Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings by Sean O’Hare

“Good morning madam. How can we help you?”

“Er, hello. I’m, er, going to an important function with my firm tonight and I would to have my hair trimmed. I normally wear it loose but I would like it put up – off my neck. I would like it to look a little more sophisticated …”

“Yes of course. Debbie can do that for you now if you would like to go over to the middle chair. DEBBIE!”

“Debbie, this lady would like her hair cut. She would like a more sophisticated style – off her neck.”

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“Hi there. I’m Debbie. You certainly have lovely hair. It must be nearly 3 feet long.”

“Yes it is. As I explained to the receptionist I …”

“Yes, she said. So, if you could just lean forward for me please and hold still.”

“That’s fine. So let’s start. Phew, your hair is so thick but don’t worry this won’t take long. There, that’s the worst done”.

“Wha… what have you done … I er …”.

“S’OK that’s just to get the bulk off. Here it is – perhaps you would like to keep it. Nearly 3 feet. Now stay still while I take the rest off of that lovely neck you’ve been hiding for so long.”

“But, but, that’s …”

“Sorry, you’ll have to wait until the clippers stop. I can’t hear you.”

“Wow, you’re so brave to have all that hair taken off in one go. The back and sides look so clean. Now I’ll just layer the top and we’ll be finished. No, I think a flat top look would be more sophisticated.”

“But, hang on, isn’t that …”

“No, it’s OK, I shan’t charge you extra. Quiet now, clippers again.”

“Right there we are. See you in 2 or 3 weeks for a trim.”

“Er, right. Thank you.”


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