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Haircut Sale $3.99 by jonny

The banner above the new discount haircutting chain store in the strip mall said “Haircut Sale $3.99”. I wear my hair in a conservative businessman’s cut and my hair was starting to grow over the tops of my ears so I figured that I would give it a try. As I approached the shop I could see that it was packed. After all, how often can you get a haircut for $3.99? I entered the shop to see that it was standing room only. I asked the receptionist how long I would have to wait and she told me about 45 minutes. As I saw the four stylists working busily in the background I agreed to wait.

I had to stand in the corner as there were no seats available. This gave me a great view of the cutting that was going on. Most of the clients were men getting their already short hair cut even shorter. An older lady was having her hair trimmed in the last chair. A stylist approached the reception desk and said, “Cindy, is Cindy here?” An attractive woman, probably in her early 30’s, with golden blonde hair to her mid back got up and approached the desk. Cindy was clutching a style book that they had in the waiting area. Cindy followed the stylist to the chair and took a seat. Cindy summoned her husband to her side. Cindy, her husband, and the stylist looked at pictures and chatted for several minutes. Finally her husband took a seat back in the waiting area and grabbed a magazine.

The stylist got out her spritzer bottle and began to wet Cindy’s hair and comb it out. The stylist said something to Cindy as she grabbed her shears. The stylist placed her shears just above Cindy’s right shoulder and began to snip. A foot of golden blonde hair was soon lying on the floor. As the stylist started to cut long layers into Cindy’s one-length hair another stylist approached the reception desk.

“Karen, is Karen here?” The man sitting next to me stood up and ushered his daughter, who appeared to be about 10 years old, to the stylist’s chair. The little girl had one-length dishwater blonde hair that touched the back pockets of her jeans. Her hair was tangled and it looked like she had been wearing a hat. Her father was sporting what looked to be a fresh “fade” haircut. His hair was very short on the sides and back and probably no longer than an inch on top.

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The stylist caped Karen and began to roughly comb out her tangles. The stylist sprayed the girl’s hair with detangler and continued to comb out the mess. The girl’s hair was quite tangled and eventually the exasperated stylist reached onto her counter and grabbed her shears. She gathered the girl’s tangled locks into a ponytail at her nape and with a few quick snips the stylist unceremoniously threw the girl’s ponytail onto the floor. She quickly sectioned off the back and pinned the sides forward as she began to cut little Karen’s hair into a chin-length bob.

As all this had been happening another stylist had come forward and asked for Lupé. Lupé was a Hispanic girl close to the same age as Karen. Lupé, along with an older Spanish lady who appeared to be her grandmother, approached the chair. Lupé took a seat and as the stylist caped her she asked the grandmother how she wanted her grand-daughter’s hair cut. The older lady rambled off some rapid fire Spanish and the stylist looked puzzled. The stylist took her hand and moved it to the neck of Lupé’s below the waist, extremely thick and dark hair. The grandmother shook her head vigorously no. She held her fingers apart a couple of inches indicating to the stylist that she wanted that much off. The stylist then proceeded to wet and comb out Lupé’s thick straight hair.

As all this was happening Cindy was done and she got out of the chair. Cindy’s long, one-length, blonde mane had been replaced by a shaggy, layered bob that just grazed her shoulders. As she approached the counter her husband, who had been engrossed with the latest “Sports Illustrated” gasped. After he regained his composure he complimented Cindy on her new haircut. I have to admit, it looked really good on her and was much more professional than she had before.

As Cindy left, Karen was done and approaching the desk. Karen’s long, tangled, dishwater hair had been cut into a smart chin-length bob with no bangs. She ran her fingers apprehensively through her now short locks as her dad paid for her cut.

Another stylist came out of the back and approached the reception desk. “Maria, is Maria here?” My jaw dropped when I saw Maria get up. Maria was a drop-dead gorgeous Spanish girl about 16 years old with long, extremely thick hair that was long enough to sit on. A man who I assumed to be her father got up and walked back with her. Just sitting there I had assumed that the man was the one waiting for the haircut and not the girl! Maria took a seat in the stylist’s chair while the stylist struggled to get all of Maria’s hair on the outside of the cape and chair. The stylist began to moisten and comb out Maria’s mane. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Maria’s ponytail was as thick as my arm!

The stylist began to talk with the gentleman who obviously spoke very little English. He moved his hand to the girl’s shoulder blades and made a line across her back. I could see the startled look in the stylist’s eyes as he was talking about taking two feet of hair off!! Spanish girls usually have very long hair which they take meticulous care of. Their fathers usually forbid them to cut it as long hair is customary among Mexican women. The stylist talked to the girl briefly and they both nodded.

I prayed that my name wouldn’t be called as I had to see this! The stylist once again combed out Maria’s locks as if to give her a chance to change her mind. Finally the stylist grabbed her scissors from the counter and combed a long 1″ section of the girl’s hair down and chopped off a good two feet! I almost creamed in my jeans when I saw this happen and was glad I was holding my coat in my lap as it hid the growing bulge in my pants. It has always been my fantasy to see a Mexican girl have her long hair cut off and here it was coming true. The stylist then took another small section near the first and sheared it to the same length. The stylist had to take small sections because Maria’s hair was so thick. The pile of hair on the floor was getting larger and as she worked her way around Maria’s back. The pile of hair was getting so large that the stylist had to sweep some of the hair up so she didn’t trip on it. A lock of hair had fallen into Maria’s lap and she lovingly stroked it as the stylist continued to hack on her hair.

Suddenly a voice shattered my concentration, bringing me out of my fantasy land. “Jonny, is Jonny here?” A young stylist looked questioningly at me. I quickly adjusted my “package” and hung my coat on the rack. I followed the stylist to her chair and as she caped me she said, “What’ll it be today, sir?”


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