Jaclyn Gets Caught

Jaclyn Gets Caught

Jaci Gets Caught – Jaci

Jaclyn went to Samantha’s house for a couple of minutes before Samantha took Jaclyn to her brother’s for the weekend so they could hang out since her best friend’s brother already knew Jaclyn’s dad. Once they arrived Jaclyn hugged him and he looked at her and said, “You look great and I have plans in store for us,” and with that Jaclyn smiled at Mark as he kissed her. Even though Mark was 24 and Jaclyn was 14 they didn’t care as they walked inside and Samantha pulled away with her mom in the car. Mark took Jaclyn’s things as she laid down on the couch. Mark came back and laid down with her as Jaclyn said, “I need a haircut!” and Mark looked at her and said, “I’ll give you one tomorrow night,” with an evil look on his face.

The next day Jaclyn and Mark did their schoolwork and Jaclyn talked Mark into lunch and then to swing by a church. When they arrived home Mark decided that it was time for Jaclyn’s payback to what she did to her sister two years ago. It was on a Saturday night and Jaclyn and Sam were just goofing around and when Sam was nearly sleeping Jaclyn dragged her into the salon that her mom had downstairs and tied her to a chair. She then gagged her with duct tape and had some fun by shaving her head completely bald. When she awoke Sam was still tied while Jaclyn was gone. Samantha never got revenge on her but Mark figured it was the perfect time.

Jaclyn followed Mark downstairs. They both looked at different hairstyles as Jaclyn picked one out. She had beautiful brown hip-length hair and she decided to do a type of layer just on her shoulders. Jaclyn sat down in the chair as Mark got everything ready. Jaclyn suspected something but she figured it was all in her head. Mark led her over to the shampoo basin and washed her hair and then led her back to the chair. He took out a big pink cape and draped it over her casually and put a soft cloth on her neck. He then told Jaclyn to close her eyes. She did so but the next thing she heard was the snapping of the cape and the snapping of clippers going on. Jaclyn jumped out of the chair and screamed, “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING, YOU IDIOT?”

Mark grabbed her. “I am going to get revenge on you for what you did to my sister so I suggest either you cooperate or we’ll do this the hard way. Ok?” he said, but Jaclyn snapped back at him and she ripped the cape off and started running. She tried to escape but the door was locked. Mark took her by the hand. “Sit in the chair and I won’t get aggressive,” and she did so and sat there as this time he used a purple cape.

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“What are you going to do to me?” said Jaclyn as she stared at the mirror.

“Oh, I am going to cut your hair to nothing.”

“But that’s not what I want,” said Jaclyn.

She started to rise up out of the chair but Mark grabbed her and said, “Well, too bad.” Jaclyn started to fight with him and struggle to escape but he then pulled out a small pistol and pointed it at her head. “Either you sit down there or you’re gonna sit down in a hospital bed.” Jaclyn sat down.

Mark opened a drawer and pulled out two boxes and he opened one of them and took out a pair of handcuffs and took off her shoes and cuffed her feet. He then took rope and started to tie her down to the chair very tightly at the elbows, wrists, waist, knees, legs, and pretty much any other limb. He then took out a bright orange mouth gag and said, “Open up sweetheart.” As she did he slipped it in there. He then leaned her head forward as he buckled the gag down as she stared at the rope that had been wrapped around her legs and waist and he caped her with a purple cape. There she sat about to be shaved with a big mouth gag like the ones that women use when they’re in bondage and tied down to the chair, caped and all. He tightened the chin strap on the gag and grabbed a pair of large scissors and a comb. He took a large chunk of about 6 in. and cut one off. Then he cut another and another and within minutes her waist-length hair was turned into a shoulder-length bob. He combed it down as tears started to fall from Jaclyn’s eyes as he took out a shorter pair of scissors and started cutting about one and a half inch chunks off.

By now Jaclyn’s hair was pretty much toast even if she did find some miracle that allowed her to escape. She tried to move but the ropes were just too tight and as she tried to bargain with Mark it was hopeless with the gag as he continued to keep cutting away. Now her hair was up to a very short bob above her ears. Jaclyn closed her eyes as she heard a set of clippers go on. He took a chunk of hair and started to comb back. Hair started to fly as he worked the clippers back and forth on her head. Tears were falling from her eyes as the clippers were getting louder in her ear and her hair was down to almost a boy’s haircut. He made another 10 passes before he decided that it was short enough. Jaclyn looked up as he got a razor and a handful of shaving cream and applied it to her head. He went back and with it came every little flake of hair left. Finally he finished as he took the cape off and started to take the gag off but decided to leave her there.

Jaci sat there as he went off and thought of what just happened as she was now bald as the day she was born. She thought for a second about the movie Empire Strikes Back. She thought how Han Solo was caught and tortured much like she was. She thought more as she was finally released after sitting there. She would always remember that day as the day she was caught.


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