Instant Princesses Adoring Princes

Instant Princesses Adoring Princes

By Shear Delighter

As I mentioned before, my new friend Julia and I had exchanged phone numbers outside of the salon where we met after me witnessing her transformational headshave that led me to have my own shaved that same night. Her husband is often gone out the country on business, and we have been inseparable for almost six months. We raise eyebrows everywhere we go with our twin shaved heads that we boldly show off together in public. I now shave hers so she doesn’t have to go to her old hairdresser, but she is still trying to convince her husband to shave her head himself. So far? No luck. But she hasn’t given up and neither have l.
I have shaved her about a dozen times myself and my husband Jack, has done it twice as he does me every week. Still yearning for her own sex filled head shaving experience with her husband, she asked me if we could invite her and Michael over for dinner, and have Jack, my husband shave me after eating and drinking two or three bottles of wine between us to loosen everyone up. Jack would then start on Julia, but try to convince her hubby to come over and finish it himself, because he felt so uncomfortable with him sitting right there watching. He could get him started with how to hold the clippers and have him buzz her for the final shaving. All went as planned until Michael announced he couldn’t and wouldn’t do it. It was so awkward that we excused ourselves and scurried upstairs to our bedroom, leaving them there together with a third of her hair on the floor and a can of shaving cream and safety razor on the counter. We made passionate post shaving love as usual,
but never came back down…

Julia called me in the morning after she drove Michael to the airport for another business trip.
Julia: “After you left we just sat there waiting for you to come back down. By then l was sobbing and we got in the car and went home. He didn’t say a word, but carried my pretty much drunk body upstairs and laid me in bed. He took a shower and came back in to find me sitting up in a very revealing night gown, holding a new pair of plugged in clippers, shaving cream and a razor. He looked at my sad eyes and slowly picked up the clippers, clicking them on and completely removed the rest of my butchered hair, going over it again and again until only a hint of stubble remained. As he was admiring his handy work, I shot a big wad of shaving cream into my hand, spreading the cream all over my head, until it was completely covered. After getting a bowl of hot water from the bathroom, he sat on the bed beside me, quietly smiled, and started pulling the razor down until my head was almost completely bare. He then kissed the top of my head and slowly put a second layer of cream that wasn’t as thick as the first one. He dragged the razor against the grain, feeling with his other hand to create a perfectly smooth skin surface like he did when he shaved his face. I could feel the incredible quickness and confidence that only a grown man in his thirties would acquire from years of daily shaving.
He then shaved my private parts and I could feel him growing larger every second, until he loudly proclaimed “l’ve always wanted to do that!”
We both crawled back into the bed not caring about the white shaving cream that had gotten all over it. He caressed my smoothness (both head and Susie) until he couldn’t control himself anymore and pushed in an eight inch bulging ramrod l had never witnessed before. We both came immediately and me repeatedly until we both collapsed together in an embrace that I had always longed for.
As we rode to catch his early flight, he apologized repeatedly for not doing this for me sooner and yes, we would do it again when he got back home.”
Julia and l met for lunch that day. The other patrons watched as two shaved women cried and hugged. Not sad tears, not being hairless tears. But tears of joy knowing our husbands will always adore us and support us as the Instant Princesses we are.

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