Hair Fetishes Discovered

Hair Fetishes Discovered

Hair Fetishes Discovered – Hair Color Boy

This is a true story about my accounts with two former partners. The names of the people involved have been changed to protect their identity.

Not too long ago I discovered the Haircut Story Archive while looking for something on the Internet in the hair industry. I found it by mistake when it came up in a search engine or something however I am glad I found it. There are some great stories and some people have done a great job revealing their own fantasies. I thought I should share some of my own hair stories as I have a few to tell. I hope you enjoy it.

When I was 6 years old my father sent me to live with my grandmother in Los Angeles for a year as my parents were going through a divorce. My grandmother owned a hair salon in the valley where I would spend most of my days during that summer break. I would play around the shop while my grandma worked and I kept myself busy. Mostly it was boring, however there were a few things that I found interesting. I mostly liked watching girls get their hair cut. I didn’t know this then but I was actually learning how to cut hair at that early age just by the watching that I did.

I remember the girls who would get their hair cut short. As it was summer in LA I saw mothers bring their daughters in for shorter summer cuts. Most of these girls were upset and hated the whole experience. I felt sorry for these girls, as I always feared getting my hair cut as well. There were also the girls who wanted their long hair chopped off. I thought that was really cool. For them it was an awesome experience that not only involved a sense of fear and apprehension, it was also very exciting and liberating. They would leave a different person than when they came into the salon, both in appearance and inside.

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Later when I was 15, living back home in Toronto, I gave my first haircut to my girlfriend at that time. I met Kati in summer school where we were taking a math course. The class was a full class. I sat in the far left row in the classroom next to the windows, she sat on the far right row. The first few days I found myself looking at her a lot. She had short blonde hair and was very good looking. We shared a lot of the same fashion and music interests at that time and I was very interested in her. It turned out she was interested in me as well. Eventually on our breaks we started talking and got to know each other. As summer school ended at 12:30 we eventually started spending our afternoons together as well. Before we knew it we became a couple.

One thing I noticed about her was she had a strong interest in hair. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t know about hair fetishes at that time but looking back at it she definitely had a hair fetish. It turned out with her last haircut she had cut it short from a very long length. Her hair was growing in a bit and it needed a haircut again. One afternoon after school she wanted to get it cut at the mall by her house. She also wanted me to get my hair cut with her.

As we were only 15 and working crappy minimum wage jobs we didn’t have a lot of money. We put all of our money together so we could both afford to get our haircuts, and we could only afford the most inexpensive salon in the mall. Two different stylists saw us at the same time and we were done in different parts of the salon so we couldn’t see each other. At the end of it we both ended up with bad haircuts. Mine looked way too preppy as this was 1986 and that was a look that I hated. My hair was blond and the cut was short in the sides and buzzed in the back with long bangs swept over to one side. Hers was just a bad haircut. It wasn’t cut too short, it just didn’t have any style. Her bangs still had some length and the sides still covered her ears a bit and the back was about an inch long.

Kati was really upset with her haircut so I told her I could fix it. She asked me if I would now how and I told her my grandma taught me. My grandmother didn’t teach me anything really but I figured it would be easy and she trusted my confidence anyway. So the next day I stole one of those haircutting kits with clippers and attachments and scissors from the mall and went to her place.

Kati saw the kit and I could tell she was excited. “How are you going to cut it?” she asked.

“Oh, I think I’ll cut it shorter in the back and clean up the sides and the bangs a bit,” I told her vaguely. She was definitely excited and this excited me too.

I pinned her hair on the top up from about an inch above her ears and followed the line horizontally through the back around her head. I used the clippers with a 1/2″ guard and clipped her hair from her nape to the line where I pinned her hair up. I did this all around her back and sides to the 1″ line above her ears. After I finished buzzing her hair around the sides and back I unpinned her hair on the top and it fell down covering the buzzed section. I took the scissors and cut the longer hair into a bowl shape that went just to the top of her ears and around the back and I cut the bangs so they just covered her eyebrows. This left a 1″ undercut as her hair was buzzed higher than the length where the top came down. I finished the back up by tapering her nape a bit with the shorter attachments. I added some gel and ruffled her hair a bit, the haircut looked amazing and she loved it. It was a very cool haircut considering it was 1986 and I must admit I was surprised I pulled it off as well as I did. From that day on I was her own personal stylist up until the day we broke up after a year-long relationship.

Years later I met Sylvia. I was now in my last year of high school. As I hated my preppy haircut back when I was 15 I never had another haircut since. My hair was now about half way down my back. This was one of the things Sylvia really liked about me. Her hair was the same length as well and it was dark brown and very straight. She was very beautiful and we both looked awesome together.

Into our relationship I discovered her hair fetish. The thought of having her hair cut short really exited her. She told me about how when she was 12 she convinced her friend to cut her hair while away at summer camp. She had a long blunt cut and wanted to have layers added. Her friend made lots of mistakes during the haircut and would just cut it a little shorter to try and fix it. By the time her friend finished Sylvia was left with a brush cut with a few bald spots. When she got home her mom took her to the local Barber to get it cleaned up.

That haircut grew in and she kept her hair long ever since. I think that that experience was what made her exited about cutting her hair. I loved her hair long and she knew it so she started to tease me about it. She would tell me she was going to get it cut short tomorrow or she would call me and tell me her friend had just cut it really short and it was a mess. This went on for months and she knew I hated it.

So one day after school we were hanging out in her bedroom lying on her bed and talking. She brought up the idea of having her hair cut again. I knew this was going to be another tease session so I called her bluff. I told her I would cut it. “Really?” she responded with a big smile.

“Sure, why not?”

“How would you cut it?” she asked.

“I’ll cut it to there,” I said while sliding my index finger and middle finger into her hair at a level that was just below her jawline.

She noticed where I had indicated and got up to look at herself in her full-length mirror. She stared at herself for a minute while examining her length of hair and lifting her hair to the level I showed her so she could see what it might look like. “Ok, let’s do it,” she said excitedly. I could tell she was apprehensive, however I could also tell she really wanted to do it and was very exited about it.

I told her to take a shower and I would cut afterwards while her hair was wet. When she got out of the shower she dried off and slipped on some shorts. I set up to cut her hair in the bathroom. I got a high stool and some scissors and a comb. She sat down on the stool in the middle of the bathroom in front of the counter and mirror but facing the opposite way towards the wall. I sat on top of the counter and pulled her towards me by pulling the stool. I let my knees press against her thighs and I combed out her long hair. She looked so sexy as she was sitting topless with her wet hair. Her hair was longer then halfway down her back, almost to her waist and she was about to lose almost 30″ of it. I parted her hair down the middle from her forehead to her nape and sectioned the two sides off down her shoulders. I sectioned off an inch-long section at her nape and let it fall naturally down her back. I placed the scissors into the hair level with the middle of her neck and I was ready to take the first cut. I could tell she was nervous, however this was what she wanted. I closed the scissors, cutting the lock of hair. The hair stuck to the skin on her back for a moment as it was wet, then it just peeled off her back and fell to the floor. She was still very speechless and numb by the experience so I just continued to section off the next section. I cut the next section the same length and it did the same thing as the previous hair, peeling off to the floor. After cutting that section she reached for the floor and picked up a lock of hair.

“Oh my god,” she said, examining the lock of hair.

I just laughed. “It’s what you wanted,” I told her.

I finished sectioning half-inch sections, working up the back of her head cutting it to a blunt bob and finished up at the sides. The whole time she sat there holding the lock of hair that she had picked up and didn’t say anything until I finished. She was left with a bob that fell just past her jawline.

She examined herself in the mirror with her bobbed haircut while it was still wet. She was amazed at her reflection. She shook her head a few times and felt the length, she really seemed to love it. I blow-dried her hair for her, turning the ends under slightly and we went back to her room to hang out more. She loved the haircut and I must admit I loved it too.

A lot of the excitement from that experience was channeled into our sex life as I noticed our sex life reached a level unimaginable and it was amazing. All of the little things about the haircut excited her, like when she first went to put a T-shirt on she would reach to pull her long hair out from under the collar of her T-shirt and find nothing there. Little things like that would give her an excited feeling all of the time.

This certainly wasn’t the last haircut for her. This haircut eventually grew into a shoulder-length bob and she was getting bored with it. I found I preferred how she looked with a shorter bob so for the next cut I gave her a chin-length bob that was cut just past her hairline in the back, exposing her full neck. This is when I discovered I had a bit of a neck fetish and I would love to nuzzle her neck during foreplay. Her constantly-exposed neck excited me and every time I saw it I would think about foreplay.

When summer came it was dreadfully hot. So Sylvia wanted her hair short. For her next haircut I cut it around her ears and short in the back but left longer bangs. It was amazing how she could pull off any haircut and she looked so good. The different haircuts excited her so over the next year I kept cutting her hair in various different short haircuts. Some of those haircuts got pretty short, however they all looked really sexy. She would never get the same haircut twice and eventually I started coloring her hair as well. She went through numerous different shades and eventually blond for a while. It was very cool for her to always have different hairstyles and it made her image very interesting. Eventually she grew her hair in a bit but the color and cuts where always different.

I also noticed when Sylvia’s hair was short her long to short haircut fantasy had worn out. Because she now had short hair it wasn’t that exciting for her anymore. This is when she started to become fascinated at the idea of seeing me get my hair cut short. I was scared of cutting my hair and she knew it and that excited her. So she started to tease me about cutting my hair.

It took many months for me to give in but eventually I did. She wasn’t interested in cutting my hair, she just wanted to watch it. So that meant I had to go somewhere and get it cut. She told me she wanted to watch me get my hair cut in a Barbershop. That petrified me and she knew it and that excited her. Eventually I broke down and had it cut at the local barber while she watched.

My haircutting experience wasn’t that great, it was something I did for her. The one thing I remember about that haircut was half way through my haircut the other barber who had finished with his client called out “next”. I realized Sylvia was the only person in the shop and he was meaning her. She declined his invitation so he started to try to talk her into it. “Just a trim, come on,” he would say. “I’ll just clean it up a little.” She wouldn’t budge but I always thought she should have. She probably didn’t because watching me that day fascinated her enough and that was what she wanted. I think if she had given in it could have been another cool experience for her, even if she did just get a trim. The barber cut my hair really short in the sides and back and longer on top. She really loved it and I was happy about that.

Eventually after 4 years together we broke up when she moved to England. I miss her most of all and I have never met anyone else like her ever since. However, life goes on.

Today I work professionally in the hair industry as a Color Technician. I started out by competing in color competitions and later I landed a job in a great salon. I love the career I have chosen. The clients for the most part are great and I love the people I work with.

I think there are certain levels of fascination that people have with hair. I see that fascination every day and it is certainly different for everyone. Every so often I meet a girl with a hair fetish. Girls with fetishes are very apparent to me and there aren’t many of them. I have dated a few girls over the years since Sylvia whom where fascinated by my career. However I have yet to find a connection with anyone like I had with Kati or Sylvia, they were very special and were very open to exploring their fetish and they loved every minute of it.

I wouldn’t consider myself to have a hair fetish, as hair cutting does not excite me that much. I chose to become a color tech as found I enjoyed coloring over hair cutting. Girls who have a hair fetish definitely do excite me. I love bringing out that fetish in a girl. All of the overwhelming feelings and sensations a girl feels through the experiences excite me and exploring it leads to a very passionate and euphoric relationship for both of us. The excitement of it becomes constant because hair is a constant part of our lives and this is something I would love to experience again with the right person.

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