Holiday Crew

Holiday Crew

The Holiday Crew – Si

This story is a most remarkable experience that I had the summer holiday before last. The names have been changed as the girls do not know that this story has been published. This first part introduced the event. The key shearings WILL take place in parts 2 and 3. This story is strictly written for over 18 and has a copyright. No one may copy or use this material without the written consent of the author.

Part 1

Lonely and eager I decided last year to book a holiday to Corfu with one of the 18-30 type clubs. Ever hopeful that I may find an equally hopeful partner.

During the club’s brief I noticed a very cute blonde who appeared to be on her own. After the talk we met the tour rep to organise our trips. I ensured that I was behind her and listened to her choices.

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Tomorrow she would take a boat trip to a secluded island beach with lush sand and a BBQ. I immediately chose this trip and a couple of others that she chose too.

After the group broke up most people moved to the bar and I managed to buy a drink for her and find a quite area for us to introduce ourselves.

Penny was her name and she was a very young-looking 25 from Scotland. Looking at this young girl with lush sandy blonde hair down to her shoulder blades and the best smile I have ever seen I introduced myself as Simon. Penny then found out that we had both booked for the island trip tomorrow. What a coincidence!

We then carried on chatting….

By the time we arrived in the sandy beach we were sufficiently acquainted for me to have my arm around her. So we found a place to lay down and sunbathe. The first thing Penny did was to remove her bikini top. Her slim body was supporting firm and well-proportioned breasts. She stopped at that, not removing her bikini bottoms. Was this a statement? I would have to see what I could do about that, clearly Penny did not want to be rushed.

The day went well, we talked and Penny became more at ease, she was clearly intelligent but had been brought up in relative isolation. This holiday was her statement to really experience the outside world. Penny was shy and had not experienced any relationship, a virgin! This I found hard to believe, how could she have been missed before?

By the return trip I had experienced the firmness of her breasts. They were warm and the careful massaging was clearly getting to her and it certainly was turning me on. She demonstrated clearly that this was as far as I was going to get. At this moment anyway. I felt I was being tortured, or was this clever play on her part?

The evening was a pre-planned disco. Penny gave a lot of energy but you could see that she did not disco much, the rhythm was not there. However her movement still stimulated me, her shape and great smile made up for lack of experience. The ouzo was flowing well.

By 11.00 she had had enough and then completely took me by surprise by asking me to take her to MY room.

I closed the door and she came to hug me. Penny must have been able to feel my erection through my thin trousers. My hand moved to her zip on her top. Instantly she pulled away. I was suddenly deflated.

‘No Simon, we do this my way!’

Well that was some relief, but what was her way?

Penny walked behind me and lifted my T-shirt off, she hung close and moved her hands through my hair. I tried to turn.

‘No. We do this my way!’

She then came round the front. Once again my trousers were bulging.

‘I think you need some space’

Was Penny really a virgin or was she just teasing me? If this was her first time she had found a lot of bottle.

She slowly undressed me and told me to lie down on the bed. I kicked the sandals off and I noticed she removed her shoes. Wow, what a concession.

‘You certainly look fit, let’s see how good you are.’

Penny tentatively held my tool and started to move the skin up and down. It lacked true rhythm, clearly inexperienced. I could just reach her hair and stroked it, she moved her head closer and let it drop onto my chest.

Things were beginning to look bad. I was well turned on and almost ready to come and Penny was fully dressed.

She then stopped and stood up.

‘It’s your turn.’

I got up and stated to undress her. Doing it in a similar way, only taking longer. Kissing her on the neck from behind and using my hands and complimenting her on her breasts.

When I removed her pants I was in for a bit of a shock. There was a forest of sandy blonde hairs. It was going to be difficult to find anything down there.

I pushed her back onto the bed and then joined her for a cuddle to begin with, she was wonderful. I then started to explore down below, she was getting wet. I then caught my fingers in some of the hair.



Penny then said, ‘That’s all right, I have to admit I have a lot of hairs down there, some people I know shave themselves.’

Bells then started ringing. How shall I handle this, Penny would certainly be a lot better with less hair and wonderful shaved.

‘Yes, so I hear, it is not unusual now. In fact I believe it is a fashion statement.’

I carried on cuddling her with one hand on her breasts and another slowly searching for her hole. She went quiet but still held my head.

Blast, I thought, I had missed the moment.

‘What would you think if I cut all my hair off?’

What..? Where..? I was thinking. Where did this come from? How do I play this?

‘You have a wonderful body and it is a shame to hide it.’ Wow, that was a good line off the cuff.

‘Do you think it will be better trimmed or shaved.’

Am I really hearing this? ‘It certainly needs a trim but you will look even better shaven. And also you will find it much more simulating.’

‘Well, I have some scissors and maybe we can cut it tonight and you can buy a razor tomorrow.’

I was nearly bursting, calm down Simon or you will spoil it. ‘If you really want to we can do it tonight, I have a razor.’

Penny then went quiet. l looked into her blue eyes. Have I said the right thing? Have I blown it? Time passed and then she smiled.

‘Yes, let’s do it.’

Penny got the scissors from her bag and I led her to the toilet. This was probably the best place to do it. She sat down and I got the razor ready.

I then went over to her and she grabbed hold of my stick. I was about to come and thinking please not yet, it was so difficult to focus.

Penny handed me the scissors. ‘Get started.’ Now I felt guilty. I really wanted to keep Penny and we had had a lot to drink.

‘Are you sure? We have both had a lot to drink. Had we better wait until tomorrow?’ Did I really say that?

She thought for a few seconds. It seemed like minutes and then she reached out and took my stick again and then smiled. I melted.

‘I know what I want you to do. Get on with it – we need to get back to bed’.

I knelt down and stared cutting away. She held my head whilst I did it. Whilst I was cutting I explored her hole. Her hands on my head became tighter. As I was finishing I noticed how wet she was. I thought in a mocking way that I would not need much lather.

When I had cut most of it away she fingered the area and felt her hole to see how wet she was. She then presented her fingers for me to suck. ‘Finish the job so we can get to bed.’

I lathered the remaining locks and then took the first pass. She moved suddenly.

‘Please do not do that.’ I said. She knew it was a bad idea and agreed to keep still. I finished shaving the area whilst she held onto my head and ruffled my hair. Throughout she shook her head in pleasure and I am sure she came quietly.

I washed the area and again checked out her hole. It certainly was tight. Her juices had mixed with the shaving cream.

Her area was now baby smooth and I had a quick lick. I was so focused that I did not realise that I hadn’t looked her in the eyes whilst I was shaving her.

I looked up and all I could see was a mass of shoulder length hair.

‘Where have you gone?’

‘I am here, why?’

‘All I can see is hair.’

‘Do you want some of that as well?’

Bells were now ringing again, this was getting dangerous. Short and shaven heads on girls can be wonderful but I would like to experience Penny with hair to begin with.

‘Would you want all your hair cut off?’

‘NO I did not say that!’

Whoops, I had just dropped a big clanger!

‘But I do not mind you finding my eyes.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes I have been considering a change to a fringe. What do you think?’

‘Well I like girls with fringes. It will certainly frame your face well.’

‘OK, then get on with it.’

I could now see that she wanted this.

‘No. If you want me to do this then I will do it my way.’

She laughed, at last she was fully relaxed.

I guided her to the bed, taking the scissors with me. We laid down and cuddled for a little while and then I turned her onto her back.

I massaged Penny and kissed her on the neck, lifting up her hair to do so. Slowly I entered her. She was tight. After a few minutes she asked, ‘Have you forgotten?’

‘No, now is the time.’

I came off of Penny and then laid down and guided her on top of me. I entered her again.

‘Sit up,’ I demanded Penny.

I reached for the scissors and felt her tighten.

There was a problem, I could not reach her head properly and motioned her to come bit closer. She shook her head and the veil once again come in front of her.

I could now reach but now I had another problem. Her hair was a long way from her face. How do I judge this?

Cautiously I moved the scissors to her hair.


Strands of hair fell to my chest. They were so light they tickled, yet they felt so heavy as they landed.

Penny came at that moment and I felt her tighten. It was no good – I had to drop the scissors quickly and pull her to me as I came inside her.

A few minutes later we were both able to settle down and I tidied up the fringe. Carefully I laid the hair on the table.

‘What are you go to do with that,’ she asked

‘Treasure it.’

‘Why? I have a lot more,’ Penny said.

Well – what was that supposed to mean?

Part 2

We finally fell asleep. In the morning we woke up and she combed her hair. The cutting I did last night was not bad, but it was not professional.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. ‘I like it.’

I suggested that she should have it trimmed by the hairdresser and I would pay.

‘Why, don’t you like me looking this way?’

‘Yes it makes you look even more wonderful. Your blue eyes are so bright.’ She stood there naked in front of me. Was I saying the right thing?

‘Well it will do for NOW then, won’t it?’

Why did she stress the NOW? I was already turned on again.

The conversation ended there. Now that we had matched we were more sociable with the rest of the group. Drinking, joining in and then finding the time to cuddle and talk.

After one week I had decided that this was the best holiday I have had. Then the bombshell struck.

‘Simon, I am going away for a couple of days.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I had planned something else as part of my holiday.’

‘Well, can I join you?’

‘NO! I think I will be back on Monday.’ Today was Saturday morning.

We chatted, but that was the end of it.

What had I done? I could think of nothing. I had lost my future.

Saturday night I joined in with the group, with little interest. I was quizzed about where Penny was and felt embarrassed. A few new people had arrived and there were more choices. A couple of brunettes had arrived together. Could I take them both on myself? They both looked attractive. What if Penny returned on Monday?

I sulked in the corner. I would give Penny until Monday but that would be it.

On Sunday evening, just as I was about to join the group I had a knock at the door.

Who was that? I answered the door to find Penny there with another girl. She had jet-black hair, well conditioned and in a similar style to Penny. Her eyes were hazel in colour, and although slightly taller she could have been Penny’s sister.

Penny jumped at me and kissed me. This was unexpected. ‘Hi this is Caroline. I promised to join her for the week but she has agreed to come here instead.’

‘Hello I am Simon. Pleased to meet you.’ Wow if I did not like Penny then I would have been poaching for Caroline.

‘Penny has told me all about you and I think we are all going to have a great time.’ This girl was definitely American. What connection did she have to Penny?

This was a good start.

Penny explained that she had arranged to spend the second week with Caroline, but that was before we met. She had suggested that Caroline might like to use her room because I had a double bed and Penny could join me.

That was if I agreed.

I could not say no. ‘Yes,’ I said as coolly as possible, wondering whether three people could share my room.

Penny dropped her bag on the bed and then said ‘Let’s go for a drink. I think we may have a surprise for you tonight.’

Wow. What do these words WE and SURPRISE mean? I was already turned on.

We all had a few drinks and danced together, whilst I mostly danced with Penny I also had the chance to dance with Caroline. She was very experienced and very relaxed and she showed quite a lot of interest.

At 10.30 Penny announced that we wanted an early night. We left Caroline to make friends with the rest of the group, but this was not before I got a goodnight peck on the cheek from her.

In my, no our, bedroom Penny was quick to get us both undressed and onto the bed. I intended to show how much I missed her.

She sat on me, pinning me down. This was going to be a great evening, only at this time I did not realise how great. I stroked her hair. It was so silky smooth. She had spent some time on it.

Penny looked serious. She said: ‘Caroline is coming up in 5 minutes.’

‘What?’ Hell what is all this about?

‘Listen! The reason I left for 2 days was because I had intended to stay there. We had agreed before this trip to change our personalities. I am fed up with not being noticed.’

I jumped in. ‘What do you mean, how can you not be noticed? I saw you immediately you entered the room.’

She smiled but then turned serious again. ‘I also need something to improve my confidence.’

Well you appear to have been confident to me.

‘I have forced myself onto you. Normally I am very shy but I have made a significant effort last week.’

‘I do not see much of Caroline these days but we both agreed to make a change.’

‘We have decided to cut our hair short and we were going to do it in her hotel room. I have all the equipment. However, after last week I thought you might like to join in and I persuaded Caroline to come here.’

I was speechless. I was getting turned on at the thought and started to open my mouth.

‘Shut up! Nothing will change my mind. There are conditions with tonight. You will not enter Caroline, I want you and I want to feel how much this evening means to you. Do you agree?’

What could I say? I had mixed feelings, Penny’s hair was so wonderful but I often dreamed of such an evening. Besides Penny would look brilliant whatever her hairstyle, weren’t we lucky.

‘If it is what you want.’ Wow that was tame, but I had not expected it. Penny watched as my stick grew firmer, then she smiled underneath her fringe.

So this is why she let me cut her hair and said that there was plenty more where that came from.

There was a knock at the door. Penny got up and answered it.

Caroline walked in and smiled. If it wasn’t for the fact I had fallen for Penny I would have melted on the spot. Caroline’s smile was every bit as infectious as Penny’s.

Caroline asked Penny if it was OK.


Caroline got undressed, which did not take long as there was very little covered up. Her breasts were more full than Penny’s and she had shaven her pussy.

As I looked Penny said that Caroline had recommended it and she was going to have it done anyway.

Penny got the clippers from her bag and placed them on the table and noticed that there was no lead to worry about. I asked how it was all going to happen.

Penny said that I was to cut Caroline’s hair first. Then Caroline would cut hers, but then we will be much closer. I was all ready to come just talking about it.

‘You will not come until I have my hair cut. I want to feel how much you appreciate it.’

You have to be kidding. ‘I have a better idea. How about Caroline doing you first.’

‘NO. We have agreed that Caroline goes first.’

We were all standing there naked. Caroline walked over in front of me and stretched over the table. I only had to step forward a few millimetres and I could enter her, or she would only have to step back and she would be speared.

CRACK. Penny slapped Caroline’s bottom and then looked at me.

‘We have an agreement.’

‘Hey, I did not move.’

Her eyes stared at me, even in concern they radiated. How could I last through Caroline?

Caroline sat on the seat and passed me the clippers.

‘It’s your choice on the number, but whatever you choose is the same for all of us.’

What does that mean? I haven’t got into the equation yet, have I?

I chose the number 2. This leaves some fur that will feel soft and comfortable, unlike the clean-cut shaven head.

I stood in front of Caroline and fitted the attachment. I looked at Penny and she gave me one of her knockout smiles, which grew stronger as Caroline grabbed my tool.

I started to leak. Caroline looked up at me and smiled. ‘I am ready.’

I switched the clippers on and moved them close to her forehead. She looked at herself in the mirror just beside me. I noticed her other hand was in her crotch. ‘Noww!’ she demanded.

As I started to plough slowly down, just off the centre of her head I felt the pressure grow on my tool. I leaked some more. Caroline’s hair parted from her head. It went everywhere, some landing where I was being held. I dared not look at Penny or I know I would have come.

Caroline was moving as she was encouraging herself to a climax. As I finished the first pass she shouted. ‘Yes!’

I carried on, cleaning all of her left side off. The hair parted majestically and in slow motion. The rasping sound as the clippers sheared the hair was sweet music.

She looked as good when she was being shorn.

Caroline was now climaxing, I placed my hand on her shorn side. It felt soft and wonderful. She squeezed me tighter. I had to pull away.

‘Let’s break for a couple of minutes and have a drink.’ I needed to pull myself together. It was agreed.

A few deep breaths and a glass of Ouzo later I looked at Penny for the first time since the cutting began. The smile and those eyes hit me again.

‘Did you enjoy that?’

What sort of question was that? ‘Yes and I now think it is your turn.’

Caroline looked at her and Penny asked if it was OK as she was half-finished.

Caroline agreed. After all it was a chance for her to recover and then experience it all again.

‘OK, lay on the bed,’ Penny demanded. She insisted that I lay so she could watch in the mirror.

I relaxed as she climbed on top of me ready to position her hole on me. Caroline climbed on the bed behind her with the clippers. She switched them on and moved them to Penny’s eyeline by her fringe.

Penny came onto me. It was not difficult, we were both moist, although she was still very tight.

Caroline started to plough through the centre of Penny’s hair and everything happened at once.

The sight was unbelievable. There was Penny’s hair going everywhere, landing on me like last time, so light yet feeling so heavy. Her burning eyes so bright and there was Caroline, half transformed in the background. I wanted to feel her head.

Penny tightened and groaned. I managed to last until the first pass was completed but then shook and came. Penny accepted it all and rode well. She climaxed at the same time.

Caroline stopped for a minute and smiled at our antics, I felt she was missing out.

Slowly Caroline moved the clippers over the right side of Penny’s head. The rasping sound was too much and further hair fell onto my chest. Penny did not look at herself in the mirror instead those penetrating eyes and captivating smile just stared into my eyes. Down below Penny continued to contract tightly.

When Penny’s right side was shorn I pulled her down on me and gave her a kiss. I was temporarily spent.

‘Well, what do you think so far?’

‘You are looking special,’ I said as I stroked her shorn fluff for the first time. Penny squeezed again and I wept further. My chest was still tight.

Hair was everywhere, both sandy blonde and jet-black, on the bed and on the floor, I had both colours over me. I was temporarily spent and out of fuel.

Penny sat up and I looked at her. Was she better with her hair, or shorn? Her hair was so good, it was a shame to lose it. But her features were fine for being shorn.

I looked into her eyes. They looked at me questioningly, she was clearly trying to see whether I liked it, concerned now that she may have made a mistake. I smiled and that was enough for her.

Caroline placed her head next to Penny. The sight was too much. I wished I had a camera.

‘Can we have a break for a few minutes?’ I asked.

‘Yes’ they said together and then collapsed either side of me.

Part 3

I could feel their cropped heads on my face. they were both soft. Penny had one hand on her head, feeling her crop and moving the rest of her hair over my face, the other hand was going through my hair.

The soft feel of her crop along with the long hair over my face and the shorn hair on my chest was a unique and special experience.

Whilst I was focused on Penny I felt Caroline’s heavy hand down below, reassuring. Caroline pressed hard against my thighs. I realised she wanted me. I dared not oblige but thought what the experience would be like.

We laid together for 20 minutes before Caroline asked when we should resume. I was shattered and mostly spent, if I could delay this further we could enjoy it twice.

‘Why don’t we wait until the morning? I can see you both enjoy the different feel.’

Penny said, ‘Caroline cannot go back like that.’

‘Now that we are all here together is there any need to get up?’ I suggested cautiously.

Penny could see the logic but clearly had mixed feelings. ‘I suppose so. It will be good to do it again.’

During the night I woke a couple of times, being tickled by the shorn hair. I looked at the girls, they were both beautiful in the peace of their sleep. The feel of Caroline’s hands down below also woke me. I considered that she was not a novice.

We awoke late and the time came to finish the shearing. ‘How are we going to do this?’ I asked, and the left it to the girls to decide. It was agreed that Penny would have hers finished first. We were so pleased with last night’s feeling that we did it the same only this time Caroline finished the back first. Penny sat onto my tool, I could feel her contracting and getting really excited. Her nipples were very erect. This time I was not going to be so easy. The hair continued to part from Penny’s head and land on me. Those eyes focused on me and smiled. Eventually Penny was looking more like a mohawk. With the final cut ready Penny laid her hands on my chest and I reached for her nipples.

Caroline moved close with the shears and Penny contracted. She was very wet. As the shears went in I spent, Penny moved sharply as she came. Caroline had to stop and Penny dropped onto her shorn hair and me. We hugged together for some time before Penny sat up and asked Caroline to finish it.

Penny then dropped her head and moved it over my chest.. I held her head, it felt so soft. We then looked at each other. She was certainly different but looked equally good in her new style. ‘I love you,’ I said. That smile came again and I felt further contractions, I wept again.

Caroline then said, ‘It’s my time.’

I needed a breather.

‘Hold on – I want to collect Penny’s hair.’

I got a bag and slowly collected it, with further excuses of tea I managed to stretch an extra half an hour.

Given my promise to Penny we agreed that Caroline should have hers cut like yesterday. Caroline sat on the stool and I pressed myself into her back. Her right hand went down to her crotch and started working. I slowly removed the hair up her side, almost in slow motion.

I then stood in front of her and she started to massage my tool just as I was leaning over her to cut her hair.

Knock, knock! ‘Maid service.’

We panicked. ‘No we are all right,’ we all shouted, then wondered what the maid was thinking, whatever it was she was not fully correct.

I recovered my composure and brought the shears up the back of Caroline’s head, the black hair pared from her head and her head began to show more skin. Penny looked on, I wondered what she was thinking, was I breaking the line?

It was nearly all done, like Penny she had one area on top left to do. I went to finish it, I was about to come and intended to do so.

‘No,’ Caroline said. My first thoughts were, What do you mean? I was just about to come.

‘I will do this part.’ She kept hold of me and removed her hand from her crotch, grabbing the shears. She looked me straight in the eyes, quickly moved her hand on my tool. I held her head and then she ploughed the shears through her remaining hair. I came immediately, Caroline was finished. She bent down and kissed my tool, giving me a lick.

Slap. Penny made it very clear that there were limits that she was prepared for Caroline to go.

I looked at Caroline now that she was finished, and like Penny she looked completely different. The crop certainly suited her.

I the laid down on the bed and both girls joined me. I ruffled their heads, they both smiled. How lucky can one be?

Penny smiled into my eyes and ruffled my hair. ‘Your turn tonight.’

What! I thought. I was proud of my hair, I was about to complain but the realised the futility of it. Oh its OK for you to watch us girls making a major change, but you are too vain. Thanks a lot. Then I remembered. ‘Whatever number you choose we will ALL use.’

‘That will be great, but there is only one of me.’

‘We can cope,’ Caroline said.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur, other than clearing up all of the hair and looking at all the rest of the group gawking at the girls. I felt the views on their changes were split. However, I did not care, these girls were mine, and nobody had better make a move on Penny.

Penny was self-conscious to begin with but I suggested that she just smiled and that would improve her confidence and get respect. Later in the afternoon Gill came up to her and said that she thought the cut was great, she only wished she had the self-confidence to do it. This made Penny’s day, I thought of suggesting that she joined us tonight but then considered that this would not go down well with the girls and that maybe I was being too greedy.

I took the girls out for a meal in the evening and they managed to down some drink. Afterwards Penny said, ‘It’s time for bed.’

We all undressed and Caroline got the shears ready. We discussed how we could best to this considering that Penny insisted that I would be inside her and she would watch.

The best way that we could manage it was for Penny to lay on the edge of the bed and for me to kneel down. The bed was quite low. Then Caroline would stand above Penny with the shears.

We got into position, I found it difficult to take control of Penny in the kneeling position, but she was certainly capable of bringing us both on.

I submitted to the cut and Caroline started the shearing. She started on my side by the ears, very slowly and then over the other ear. The shearing already felt great, although I could not see it as I was staring and Caroline’s body and Penny. Penny was contracting and beginning to get wet. I was growing and trying to hold on.

Caroline had sheared my sides and now got ready to work on the back. The only way she felt she could do this was to lean over me. I started to move on Penny.

‘Keep still,’ Caroline demanded and then pulled my head forward so that it was nestled between her breasts. The shearing commenced again. Her breasts were so warm and more full than Penny’s.

Is this for real? I was thinking. As she finished one pass I moved my head and managed to get hold of a nipple in my teeth. It suddenly hardened, she became firmer and then Penny complained of getting wet. This was probably good timing because Penny did not see the bite.

I was now shorn all around the side. Caroline was just about to go down the centre and I was just about to come when Penny said, ‘No, I will do that.’

Caroline passed the shears to Penny.

‘You will need to get a bit closer.’

I bent my chest and head forward in submission.

Penny restarted the shears and I could feel her tightening and loosening quickly. She started to cut, the hair dropped onto her breasts, she contracted instantly and I came immediately. I felt the shears go in different directions. This was not a clean cut down the centre but a desperate lunge.

Penny kept hold of the shears whilst she came, this could have been dangerous.

After a couple of minutes Caroline was given the shears to clean up the cut.

We then lay on the bed for a few minutes, Penny played with my hair, kissed me and said thanks. Caroline took the opportunity to lay a heavy hand down below.

After a while Caroline said, ‘What about a shave down below?’ That definitely was not expected, how could I join the boys in the showers after that? This has to be no.

Penny then said. ‘No. I like the feel against my skin.’

Wow that was close.

After a few minutes Penny invited Caroline to go back to her room. The rest of the night was for us alone.

It was such an erotic feeling as Penny rubbed my head and I stroked hers.

The rest of the holiday continued to be an experience. It was strange that Penny appeared to be much more confident when speaking to other people. I did not realise at first how much courage she had with me.

It is now 18 months after our holiday and whatever weekends we have free we see each other. She has discussed the experience saying that when she brought Caroline back half of her was praying that I would say no to the cut. Yet she realised that whatever I would say she had to prove it to herself. Penny is convinced that she is so much more confident and has no reason to be lonely.

As for the shearing she felt it was so erotic to be unbelievable. Since then however she has left her hair to grow. It has not yet reached its former glory but the feel of it and the way it frames her face is just beautiful.

Caroline has left her hair to grow but has already booked a flight to Scotland later this year. She has made it clear that she is looking forward to another shearing. Penny at the moment no longer sees the need to be shorn up top. I cannot blame her, however she keeps herself well shorn down below.

If Caroline’s visit later this year becomes something special then I will add to this trilogy. If Penny changes her mind then I will be the one to shear her.


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