Girls’ Night Out

Girls' Night Out

Girls’ Night Out – Barbrgal

Part I: Sue’s Story

Sue and Lucy had been friends ever since their early 20’s. One of the things that they were infamous for was hanging out on the lower West Side of NYC (Greenwich Village) and being able to put down alcohol like there was no tomorrow. In the early days of their friendship, neither was attached to a guy and many nights were spent in the company of guys they met in the bars they hung out in.

However, time passes and people grow up. Sue got married and moved back to the suburbs to lead the “perfect dream life”. Lucy stayed in the city, dated around and generally missed the carefreeness of her early 20’s. She was thrilled when Sue got divorced and moved back to the city and moved in with her.

The first Friday night she was back in town, Lucy came up with the idea of going back to their old haunts and taking up their old ways. She was bored and she knew that this was going to be one way to get her friends’ mind off what had happened and cheer her up a bit.

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The night started off with margaritas in some dive and eventually they wound up in a really happening place. The girls, being half bombed and very attractive, were the focal point at their table at the back and had soon met two guys out on the town and were whooping it up with them. The guys were buying drinks, everyone was having a blast. Lucy thought that this was it – these were the guys they were going to spend the night with. She had already disappeared into the ladies’ room with Harry for half an hour and was waiting for better things to come. Sue was having a good time with Steve, but wasn’t ready for anything else. He was nice enough (and not that drunk) and neither was she. Lucy was completely smashed and running her mouth.

Finally the bar was closing down and it was time to go. Lucy really wanted to go home with Harry and fulfill her promises to him. She also had made the mistake of saying that Sue would do the same for his friend. However, Sue told her that the night was over and she really wanted just to go home and sleep it off. After an argument, the girls came to an agreement and left two very disgruntled guys in their wake, who decided to teach them a lesson.

About 20 minutes after the girls got home there was a loud knock at the door. Lucy looked through the peephole and was delighted that Harry had remembered her address and came over. Her happiness was short-lived as soon as she let him in and he pushed her against the wall. “Who do you think you are by going off and leaving us at the bar like a couple of fools? That kind of shit is cool when you’re younger but it looks like you and your pal have been around the block a few times with this and should know the rules.”

Lucy whimpered against the wall saying that she didn’t think what they did was wrong due to the situation. He didn’t care. “Come on you two, let’s go.” He looked at Sue and told her that her date also wanted a few words with her. The girls were scared to death, but obeyed. Harry took both of them by the arm and brought them down to a waiting cab with Steve in it.

The cab went over to the lower east village and stopped in front of a darkened barbershop with the blinds drawn and locked. They all got out of the cab and Steve unlocked the door and hustled the girls inside, re-locked the door and put on the lights.

“I own this place. I’ve given a lot of thought to the garbage you girls tried to pull tonight and you are in need of some behavior modification. The first thing we’re going to have to do is kick you off your high horses and bring you back down to earth. Trust me, I can bring you down to the depths and then if I feel like it, bring you back up and make you the queens of the world.” He walked over to a locked cabinet and took out two long white T-shirts. “Strip and put these on – only.”

The girls were terrified. These guys were nuts! However, since there was no way out and the area was deserted what were they going to do? They silently agreed to go along with them. What could be the worst that could happen? They stripped with as much dignity as possible and put on the T-shirts, trembling, and Lucy started to sob.

“OK ladies, who’s first?” As you could expect, there were no volunteers.

“Fine, I’ll decide.” Steve looked at Sue who was visibly terrified. “You seem like the lesser of two evils. Plus it will give your friend something to think about for the next few minutes. Into the chair.” He moved toward her and she backed away against the wall.

“Come on, I don’t have time for this.” With that he grabbed her and pulled her over to the chair and forced her into it. “I can see that I might have a little problem with you sitting here.” He took a belt and fastened it around her waist and moved up her T-shirt so that everything was visible in the mirror. Then he tied her feet to the metal footrest of the big chair. “That will hold you. I’m not going to tie your hands – lets see what kind of fight you have in you.”

Sue sat there and looked straight ahead, tears streaming down her face. There was no way that he was going to do this. They were just scaring them. Lucy stood with Harry’s arms around her, crying.

“See you can be a good girl. For that I can give you a small reward.” With that he took a strip of white paper and put it around her neck, stroking her medium length brown bob that she was so proud of. It was thick and luxurious, just the right length. She tried to give him a small smile.

“Very good girl!” He took a striped cape and fastened it. Then he turned his back and was taking out some material from a drawer. When he turned back around he had a huge pair of scissors in his hand. He stood next to her and held her chin very tightly. “Won’t hurt a bit.”

He went behind her and now she was horrified. This was going too far. He wouldn’t. She was just about to yell out yes, she would sleep with him, anything but please don’t cut her hair. As she pondered how she was going to get out of this predicament she wasn’t concentrating on the noises around her. She didn’t even know that the first hunk of hair had been cut until she heard Lucy suck her breath in and the hair was thrown in her lap. A 6-inch chunk. But it still wasn’t too late. She could talk him into just giving her a really short bob with all her other promises. He laid the scissors down on the counter.

“I bet you think that I could still fix that don’t you? Well I’m going to get rid of that idea.” He picked up a huge pair of black clippers and turned them on and stood in front of her. She put her hands over her head and started to beg. He didn’t care. He took both of her wrists in one of his hands and still somehow maneuvered her head so he could get at it. The clippers came closer and closer until they were in the middle of her forehead. Then they plowed down the middle, stopping halfway. Since he didn’t use the guard a path of white showed through the middle of her still long-looking bob.

Sue started crying out loud. “Please don’t cut all my hair off, please!”

All Steve did was tie her hands to the chair and turned the clippers back on and started clipping off the sides, down to the skin. “You know the more you move your head, you could get seriously hurt. Plus I’m not getting it as short as you need to be”. He held onto the long parts that still remained and pushed the clippers right to her skin and her hair fell all over. He was shaving her bald and she couldn’t do a thing about it but cry. Lucy stood a few feet away and wailed.

He started on the back, pushing her head down to her chest, with extreme force. The clippers buzzed up to her crown over and over again, pushing into her skin, leaving the feeling that she was naked – and the right side of her head was and so was the back. The chair was spun around so that Lucy could get a look at him shaving her other side. It probably only took a minute but it seemed like hours. He smiled the entire time and made sure that hair fell towards her face so that her tears would hold it there. Then he turned off the clippers after he had shaved her to his satisfaction on the left.

“What shall we do with the top? Let’s see, I said that you were the lesser of the two evils, so I’ll leave you with a little.” He put the large clippers down and picked up another large pair with a 1″ guard on them. “Don’t say that I can’t be lenient with you.” Her chin in his hand he looked down at her. The tears were still flowing and she was trying to shake her head away from him. Again, the sound of the clippers filled the room and he went to take her again. He moved to the side of her and made sure that she could see the final swipes that he believed would make her see the error of her ways. The clippers were applied to her head and again starting mowing through the final remnants, flaying them everywhere. As he had wanted, an inch in length by three inches remained of her once beautiful hair. But it showed the patch that he had ruthlessly shorn her of before. “I’m going to leave that like that – as a reminder. Some women can look beautiful like this, but this will show that you won’t.” Finally the shop was silent, the only sounds were of two girls weeping hysterically, followed by the two men laughing.

“Shit, I’m not even done with her yet,” Steve said between the chuckles. He took out the straight edge razor and sharpened it with the strop. Then he took some hot shaving cream and applied it to the areas where he had applied the clippers. Using the utmost care he shaved away any of the stubble. Then the cream was applied to her eyebrows and they too were shaved away. Finally he stood away from her, nodding with satisfaction at her reflection and response.

The reflection showed a girl that had gone through a terrible metamorphosis. Her head shaved to the skin except for that terrible patch of one-inch hair on top with the middle of it showing only the littlest stubble, the red-rimmed eyes with no eyebrows and her wet face with hair sticking to it. She felt completely humiliated and could only stare and moan.

“OK, my dear girl, I think we’ve taken you off your little grandstand a little bit, haven’t we?” Steve untied her feet and then loosened the belt and undid her hands. He knew that she wouldn’t be running anywhere and also would not dare try anything else. He did long to shave the remaining growth of hair that looked ridiculous, but he held back. There would be time enough for that later. Also, he always liked the flat top look on women. He could tell that she would give him no problems and he would let her start growing her hair back in. This one was too sweet to be humiliated in such a fashion again. He would have to teach her though about the disciplines that she should have. No problem here.

He rumpled the top of the remaining hair and washed off her face. Then he undid the paper strip and the cape, dropping her hair all over her legs and the floor. She stood up uneasily and hung her head in shame. “Now clean up your mess.”

“My mess?” she whispered.

“It was your hair,” he smiled.

She took the broom and dustpan and swept up all her poor hair and put it in the bag he handed her, taking pains not to look in the mirror and cry all over again. Finally she looked at Lucy who stood there shaking and saying how sorry she was. Sue couldn’t hold her anger in anymore. “You’re sorry! You stupid bitch! Look what he did to me. I’m glad you’re next – it was your big fucking idea to go out and act like the whore you were ten years ago and evidently never stopped being. I hope that they shave you completely bald and I mean completely. I’m glad that he said I was the lesser of two evils because what he’s going to do to you is hopefully going to be worse! HA HA! I wish that he would let me take some of that hair of yours off. They don’t have to worry about me running out of here while you get yours. I’m going to sit and enjoy it!”

“Well at least if he shaves me bald I won’t have that ridiculous patch on the top of my head!”

She was right. As quick as a flash Sue went to the counter and picked up the clippers Steve had originally began with. She knew that they wouldn’t stop her from doing it. Turning them on and not even looking in the mirror she looked Lucy in the eyes and ran them across the remaining hair that stayed on her head which fluttered all over her T-shirt. Within seconds, the one inch that Steve had left her with was gone down to a stubble the same length as his original swath. Turning the clippers off, she turned to him. “Please forgive me for doing that. I did it to get even with her for her words, nothing against you. If you need to shave the rest of it with the razor, I’ll understand.” She started to get into the chair.

“Uh…. no. That’s OK.” The guys were visibly surprised and, she could tell, turned on. She got up and stood by Steve, putting her arm around his waist. She kissed him on the cheek and then whispered in his ear, “Do it to her now – shave her.” The grin on his face as he looked at her said it all, but he gave her a slight bow and whispered, “My pleasure.”

Part II: Lucy’s Story

What the hell, Lucy thought. Fine, it was her idea to go out but she never thought it would have happened like this.

Her best friend had just been tied to a barber’s chair and shaved clean, almost, by one of the guys that they had blown off earlier that night. The worst part of it was that he had completely humbled her, threatened her and now she was on his side. She had hoped and prayed that her friend’s haircut would appease the two of them and they would leave her alone. You know, teach a lesson. She was wrong, oh so wrong.

Sue stood there and tormented her. Screamed at her. Blaming her. All the time with that guy Steve holding onto her ass like she was something else. She sure was – a little hellcat right now. She was begging him to shave her bald. Her! Her best friend! And just to make sure that Steve would do it she had picked up the clippers and buzzed off the rest of her hair just to make sure that she could get him under her control, even to the point of suggesting to him that he use the straight-edged razor to take the stubble off. The girl was nuts! All she could do was stand there with Harry’s arms around her, not letting her move, much less run. Plus where could she go? They had taken her clothes, giving her just a T-shirt. She didn’t have her keys, purse, money, anything.

“Come on guys, we’ve gone a little crazy, but fun’s over….” She trailed off.

“OVER?” Sue bellowed. “It hasn’t begun yet!” She turned to Steve and began whispering to him. He laughed aloud.

“You sure?”

“Please. Do it.”

That was all he needed. He couldn’t believe his luck. Not only did he get two girls into his shop that night to have his way with but the one he thought was the mouse was now begging him to shave her friend and telling him that she loved her haircut. She wanted him now. She wanted to do it in the shop in the chair. She wanted him to cut her hair like that all the time. He didn’t care if she was lying about that part or not but he would do what she asked him.

“Well, I did make a promise to your friend here, Lucy, and I have to keep it. Try and make it easy on yourself. I know I won’t.” With that he picked up the scissors and cut off her T-shirt so she was nude in front of him. As she stood in shock, Harry picked her up and put her in the chair, tying her down. “I know we can’t trust you. Not to leave you completely exposed, we’ll put a little neck strip on you so it doesn’t go down your back.” He cracked up.

Her long hair hung over the back of the chair as she sat there stoic faced. “Fine, do it.”

Steve picked up a pair of clippers and shook his head. “You’re no fun, you know that?” He had wanted her haircut to last as long as Sue’s but he really did want to be with her right now and get down to the business that had started in the bar. But, sometimes doing it quickly was almost as good. Not even bothering to pick up a comb again he turned on the clippers with no guard. These were different than the ones he had used on Sue. These were super-powered and made a noise that filled the already charged air. “Well, here it goes – everything.”

She knew now that this was no joke anymore. It was going to happen and she screamed. It was too late.

He took the same position he had with Sue, pulling her head forward roughly with the long strands on the other side and not, even looking where he applied the clippers, began. Her skin started showing through immediately. The hair went everywhere and she started to try and fight. Harry came up in front of her and held her chin and took great joy in the fact that she was becoming hairless. Again, Steve pushed the clippers against the skin, not even leaving the lightest bit of stubble behind. As the hair came down, Sue picked it up and threw it in her face, laughing.

When her back and sides were gone, the clippers were plowed atop her head taking everything. She kept trying to make him stop, making her own promises, but they fell on deaf ears. She had really made her own bed and had to lie in it.

As the clippers were turned off, the razor was stropped again and her entire head was lathered. Whistling now as he scraped it all away, she sat in her utter defeat knowing that the worst would still come.

As the razor was wiped off and more shaving cream was dispensed, she shut her eyes. She knew that her eyebrows were going even before they told her. The rasp of the razor above her tear-filled eyes fulfilled that knowledge. The stropping again startled her and she opened her eyes to see even Sue’s eyes bulging. Harry was moving her legs over the sides of the chair, exposing her and lathering her up. As Steve handed him the razor, she knew that this was her final discipline.

“You do it – she’s your girl.” With that Harry scraped her pussy as clean as the day she was born, using the menthol shaving cream that he knew had to be driving her crazy. Finally it was over.

As Lucy picked up what was “her mess” and stood in her total and complete beating she knew that nothing would ever be the same again. As she got dressed to leave, thankful in the fact that they had let her have her clothes she knew that not only had she been brought down, but she had lost her best friend and also her superiority. It was too high a price to pay. She knew of her problems (drinking and men) and as soon as she left the barbershop and walked home she decided that the best thing to do was to leave the city she loved and start over again, somewhere quiet where no one knew her.

Sue and Steve stayed together after that first night. She did fulfill her promises to him, telling him that it was not out of fear but because she did feel something for him. Steve always felt guilty when he thought back on that night by degrading her in that way, but then would reassure himself that if he hadn’t she might have kept up on that self-destructive path she was setting herself on. Eventually after experimenting with high and tights, crewcuts and flattops after her hair had started growing in, he let it grow out to a bob again, loving the way that she looked, just as he did that first night. He loved short hair on women and would always take it to the ultimate extreme when he had one in his chair, but with her it was different. Their friends knew this and always asked him why his now wife had longish hair. Sue always answered, “I did once, but I think we’ve grown out of that now, don’t you Steve?”

He always smiled.


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