Holiday Haircut

Holiday Haircut

Holiday Haircut by Sabrina S

Beneath Rob and Sophie’s feet the sands of Bondi Beach stretched golden and burning to the sea.

“Hell, it’s hot!” Rob ran his hands through his thick brown curls. Sophie lifted her heavy blonde mane off her neck and agreed with a wordless nod, watching the waves crash and retreat, crash and retreat.

Australia was supposed to be paradise! But not in February, if you had, as they had, just got off the plane from cold, rainy London. In February, Sydney could be uncomfortably hot and humid, the sun blazing as if it had a bet with itself as to how much it could burn your tender skin.

“Looks great, doesn’t it?” Rob ripped off his t-shirt. “Beats holidaying in Spain. At least here they speak English.”

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A troop of Japanese tourists walked in front of them, chattering excitedly in their native tongue.

“You said?” Sophie grinned, unbuttoning her blouse and kicking off her shoes. “Ouch! The sand’s hot! Race you to the water!” Throwing her sunglasses onto her clothes, she bolted for the surf and squealed as the cold water hit her.

Rob was hard on her heels. Gasping at the hard breakers of water thrust sand at him, he picked Sophie up and dumped her into the waves. Laughing, she surfaced like a mermaid, hair streaming wet down to her waist.

They surfed and played in the water for almost an hour, washing away jetlag and the greyness of London under a sky so blue it was hard to believe.

“You’re burning,” Rob said tenderly, taking Sophie’s hand. “More sunscreen I think.”

They traipsed up the sand and collapsed onto their towels.

“Funny, isn’t it?” Sophie said. “No bathing huts. And not many people have umbrellas up. They’re all so brown, too!” She looked enviously at the girl lying face down a few feet away, tanned golden, and then considered her own white flesh against the hot pink of her bikini.

“Girls don’t look so bad white,” Rob said consolingly. “But I stand out like a ghost!” He grinned at himself. “The quintessential Pom on holiday down under. We should buy some fake tan on the way back to the hotel.”

“Good idea, sweetie.” Sophie towelled off her hair. “Yuk, my towel’s all sandy! The sand here is funny, it really seems to stick to you.”

“Mmm. My hair’s full of sand. So’s yours, come to that. I think, my love, I’ll get me a short haircut.” He shook his head vigorously and the gorgeous, collar length curls Sophie loved to run her fingers through bounced and shed sand. “Won’t be so much for the sand to stick to, then, and it’ll be cooler.”

“I adore your curls,” Sophie said sadly, touching his hair.

“I know, but in this heat, they’re not practical. Come on, let’s go back to the hotel and take a shower.”

Hand in hand they wandered back to the hotel. Rob noticed a barber’s shop two doors down. “I’m coming back here straight after my shower,” he declared. “Come with me and watch, if you like. If you can bear it,” he grinned.

Sophie had never watched Rob get a haircut. Suddenly the idea appealed to her. On holiday, you tended to do things you didn’t do in daily life. “Okay, I will.”

Giggling, they showered together, shampooing each other’s hair and washing each other’s body. “Your hair’s all tangled from the salt,” Rob told Sophie. “You’ll need heaps of conditioner.”

“Maybe I’ll get a haircut too,” Sophie retorted, knowing Rob adored her long, straight hair as much as she did his.

“Yeah, right, I can just see you with an Annie Lennox crop or something,” Rob joked. “Seriously, you’d sit in the chair and quake, then burst into tears and change your mind before the hairdresser even touched you.”

“Probably,” Sophie agreed. She’d never had more than an inch or two trimmed from her hair. She stepped out of the shower and began to blow dry her hair. It took ages. Rob helped her, brushing out the back when it made her arms ached.

Rob combed his hair. “Right! Holiday haircut, here I come!”

Sophie tousled his curls. “I’ll miss you guys.”

“It’ll grow back. It’s only hair. You women are so paranoid,” Rob grinned.

In the barber’s shop he settled comfortably into the chair. Sophie had never been in a barber’s shop, and studied everything with interest. It was all so masculine: the clippers, the combs in the jars of blue liquid, the black and white lino floor, the heavy chairs purpose built for the cutting, clipping and shaving of hair. The smells, too, of shaving cream and hair oil…it was all alien to her and therefore intriguing.

Her Rob was sitting very happily indeed as the cape was drawn around his neck and the barber combed his hair. Rob was holding up his fingers in an obvious display of how long he wanted his hair to be, and Sophie’s eyes widened.

She walked to his side. “Just how short are you getting your hair cut?”

“I’m getting a number two, ” Rob said with satisfaction. “Never had it that short before. At least we’ve got a few weeks for it to grow back before we go home if it looks too awful.”

“Excuse me.” The barber gently edged Sophie to the side. He had a pair of electric clippers in his hand, and turned them on. They buzzed quietly.

He put a hand on Rob’s head to steady it, then moved the clippers to Rob’s forehead. Sophie watched in awe as the clippers suddenly droned angrily, and a swathe of curls fell onto Rob’s cape. A path had been clipped down the centre of Rob’s head, so short Sophie could almost see his scalp.

“Jesus,” said Rob faintly. “It’s short, isn’t it?!”

“That’s what you wanted, mate,” the barber said cheerfully in his broad Aussie accent. He had a name embroidered on his white coat: Sam. “Be much cooler for you.” He steadied Rob’s head again and made a second pass with the clippers alongside the first.

Sophie’s eyes widened. Rob looked so… weird, with that so-short hair on top and the wild curls left on the sides like a clown. She stepped forward, and ran her hand over the top of Rob’s head.

“It feels like velvet!” she said, surprised. She was even more surprised when she felt a rush between her legs. Rob’s hair, his short, short hair, was turning her on. “It’s great, darling!” She touched it again, to Sam’s amusement, and was hopelessly excited.

“Keep cutting it off then, love?” Sam the barber grinned at her.

Sophie nodded, wordlessly.

“The women are always right, mate,” Sam told Rob, who was eyeing his own reflection in the mirror rather dubiously. “Don’t worry, you’ll look good, mate. You’ve got the right head for this haircut. Besides, it’s a bit late to change your mind!” He brought the clippers to Rob’s forehead again, taking them all the way back to the crown, and more curls tumbled. Then he started on the side, clipping up the temples, and Rob and Sophie saw more of Rob’s left ear than ever before. The barber bent Rob’s ear forward gently and clipped up behind it.

Sophie thought she was enjoying the haircut more than Rob was. She longed to touch his head again and couldn’t wait until Sam had finished and all Rob’s curls were on the floor.

“Not bad,” Rob conceded as the barber started on the other side. His heart was thudding, though. Was Sophie only being nice, saying she liked it? He was actually beginning to enjoy the feel of the clippers against his head and was already feeling much cooler. Even if he DID feel naked!

Sophie moved behind to watch the barber start on the back and caught her breath as the clippers moved up Rob’s neck, up his head, all the way to the top, and the hair fell uselessly to the floor. How did it feel, she wondered, trying to imagine. Did the clippers pull? Did they feel cold, did they feel warm? Were they loud in your ears?

Three more swift passes up the back and Rob didn’t have any curls left. In a few short minutes he’d been shorn as effectively as an Aussie merino sheep. While Sam got the shaving cream ready for Rob’s neck, Sophie put her hands either side of Rob’s head and rubbed gently.

“It’s gorgeous,” she whispered. “Feel.”

Rob shuffled his hands from under the cape and ran them over his clipped head. “Yeah, feels funny! I’m getting used to it, though. Real he-man now, aren’t I?”

“All you need is the suntan,” Sophie agreed, looking at their reflections. Her hair looked so…..long….beside his.

Swiftly Rob’s neck was tidied up and his haircut was over. Sam dusted his neck and removed the cape.

“Much better,” Sam declared as Rob eased himself out of the chair, looking like a different person.

Rob felt in his pocket for the alien Australian dollars, and paid the barber. He took Sophie’s hand, grinning.

“Wait,” Sophie said softly, still looking in the mirror. She let go of Rob’s hand and sat in the chair, her feet fitting comfortably onto the footrests. “Me next.”

“What?” said Rob and Sam simultaneously.

“Well, why should only you get to stay cool during our holiday?” Sophie was throbbing between her legs. She forgot she’d always had long hair. She was desperate to feel the clippers on her head, too, and for her hair to be super short and velvety to touch. She held her hair up with both hands. “Aren’t you going to put the cape on me?”

Sam, grinning, complied. “Okay, love, what’ll it be? Just a trim? We don’t usually do women’s hair.”

Sophie grinned back. “Pretend I’m a man, then. I want it short. Like Rob’s. With clippers.”

“Sophie!” Rob gasped. “You can’t!”

“Jolly well can,” Sophie retorted. “Darling, it’s hot and sticky. If you can cut your hair off, and it looks fantastic, so can I.”

Sam drew Sophie’s hair away from her face. “You could wear short hair, you know, love. Great bones, good ears.”

“It’s your head, Soph,” Rob said. “Don’t blame me if you hate it.” He ran his hands over his head, and wondered how Sophie would look cropped. Half of him hated the idea, the other half was… interested.

“Right,” Sophie said firmly. “Then cut it all off.” Before I change my mind, she thought, her hands gripping the arms of the barber’s chair. She felt a twinge of fear at the thought of losing 23 years’ worth of long hair, but then her curiosity and the peculiar desire she’d experienced watching Rob get shorn took over.

“Might I suggest as short as Rob’s at the back and sides, and a little longer on the top… a bit spiky,” said Sam, running his hands through Sophie’s luxurious hair. The girl was nuts, wanting all this lovely hair off, but then she was English!

“Perfect!” Sophie said. Her heart was thudding so hard she thought she’d have a coronary. So she’d sit in the chair and cry, would she? Just watch!

The barber combed Sophie’s hair into a tight ponytail at the back of her head, and picked up a pair of scissors. “Sure about this?”

“Positive!” Sophie beamed, and watched in the mirror. She felt a tug as the scissors sawed into her thick hair, and then bit by bit it fell into a ragged bob around her head. She shook her head vigorously. Her head felt so light!

Rob was biting his lip, but Sophie noticed, from the corner of her eye, that he had an erection.

Like Sophie, Rob had never seen his partner get a haircut. And certainly had never expected to see anything as dramatic as this. Firstly the long ponytail, then the scissors liberating it bit by bit, and Sophie’s obvious delight when she shook her head and the short bob flipped around it all gave Rob a sexual frisson.

“Want the hair?” Sam asked.

“No,” said Sophie softly. Rob started to say “yes,” then changed his mind. The ponytail, Sophie’s beautiful hair, was tossed into the bin.

The barber cleaned and oiled his clippers, then switched them on. He put one hand firmly and warmly on the top of Sophie’s head, and placed the clippers in front of her right ear.

Sophie drew in her breath as she heard the buzzing clippers and felt them vibrating coldly against her skin. Then they were moving, slicing through her hair, and locks were falling onto her lap. Up, up they went, just past her temple, leaving the hair long on top to be cut later. That was it, then. No turning back now.

“Feel funny?” Sam asked, grinning.

“It does, actually. Kind of tingly,” Sophie grinned back, looking at her reflection with interest and delight. God, it was short! Was Rob’s that short? Must be, he hadn’t changed the guard on the clippers.

Sophie felt her ear being bent forwardly tenderly, and then the clippers were behind it, at her hairline, chewing up her hair and spitting it out. She felt them glide up her head and unthinkingly moved a hand between her legs. Underneath the cape her hands were invisible. As the barber moved further towards the back of her head she came in an explosive, silent, immobile orgasm, biting her lip in an effort not to show it.

Then her head was slightly repositioned, bent forward, and the clippers were at the nape of her neck, ready to bare it to the world. It seemed the barber knew what she was feeling, and was tantalising her, teasing her, waiting forever to move the clippers up into her hair.

Then they were moving, buzzing angrily, shearing the hair up the back of Sophie’s head, all the way to the crown. Sophie held back a moan of delight as the clippers reached the top of her head. One side of her head felt cold and exposed.

“My turn.” Rob walked over and hesitantly touched Sophie’s hair, running his hands over it behind her ear. She saw out of the corner of her eye that he had a huge erection bulging behind his fly. “God, Soph, it’s short, darling.”

“How does it feel?” Sophie said softly.

“Beautiful,” Rob said honestly. And it did, soft and feathery, masculine yet somehow very feminine indeed. It was a positive turn on! He said truthfully: “Can’t wait til he cuts the rest off.” He held up a hank of the ragged bob.

“Nor can I,” Sophie replied, her chin still down somewhere near her chest.

“I’ve never seen two people enjoy each other’s haircuts more,” commented Sam. “Haven’t you ever seen each other get a haircut before?”

“No,” they both answered.

The barber grinned. “And I bet you never thought you’d both go this short, either!”

“No,” Rob and Sophie replied, both grinning in return.

“Okay, mate, out of my way now. Gotta finish clipping the lady,” Sam said kindly. He was at the middle of the back, the most sensitive part of Sophie’s nape.

Sophie sighed in pleasure as she felt the clippers begin a now familiar path up her head. Her skin actually felt tight where the hair had been cut off, as if it was adjusting to the unaccustomed shortness of it. Never before had a haircut been so personal, so sensual. Just having long hair trimmed at the bottom wasn’t the same feeling as this, with the barber’s firm hand on her head, moving it, positioning it. When he touched the clipped part his skin felt warm so close to hers. No wonder men wore their hair short! The joys of getting a clippered haircut were a secret kept until now by the masculine half of the human race!

She managed to look in the mirror as he moved to the left back and watched the hanks of hair fall over her shoulder onto the cape.

He moved her head again and Sophie gasped as she was able to look in the mirror once more. One side of her head was clipped close, the other still long. Which looked better? The clipped side, undoubtedly, so neat and perfect.

The barber bent her other ear forward now, and ran the clippers up behind it. More hair fell forward onto the cape. Even though her ponytail had been cut off, Sophie couldn’t believe how much hair was being cut off her head.

Finally the barber was in front of her left ear, and the last of the choppy bob was about to stop tickling her cheek. With the clippers sounding like angry bees, he buzzed up the side of her head, clipping short the soft tendrils that curled gently at her temples.

Sophie brought her hands out from under the cape, and touched her short hair for the first time. It was unbelievable! More velvety than Rob’s, more sexy than she thought possible. She ran her fingers all the way from the nape up the back to the crown, marvelling at the sensation. She couldn’t wait until he’d finished with the top.

Rob was looking at her with a surprised expression on his face. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“Didn’t you enjoy yours?”

“Well, yes, I suppose I did, after the initial shock of seeing myself almost bald.” He was absently running his hands over his shorn head.

The barber wet the top of Sophie’s hair and cut it short with scissors, blending it to the sides. He simply ran his fingers into her thick blonde hair and cut off whatever was sticking up, cutting it closer nearer the crown, almost as short as the back and sides. Sophie found it erotic and sensual, the feeling of a stranger’s fingers against her scalp. He cut her a short, ragged fringe which curled boyishly onto her forehead, cut her hair into short points in front of her ears and finally cut into the hair on top to make it spiky.

“Wow!” Rob said, as the barber trimmed Sophie’s hairline with scissors. “Bloody fantastic!”

Sophie ran her hands over her head. The hair on top was long enough to run her fingers through, but not by much. She suddenly felt cold shaving cream against her neck and then, just like a man, her neck and hairline were being shaved clean. It was the final touch in an amazingly sexy experience. She could hardly believe that just over an hour ago she was on the beach, long hair streaming like a river behind her in the surf.

“I love it!” Sophie said, admiring herself in the mirror, seeing how long her neck looked and how big her eyes had suddenly become.

“I love it, too,” Rob said, as Sophie got out from the chair. He ran his hands over her cropped skull, and she did the same to him. She sighed. It felt marvellous.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Rob said softly as they walked out of the shop. He still had a huge erection and Sophie intended to do something about it the instant they got back to their room. “I thought I’d die seeing all your gorgeous hair get cut off, but in fact, I quite enjoyed it. Most peculiar.”

“Me, too,” said Sophie, suddenly a little shy, and knowing she had no hair to hide behind any more when she blushed. “It’s an amazing feeling, those clippers against your head, isn’t it?”

“Mmm. Are you going to keep it short?” His hand caressed the nape of her neck, then his fingers wandered up the back of her head, tantalisingly brushing the tiny hairs up the wrong way. Sophie arched her head against his hand, loving the feel of his fingers so close now to her skin.

“I will for a while, I think. Do you mind?”

“Not at all. As long as I can watch you getting it cut. We can watch each other, come to that. What about you? Do you regret it, after having long hair for years? After all, it was only going to be me getting a holiday haircut.”

“It’s only hair, it’ll grow back,” Sophie mocked, as they walked to their room and kissed. Sophie brushed cut hairs from Rob’s cheeks and nose, then couldn’t help sliding her fingers up over his buzzed head. “You men are so paranoid.”

The end


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