Hockey Game Bet

Hockey Game Bet

The Hockey Game Bet – Nova

I am with a friend, Lisa, and she and I are going to see a hockey game. We are good friends, both very interested in fashion, hairstyling and clothes. We often tell each other little secrets, like what clothes we would wear, hairstyles we’d get or places we’d visit, if we were brave enough.

For example; Lisa once told me she fantasises about having her nose pierced with a big silver ring in the centre, just to show everyone that she doesn’t care what other people say. But she’s never done it, it will remain as one of her secret wishes.

Anyway, when we sat there at the hockey game, we came up with an idea. If the home team won the game, I would ‘give’ myself to Lisa, and if the away team won, she would allow me to ‘own’ her. I felt good inside, I knew the away team was much better, and I planned for what I might decide for my friend. She would definitely get her nose piercing, and maybe a change of hairstyle too.

But as you might have guessed, this game ended with a home team victory. And I could only pray that she would be gentle with me, and not go through with the deepest secrets I had confessed to her during the years.

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‘OK, let’s see what we’ll do first,’ Lisa said. I began to feel a little nervous, Lisa seemed to take this bet seriously and she really put some thought into what she would do to me. ‘I think you will have a total makeover, clothes and haircut included, what do you think of that?’ Lisa said with a big smile on her face. ‘Wouldn’t you like to have a completely new look, something that really would make people notice you?’

‘Please don’t humiliate me, I don’t think this bet should be so seriously taken,’ I said.

‘A bet is a bet,’ Lisa said. ‘Now you just have to pay the price for losing it. But don’t worry, you’ll be beautiful, just relax and let me do the work.’

First Lisa had me measured for my new custom-made clothes. She made the orders at the store without me around, so I had no idea what she had planned for me.

Then we walked to the nearest hair salon and stepped inside. One of the stylists there was just finished with a customer, and became available. I sat down in the barber chair and Lisa explained to the stylist how my hair should be. ‘I want you to give her a short, inverted bob cut, use the electric clippers at the nape. I want it cut very high in the back and about chin level in front, that should create a spectacular effect!’ Lisa explained. ‘A new hair colour would be great too, perhaps something like red or purple would suit her’?’

I couldn’t protest, I had lost our bet and now she had total control. I feared for the haircut, I had once told Lisa that I would like to have a bob, but nothing drastic like this. Perhaps the colour would be ok, I hoped that she would pick something red, that could be nice.

The stylist began cutting my hair. First she tied my hair (which reached down to mid back) in a ponytail, then she had it cut off, right at chin level. I gasped at the feeling, I had never worn my hair this short before. The clippers was next, I got my nape cut well up to ear level, with a length of only a few millimetres. After that, my new bob began to shape.

My hair was cut into an ‘A-line’ bob cut, front level at my mouth, gradually shorter up along my profile to about eye level at my nape. The electric clippers had created a 1-2 millimetre cut up my nape, and I felt terribly naked without the long hair I was so used to. After a short discussion, Lisa and my stylist decided that I should have a small, high-cut fringe too. The stylist put the scissors to my forehead and closed them above halfway up, and my face was soon narrow, framed by the bangs. I watched myself in the mirror and a shiver went through my body. It was a drastic change, yet I felt a little aroused and thrilled. This was a secret fantasy of mine, coming true. The stylist finished my haircut with two more things. She dyed it dark red, which was a relief to me, I didn’t want it purple or something like that. And then she had my side bangs slightly curled under, this added a sort of ’round’ shape to my new style.

‘Please shake your head, I want to see how it looks on you in movements,’ the stylist said to me. I shook my head from side to side and my hair was bouncing and flowing over my face, just to fall in perfect place again when I stopped. It looked great in the mirror in front of me. My stylist was also pleased with the result and turned to Lisa.

Lisa was satisfied with the cut and paid the stylist for the job, and we went out on the street. I immediately began to like my new hairstyle, I started to play with my hair while we were waiting for the bus and I loved to feel the breeze against my nape. Hair kept falling over my mouth and nose and I constantly had to pull it away from my face.

‘How does it feel?’ Lisa asked as the bus came up beside us.

‘Great!’ I answered. ‘This is so much better than I could ever imagine!’ We stepped onto the bus and I realized how my new hairstyle bounced up and down as I walked down the aisle. I loved it!

Next stop was the clothes store we had been to earlier. I got several staring looks at my hair on our way there, and I felt both embarrassed and excited inside. When we got to the store, Lisa showed me the dress she had ordered for me. It was a black short corset dress with an exposed low-cut front. The dress was trimmed with white feathers at the collar and cuffs, and the skirt was wide and flared and reached down to just above my knees. I put the dress on, and Lisa handed me a pair of high-heel boots to wear with this outfit. I felt quite exposed in the dress, both my legs and chest were uncovered, and the high heels made me feel a little vulnerable, but also very feminine and sexy.

I couldn’t take my eyes from my reflection in the mirror. Was this really me? The severe inverted bob, dark red coloured, the short fringe and under curled bangs, the daring feather decorated dress and the high-heel boots, it all looked so spectacular. It was a big change from what I had been used to for years. I felt so sexy in this hairstyle and clothing and I couldn’t wait until it was time for Lisa and me to go out this evening.

We went to a bar downtown that night and I wore my new dress with excitement. Lisa had styled my hair with a great deal of mousse and than blew it up to a big volume style. She saw to it that my bangs were perfectly curled under and my fringe sharp and neat.

I was the centre of action at the bar. It was a small place and a girl with my hairstyle and my dress coming there was definitely a big event. I got comments from several people, comments like ‘great outfit’ and ‘what a great hairstyle’. I just enjoyed it all.

Ever since that day at the hockey game when Lisa and I made our bet, I have never regretted that I went through with it. I have found my new and personal style and I would never give it up. I love the inverted bob and the reddish colour, and I have also realized that I am very fond of clothes like the feather-trimmed dress. I am very grateful to Lisa for putting me through the makeover!



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