Incoming Mail

Incoming Mail

Incoming Mail by Gloria Klien

The following is a transcript of an E-Mail received 130299 by GloriaLK

Hiya G-L-O-R-I-A. Remember me, Chrissie… Boston, that little bookstore you ran, you gave me a job there for the Summer. Well I’m living down in Louisville, KY now, I’m with this great guy … and I found your page. You remember when we worked together I used to have sort of shoulder length blonde hair… it’s sort of pixie cut length now. Well, seeing your page, and the sort of things you are into, and seeing as how it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow… I sort of just had to write you, and let on about my last Valentine’s Day, the day I got to be a Baldie Girl!

I met Charles – he can be so formal you know – pretty soon after I moved down here. Boy did I play hard to get – at least two weeks before I let him into my pants you know – but we really hit it off. He was kind, considerate, a very good cook, and the sort of fuck that leaves you very moist and very dewy-eyed all the following day. Well one night, a couple of days before Valentine’s Day, we’re just lying there… we’d balled our brains out, and now he was just idly fingering me, and I was just absent-mindedly stroking his cock. The moonlight was streaming through the window and I was sort of gooey all over, and girlie, and contented, and still slightly horny. So-o-o-o, I started to nibble his ear and whispered, “Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do to a girl, but never dared ask… anything really bizarre?”

He thought for a moment. “Have you ever thought about getting messy… you know, pies and buckets of gunge?”

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“Hmmm… I could get off on that, but I know all about your Newsletters and Video’s.” He stiffened, but not where I wanted him to. I love being cruel. I rolled over on top of him, one hand still stroking his cock, and started to nibble his other ear. “Come on now, I want to hear about something really bizarre… something you’d never dare ask.”

He was starting to stiffen up now where I wanted him to, and starting to breathe more and more deeply. “Well… there is something… but I’d never ask.”

“Come on now … tell me.” I really squeezed him hard and put on my best Dom look.

“I’d really like to shave you bald,” he blurted out.

“What, shave me… you mean my pussy?”

“Yes… and all your hair, even your eyebrows… top to toe.”

“Suppose I was to let you… how much would it be worth?” He was as stiff now as he had been when I first walked through the door hours ago. I eased my hungry pussy down onto him and started to grind my hips. “Go on, how much?”

“You know that silk wrap, the one we saw the other week, the one you really wanted?”

Sure I did, it was love at first sight, but neither of us were earning very much, and for Charles it was worth at least three months salary.

“OK, you’ve got a deal, you get me the wrap for Valentine’s Day and I’ll do it.” That was it, all I really wanted was another fuck, and that’s just what I got in Spades!

The following morning saw the usual rush to get up, get showered and get ready to go to work. I was just fixing my hair when Charles came up behind me, gently squeezed my shoulders, and addressing my reflection in the mirror whispered, “Hey, honey, just think how much quicker it will be after Valentine’s Day.”

I looked quizzical. “Oh you mean when I’ve let you cut off all my hair, you mean? Listen, you just concentrate on getting me that wrap and stop fantasising. Got to go, see you later.” I kissed him lightly and ran down the stairs. Oh that wrap… pure silk, hand-embroidered with the most intricate and delicate patterns, it even looked like real gold thread in places. No, he could never get the money together, not in two days. I shrugged my shoulders while I was waiting for the bus… Oh well, after last night I might just let him do it to me anyway… I caught my reflection in a shop window, a stupid grin on my face and swaying my hips like a slut. Shit… come on girl, you’re going to work… smarten up.

Charles was waiting as I left the office for my lunch break. “Hey, what a nice surprise,” I said, kissing him on the cheek and taking his hand.

“Oh, I was in the neighbourhood and I thought I’d treat you to lunch,” he lied, so badly that I kissed him again. We made small talk on the way to the little sandwich bar I liked to go to, we were lucky, a couple of seats were left by the window. I ate ravenously, while Charles pushed his food around the plate. “Listen, this whole Valentine’s Day thing…” he finally started.

I took his hand and interrupted. “Look, honey, I’ve made my mind up, I’ll…”

“I’ve got the wrap.”

“You’ve got the wrap?” My fork fell to the floor.

“Yes… I’ve got the wrap, well sort of.”

“What’s sort of?” I took my cup of coffee in both hands to stop myself shaking.

“Do you remember Nathan and Jan?” They were another mixed race couple like us, but the other way round. Jan was Afro-American, and they were both doing very nicely for themselves.

“Yes… I really liked them. We haven’t seen them for some time, have we?”

“No… the thing is, they’re both really into this hair thing… and I sort of mentioned to Nathan that you might want to get your hair cut… and… well… er, if we do it at their place and let Nathan video it… they’ll give me the money to buy you the Wrap…”

I gazed out the window, and let the enormity of the situation sink in. My hand strayed to my hair, I took a lock and started to twist it around my finger. If I agreed to this, I would be completely bald tomorrow.

“Look, Charles, this wasn’t really what I had in mind, but… I tell you what we’ll do.” I fished inside my bag for my Lucky Silver Dollar. “I’ll toss the coin, if it’s heads… I’ll do it, OK?” Trying to stop myself shaking, I flipped the coin in the air. Round and round it went, glinting in the sunlight, then oh so slowly falling back to my hand to decide my fate. I slammed one hand on the other, trapping the coin… then slowly took my hand away… Heads.

“Yesss!” beamed Charles, grabbing my face in both hands and kissing me.

“OK, I’ll do it.” What else could I do… I quietly slipped my lucky two-headed dollar back into my bag.

We agreed to stay apart that night, and meet at Jan and Nathan’s the following day. I had some leave owing, and even though it was short notice, my boss agreed to let me take the following week off. I even managed to put it about that I was considering a change of hairstyle, but how drastic and how thorough I wasn’t letting on. That evening, I couldn’t resist just playing about with my hair for the last time. I brushed it, combed it and generally had fun. I even scraped it all back off my face, pinned it all to the back of my head… and then smothered my head in shaving foam, just to get an idea of what I would look like tomorrow. Ummm, not bad. I’ve got good features, cute little ears, and lovely come-to-bed eyes. Naturally enough there were two dozen red roses waiting for me in the morning… and a very large card.

I was so nervous as the cab drew up that I overtipped the driver. Charles opened the door before I could knock… “Hey, Princess, you look wonderful”

Sure I did. If I was going to take all my clothes off in front of other people, then the clothes had better look good in the first place.

“Chrissie… great to see you again.” Jan elbowed Charles out of the way and led me inside. “Come on in and make yourself at home… hey, Nathan, Chrissie’s here.” It was the sort of place that I would dearly have loved to make my home. Spacious, airy, and decorated with that rare blend of good taste and money. I settled down into the leather Chesterfield and sipped on a glass of Chardonnay. Jan stretched out beside me and stroked my hair. “You’ve got such beautiful hair, a natural blonde.”

“Not for much longer,” I smiled.

“Have you ever done this before?” she asked.

“No. I let a boyfriend shave my pussy once, back in College… but I’d never thought of shaving my head.”

“Nathan’s done it to me a couple of times, but it’s difficult now. I really used to love it… and the sex afterwards, it made a new man out of him.”

We both giggled and drank. I was getting very relaxed… these were nice people, tonight could be a lot of fun.

“Shall we go into the playroom and see how the boys are getting on? They’ve both been working very hard to get things ready for you.” Jan led me through the house, showing off her favourite things on the way. I really liked this girl. We stopped outside a door. Jan knocked. “Come on guys, I’ve got a girl here who’s ready to lose all her hair, how are you doing?”

Nathan threw open the door. “We’re nearly ready… come in… now, what do you think?”

This couple took their play very seriously. The playroom was at least as big as my entire apartment, no windows but roof panels that let in the natural light. The wooden floor was reflected in the full-length mirrors down one wall, and only the rack of “toys”, and the video equipment said it wasn’t a dance studio. There, in the centre of the room, was the silk wrap… draped over what I thought was a chair. Nathan and Charles put their arms round me.

“Well, what do you think?”

“It’s beautiful,” I gasped. It was… out of the Store and bathed in this diffused light it was even more glamorous than I remembered.

“No… the Chair. They’ve been working on it for hours.” Jan carefully gathered up the Wrap and revealed the object of their labours.

“We had it made specially for you,” said Charles.

“Best American Walnut… and the straps are all Steer Hide, it’s unique, one of a kind,” said Nathan proudly.

It was a work of art, the seat was like a wide open V, with a sturdy leg at each corner, the rear leg, at the apex of the V, ran straight up and ended in a wide T-shaped crosspiece. Sturdy leather straps were attached all over the framework, and in the centre of the narrow seat was a hard black dildo.

“It’s… it’s… it’s…” I was stumped for words, but feeling strangely excited. “Ready and waiting.”

Jan rescued me. “Let’s get you ready.” With that she grabbed me, and the silk wrap, and whisked me off to her bedroom.

I have never been so pampered in all my life. Before her high-flying career Jan had worked as a beautician. I was now getting all the benefit of her earlier trade. Bathed, powdered, pubic hair neatly trimmed, my hair in heated rollers, I luxuriated in my new silk wrap as she fixed my make-up. “You are going to look so good when I’ve finished,” she purred. “Pure Hollywood glamour…”

“Jan,” I said. “I’ve never really been into ass fucking, Charles is just… too big. Will that dildo be OK, I mean…”

She smiled. “I’ve been saving these just for us. Pure designer and very exclusive…” With that, she flipped the catch on a little silver box and shook out two capsules. “Now, be a good girl… and open wide.” She delicately placed a capsule on my tongue, and then swallowed one herself. It wasn’t so much a rush, as a warm horny glow spreading over my whole body… oh, I liked this a lot. “So… does my little girl like her medicine?” Jan was smiling sweetly as she bent down and lightly kissed me on the lips. “Good… I thought you would.” I just giggled and smiled back. Jan removed the last of the rollers, and went to work arranging my soft blonde curls. “OK, you can look now.”

She span the chair round. I have never looked so good… never, ever. It was still me, but now I could be on the cover of Vogue… pure Classic Glamour. Jan’s face appeared in the mirror. “You look good enough to eat,” she said, playfully snapping her teeth and nibbling my ear. “Come on… let’s go see the boys.”

“Well… what do you think?”

“Wow!” (Men do have such a vast vocabulary when they’re impressed…)

“Don’t do that, I’ve spent hours on that lipline,” snapped Jan playfully as Charles went to kiss me. “Listen, you guys are staying over… there will be plenty of time for that later. How’s the video doing Nathan, are you all set up?”

“Ready to roll,” smiled Nathan.

Oh God, I thought, this is it, I really am going to do this. Time to pay for the nice wine, the hospitality, the silk wrap, and my makeover.

“Time to take your seat in the Barber’s Chair, Chrissie,” purred Jan. “I’ll just get it ready for you….” With that she slipped her own wrap off, went over to the chair and slid her pussy down onto the rubber cock, using her own juices to lubricate it for my ass. Bless her, I thought. She was panting lightly as she pulled off. “It’s your turn now,” she said. “Charles, can you help us get her strapped up?”

I let the wrap slip from my shoulders. I was naked now apart from a pair of 4-inch heels, and stood over the chair. Taking an arm each, Jan and Charles lowered me into place. What with Jan’s lubrication, and the fact that I was as high as a kite, the hard rubber slipped in easily. I gave a little gasp as my bare butt touched the cool wood. With Jan working on one side, and Charles following suit on the other, the lower half of my body was soon strapped into place. My legs were splayed out wide, and the narrow seat left my pussy totally exposed and easily accessible. Straps held my thighs, calves and ankles firmly in place, and another tied my waist to the back support. Charles handed me a hairbrush.

“Would you like to brush your hair one last time?” he lovingly asked.

“Why not?” I took the brush and leisurely worked on my hair. I could see everything clearly in the mirrors opposite, and Nathan came in close with the handheld to record the moment. My hair was parted in the middle, and flowed down in soft waves to just past my shoulders. As a playful gesture I left one side hanging over my face in a Peek-a-Boo style.

“Oh. I love that… keep it in,” enthused Jan. With that she took the brush from me, and went to work stretching my arms out either side and strapping them tightly to the cross frame. Hell, I was being crucified! Fixed now at wrist, elbow and shoulder, a criss-cross harness was pulled over my shoulders, taken around and under my tits and fixed back to the rear support. I was now completely locked into place. All I could do was move my head. I was totally at their mercy, a captive client in their custom barbershop.

“Are you ready for the barber?” It was Charles’s familiar voice. He had a pair of black clippers in his hand, and had pushed a small trolley just into view.

“Just a minute… I want to keep all this,” said Jan as she spread a white linen towel on the floor beneath me.

I caught my breath as the cold steel touched my skin, then let out a little gasp as the clippers sprang into life and started to shear a path through my soft blonde curls. One pass left my pubic hair split into two patches, a wide bald swathe in the centre, and a little pile of blonde curls on the white linen. Oh, this was fun … I could feel myself getting damp. I tried to move my crotch but the restraints and the dildo in my ass meant I couldn’t move an inch. Charles worked carefully away, stretching the skin and using his clippers to remove all my pussy hair. There was now a lot of golden curls on the white linen and none left on me.

“Time to shave my Princess,” he said gleefully. With that he took an old-fashioned shaving mug from the trolley and started to lather up my bald crotch. I just groaned and closed my eyes as I heard him strop the straight-edge razor, already I was aching for its first kiss. Kiss me it did… with love and passion, removing all trace of hair from my pubic mound. I opened my eyes and peered down… it looked, and felt, so strange. My cunt was completely exposed and so sensitive.

“Let me finish her off.” It was Jan, who knelt down between my outstretched legs and tweezered out all the little stray hairs that the razor couldn’t reach. These guys took hair removal as absolute.

“Time to turn our Blondie into a baldie.” It was Nathan from behind the camera. I just smiled… I was starting to enjoy this.

“Are you ready for this Chrissie?” teased Jan. Ready or not, they could do what they liked with me, the restraints and the drugs made sure of that. I looked straight ahead at the camera, soft curls framing my face on one side, and falling over my eye on the other. I swallowed hard as Jan steadied my head to let Charles slide the shears into place. I had never had scissors this close to my head in my life. “OK, Let’s do it…” A curtain of hair fell to the floor, no more Peek-a-Boo, just a half-inch of ragged bangs on one side.

“Hmmm… it’s a bit uneven. Charles, trim a bit off the other side.” Jan was having fun.

“About this much?” Charles had grabbed a lock of hair from around my temple on the untouched side. He stretched it out and then slid the shears right down the length until the cold steel touched my scalp.

“Try it.”

Snip! Another golden tress joined the pile already on the linen.

“Or perhaps this much.” Another snip and more scalp was revealed.

“Why don’t you try the comb?” Nathan was now giving advice to my student Barber as well.

“This one?” asked Charles, waving one of those hideous “Home Haircut” things about. It was just a steel comb with a double edged razor blade mounted in it.

“That’s the one, give it a go.”

Charles stood behind me and started to rake over the top of my head. It pulled like crazy but masses of hair started to rain down all over me. My once glamorous hairstyle now wouldn’t have looked out of place on a rag doll.

“Say, Chrissie… you do really trust Charles, don’t you?” Jan had a wicked plan by the tone of her voice.

“Sure I do, why?” I asked wondering where this was going.

Jan scampered over to the “toy” rack and returned swinging a leather blindfold.

“This is a bit like pinning the tail on the donkey… but in reverse. I’ll just put this on Charles.”

So my boyfriend was blindfolded, spun round a few times, then handed the clippers. “Come on Charles, really go for it.” Jan really was egging him on, as if he needed it, as she guided him to his captive “client”. He fumbled about until he found my head, and then pushing my face firmly down to my chest, he flicked the clippers into life, and blindly attacked what was left of my hair.

“Mind my ears,” I shrieked as lock after lock of blonde hair was swiftly detached from my head. Forced to look down past my shaved pussy, all I could see was this growing mass of blonde hair on the floor. Ohmygod, I thought, my head will soon be as smooth as my pussy, did I really used to have all this hair on my head?

“I think she really needs neatening up now, what do you think?”

Jan was removing the blindfold to let Charles see his handiwork for the first time. He looked stunned. I had been transformed from Glamorous Blonde to… Mad Haircut Victim. I was mostly bald, but there were still odd tufts scattered all over my scalp and even a few wisps of blonde hair that had escaped completely. He quickly went to work, carefully working the clippers all over my head… my scalp was bare within minutes.

“What about her eyebrows?” Nathan asked.

“They really ought to go, if we’re going to be completist about this,” said Charles.

“Oh guys, can I do this bit?” pleaded Jan.

My little bald head was turning this way and that, it was like watching a tennis match trying to keep up with them. Finally Jan ran off to her room, while Charles lathered my scalp before wrapping my head in a hot damp towel. “We’ll let this soak in for a bit, you’ll get a lot smoother shave,” he said softly. “That way Jan can do your eyebrows… she’d like that.”

Jan was soon back, and got Charles to hold my turbanned head steady. “Now honey, no pain… no gain,” she said as she smoothed the trimmed wax strips onto my eyebrows.

“Oh shit!” I said, starting to panic. “You’re not going to rip them off my face, are you?”

“Yes… right first time.” And she did, very skillfully. The first one hurt like hell, the second a lot more. There were tears in my eyes as she worked a soothing lotion onto my hairless brow. “There, there .. that wasn’t too bad was it?” she whispered, gently touching her lips to mine.

“It hurt like hell!” I said, trying to bite her tongue.

With the turban removed, my naked head felt strangely cold until Charles started to work more hot lather into my scalp. Now that did feel good. While he was stropping the razor, I stole a glance at the baldie girl in the mirror. I smiled, pinioned and outstretched on this strange contraption, hairless, and with my scalp covered in white foam I looked strange, true, but sexy… in an extreme fetish way… definitely yes.

I felt the first kiss of the razor’s finely honed edge. It was such a strange sensation, and the rasping sound filled my head. It was so loud being transferred through the bone as much as me hearing it through my ears. Charles was very good at this, my head was going to be as smooth as a cueball. I couldn’t wait to be finished, I so wanted to feel his coarse body hair on my smooth scalp. I was starting to go from moist to dripping wet. All the more obvious now that my pussy was bare and exposed to the world. Jan was both astute, and very observant. She knelt on the carpet of blonde hair, and started to lick up my hot juices. This was F-U-N.

“Hey… come on guys, how about the poor cameraman?” Poor Nathan, he was feeling a bit left out of all this.

“OK, OK,” said Jan, still kneeling between my outstretched legs. “Now that Charles has finished shaving her, one more scene for the camera, then it’s your turn!”

With that, she whisked up some more shaving soap, moved Charles out of the way… and started to use me for some fun. First she lathered up my bare crotch, then my head .. and then despite my protests she went to work on my whole face. I couldn’t see or hear a thing so thoroughly had she buried me under a mass of foam, but I could guess she was posing around my captive form with the razor. Every now and then she would carefully run the razor over me, exposing freshly shaved skin through the white foam. Revealing me bit by bit. Finally she wiped the soap from my eyes, and cleaned up my face. “How was that for you… baldie girl?” She had mischief in her eyes. “Listen, we really need to put something soothing on all that bare skin on your head. It’s OK with Charles, but… hell… can Nathan come all over your head?”

I looked across to Charles, he shrugged his shoulders. It was great, he was never possessive with me. “Sure… I’d really like that,” I smiled. Hell, I was so turned on now, I would have said yes to anything! Nathan looked so nervous as he stepped out of his clothes and came towards me. Why, I don’t know, he had a great body, and a great looking cock. He was a lot taller than Charles, and standing in front of me his crotch was at my eye level. Jan took my head and started to move it around Nathan’s cock. I just let myself be totally passive as she used my head and face to caress her lover. I could smell and taste just how turned on he was, and eagerly took his rock hard shaft into my mouth. I kissed, sucked and tongued him… feeling the hot blood pumping. I love turning men on…

Gently Jan pulled my head away, and softly pushing my head down started to work him off by hand. All I could feel was his hot cock touching my cool scalp, and every now and then Jan’s hand guiding him. I was on the verge of coming myself when Nathan exploded all over me. It was so hot… and I could feel it run over my head and start to trickle over my face. I flicked my tongue out and tried to taste a little as Jan worked it all over my shaved scalp. I was in heaven. I’d gone from Glamour Blonde to Bald Slut… and I was loving every minute of it.

Well needless to say we all had quite a night after that. I was sore for quite a bit after, both from the shaving and the restraints. As far as Charles was concerned… well that night we gave a whole new meaning to “Balling our brains out”. We’re still together, and very much in love… and still seeing Nathan and Jan from time to time. My hair’s growing back a bit, but he keeps the rest of me very well shaved… somehow though I don’t think this Valentine’s Day will be the same.

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