay down and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

They woke up, got cleaned up and dressed. They picked up the hair and kept it in a safe place. They went downstairs and had breakfast, then went to a museum and then to lunch. They got back to the hotel around 2pm.

When they got inside their room. Chris pulled Jenny close to him and kissed her lips, and stroked her hair. He had Jenny sit down on the bed and he started to brush her hair out. Jenny sat back and relaxed, feeling the brush caress her shoulder-length mane. She was in heaven. Chris was making long strokes, brushing her hair slowly. He kissed her neck and started removing her clothes again. She pulled his shirt off him and undid his jeans. He led her to the chair again. He put all of her hair in a ponytail, except for a section from the top of her ears on down. He combed her hair dry for a while, savoring the length of her hair while it lasted. He then picked up the clippers and without a guard slowly placed them just below her nape, while he held her hair up. Jenny felt the buzzing vibration on her neck and her spine started to tingle. He then lifted the clippers slowly through her hair and as it gathered he pulled the clippers away and six inches of hair fell away and onto the floor. Jenny felt a cool breeze on her neck. Chris then placed tiny little kisses on her stubbly path of hair. He then lifted another section of hair and ran the clippers up the back of her head, and let the hair this time fall over her shoulder. Jenny’s head was feeling really light now, and the breeze felt like it was spreading across the back of her head. Chris kissed her bare skull over and over again and this time buzzed the rest of Jenny’s hair. He kissed her exposed scalp from the top of her ears to her nape. He then put shaving cream on the back of her head, and Jenny moaned as the cool foam touch her sensitive scalp. He scraped away at her stubble until she was bare. Jenny’s spine was on fire with every pass of the razor. The back of her head felt like its nerves were standing on end. When Chris finished he wiped off the shaving cream and kissed her denuded scalp tenderly. Jenny was getting really hot and wet. Another lovemaking session ensued. Chris was holding Jenny by the back of her scalp as he made love to her caressing and massaging.

They got cleaned up once again and went to a dinner and show. Jenny wore her hair down so no one could tell she had a shaved nape underneath. Only Chris knew her little secret. He made every effort throughout the night to touch and play with her bare nape.

They got back to their room around 1 am, drank a bottle of champagne and made love three more times before going to sleep.

They woke up and showered and once again Jenny was led to the chair. Chris sectioned her hair so that 2 inches above the shaved part was hanging down. Chris took the scissors and cut 5 more inches of hair away from Jenny’s head. Jenny smiled with nervous anticipation as her hair was cut to chin length. Snip… snip… snip, splat, snip… snip, splat. Chris brought the rest of the back section down and snip… snip, snip… snip… snip, snip. He kissed her exposed neck and sucked gently. Jenny moaned with delight at her lighter head. He ran his fingers up and down the back of her head. He then cut her sides to chin length. Blonde hair floated down and landed in Jenny’s crotch, where she started to play with her hair and finger herself as she felt her locks fall down her chest. When her hair was chin length, Chris combed her hair out and ran his fingers through and brushed her hair. He then picked her up and placed her on the bureau drawer and began to make love to her again. He ran his fingers through the length of her hair with one hand, he would play with her breast with the other while kissing and penetrating her deeply. His hand always found the shaved area where it would caress her head over and over again. Chris was turned on by the feeling of the difference between the bald skull and her chin-length blonde hair. They made love on and off for the rest of the day… This was not going to be a one-time experience for the two of them, but that is another story.


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