Honkers by DeB

“God, I can’t stand her,” Lana hissed as she watched Kelli flounce over to another table that didn’t belong to her. “Tip-stealing bitch.”

“Yeah,” Sandi replied. “Last week this really great-looking guy comes in, and we’re really hitting it off when who should appear but Little Miss Blonde Slut herself…flirting her ass off…” Sandi tossed her long dark hair in imitation of Kelli. “Ooooh, your shoulders are sooo wide!” she cooed mockingly. “You should’ve seen the way she threw herself at him. He totally forgot I was there.”

Bitch sessions like this had become common at Honkers since Kelli started working there as a waitress. Honkers was the restaurant chain famous for hiring sexy young girls and attiring them in white cutoff shirts and red short-shorts. Competition among the staff members was usually fierce, but good-spirited; but everyone there resented the way Kelli preened and flirted and zeroed in on the big spenders (and therefore the biggest tippers) and claimed them for her own. She grabbed all the best-looking customers, too. Lana and Sandi glared at Kelli in resentment.

“You are getting tired of the little bitch, no?” said a voice behind him.

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They both started violently and spun around. “Jesus! Raven! Don’t sneak up on us like that!”

The dark-haired beauty named Raven smiled serenely. “I think you are too skittish, my dears. Let us return to the subject at hand: you wish to teach Kelli a lesson?”

“God, yes,” Lana replied. “I’d love to put that bitch in her place!”

Lana eyed Raven coolly. Raven was a mystery; utterly gorgeous, of course (all the girls who worked for Honkers had to be gorgeous) with long, tousled black curls, olive skin, a killer figure, and eyes that were as black as india ink. Her voice held traces of a strange, lilting accent, and she gave off an aura of power, of the knowledge of forbidden secrets learned, that made her inescapably compelling to both men and women.

“Ah, yes,” she said. “I, too, would like to see the situation addressed. With your help it can be done.”

Two more girls, Heather and Jodi, joined them. “Y’all talkin’ about Kelli again?” Jodi drawled in her thick southern accent.

“Yes…” Sandi said. “Raven says she has a plan.”

“Well, you just count us in. I ain’t made a decent tip since she started.”

Lana turned to Raven. “What do I need to do?”

“Merely go into Kelli’s purse, find her hairbrush, and bring me three strands of her golden mane.”

“Huh?” Heather exclaimed.

“Trust me.”

“Right. Jodi? You keep Kelli busy for me.” Lana scurried to the back room while Jodi moved to intercept and distract Kelli.

“Ummm…Kelli? Could you help me with table six?” Jodi asked.

Kelli looked at her with ill-disguised contempt. “You mean that table full of fat losers? Uh-uh, no way…LOOK at them! Beer-bellied slobs…I’d be surprised if you get any tip at all from those jokers. Sorry, but you’re on your own.” And she turned sharply, her long blonde hair flying, and strode resolutely toward three handsome jocks sitting at table three.

Jodi seethed. “You bitch,” she muttered. “Tip-hogging slut…” She rejoined her friends in time to see Lana return with her shining cargo.

“Aaahhh…very good…” Raven said, taking the golden strands from Lana. “Now I shall create a potion which we must convince Kelli to drink. After that she’ll be much more…agreeable.” Raven entered the kitchen to work her magic, while the other four girls planned strategy.

Closing time. The restaurant emptied, the lights were dimmed, and the crew began cleanup. All except Kelli, of course; she deposited herself in the bathroom.

Only Kelli and the five remained. The conspirators set their plan in motion.

Sandi poked her head into the bathroom.

“Hey, Kelli? Come on out here, we want you to try something.”

Kelli was standing in front of the mirror, running a brush through her shining blonde hair. A look of annoyance crossed her beautiful face. “What?” she demanded.

“A new drink. Raven made it, it’s real tasty.”

Kelli sighed in mock weariness. “All right, I’m coming.” And pointedly ignoring Sandi, she turned back to the mirror and resumed preening.

Sandi rejoined her colleagues. “She’s on her way now.”

The five friends waited as Kelli sashayed up to them.

“All right, where’s this superdrink?”

Raven slid the green potion in front of her. Kelli eyed the little umbrella with disdain. “Cute,” she spat, removing the paper cylinder.

Five pairs of eyes watched anxiously as Kelli brought the cold glass up to her full, lush lips…watched her slender throat work as she swallowed the sweet green nectar…

“Mmmmm…not bad! What do you call it, Raven?” she asked.

Raven, Lana and the others just stared back at her, an anticipatory smile on their faces.

“What? What are you staring at? Do I have something on my chin? What are you idiots staaaa…” Her voice trailed off and her beautiful blue eyes glazed over. The glass slipped from her limp hand and crashed to the floor, her arms falling slackly to her sides.

“It…it worked!” Jodi exulted, amazed.

“Of course,” Raven purred deliciously. “Her body is now under our complete control. She will do exactly what we say, even if she hates it. If you look deeply into her eyes, you can see her fear.”

Lana positioned herself in front of Kelli. “It’s true! It’s true! She’s scared shitless! Well, Kelli, payback’s a bitch!” The five friends cheered wildly at the predicament of their nemesis.

“What should we make her do first?” Heather drawled excitedly.

“Let’s strip her!” Sandi exclaimed.

“Why should we trouble ourselves? Kelli? Remove your clothes.”

Kelli began pulling off her shoes.

“No, no, Kelli…not like that. That way is boring. Strip for us, dear. Strip as if you were undressing for a lover. Sensuously. Slowly. Lana? Please put some music on.”

Lana ran to the jukebox and selected a slow, sexy song. Kelli’s controlled body started swaying to the music. She licked her lips and began running her hands up and down her lithe body. With pantherlike grace she slid her top off, revealing her frilly bra. The waitresses gaped at her, slack-jawed, as she twisted and writhed erotically.

“God…what a whore!” Jodi remarked. The girls started catcalling and waving dollar bills in the air. Kelli continued slowly removing her clothes until she stood before them naked, awaiting Raven’s next command.

“Kelli. Table six is filthy. Please clean it.” Kelli began walking toward the utility closet to get a rag.

“No; Kelli. A rag will not be necessary. Just come with me.” Kelli woodenly followed Raven to table six, where the fat losers had been sitting. The table was disgusting; mayonnaise and ketchup spills, grease from the chicken wings, beer…a real disaster. Raven placed a bucket of hot soapy water on the table.

“Dip your hair in the water.”

The other girls gasped in shock as Kelli gathered up her long golden mane and, tipping her head down, placed as much of her hair as she could into the hot water.

“Now, wipe the table clean with your hair.”

“Ooooooo…she’s doing it!” Heather squealed as Kelli pulled her sopping hair from the bucket, bent down, and swabbed the table.

“Raven, you rock!” Lana chortled as Kelli dipped her hair again and again…the harsh cleaning chemicals robbing it of its natural shine….

“Wait a minute…wait a minute…I have an idea,” Sandi announced, springing up and dashing for the supply closet. She returned with a gallon bottle of bleach and poured it into the bucket.

“My mom says if you want something really clean, bleach it!”

The girls roared with laughter as Kelli dipped her mane into the bleach. Raven ordered her to freeze in place; she instantly became unmoving, her mind reeling in horror as she realized that her glorious hair floated in a bucket of almost pure bleach…the golden hues and highlights slowly leeching out…becoming a dull, brittle white…completely devoid of color.

“I tire of this. Kelli, remove your hair from the bucket. Ladies? Please take our guest to the back and hose her off…And blow-dry her hair, as well. I wish to see what we’ve wrought.” And she sat down and sipped a glass of mineral water as the girls led their naked victim to the back.

They returned twenty minutes later escorting a dry Kelli. Her hair was still very long, but it had lost some of its shine and condition and of course it was now completely white. Raven noticed with interest that in her zeal to follow orders Kelli had even managed to bleach her eyebrows. They looked freakish.

“Kneel, Kelli.” Instantly Kelli fell to her knees. Raven picked up a long, wicked-looking knife. “And now for your lesson.” Raven gathered Kelli’s long locks up and began hacking them off with the knife. The other girls looked on uneasily; each one thought that things may have gone too far, but they all now feared Raven and her strange powers. Raven wielded the blade expertly, chopping Kelli’s hair off very close to the scalp. White stubble remained as strand after strand separated from Kelli’s head, slid gently down Kelli’s firm young breasts, and wafted to the floor. Raven then took her knife and carefully dry-shaved Kelli’s head. Her pate gleamed in the dim light as the last vestiges of her once-magnificent mane were removed from her.

“I do not think you will be teasing the men with your hair flipping any time soon, my little one,” she cooed, caressing Kelli’s newly-bald pate. “And now for your final lesson: listen to my words, and obey forever. I will soon give you back your body, but things will never again be as they were. No more will you steal the best customers. You will wait on whomever we tell you. And you will from now on cheerfully volunteer to clean up by yourself, gallantly refusing all offers of help.”

Her eyes turned to steel. “And just so you always remember Raven, little one: you will never again orgasm. You will offer yourself to many men in an attempt to achieve the sexual release you so desperately need, but this will not avail you. No sex act will be too degrading for you, no position too strenuous; you’ll gladly accede to any partner’s wishes. But you’ll never again come.”

Raven turned to her coworkers with an evil smile, beholding their horrified faces.

“Kelli has learned her lesson tonight, my friends,” she purred, “and I do not believe she’s the only one.”


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