Girls of B.A.L.D. Sorority

Girls of BALD Sorority

The Girls Of B.A.L.D Sorority By Ransom King

Chapter One – The Sorority

I can remember my invitation to join the new sorority on campus, BETA ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA, the members called it B.A.L.D for short. It was a new female organization, so it was not recognized as a regular sorority, in fact it was a radical organization. The three founding members of the sisterhood had unique and distinctive hairstyles, which prompted and another girl and me to join. We knew it was the right sorority for us because of their daring depilation.

The reason I joined was to rebel against my present image that was forced on me by my young stepmother and my father. I no longer wanted to be a sweet and innocent debutante. I loved the hairstyle of my “future sisters”. Kathryn’s reasons for joining were her own but I think she wanted to join so she could be really hot and exciting looking in this all female fledgling organization.

Kathryn and I were first indoctrinated to the sorority’s reasoning why, we, women should get and keep the hairstyle of our sisters. We were lectured on the why they had it and why we would soon have it. My reasons for joining were still valid. Simply put I was making a statement to my parents about me.

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Kathryn’s reason for joining was the style, it was to make her more exotic for her future career as an exotic and erotic dancer; she wanted to be ecdysiast. Believe me, she would go far in her chosen profession with her face and figure and soon sans tresses.

The weeks that followed were filled with the unusual preparations for us initiates to become members of the B.A.L.D sorority. The first thing we did after moving into the house of campus was to start going around naked in the house. This action was to help us to get ready for the induction ceremony. When some of the new pledges learned about the in-house dress code, nudity, they left. The idea of being nude for ceremony turned Kathryn and me on.

Certain items for the sorority fell upon us, the only remaining pledges, Kat and me. We, the house, needed two barber’s chairs and two new sets of hair clippers and shaving tools, you know razors and such. Since I was the wealthiest girl in the sorority it fell upon me to purchase the chairs. I really did not mind buying them; after all it was daddy’s money. My “mother” and father would not miss the four thousand used to procure the chairs. You see the chairs had to be the old-fashioned kind. It took a little while but I did manage to get them. Kathryn bought the rest of the stuff. The house was made ready for our initiation ceremony.

There was only thing left to do. That was to invite our mothers to our entrance into BETA ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA sorority. My stepmother would surely be surprised, by me joining this sorority. I did not know what Kat’s mother would say. It did not matter to me and I knew it would not bother her. Most of the day of our initiation was spent at the beauty salon getting our hair styled in a 60’s bouffant. Then we returned to the house and dressed in our formal evening gowns and waited for the time of the ceremony.

Chapter Two – Stripped down for the initiation

My stepmother was the only person to arrive for the ceremony. I was proud of that fact. That did not stop us from carrying out our very special and unique entertainment. After all we girls were not really expecting anyone’s mothers to put in an appearance. We were ready to begin.

Our only guest was taken to the house’s “new” barbershop room. I saw a strange look of pleasure on Lilith’s face, my stepmother. She seemed to know what was about to take place. She smiled as she started to sit in one of the barber’s chairs.

“No! Lilith those chairs are not for you,” I said, “they are for us pledges.” This act had surprised me that she was about to sit in one of the chairs. I thought she must have mistaken it for one of the guest chairs.

The lights dimmed and my music started, a song titled, Baby, You Can Shave My Head. The song was quite appropriate for the occasion. It was time for my impromptu striptease.

I reached behind my back and unzipped my white strapless evening gown. I pulled the zipper all the way down to my ass. Once it was down that far my gown was loose enough to fall away from my breasts. My gown fell from my bust and on down past my waist, then finally landing on the floor. Quickly I stepped out of the gown. All I had left on was my long white opera gloves, a white lace corset, and white lace panties.

My hands moved to the front of my 40-inch breasts. Slowly I unzipped the corset, stopping when I reached my navel. I pulled the top of the corset open a little bit. My big beautiful tits were revealed. Then I started rubbing my tits with my white silk-clad hands. It felt good, so I lingered on them a couple of seconds longer than necessary. I am glad I did. The corset was quickly unzipped the rest of the way. Letting gravity do its work, the corset dropped the rest of the way to the floor. I was finished with my strip, then it was Kathryn’s turn.

Kathryn chose a classic song from the 60’s, Lady Godiva. It was very appropriate for her, since she wanted to be an ecdysiast. She started her dance as soon as the music began. The first articles of clothing removed by her were the navy blue opera gloves.

Kat’s dress was a similar style to mine except for the position of the zipper – it was located on the dress’ left side. She unzipped it until she reached her hips. She pulled the top of it open. Then she pushed the top of the gown over her big bouncing boobs and on down to her waist and finally over her hips. Releasing the navy blue gown she let it drop to the floor. Then she stepped out of the lovely formal. Kat bent down from the waist to pick it up. Her 44-inch tits threaten to fall out of the top of her dark blue corset with red ribbons running down the middle of it. The gown was handed to one of our sorority “sisters”.

Kathryn pushed down her blue lace panties down her shapely legs, which were clad in blue silk stockings. Once the panties were far enough down you could see Kat was not a natural blonde. She would have to do something about it later.

She put a smile on her lovely face. Kathryn began to push the top of her corset down. Her big breasts leapt out of the cups of her black corset. She put the top of the waist slimmer under her 44 DD tits. Once that was done she pulled her arms out. Kat started to shimmy and shake her magnificent mammaries. You should have seen the nipples of her large pink aureoles grow stiff and hard. Kathryn’s lovely golden blonde mane barely moved thanks to the hairspray, it had real holding power. If I had done what she had done I would have had the same results with my own ebony locks.

Kathryn unhooked her silk stockings from the garters of her corset. First she rolled the left stocking down and removed it. The right leg’s silk sheath was quickly removed too. Again Kat and I were different, her corset hooked in the back while mine had zipped in the front. She reached behind her back and began unhooking the corset. Once undone she pulled it from her beautiful body. I am glad she and I joined together so we could learn to really enjoy our bodies. Kathryn was completely nude while I was still clad in my white lace panties and white Opera gloves, and I was not going to remove them.

Chapter Three – Getting Bald for B.A.L.D

We were ready to take the big plunge that would soon change our lives and little did I know the experience would also change my relationship with my stepmother. We would soon share a secret only she knew and my father had no knowledge of about Lilith’s past. It would be great.

Our songs were to be played over and over during the final phase of our initiation. Kat and I sat down in the chairs together. We were turned to face my “mother”. Our sorority sisters had removed their wigs while we sat down. I noticed none of this seemed to shock Lilith in least bit, their bald scalps gleaming. Two of our sisters picked up a pair of barber’s clippers each, they were turned on. They buzzed loudly in our ears as they were brought toward our coiffured hair, which was stiff with hairspray.

The clippers buzzed through our hairspray-stiff curls. They moved down the center of my black hair while the other pair mowed a path down the center of Kat’s blonde scalp. I glanced over to my future sister and saw she was wearing a big smile on her face, it matched the one I had on mine. Then I turned my attention to Lil – she had a smile on her face too. I first thought I was for me for getting a humbling haircut, which would not be the case later.

The hairsprayed strands were clipped from our scalps. They fell like a furry rain. Soon the clippers had finished their work, two piles of hair lay around the chairs, an ebony pile of plaits next to mine and a golden blonde pile next to Kathryn’s. Kat and I had very, very, short crewcuts. Kat had a better idea of what she would look like completely bald, thanks to her formerly bleached blonde glory, but as for me, my black stubble made my near naked scalp stand out.

There was a brief rest period for Kat but not for me. The only sister not doing anything had something to do now. It was her responsibility to bleach my black stubble to blonde. That would not take long. While she was bleaching my stubble Lilith got out her chair and came to me stopping only to pick up a pair of scissors from the table between the chairs. She used the scissors to cut away my white lace panties. I was completely naked. Lil returned to her chair and waited without saying a word.

We were ready to begin again. Hot towels were wrapped around our ultra-short hair to soften up our stubble. The steam and heat from the towels felt so soothing on our almost bare scalps. Our scalps adjusted to the heat in five minutes. We were approaching the moment we had been waiting for: the shaving cream and the razor’s kiss. Soon they would begin to eat away the lather and stubble that remained on our heads. The towels were whipped from our heads.

Our bare scalps were quickly covered with hot lather. Kat and I were ready for the bite of the razors. I heard the razors rasp as they took the first bite of lather and stubble from our heads. I looked at my stepmother at that time, I saw her tongue lick her lips in anticipation of something yet to come for her, but what?

The ever-hungry razors never seemed to get enough of our remaining hair and shaving cream. The shaving implements moved farther and farther back on our heads then I saw the razor making the last stroke on Kat’s cranium and felt the razor on mine. Warm towels wiped the remaining lather from our now skinned heads.

Two of our balded sorority sisters tugged off both of my silk opera gloves. I watched as baby oil was applied to Kathryn’s scalp while I felt it being put on my naked pate. Then my silk gloves were put to use; I felt their silky smoothness as they spread the oil over my slick hairless head. I watched as my skinhead partner enjoyed the same sensations that I was experiencing. My right hand went to my thick pubic bush and sought out my clit hiding in there. Once I found it I began to massage it, I always did this when I felt silk move across my skin, just as it did now. My silk gloves were making Kat’s and my scalps shine by polishing them.

I was really turned on by both the shaving and the oiling of my scalp. It was an even bigger thrill than I thought when both of us girls lost our crowning glories. It was definitely too late to turn back now, I did not care. I had a new image that I loved. Kat, she loved it too, I could tell by the way she was rubbing her two favorite erogenous zones and one of them had just been uncovered for the first time. Her right hand massaged her mammoth melons while her left caressed her completely bald dome.

Chapter Four – Lilith goes Lockless

It was time for Kathryn and me to get out of the chairs. As I got out the barber’s chair I saw my stepmother get up from hers. She removed her white mink stole as she walked toward the chair I had just occupied. As she came closer to the chair she pulled down the straps of her black and gold evening gown. Once the straps were far enough down on her shoulders, her 42-inch breasts popped out of the top of the gown. She pulled the top down to her waist.

Once the top of her gown was down she sat in the chair. She waited as if she belonged in the chair.

“I originally started the BETA ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA sorority fifteen years ago. I thought no other girls would be daring enough to join. It looks like I was wrong, I was just a little ahead of my time. Do me Bobbi, I want to feel the experience of the razor once more,” my stepmother stated.

“I will do your hair,” I said as Lil sat down in the chair I had previously occupied. This was going to be a real pleasure getting rid of father’s favorite part of my stepmother’s beauty, her gorgeous platinum blonde hair. Soon Lilith would be as hairless as all my other sorority sisters and me. I could not wait to see my father’s face when his wife and daughter walked out to show him, my new look and her old one.

I noticed almost immediately Lilith’s nipples went hard as she sat down in the barber’s chair. They stood out to their full half-inch erection. Her nips looked out of place in the center of her pink palm size aureoles. She held her enormous tits. She brought them to her lips and kissed each teat and light pink aureoles.

“Come on, Bobbi, let’s get started so I can feel the delightful caress of the cold steel of the razor’s sharp blade. I felt it once before, I want to feel it again. So, do me daughter. Please!” pleaded my busty blonde stepmother.

I picked up the clippers that had been used on me. I flicked them on – they seemed to buzz with a sadistic glee as I put them at the back of Lilith’s pampered platinum blonde hair. Then I pushed the hair-clearing machine up the center of the seated woman’s lovely locks. The sheared strands were pushed over the crown of Lil’s head and on down into her lap as they fell from her cranium. She had begun to breathe heavily as if she were having sex, it seemed to be getting heavier as more and more of her hair was clipped from her shapely head. Five short minutes later I had reduced Lilith’s locks to short, short stubble.

“Hurry, please, I really want to feel the bite of the razor as it strips away what your father finds so exciting about me. Give back the skinhead that I once had fifteen years ago, BALD ME BOBBI!” she shouted.

What is a loving daughter supposed to do when her “mother” asks for a shave, nothing but give it to her? I quickly applied shaving cream to her closely clipped cranium. I spread it evenly over her shorn scalp.

“This is what you have been asking for mom. So here it comes. I can tell you really love the kiss of the razor,” I said.

I really could tell, by the way she was tearing off her gown. She really did love the razor’s keen edge. I wanted to torture her a bit before she would get to see her upcoming head style. I started scraping away the lather and stubble at the back of her head. She gasped in ecstasy as I made the first stroke with the razor. She had torn her gown to pieces by this time. So taking the biggest piece of her torn gown, I wiped the blade clean with it. She was building to a big climax as more and more of her hair and lather was removed. She was working herself up into an orgasm as I shaved her head. Each time the razor was full I cleaned it on the remains of her gown.

Soon I was doing the top of her head and sides of it. I told her to ease up before I nicked her soon to be completely bald dome. She slowed just enough for me not to cut her. Lilith went into a sexual frenzy as the blade removed the last of her once beautiful blonde crowning glory. She was smooth and vowed, “the razor never felt so good, I may never again grow hair on my head. It is great to be bald again. I need something to wipe the remaining lather from my head. Use my white mink stole.”

I did as I was told.

“This feels really good,” she said as I used the stole. “Please, daughter, do it again to me. You cannot believe how wonderful it feels as the mink caresses a hairless skull,” Lilith stated.

I have to admit I was pretty much turned on by the shaving of my “mother”. I had to do the final step to her before she could get out of the chair. I put some oil on her head and began to polish it. I had her head shining in no time at all.

Chapter Five – In the bedroom

“Get me a full length mirror so I can see my old self again,” Lilith said as she got out of the chair.

I took her to my room. While she stood before the mirror she pulled down her sheer panties to reveal her shaved smooth pussy, which I did not know she had. Lil spent five minutes admiring her smooth hairless body and her bald scalp.

“Now, Bobbi, it time to make you a real B.A.L.D girl. She had me lay on the bed and spread my legs. Using a pair of scissors from my dressing table she began to snip away my pubic hair, and then I knew why she cut off my panties earlier in the special room. The tufts landed on the bed sheets and soon my vulva was clipped clean. It felt baby soft but not baby smooth but Lil was going to fix that. She picked up the electric shaver, the one I used to shave my legs, and turned it on. It ran over my mound making it hairless and making me horny. I was glad Lilith was using the electric shaver, this way she could not nick me. I was bald below in less than five minutes.

“Next time, Bobbi, I suggest you use a razor, it will leave you much smoother,” she said as placed her face in my now smooth pussy.

I grasped her hairless head and pulled it to my crotch as I felt her tongue lick my clit. Through carefully maneuvering while she ate me, she put herself into the 69 position. Her bald pussy was now over my face. I lifted my head and flicked her stiff love button. In twenty minutes we had brought each other to climax.

We got out of bed.

“I cannot wait to show your father his new wife,” Lilith said with an evil smile.

She called my father and told him she had a surprise for him when she got home. She did not bother getting dressed when she left the sorority house. All she wore when she walked to the limo was the mink and that only covered her cleavage and the chauffeur’s jaw must have dropped a foot when he saw her bald head. I would have given almost anything to see my father’s face when he saw his blonde wife was now a bald beauty and also to find out his daughter was a depilated debutante. Mom and I are glad that I joined BETA ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA sorority.

The End?


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