Hair Show Hell

Hair Show Hell

Hair Show Hell – Candy

My high school offers a career counseling program which encourages students to learn about various jobs that may interest them. The school sponsors field trips various places and internships with local businesses. Because of our interest in hairstyling, I, along with several other girls in my class, attended a hair and beauty show in Chicago. So it began…

I have to say, I was really excited about the field trip. I’d never been outside of our town, much less to a big city. I had seen pictures and videos shot at these events and it looked very exciting. When we arrived at the convention center, we were to pick up our free passes for the show at the box office. All of us were surprised to discover we had been registered as models by the school. We thought it was a mistake until Mrs. Nelson, the teacher who brought us, explained that the free passes were available only to people who would volunteer as hair models. She thought we understood that when we signed up.

After some fussing, we all decided that we couldn’t afford the admission and accepted the passes. We were given a card instructing us where we would be modeling. A few of us had cards for Clairol, some for Matrix, and a few more for some companies we had never heard of before today. We could see banners for the companies all over the place. Jenny and Ashley were actually late for their registration at the Matrix booth. We ran to the booth and the presented their cards to one of the people in the booth. They were rushed backstage to get ready. We sat down to watch them get their hair done.

Jenny and Ashley appeared on the stage a few minutes later and were directed to stools at opposite ends of the stage while the lady on the PA talked about the stylists and products that would be used. She also commented that the models were twin sisters and thought it would be interesting to see how they looked after. They looked a little nervous…

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The stylists went to work and started cutting. Jen’s hair was cut to just above her shoulders (about 6 inches off) and Ashley’s was left longer but layered all over. They both looked good after but Jen was crying because they cut off a lot of her hair. They didn’t even tell them what they were going to do. We all told her how great it looked and she started feeling better. Some of the others went to go find their booths so they wouldn’t be lost later.

We watched some demonstrations and visited some booths for cosmetology schools. We wandered around some more and collected brochures. As we proceeded down the main aisle, Mary came around the corner. I almost didn’t recognize her because her hair was now a deep red instead of brown. They had trimmed it to the middle of her back and styled it with big curls. She thought it was pretty cool. I thought she looked absolutely beautiful. She said she showed someone at the booth her card. They asked her if they could use her now because someone else had not shown up, so she said OK. I looked at my watch and decided that Melissa and I had to go to our booth. Nobody had heard of Andis but Mary said she had passed it on the way back to meet us. She led the way…

I should have run when I realized what the company makes… electric clippers. There was a ton of hair on the stage from previous haircuts. I relaxed a bit when I noticed the stylist on the stage was finishing a haircut on a girl with long hair. He was explaining how he had used a texturizing blade on the clippers to add volume and movement to the style. He kept repeating, “…clippers are an effective tool for long hair and not just short haircuts.” We gave our cards to a woman and were taken up on the stage. Two other people came up on the stage who ended up to be the stylists who would do our hair, a man and a woman. They arranged some combs and things and put capes around our necks while the lady who brought us to the stage began talking on the PA. She was explaining the styles that would be demonstrated; a chin-length bob and a short crop, with a tapered back. I felt the knot in my stomach tighten… I looked at Melissa. She looked as white as a ghost. Both of us had long hair and realized that it would soon be cut much shorter.

As the woman brushed out my hair, I prayed that Melissa would get the shorter haircut. I almost cried as the first cuts sent about 10 inches of my hair to the floor. Then I realized she had cut the hair to my chin and celebrated silently because Melissa would be getting the shorter cut. The woman on the PA stood in front of me and narrated for the stylist cutting my hair. I listened as she explained that “…the bulk of the length is removed first to make the hair easier to work with and fine tune.”

My chair was turned so my back faced the audience. I continued to listen…

“Now Lynette will continue the cut starting at the nape. She’ll begin by changing the blade on the clippers which will leave the hair longer.”

Relieved that they were using that long-hair blade on me, I tried to peek at Melissa but I couldn’t see her unless I turned my head. I didn’t dare move. I felt so sorry for her that I had forgotten this chick just cut off most of my hair.

The PA continued… “She’ll begin tapering the hair close in back, continuing up to the crown.”

What she said didn’t reqister until I felt the clippers move quickly up the back up my head.

“Our other model will be getting a chin-length bob. You can see that these haircuts will be done with the hair completely dry…”

I felt like I was going to throw up. The clippers ran up the back again and a huge pile of hair fell over my shoulder into my lap. I started crying… I sobbed so hard that the woman cutting my hair held my head down with her hand on top of my head to keep it still.

“…clippers are an efficient tool for precision haircutting. As you can see, the clippers produce a crisp, precise blunt cut. Naturally it’s an exceptional tool for very short haircuts as well. The power of the Andis clipper allows you to cut the hair quickly without bogging down.”

Hair was falling all over. I felt like I was going into the army and getting shaved. Someone handed me some tissues but Lynette didn’t slow down. The sides were gone and she turned the chair around, lifted my bangs with a comb and cut them off.

“You can see that Lynette is making quick work of the young lady’s hair. With the Andis clipper, she can transform a client in just minutes from a long and rather plain style to this super-short, sassy style.”

My friends and Mrs. Nelson watched with their mouths hanging open as she finished the cut and removed the cape.

The narrator continued… “In just six minutes, Lynette was able to create this great style with the powerful Andis clipper. I think you’ll agree, no other tool could create this style so quickly.”

I walked down the steps feeling like I’d been raped. Did this chick buzz off all my hair just to show how quickly it could be done? I ran my hand up the back and couldn’t believe that all that was left was fuzz. The top was only a couple inches long and had been gelled. Mary ran over, felt the back of my head and told me it looked incredible. Melissa came off the stage and was crying too. Her hair looked pretty nice except they had cut her bangs really short. We both went to the restroom to fix our eyes. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe what they had done. It looked so alien compared to when it was long. It would take forever to grow out.

We met the others back at the booth where they had waited for us. They said, “You have to watch this…” Lynette had already begun the next model. The girl was seated facing away from the audience. She gathered her beautiful, red hair into a ponytail and sheared it off. After tossing it to the floor she changed the blade on the clippers. She proceeded to shear away the hair in back quickly as she had done to me. I kept watching as Lynette buzzed the hair around the girl’s ears.

Over the PA I heard, “You can see what a hit this look will be with your clients. This beautiful young model was eager to part with her long hair after seeing the results on our previous model. In only minutes, you can create this short and sophisticated style using the Andis clipper.”

As the stylist was turned the chair, Jenny grabbed my arm. “Can you believe Mary is letting them cut her hair just like yours?”

I saw Mary’s face as they removed the cape and couldn’t believe my eyes. This morning after she had her hair colored she looked incredible. Now it was all lying on the floor of the stage. Why on earth would she want it all cut off?

“That cut took less than five minutes, ladies and gentlemen. Your productivity and profits will sky-rocket when you introduce Andis clipper-cutting to your customers. Our next demonstration will be in……”


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