Jack’s Back Room

Jack's Back Room

Jack’s Back Room by Serious Shaver

Jack worked as a barber in one of those small southern towns that had stopped growing and didn’t have a future. The owner of the shop was Elmo. Good old Elmo, a Fred Mertz look-alike, usually spent the majority of his day reclined in one of the three old-fashioned barber chairs fast asleep.

There really wasn’t a need for three barber chairs in the shop or, for that matter, two barbers either. Rarely did Jack have to wake Elmo to assist. Elmo only had a handful of regulars that requested his services specifically. Occasionally on Saturdays Jack did have to wake Elmo for the small town rush of weekend customers.

Jack was a bachelor. He had several lady friends in town that found him attractive. Mostly they found him available. There weren’t a lot of bachelors in town.

Main Street consisted of just a few worn out business that stayed in operation mostly through the generosity of their owners. Not much money was to be made in this town.

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Women in town had their hair done down at Lisa’s Salon. Lisa came from the East Coast with her sixty-five-year-old husband to retire. Lisa was a real looker. At forty-five she wasn’t old and, having worked in salons prior to moving, decided to open her own shop. It didn’t take long for her services to be in demand what with the women in town tired of doing their own or each other’s hair. When Lisa’s husband died just a few months after she opened her salon Jack was there to comfort her.

On most Saturday nights Jack would usually ask one of his lady friends out to the town’s picture show. Sometimes they would have dinner first at a restaurant before going to the movie. Every once in a while Jack would get lucky and one his dates would want a little more that just eats and a movie. Jack would usually end up taking them to his apartment above the barber shop. Some of the women he got lucky with wanted to have sex right there in the old barber shop chair. Since there were no window curtains Jack had to keep the lights off while he was “doin’ his screwin’.”

Having noticed that more and more of his dates wanted to have sex in the barber chair and after nearly getting caught by one of the local law enforcement boys, Jack convinced Elmo that they should move the unused barber chair to the back room. Elmo neither agreed nor disagreed. He just went along with it.

There was already a wash basin in the back room Jack had used for some special shampooing. Jack added all the other necessary touches to make the back room look like a regular barbering parlor.

About a year after Lisa’s husband had passed away Jack asked her out on a date. A year was the normal time for mourning in this town. Lisa enjoyed the dinner, the movie and Jack’s company. When Jack started to drive her home after the show let out she asked him if maybe they could stop over at his place instead. Jack eagerly agreed. On the drive over to his apartment Lisa told him she had heard that he would upon request give his dates special hair services. Jack said that what she heard was indeed true and asked her if she needed any kind of special service. Lisa told Jack that she would like him to give her pussy a little trim. Well Jack was not one to tell a date or a customer no so he quickly agreed.

Walking through the shops main entrance Lisa paused to examine its interior. Brushing the fingers of her hand along the arm of one of the barber chairs she said that the shop looked very interesting. Looking at her reflection in the mirror she cupped a hand and lifted the curl of her shoulder-length blond hair. She had never been in a barber shop before. Jack showed her on to his special back room.

Entering the back room of the barber shop Jack wasted no time on small talk asking Lisa to remove her skirt and panties and hop up in the chair. Jack watched as she unzipped her skirt and pushed it down past her hips and over her lovely thighs. He was pleased to see that she was wearing a lacy black garter belt with matching black stocking. Noticing she didn’t have on any panties he discovered that the blond haired Lisa was really a black haired beauty. He could already begin to feel his cock begin to stiffen.

The blond/black haired Lisa stepped up on the foot rest and settled her beautiful ass into the chair. Her instructed her to place her lovely legs on the outside of each of the ceramic arm rests. She had difficulty keeping her legs still because the nylon stockings wanted to slide along the ceramic arm rest. Jack helped her by hooking the heels of her shoes in the decorative chrome along the underside of the arm rest. He then asked her to slide her hips forward so that he could have better access to trim her pussy.

As he went to the back of the barber chair to get the tools of his trade he used the side hydraulic control lever to ease the chair back to a semi-reclined position.

Jack told Lisa to relax while he turned on the towel warmer and made sure the shave cream dispenser was plugged in. He then picked up a pair of small scissors and a comb. Lisa had a look of eager anticipation on her face and Jack returned to the front of the chair and sat down on the foot rest ready to begin the pussycut.

Jack started by combing through the thick hairs of Lisa’s pubic bush. It appeared that she had never touched one hair on her pussy. The hairs were lustrous and long. While combing Jack would occasionally put a little more pressure on the comb as it neared her clitoris. He would hear a soft moan when he did this. He asked her if she had any special instructions on how she would like her pussy trimmed. She responded by saying that it didn’t matter to her just whatever he felt would look nice.

Jack deftly used the comb and scissors to snip away at Lisa’s bush. He soon had her bush trimmed down to a manageable length. It was still thick. It was also still too long. Jack would need to use the clippers to make any more progress.

Jack got up from his seat on the foot rest and went over to plug the clippers in. Returning to his perch, Jack sat back down and turned on the clippers. Lisa was relaxed and leaning back into the chair when she heard the small pop as the clippers came to life. She tensed. She asked Jack to be careful.

As the clippers hummed Jack trimmed. He had the 1/4-inch guard on as he worked over the entire region of her pubis. The vibrations from the clippers must have felt just like a vibrator to Lisa. Lisa’s breathing had become distinctly heavier and she was now moaning distinctly. She relaxed and moaned, louder this time than before. Jack noticed that her hips were now also rocking ever so slowly. As he neared her slit he inserted a free finger into it and began making slow in and out movements with it.

Jack soon had all the hairs on her pussy down to a uniform 1/4-inch length. He turned off the clippers and removed the guard to begin making an outline of the heart he was going to shape from her pussy hairs. The pop sound the clippers made as he turned them on again did not startle Lisa this time.

Jack had gone around the top and sides of her bush to make the top and sides of the heart. He would have to shave the hair by her pussy lips to get the heart to look right. Holding onto the loose skin on the sides of her slit he carefully nudged the blades of the clipper as close as he could to cut the hairs right down to the skin. He would have to use the straight razor to clean up the hairs the clippers couldn’t get.

As he was moving the clippers to the top of the heart shape to clean up a few stray hairs Lisa suddenly shifted her hips to get into a more comfortable position. The clippers Jack held were thrust into the center of the heart removing a patch of hair about an inch square. With the heart shape ruined Jack had only one thing that he could do to straighten out this mess. He had to shave it clean.

Lisa asked Jack if there was anything wrong. Jack told her that the clippers had hacked her bush while she was shifting her hips and that now he would have to shave it all off. She didn’t complain at all but instead told him to hurry because she was getting hot.

Jack used the clippers to quickly remove the rest of the hair heart. He hurried over and pushed down on the shave cream dispenser causing the machine to whirr to life. He got enough shaving cream on his palm of his hand to do the job. He picked up his straight razor with the other hand. This time he stood along the right hand side of the barber chair and deftly applied the shave cream covering her entire pussy. As he stood there he felt her hand reach out and rub the front of his pants. He thought his already impossibly hard cock would explode. Lisa unzipped his zipper, tugged at the opening of his boxer shorts and grabbed his rock hard cock with her hand freeing it from his pants. She squeezed it mercilessly.

Jack somehow had the composure to scrape away with the razor the stubble and shaving cream that was left on her pussy. He continued shaving her pussy until the entire area was completely devoid of hair.

Not wanting to free his cock from her hand he leaned over to the hot towel dispenser and removed a single towel from its shelf. He placed the still hot towel over her shaved mons and cleared away the leftover shaving cream.

Throwing the used towel to the floor he quickly buried his face in her freshly shaven pussy. His tongue entered her already wet pussy. Her hips rocked with pulsating energy. She quickly orgasmed. Her shoes came off her feet releasing her legs from the arm rests.

Jack removed his head from her pussy standing up and moving his cock over to her waiting mouth. He couldn’t tell if he had inserted his cock into her mouth or if she had gobbled it up. He watched as his cock disappeared into her mouth and then reappeared when it left as her head bobbed with rhythmic motion.

Jack’s hands grabbed onto the blond hair on both sides of her head as her tongue and mouth continued paying lip service to his engorged member. Surprised by how quickly it happened and not expecting it at all, Jack was suddenly aware that he was holding a blonde wig in his two hands.

Letting go of the wig and looking down at Lisa he saw that she was truly a black haired beauty and not a bleach bottle blonde. The black hair on her head was short, about four inches long. He stopped pistoning his cock long enough to see the amused expression on her face. She looked odd smiling with his cock still in her mouth.

Jack removed his cock from her face. He was suddenly wondering how he a barber could not tell that this woman was wearing a wig. How could that be? Jack stroked Lisa’s dark hair with his hand. Picking up fingers full of hair and putting them back down Jack suddenly had an idea.

Using the same lever he used to recline the barber chair he ratcheted it so that the chair was suddenly bolt upright. Now Lisa’s expression was one of surprise rather than amusement. Jack told Lisa to sit still while he grabbed a cape out of one of the drawers. He put the cape around Lisa’s neck. Before he fastened it he put a strip of barber paper around her neck and tucked the cape in.

He told her that along with her pussy shave, she needed a new haircut. Although Lisa didn’t agree with this, she wasn’t in any position to do anything about it. Anyway she did have the wig to wear home if things got out of hand. Jack turned the barber chair around so that Lisa could watch in the mirror.

Jack didn’t even bother with the comb and scissors this time. He went directly to the clippers. Pushing her head forward he placed the clippers at the base of her neck. As the clippers climbed up the back of her head a pathway of black stubble was the only thing left. Jack continued making pass after pass over her head until there were no more hairs left. Just black stubble. Jack turned and pushed down the button on the shave cream dispenser again causing it to make a whirring sound. He applied a big glob of the shaving cream to the top of her head then smoothed it over her entire head.

Stroking the straight razor on the strap of leather that hung from the chair Jack made sure that it was sharp. He then removed the shaving cream carefully with the razor. Each pass revealed a remarkable clean and white skull. When Jack finished he took another towel from the hot towel dispenser and polished off her head.

Jack unfastened and removed the cape from around her neck. Looking at her in the mirror looking at herself and feeling her bald pate with her hand, Jack smiled. He wasn’t finished yet. He had earlier withdrawn his stiff cock from her mouth before he had had a chance to finish.

Picking up a pair of scissors from the shelf Jack snipped the buttons off the front of Lisa’s blouse. She didn’t say a word but Jack noticed her breathing start to quicken again. Using the scissors to open her blouse Jack commented on how nice her breasts looked tightly restrained in the black spandex bra she was wearing.

He pulled at the tips of the bra pinching her nipples as he did so. Releasing her nipple but not the bra he snipped a half-dollar sized hole in the spandex bra with his scissors. He released the one side of the bra and did the same thing to the other side. Commenting on how hard her nipples were becoming Jack saw that Lisa’s hand had slipped down to her shaven pussy and had began massaging it. Jack cut the material holding the cups of her bra together releasing the weight of her breasts.

Jack’s mouth covered her hardened nipples and sucked deeply. He was careful to give each nipple equal treatment. He nibbled on them with his teeth biting ever so softly. He lifted his head to take one last look at her rock hard nipples poking out from where he had cut her bra and moved himself around to the front of the chair.

Jack climbed up onto the barber chair placing his knees on the arm rests. He grabbed her slick head with one hand his cock being held with his other. He placed his still stiff member in her mouth. She sucked furiously. Her bald head started moving up and down on his cock faster and faster. In a short time it was moving so fast her head was almost a blur. He was about ready to explode when he removed his cock from her mouth and came all over her shiny dome. Lisa reached up and rubbed the come over her newly balded head. Jack got down from the chair and collapsed onto the floor. Both were exhausted and unable to move. Both knew that this would was the experience of a lifetime.

A few days later Jack and Lisa packed up and left. This small southern town would have to find a new barber and hairdresser. Maybe Jack and Lisa would open up a shop together and cater to other people of similar interests. Who knows what the future holds?


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