For Susanna

For Susanna

For Susanna – Ex Dutch

My boyfriend was getting everything ready. In a bet, he had won the right to make me over any way he wanted, no holds barred. I had thrown so much on the line, partly because I was ready to try some new things, and partly because I knew I would never lose. Well, I did. We discussed how he could do what he wanted without me complaining. We ended up using this new designer drug, which pretty much turns you into a physical vegetable for a while, but mentally you know everything that is going on.

I signed this little piece of paper I had written, in which I authorized him to do ‘whatever he wanted to me.’ It was my idea, to preven him from getting into trouble. Then I took the pills he had laid out and swallowed them with some water. Minutes crept by. I felt nothing. Jack, my boyfriend walked back into the room. He knew how to test the effect. He asked how I felt. I told him I felt nothing. He asked again, and I told him again, but I noticed in the mirror that my mouth did not move when I spoke. It was the strangest sensation. Jack looked kind mischievous, and instructed me to take down his pants and take him into my mouth. No. He knew I did not like doing that, except for special occasions, and I would not do it now. My hands went up to his zipper, however, and started to pull him out. I tried to stop, say something, I heard myself scream, but I knew I was not screaming, because he was in my mouth. I could not believe this was happening. I was actually aroused by the situation, but too angry to be able to enjoy it.

After he exploded into my mouth, and he told me to swallow (which I never do!), Jack tried a few more things. He had me dance, strip, pleasure myself, etc. I cannot begin to tell you it is very strange to see and feel yourself do all these things without any free will.

Then we went to the salon where Jack had made an appointment. I usually went there once every two months for a trim. My hair was halfway down my back and naturally blonde. I knew he would not do too much to it, as he always loved feeling it fall on his chest and in his face when we had sex. I sat down in the chair and Amber started combing my hair out. Jack told her what I wanted as a cut. I heard him tell her, and protested. I was quite forceful and raised my voice. I tried to move my head when Amber came close. Horrified, I looked in the mirror as a calmly smiling me had over a foot of hair chopped off. I screamed. but only on the inside. Amber hacked away at my hair, and cut it all around in a chin length bob. Then, after consulting with Jack, she took it another inch and a half shorter. She then picked up the clippers and started running them up the back and sides of my head, after pinning the top layer of my hair up. She was using no guard. With a straightrazor, she shaved the exposed skin smooth, up way above my ears, it seemed. Then she dropped the section that was pinned on top and proceeded to cut a line angling upward to the back. I was getting a severe inverted bob with a shaved undercut. The hair against my skin felt great, but I was too angry to care. Jack told me to say it looked and felt perfect. My body did.

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Apparently the cut was not enough. Amber then bleached my hair white, and applied a permanent color. It was bright blue. I was now quite striking in appearance. Jack seemed very pleased with himself.

I was floored when he took me to our next stop. It was a tattoo and piercing shop. I started wishing the drugs would wear out. Instead, he, maybe sensing my emotions, simply asked me to take some more, which I did. I was starting to feel a side effect of the drugs: sexual arousal. It could have been the complete domination that brought that on, though. And it evaporated when I heard Jack tell the operator inside what his plans were. The guy got to work, and actually got his coworker and girlfriend to lend a hand. One of my ears was provided with 11 piercings, the other merely three. My nose and lips also got pierced, and my tongue and eyebrow followed. Little chains were attached between my nose and ear and eyebrow and ear. An intricate pattern was applied to my lower back, and a small heart on the lower side of my breast. A small rose was tattooed high on the inside of my thigh. A vine crawled from my elbow to my shoulder. Finally, a small symbol was put on the back of my head, where Amber had shaved my head. A few more piercings followed: both nipples and my belly button.

The last stop in the process was an alternative clothing store. There, Jack fitted me out with the shortest black mini skirt ever worn by a person, and a sheer ruffled shirt that only had one button: at the bottom. Each breath of wind had two effects: it sent tingles up my spine because it was blowing on my bare womanhood; it also billowed my shirt, possibly giving everyone around a great look of my ample breasts. Then he took me home. Again, he told me to give him head. Afterwards, we went out, with me still dressed as before. The looks of the people were awesome. I began to like the changes Jack had made. Slowly, the drug wore off. I slapped Jack hard in the face, but then hugged him…

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