Full Service Salon

Full Service Salon

Full Service Salon – Sniplock

After years of shifting from one job to the next, my wife decided she wanted to become a nail service technician. She is an attractive strawberry blonde with hair just below her shoulders, hair which was reluctantly cut from waist length to men’s military cut to fulfill my fantasies a few years ago. As she became more involved in the business, she most recently began to wear it in a more professional, sculpted look. She also improved her wardrobe; lots of dresses and business suits. Suffice it to say she was smokin’.

One day she asked me to come by on a quiet Saturday to her friend’s full service hair salon where she was working. The salon was usually open for appointments only on weekends. When I arrived, she locked the front door and led me to a back room. When I asked her what was going on, she avoided my questions at first, but finally said, “I don’t want to give you the details, but I know you were upset when I had an affair with Stacy a few years ago and you didn’t get to watch…. Well, Sharon is also bisexual and, well let’s just say I’ve arranged for a little surprise.”

Needless to say, I was stunned, and instantly hardened down below. I couldn’t believe I was about to watch my five-foot wife with this gorgeous five-four redhead with green eyes!

My wife led me to a chair and asked me to sit down. She then placed a handcuff with a length of chain on it on my wrist and cuffed me to a chair. “House rules,” she said as she unbuckled my pants and pulled them down. She cuffed my other hand and proceeded to strip her clothes off and walked over to a contraption that looked like a hyper-extension bench I use at the gym, but with more access at the rear. She bent over, completely naked, except for her high heels. She then cuffed herself to the device. She smiled and said, “Don’t ask why. Sharon has her own plans. It is her salon. I didn’t think you’d mind”

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Several minutes later Sharon arrived. She smiled at us and said, “Well, I guess you weren’t exaggerating!” She walked over to me with her eyes on my dick. She reached down and placed a cool hand on it and gave it a couple strokes. “I think we can take care of this better a little later. In the meantime, I understand you have a thing for wanting to watch your wife eat some pussy, is that true?”

As I managed to whisper out a dry “yes” she began stripping out of her clothes. She stood patiently in front of my wife with her pussy in front of my wife’s mouth. “Why don’t we show him?” I nearly fainted as my wife, after glancing at me with a big smile, dove right in and eagerly ate her friend. I tried to stroke myself, but the chain stopped just short. After about fifteen minutes, Sharon pulled away and walked around behind my wife. she knelt down and began eating my wife. On top of a good oral treatment, she also used her fingers and a vibrator. My wife squirmed, squealed, and panted herself into a breathless orgasm. There was a quiet knock at the door. A tall, good-looking black man came into the room. Sharon said “Let me introduce you to Devon, my boyfriend.” I was a little taken aback (with my pants around my ankles and cuffed to a chair) but figured, “What the hell… if he wants to watch too, have at it”

At about the time he began disrobing, I noticed there were no more chairs in the room. Sharon, noticing my puzzled look, said, “House rules, my salon.” My wife, picking up on this, looked back at me, hair falling wild around her face. She had a look that said, “See what your perversions get me into?” I looked at her with my dick growing even harder and said, “House rules”

My wife relaxed, too turned on by her round with Sharon to resist. Devon stepped in front of my wife while Sharon returned to the rear. My wife began giving his black cock the best sucking and ball licking I’ve ever seen her give. After about ten minutes they switched. As my wife impaled herself and ground her hips on Devon’s monster, I was caught up in the fascination of how it glistened with her juices.

Sharon broke away from the action for a moment and walked over to a drawer. She returned with a pair of scissors. She stood by my wife’s head and said, “You know, I’ve been informed of another fantasy you have. Your wife told me about the bet and haircut story from several years ago. I bet you weren’t aware of how much she was turned on by it. Ever since I hired her to do nails and massage she’s done nothing but convince all my customers to cut their hair off. It’s gotten so I can’t even do styles anymore. I might as well just get a flowbee to do trims! By the way, were you aware your wife massages those special personal areas with her tongue? I thought you might like to know. Anyway, I have to diversify the nature of my shop to something more new wave. We may as well lead by example.”

With this, she reached to the back of my wife’s head and selected a section of hair high near the top. My wife briefly recognized what was about to happen and, with a tear in her eye, uttered what sounded like a muffled “No!” It was lost, however, as Devon sunk himself balls-deep into her puaay. Sharon removed a section about 14 inches long. There was no way in hell that damage could be covered up! Sharon walked over to me with the hair. My hard-on, which so far had been ignored, was suddenly being stroked by the silky strands of hair from my wife’s head. This happened for about five minutes until I felt like I was going to blow. Recognizing this, Sharon returned to my wife and dug in to her hair with a purpose. My wife whimpered as she ate Sharon’s pussy. Uneven sections of hair sprouted in all directions from my wife’s head. I believe this was too much for Devon because he blew his entire load into her.

Sharon uncuffed my wife’s wrists and walked back to me. She uncuffed me and handed me the scissors. For my good behavior, I was to cut off the waist length locks of this green-eyed beauty while she gave me a blow-job. My wife joined her and licked my balls. Occasionally, they would French-kiss with my prick in the middle.

After I shot off in Sharon’s mouth, the two ladies took to shaving each other’s heads and pussies with clippers and a razor. What was left were two female forms, one with green eyes, one with blue. They looked like two department store mannequins without their wigs. I wasn’t allowed to fuck Sharon, but I was still hard and used my wife’s well-stretched cumdumpster.

I’m not sure what happened next because the alarm rang and I had to get up and ready for work…. the fantasy was inspired by at least some real life events, I’ll leave it to you to decide which.



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