Hard Times

Hard Times

Hard Times by Sammy

Things were starting to get a bit tight. They had to find ways to cut their expenses and the best way they thought was to cut corners. They found ways to cut their grocery costs buy buying “frugal” brand products and bulk items. They sold appliances and items they hadn’t used in months. Jennifer learned to sew and knit so she made their clothes and fixed up old ones. She and Robert took showers together to save on the water, not that either complained. Whatever makeup Jennifer had left, she used to its fullest and learned how to make new products naturally. Only recently did they start to view their grooming needs. For the time being, Jennifer got her hair cut twice a year at a salon and Robert bi-monthly. It still wasn’t enough.

Robert’s hair was jet black and fell well past his shoulders. He generally kept it short on the top and sides and the back in a tight ponytail. It had a sheen that looked too good to be natural. It was very healthy and soft to the touch. Mind the fact they did not use any expensive or special shampoos. For a conditioner, they used vitamin E and coconut oils. Jennifer on the other hand had deep brown hair that falls to her waist. It was long, lush and very healthy – not one split end despite the infrequent trimmings it had. For now they decided that Jennifer would cut Robert’s hair since it required more maintenance. He got his hair cut one last time at the salon. To prepare herself, Jennifer watched several hairdressers at different salons work and perform their magic. She got an idea of their techniques and what to do. She even watched a few barbers convert young boys into men by shearing their locks into a new cropped look. She watched carefully as they whisked away with the clippers, exposing a glimmer of skin under all that hair.

She purchased a good pair of haircutting shears and a used clipper set from a flea market. She managed to get some old wigs for free from some local shops to practice on. Jennifer wanted to make sure she understood what she was doing before cutting Robert’s beautiful hair. By this time, three months had passed and now was time to see if all that watching, learning and practicing would pay off.

Robert sat on a bar stool in the middle of the bedroom in front of their mirrored wall. Jennifer nervously got her tools together and arranged them on a table. She tied a cloth around his neck and fastened it securely into place. Robert noticed her uneasiness and embraced her ever so tightly, gave her a passionate kiss and reassured her he has every bit of confidence in her. She briefly left the room and returned wearing a white robe. Robert looked at her somewhat puzzled.

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“It’s to help me play the role,” she said.

“I see.” Robert smiled at her.

“So what can I do for you today sir?” Jennifer asked her client.

“Just a trim,” he replied.

“I need a little more detail than that, Robert.”

He smiled at her. “Cut the top and sides short to about that much (he held his fingers up) and trim the back so it’s a straight line.”

“Ok, so you want a crewcut all over, right?” she kidded. Robert looked at her through the mirror. “An inch and a half on top and sides and blunt cut on the back just to neaten it up. Is that right?”

“Yep.” He’s impressed on how confidently she said that.


Jennifer put her scissors in her pocket, removed the elastic band out of his ponytail and fluffed out his hair. She proceeded to wet his hair and comb it to remove the tangles and see how it fell. Robert watched her as she readied herself on how to start. She put his head down and began to section the back. She held the middle section between her fingers, retrieves her scissors from her pocket and began to cut. You could hardly hear a sound.

“Remember, just trim the back,” Robert reminded her.

“I know.” She showed him how much she was cutting in the mirror.

She continued cutting the back and worked to one side. She lifted section by section, holding it secure in her fingers and cut without a sound. Because the top and sides grew out quite a bit, long tufts of hair began to fall on the cape. She made her last cut and combed through her work to check for any unevenness.

“All done,” she announced. He was astonished on how quickly she finished. He felt his head and looked from side to side.

“Wow, you do nice work hon.,” he complimented her.

“Thank you. Is this what you wanted?”

“Hmmm…I think we can cut the top and sides a bit shorter. Don’t you think? It does grow out fast.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Sure, go for it.”

She worked as fast and as carefully as she had before, cutting another half inch. As she started to work on the opposite side Robert stopped her.

“What’s wrong, too short?” she asked nervously.

“No, I think I want to get shorter. I feel risky today.”

“Oh Robert are you sure? This is my first time at this. I don’t want to go too far.”

“No, you’re doing great. And besides, the cut will last longer. Go ahead.”

Jennifer went back and tried to figure how to cut shorter. She took a small section and wedged it between her fingers as close to his head as possible and made the cut, leaving less than half an inch behind. She continued, a bit more unsure whether she was doing it right. Robert nodded his head in agreement. She continued the same way all around.

“Perfect Jennifer. Just perfect. But I want to have the sides shorter. Do you know how to use those clippers?”

“Yes, I sure do. I’ve been practicing a lot with those. They’re a little harder to learn because of the vibrating and because you do so much at a time.”

“Use them on the sides will ya?”

“Oh Robert, are you sure? You don’t have to amuse me.”

“I’m sure. Go ahead. I like what you are doing.”

“Ok. You’re the client.”

She picked up the clippers and put on one the longer guards just to get a feel of how much they cut. She turned them on and they both jumped from the loud clacking noise and hum.

“Are you sure you want me to use these?”

“Yeah. Forgot how they sounded.”

She placed the clippers carefully at his left temple and began to glide them over the side of his head. Nothing was happening. She changed the guard and did it again over and over until one of the guard lengths finally began to cut. Tiny pieces of hair began to fall all over. A tiny path was made, barely noticeable.

“Shorter,” said Robert.

She looked at him with an “Are you sure?” look and he nodded to proceed. There was one guard left. She put it on and went over the area again. Tiny pieces again started to fly all over. At the second pass, clumps of hair fall.

“Ohh,” she cried out. Robert turned his head and looked.

“It’s OK. That’s what I want.”

“Are you sure? I saw all this hair and I thought I messed up.”

“No, it’s OK. It looks even to the first part you did. See?”

“I know – just startled me, that’s all.”

She continued on the left side and started on the right in the same manner. Clumps of hair fell into the cape and floor. She went over the shaved areas with her hand to see if there were any strays.

“Don’t shut those off. You’re not done yet.”

“I know, I’m just checking to make sure I didn’t miss any spots.”

“Oh but you did. Put the other guard on.” She did as she was asked.

“Where did I miss?” Jennifer asked trying to see.

“The back.”

Jennifer’s mouth opened wide. “Huh?”

“I want the back cut. No more long hair for me. Buzz it.”

“Robert, I don’t think I should…”

“You’ve done a great job so far. Now keep going.”

“Robert, are you sure about this?”

“I’m the client, right?” Jennifer nodded yes. “Then…”

“Do you want to keep it?”

“Nah. That’s why we have pictures.”


She hesitated for moment hoping that Robert would want to back out. He just put his head all the way down. She lifted a small section of hair up and placed the clippers to the base of his neck. She pulled them upwards and as they moaned they melted through the long tresses effortlessly, leaving a stubbly path. She made a second pass, widening the path. Long pieces of hair were everywhere. She brushed them aside to their resting place on the floor. Instinctively, she changed the guard to the shortest and again made several passes moving only three quarters up.

“What are you doing?” he asked her.

She then removed the guard completely and shaved the base of his head. She did the same on each side as well. She cut the top a bit shorter to match the rest. She shut off the clippers and put them down.


“Wow.” Robert just looks in the mirror. “That’s short” He feels the back of his head at the soft stubble that is left behind.

“But you told me…”

“I know. I’m just surprised that you did it to this extreme.”

“You mean you didn’t want it like this?” Jennifer began to get upset.

“I DID! That’s what I mean. You did what I wanted without me telling you. You’re a great hairdresser!”

“Thank you, Robert.” She removed the cape from his neck and shook the remaining hair onto the floor as neatly as she could. Robert rubbed his head over and over. “This feels great!!” He rubbed his head on her cheeks. She laughed as it tickled her.

“OK. Your turn.” Robert shows her the stool.

“What? No, Robert. That’s not a good idea.”

“Why not? I can cut your hair. It should be relatively simple.”

“No Robert, it’s a bit more complicated than that.”

“I know, Jennifer, you have the sides angled and the back slightly layered toward the ends. I can cut it the same way.”

“You’re right, Robert but it’s easier said than done.”

“Sure it is. I’ve been learning as well. I even asked Cynthia to show me.” Cynthia was his hairdresser until Jennifer took over.

“Oh Robert, are you sure you know what you are doing?”

“Positive.” He escorted her to the stool. “And if I mess up, Cynthia said she’ll fix it.” Jennifer looked at him with a concerned look.

“Trust me. I am positive I know what I am doing.”

“OK Robert.”

He placed the cape around her neck and pulled her long hair out from underneath and let it cascade down her back. He brushed her hair and decided it would be easier to wash it first. He gave her a scalp massage in the process. When he was done, he toweled her hair well and began to comb it. He paused for a second and removed the white robe from Jennifer and put it on himself.

“To play the part,” he laughed at her. She giggled back.

“What would you like done today?”

“Maybe trim an inch off the back.”

“Oh come now. A woman with your beauty. We can do better than that?”

“Robert, I thought you liked my long hair.”

“I do, but not this long. It is a bit much. I liked it when you cut it a few years ago. Remember? You thought you were hacked?”

“Oh do I. I never went back to that place….That was too mu…” She paused. She sat there silent as Robert continued to comb her long hair.

“Do as you wish, Robert.”


“You’re the hairdresser. I’m sure you can decide something for me.”

“I have several styles in mind my dear. It could be a shock for you.”

“Like you said – I feel risky. But hurry before I change my mind.”

Robert took a section of her long hair and, like Jennifer had, held it tightly between his fingers and cut and cut and cut. Long pieces of hair fell to the floor but Jennifer could not see.

“Ah, I know what I’ll do,” Robert thought to himself.

He gently pushed her head forward. “Oh God, he’s going to shave me,” Jennifer thought. Robert then held her hair at her shoulders and cut through it, section by section until it was all even. He had her bring her head up again. Her once waist-length hair was barely touching her shoulders. She gasped!

“I told you it would be a shock. But look, look at your face.”

She looked and looked and began to see her eyes were more vibrant. Her smile seemed more pronounced. Her nose didn’t look as big as she thought. “It does look good. I guess I should’ve done this years ago.” He fixed the cut and began to lightly layer the ends. He took out a razor and angled the sides. Her hair had bounce and movement. She tossed her head back and forth to watch it swing.

“Not done yet,” he said.

He began to cut again, making shorter layers all around. He put her head down again, picked up the clippers and turned then on. She jumped in her seat. She tried to look up and felt his hand on the back of her neck, lifting up her hair.

“ROBERT! WAIT……NO!” she yelled at him.

He placed the clippers at the base of her neck and lifted them upward only at the base. Jennifer’s heart was racing. “What is he doing?” She panicked. In a few seconds, he lifted her head for her to see. The lower layer was shaved away to give her hair fullness. She felt the back of her neck. Something she’d done only when her hair was up. She became overcome by its feel and softness. She became excited at what it felt like to be cropped.

“Head down once more, I have to make it little more even.”

He turned the clippers on again and went over the newly shorn area. Jennifer began to lift her head up into the clippers as she enjoyed the feel of them on her head. Robert noticed what she was doing. He lifted her head up and tilted it back a little and ran the clippers over the area again. She again pushed her head into the clippers. He pulled them away for a second and placed them slowly on the back of her neck. He slowly moved them up the back of her neck, and as she moved her head back, he glided the clippers up the back of the head up to the top. He did this over and over. He tilted her head to one side and from back to from shear way the “long” hair. He did the same for the other side. Finally he went over the top, leaving 2 inches all around.

Jennifer opened her eyes and looked into the mirror. It was like she had come out of a bad dream. She didn’t know how to react. She wanted to cry.

“What did you do?” she spoke with whatever voice would come out.

“What you wanted. While I was shaving the bottom, you kept pushing your head into me. I figured you wanted to go all the way.”

She stared at herself and thought about it. She did like the new features of her face that stood out. She liked the feeling of excitement of being shorn.

“OK Robert. Go all the way then. Finish the job. Make it like yours, if you can.”

“Yes Ma’am!”

Robert removed the guard from the clippers and turned them back on.

“But I’ll make yours a little different, OK?”

“Sure, just don’t make me bald. That’s too extreme.”

He placed the clippers on the left temple and drew them toward the back leaving a path of stubble. Clumps of hair fell. He made a second pass tracing over her ear. He did the same on the right. Jennifer looked at herself being scalped. There was only fuzz left in the newly shaved areas.

“Head down, please.”

Jennifer did as she was asked and Robert again glided the clippers up her head slowly. He purposely let the hair fall into her lap. She was breathing erotically but tried to keep her composure. The next pass was made and then another. Finally the clippers were shut off. Jennifer felt the back of her head – soft stubble just like Robert’s but all over. He left the top as it was for the contrast.

They cleaned up the hair from the floor and went to bed, making love the entire night.


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